8 WAYS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR KITCHEN- Nothing brightens up your kitchen like a little bit of white. Here's some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen!

The kitchen at StoneGable is truly the heart of this home and where I spend a great deal of time! It also seems to be the natural gathering spot for all those who come to visit too!  My kitchen is a workhorse so keeping it functional is very important! But I also want to keep it fresh and bright and updated! One great way to keep a kitchen looking crisp and current is to use white accents. White is a classic and also very popular right now so using white to brighten up a kitchen seems only natural! Here are a few white kitchen accents that are a must for me here at StoneGable!

Did you listen to Decorating Tips and Tricks? Yesterday’s episode was about O-P-E-N Concept living. The pros, the cons and what we incorporate into our home!

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Now let’s brighten up your kitchen…

Even if you don’t have a white kitchen these white accents will work! They are easy to incorporate and will give your kitchen a new and brighter look!


8 WAYS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR KITCHEN- Nothing brightens up your kitchen like a little bit of white. Here's some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen!

Get out your white dishes and decorate with them! I love love love white dishes and don’t hide them in my kitchen cupboards. White dishes are such a nice design layer that is reflective and bright!

Use them on your counters, Stack them in a pretty vignette on your kitchen table, or display them on open shelves or a hutch! Just use them!


8 WAYS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR KITCHEN- Nothing brightens up your kitchen like a little bit of white. Here's some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen!

Even if your kitchen is not white, using lots of white kitchen accessories will give it a fresh, radiant look! Think about displaying white plates on a cake pedestal or stacking or hanging white mugs.  It will add a bright spot to your kitchen!

I love white pitchers, spoon rests and measuring cups. If it goes in a kitchen and is white… I like to use it!


8 WAYS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR KITCHEN- Nothing brightens up your kitchen like a little bit of white. Here's some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen!

I love potted herbs in my kitchen and I use them year round. How about taking a terracotta pot and painting it white?

I used a chalk-type paint to paint this little pot and then painted a stylish  “No.1” on it with acrylic paints. I planted a small basil tree in it that I got at a local nursery. It looks so cheery and bright. White pots are a must in my farmhouse kitchen!


8 WAYS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR KITCHEN- Nothing brightens up your kitchen like a little bit of white. Here's some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen!

Why not add some fun white barstools to your kitchen island? If you don’t have an island how about finding a corner you can rest a white chair in?  Something as large as barstools or a chair will give a kitchen a big pop of white!


8 WAYS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR KITCHEN- Nothing brightens up your kitchen like a little bit of white. Here's some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen!

Get rid of all those little tchotchkes that tend to make a kitchen look cluttered and opt for big statement pieces! How about finding (or painting) white lanterns to go on an island? If not lanterns, then something big and white and amazing! Larger items have much more visual power than a grouping of small things!

I’m looking for a big white vintage scale for my island. It has to be white! I hope I can find it on my next trip to an Antique Mall!


8 WAYS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR KITCHEN- Nothing brightens up your kitchen like a little bit of white. Here's some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen!

Flowers are an instant kitchen pick-me-up! Adding fresh or faux white flowers to a kitchen will instantly make it brighter and more welcoming! 

My absolute first choice in white flowers are tulips! I love to place them next to my farmhouse sink! White flowers will brighten your kitchen and your day!


8 WAYS TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR KITCHEN- Nothing brightens up your kitchen like a little bit of white. Here's some clever ways to create a radiant and fresh kitchen!

If you want to make a bolder change, how about choosing a white backsplash. Beadboard or stone or Carrara marble or subway tile! What a difference a white backsplash will make in a kitchen!

The beadboard backsplash in my kitchen gives it a bright. charming farmhouse look!


White is the perfect accent color to brighten up a kitchen! Start collecting white kitchen wares and display them! We all want a light, clean and fresh looking kitchen and white accents will give us the look we love!






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  1. ~ Mary ~

    Your posts alway brighten my mornings!
    I love your kitchen, I always have, it’s so warm and cozy!!
    Have a blessed day ~ dear Mary ~!

  2. Lisa Matarazzo says:

    Dear Yvonne -I do love anything in white and have used it in several rooms or a long time. As of late, I’ve been considering painting my kitchen cabinets a creamy white to match a buffet and brighten my kitchen up. I hope you’re well and wish you success in finding that white kitchen scale. Have you seen the ones on Etsy? There are several nice looking ones. Also, I LOVE the tulips in your kitchen but LOVE the white container the most! It’s beautiful. Best Regards, Lisa

  3. The white is so stunning. Mostly because of you I have done my whole kitchen in black and white. Love all your little touches. Judy

  4. Anne Marie says:

    I love white – your kitchen is to die for!!

  5. My mother always painted everything white and I’m talking decades ago. I never understood her passion for that color until I started Pinterest and reading your blog. Now I “get it” and see the beauty in white, especially accessories. White is so fresh looking, and can be soothing or popping with energy. Thanks for all the inspiration and the value of “white!”

  6. Just stocked up on more white dishes today! I love my whites! Thanks Yvonne!

  7. Love my white kitchen. It has been white for years and is still classic. I love your style and read your blog every day. Have a super duper Saturday!

  8. Love the white dishes, I have a set that I use with my green in the summer, but may have to get a white set to put in my cupboard. Just beautiful.

  9. White is a refreshing color. I love it.

  10. I go to a lot of estate sales. I might have to start collecting white dishes. Have to say I have spray painted a couple of glass picturers and they look great. Love your bread box. Did you just get that?

  11. Thanks for another boost in how to add more white to my kitchen without looking washed out. The faux white flowers I just saw the other day are now calling my name…

  12. Your kitchen has always bee a favorite, and mine is, too. I have beadboard blacksplash, love it. I thought you were changing yours? Beautiful home!

  13. Candy Marcase says:

    Great ideas as usual. Inspired a Homegoods trip today!

  14. Kathy Davis says:

    When you live in the Northwest white is essential for those dark days when it rains for hours. I love using a contrast with black and white…and now that my countertops are dark, my cabinets white, I’ve appreciated the ideas you have on how to “merchandise” the countertops with my white pitchers, dishes, etc. Love this blog as it feels so welcoming.

  15. Black and white is such a classic, always in style.

  16. Dianne Lanier says:

    You always inspire me!

  17. I am slowly but surely switching my house to ‘neutral’. My kitchen was the first place I started with going white. I think the biggest change was simply painting my kitchen cabinets, changing the hardware to black, and installing a farmhouse sink. What a difference. I love mixing textures, so I have a lot of baskets and metal. Yesterday I white washed all my wicker. So easy. I struggle with decorating my kitchen island, as I have low hanging pendant lights so I have to be careful with height. I love your white lanterns on your island. Maybe some shorter lanterns for my island would work. But I have gathered up many ideas this morning from your beautiful kitchen. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration that you give me and all of us Home Décor loving girls.

  18. Thanks for all of the good ideas using white! I also like a white kitchen–even with off-white colors. This weekend I should paint some flower pots for plants for my kitchen.

  19. I love white and cream accents too. I am hoping to update my backsplash with subway tile in a creamy white color in the near future.

  20. I am trying to add white dishes to some open shelving that we are putting up in the kitchen. I also love the white tulips that are on you counter.

  21. Marcy Leonard says:

    Always feel so chic when I see that I have white beadboard backsplashes like you do!

  22. Robin Talley says:

    Very interesting Yvonne, I’m going to try some of these! Thanks again so much! ?

  23. I don’t have a white kitchen, but I have lots of white dishes that I decorate with. I love to put write flowers in my ironstone pitchers.

  24. I love your white?black kitchen. You have a knack for displaying dishes and adding pops of color.

  25. I have always used white ironstone my entire life – I too am a big white fan -it’s fresh and goes with everything

  26. I’m thinking of doing my whole kitchen in white – cabinets, countertops and backsplash. What do you think???
    I just bought white dishes. Funny thing is, we had white dishes when we married 52 years ago – have come full circle!

  27. I have always loved your kitchen. I have an 80’s oak kitchen that I o
    Would love to transform into white! I love getting ideas from your blog!

  28. Love your kitchen. Where did you find your large white lanterns?

  29. Minnie mccoy says:

    Happy day, with lovely pictures!

  30. I’m converting more and more to white, mainly because of your inspiration. 🙂 Love the tulips, for many reasons. 🙂

  31. Love the clay pot painted white! I’m definitely going to do that.

  32. Love all your ” White ” ideas and your pretty kitchen

  33. gorgeous kitchen…thanks for sharing

  34. Julie Lehnhardt says:

    I am inspired to go brighten my dark kitchen right now!

  35. Maggie Nelson says:

    My kitchen is already white and I like your ideas to add color to the room. Thanks

  36. Barbara Whitaker says:

    Painted my 40 year old cabinets a few years ago creme, but really wanted white Love your look and love your podcast. The 3 of you are really beginning to meld…

  37. mattsgramma says:

    Love your black and white kitchen and all the special touches you have incorporated into it. Fantastic Yvonne!

  38. I love white too — especially lots and lots of white dishes! The white flower pot with the No. stenciled on it is super-cute!! What a great idea!

  39. Karen VanLoo says:

    I have been out of town working, and am just catching up on some of your posts. Your kitchen is the reason I started collecting white ceramics, plates, pitchers, etc…! I was so excited to see this to continue my inspiration for my kitchen. I love white, it’s classic and never goes out of style, and goes with everything.

  40. I really like the information provided in this article and I really like the way you have explained each and everything so well. Very well done with the article, hope that you will continue to do posting

  41. I really love a white kitchen and it’s so easy to incorporate these white touches you suggest.

  42. Hi Yvonne-
    This is my first time on your blog and what a delight!
    I so enjoy your design esthetic!
    What a marvelous kitchen!
    What surface are the black countertops and island made of?
    Is it a natural substance that chips easily?
    That large black sink is neat, too. What is that made of? Is it a special size?
    What paint color did you use for your walls and cabinet and island?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Barbara, Welcome to the StoneGable family!!!!
      The countertops and sink are made from soapstone.Here is a post that will tell you all about the countertops and sink: The walls of my kitchen are painted Benjamin Moore Sonnet and the cabinets are also BM Atrium White. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Yvonne-

        Thank you for the info and speedy reply!
        Sorry I didn’t see that on your blog myself, I will spend some delicious time noodling around.

        Soapstone makes me nostalgic for school days. I spent years in school science laboratories although the counters didn’t have the lovely light veining yours have which add interest, authenticity and unite the counters with the white cabinets and backsplash.

        If soapstone can stand stand up to sulfuric acid and Bunsen burners it can stand up to kitchen experiments. It is good to know yours have never chipped along the edges.

        How great that you give the sources for your decor items! My present list and wish list is growing!

        Thanks again!

  43. I now Crown You “Kitchenesta” (new word)… Love the crisp Black and white. My favorite. I don’t mind having a lived in house. Not messy but comfortable… Going to copy your dishes stacked on the pedestal cake plate. Love the idea. Great Blog. Happy I subscribed.

  44. I so appreciate your sense of style! The terracotta pot painted white with the number and basil tree, oh my cuteness! Thanks for the great idea about statement pieces, great ideas!

  45. I enjoy so your blog. Would you share where you purchased your bread box? Thank you.

  46. Trudy Mintun says:

    My kitchen is done in red and yellow. But, I can see how a touch of white could make those two colors pop. I will have to try and find small touches of white.

  47. Alice Binford says:

    I love white too! Thank you for your encouragement!

  48. We are renovating our kitchen from cheap, golden plywood, oak cabinets and 27 year old formica counters to white shaker cabinets and marble looking quartz counters. I do not have a backsplash yet because I need to choose new window trim before the backsplash can be installed. I also do not know how I will decorate, so I like your suggestion of white accessories. Thanks for inspiring me to keep moving on this project!!!