For me here at StoneGable, summer means getting outside and being able to use our porch and patio! This year my porch is taking on a new look! I particularly love “porching”. Have you heard of that before? Porching is just a newer name for porch sitting with a certain urban twist. It’s the idea of sitting on the porch and watching the world roll by! I’m giving it a little bit of refinement and suggesting that porching is an upscale way of outdoor living.  Let’s do some bright and bold porch sitting… oh, I mean porching!


Last year my front porch looked like this…


Actually, my front porch has looked like this for a few years and it was in need of a little makeover!

With just a few changes and some upscaling my porch looks like this… 


The inspiration for this year’s porch was a big blue and white fishbowl planter that was kicking around in my basement and bright red and pink geraniums.


I don’t use much blue and white inside my home anymore, but I’ve kept some of my favorite pieces. And I’m so glad. I love how they look on the porch this year! Who knew that these blue and white pieces would look so nice on the porch! 


I love red and pink together! The blooms are planted in a black plastic container so they don’t get waterlogged when I water them.


It’s amazing what you can do with a can of spray paint. I have loved my grayish blue colored porch rockers. We bought these rockers when we first moved into StoneGable 20 years ago at a local Amish shop. They are so sturdy and have held up so well. 

I was very ready for a change so I spray painted them a satin finish black. I thought black would add a little drama and work with the blues, pinks, and reds!


I put the rockers under a shady tree and gave them 3 light coats of black spray paint. So, so easy. Do you have a piece of furniture you could use outdoors? Does it need a new, spiffy color? Spray paint it!

I brought in a low square table that is very sturdy! We get lots of wind when storms whip through so I needed a table that would not blow away!

The table is just perfect for scooting a basket filled with magazines and book under it. Give me a yummy drink and a good book or magazine and I’ll rock the evening away!


I did get new indoor/outdoor carpets for the front porch (Ballard Designs) in a bold royal blue and white pattern.  I used the inspiration of the blue and white planter to decide on this color and style of the rug.

The black and white indoor/outdoor carpets that have been on my front porch for a few years will go around to the back porch. Another set of rockers will sit on them. I love to be able to reuse what I have!

I did get new indoor/outdoor carpets for the front porch (Ballard Designs) in a bold royal blue and white.  I used the inspiration of the blue and white planter to decide on this color and style.

I found these bright pillows from Amazon.

I did get new indoor/outdoor carpets for the front porch (Ballard Designs) in a bold royal blue and white.  I used the inspiration of the blue and white planter to decide on this color and style.

I did get new indoor/outdoor carpets for the front porch (Ballard Designs) in a bold royal blue and white.  I used the inspiration of the blue and white planter to decide on this color and style.

Now, let’s do a little porching! Help yourself to a fresh berry drink and some nibbles… and start rocking!

BRIGHT AND BOLD FRONT PORCH SITTING-hot-pink-flowers-stonegableblog.jpg


BRIGHT AND BOLD FRONT PORCH SITTING-hot-pink-flowers-stonegableblog.jpg

What spaces are you making bright and beautiful this summer?


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  1. Doris Campbell says:

    I love blue and white and like you have put mine away with the exception of a few favorite pieces. I love what you did on the porch using your big blue bowl, the flowers look spectacular. You did a great job with the rockers as well. Love it.

  2. Love your new porch decor! Very warm and inviting. Great decor!

    1. Dianne Masters Hare says:

      Beautiful porch decor. Would love to sit and visit there with you for awhile.

  3. So beautiful and inviting!!

  4. I love the new blue and white porch! Great ideas! I am using lime green and navy. Those colors look fabulous too!! Thanks for the spring/summer updated look!!

  5. Anne Marie says:

    Love your relaxing, beautiful porch.

  6. mattsgramma says:

    Love the bold bright colors!

  7. I would love to visit you on your front porch for a cup of coffee. It looks so inviting and colorful. I can’t wait to get the plants out and enjoy some warm weather.

  8. Love your porch. Your choice of colors make me smile. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Love the porch ! Makes you want to sit and stay awhile !!!!!

  10. Lily Sullivan says:

    I love your porch! Thanks for the tip about spray painting the rockers!

  11. Love the bright colors! So very pretty! I have a large wrap around porch and my house is stone also and this year I went with somewhat muted tones with bright flowers.

  12. Dianne Lanier says:

    Love the porch. The black made everything pop!

  13. Ah blue, my favorite.
    Very pretty.
    Drinks look so refreshing, too.

  14. Looks very welcoming and cheery!

  15. I love your blue and white porch. It looks like a wonderful place to rock the day away.

  16. Beautiful!!! I grew up with a porch but haven’t had one like it as an adult. My dad hung our porch swing on heavy springs so it was always fun to sit outside. I also live in Texas so porch sitting can be warm and buggy:-) Porches are just “the best”.

  17. Love the colors on your porch. So inviting.

  18. Portia Read says:

    My favorite thing to do with my Grandparents when I was young was sitting with them in the front porch.
    We had a swing and afghans for cooler times. Front porches are not so common now and we don’t do it.
    Something so simple and easy should be treasured.

  19. Beautiful porch! So bright and cheery! I don’t have a front porch, just a little stoop that I fit a chair planter, a tall “WELCOME” sign, and a small bench. Could you please send me some ideas on how to make it more inviting!!

  20. Blue and white are my favorites. My porch is all blue and white.
    I like your changes.It is so cheerful and happy. Love porch sitting and reading.

  21. Love your porch colors and the beautiful flowers.

  22. Shelley Anderson says:

    Beautiful, happy Saturday Yvonne! Love your porch & gorgeous colors!

  23. Robin Talley says:

    You do have a bright and GORGEOUS Porch!!! I am going to use these wonderful ideas on our Porch!! Thanks Yvonne

  24. Bet Stephens says:

    So glad to hear you will use last years decor on back porch.
    Loved the look

  25. theresa tucker says:

    My front porch has a Tuscan vibe with burnt orange, eggplant, and sage colors. But Living in CA I want to capture that Spring/Summer look you created. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Victoria Findley says:

    We are in the process of refreshing out patio table.. another week before it’s ready . Thanks for all of your ideas.. I’m going to do pink & white geraniums in my blue pots ! Cant wait !

  27. Carol Elkins says:

    I love your porch. Love the blue and white.

  28. I love blue and white! And red just makes it pop!

  29. Love your blue and white porch. It looks so inviting. Blue and white are one of my favorite color combinations.

  30. So inviting looking. Don’t be surprised if a stranger appears and sits for a spell. Love the blue and white. Hope you plan to add a few American flags in your planters for flag day and 4th of July. Looks so relaxing and peaceful.


  31. I love a porch! We sit way back from the road and I get to watch nature while I’m “porching” and rocking! Thanks for your ideas… sometimes I don’t think about changing things a bit. So you have given me something to think about! ?

  32. It has been a rainy spring here so I haven’t opened my deck yet. When I see your lovely covered porch I get jealous because I can’t have all the pretty rugs and pillows. I would constantly be cleaning and drying them out instead of enjoying that berry beverage! Ha!

  33. rhonda Atwood says:

    I’ve been (ahem) “porching” on my porch swing for many years. Just bought a new, red rocker. Now…I’m inspired to brighten up the whole porch with some of your wonderful ideas!

  34. Hello Yvonne! Your porch is beautiful, I love the pairing of different types of flowers you used and especially the pop of blue in your gorgeous planter. Back in the day I incorporated blue into my home décor but over the years I have changed to lighter and more neutral shades. I have enjoyed your beautiful décor and all your tips that have been so helpful. This is my first comment since subscribing. I am lucking forward to your newsletters.

    1. OOPS! I meant, I am looking (not lucking) forward to your newsletters. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  35. Your porch looks so pretty and inviting. It’s rained here for three days !

  36. Maggie Nelson says:

    Love you front porch ideas ! Where we live there are not houses with front porch but many of then has cover back yard patio and our is pretty big so we have a white wicker set and a swing and I like to decorate it for summer. I agree what you said about the things you can do with can of paint. We love our patio!

  37. I was gong to plant seeds and brighten up porch this week, got flu instead. Will do it next week. I have the same blue white vase that was your inspiration

  38. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    GOR-JUS!!! I love your posts!!!


  39. Porching brought back so many memories of visiting my “Nanny and Pa” in Arkansas each summer and sitting on their screened in front porch swinging, reminiscing and singing.
    Sitting on our front porch in Texas after supper and visiting with neighbors was something we did each summer evening. Simpler times…..I miss those days.
    PS-I long to have your basement full of treasures to draw on each season!
    Thank you for your wonderful blogs – they light up my life!

  40. How I love ‘porching’! Hubby found a table in the ditch. We stained the top, painted the legs, and I’m impatiently waiting for the poly coat to dry so I can dress it up. That and the 4 chairs we rescued from a friend’s barn. It’s going to be so nice on the porch this summer!

  41. Porches bring back memories of a simpler way of life. Everyone should have a porch, and I am fortunate to have one! Better run…the porch is calling…

  42. Kathy bruns says:

    SAd to say, but most new houses where I live do not have porches. I

  43. Dawn Turner says:

    I have the very same blue and white pot. Will be going to get some lantana. Beautifull!

  44. Good evening-I just noticed on my comments there is a notation, (Your comment is awaiting moderation), I’m not sure why this message is showing up?

    1. If you are new I must approve your comment. Which I did! So glad you are commenting, Addie

    2. The blooms are faux. You can spray them with a “fixative” you can find at your local craft store. Hope this helps.

  45. You know I love you for bringing out that blue and white! It will ALWAYS be beautiful and classic. Your porch is gorgeous and a taste of what is awaiting inside.

  46. I love the paint color update on the rockers! Black makes them a classy punctuation on the porch and the perfect foil to the blue and white decor theme. Your talent and taste always shine through- great job!

  47. Love the green just screams spring freshness. We spend as much time on the porch as possible but, oh how we miss our “wrap around porch” back in Az.

  48. Minnie mccoy says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  49. Wow! The colors really pop and the pink and red geraniums….who would of thought they look so great together?. Porch looks great…love the rockers!

  50. I love your blue rug from Ballard and the blue porcelain type planters. Where is a good place to purchase those?
    Thank you!

  51. Karen VanLoo says:

    Your porch is beautiful! I love porches! I am going to clean mine today, thanks for the inspiration!

  52. Shari Brown says:

    Hi there, my front porch gets morning Sun and evening shade. Do you know if my blue and white porcelain pieces would fade? I really don’t think so but have never tried it. I have a large front porch that is not covered.

    1. Great question Shari, So does mine. I’m not sure but I can say that my blue and white did not fade last year.

  53. Lovely porch. I am not surprise of its beautiful results.

  54. genie steger says:

    Love your blue and white!!!! In SC we can use our porches almost all year round…..This year I invested in really big Boston ferns, twice as big as Lowes and they are worth it…working hard on gardens and re-purposing some tall iron stands! Always had ferns in them as it was easier, but this year they have beautiful flowers!

  55. You hit a home run with your summer porch in my book. The colors are compelling. Who wouldn’t want to sit on this porch? You have always had a natural knack, in my opinion, for container gardening. Your choices are lovely and your containers are so eye-pleasing. The new rug is the perfect addition to your newly painted chairs and choice of decor. Love it all! Thank you for sharing!

  56. Love your porch makeover!

  57. Love the blue/white/black together! Also, the red/pink geraniums make a lovely accent color. The large white lantern looks really nice here, too. Very nice, Yvonne. Thanks for sharing.

  58. I love your porch! I want to go shopping every time I look at your house!

  59. Love your blue and white planters , I always ,always look at those think about buying and then I chicken out ,your porch looks great!!
    maybe I should well see:)

  60. We’ve lived in our farmhouse for over 30 years now and my screened in 3 season porch is my favorite “room” in the house. I’ve changed it up several times, but am pretty satisfied with it now. One more change I’d like to make is to paint the ceiling blue, a traditional southern feature.

  61. Anita Hughes says:

    What are your suggestions for plants grouped together in a large urn or pot? I like the ones you’ve chosen for your blue and white pots!

    1. It really depends on your area. In the blue and white pots I used red and pink geraniums, orange lantana, and asparagus fern. Hope this helps.

  62. Ohhhh so pretty and inviting!

  63. Shelley Benton says:

    I love your porch. You’ve inspired me, I’m going to paint my front porch, WEATHERED rockers! Thank you for your beautiful inspiration.

  64. Vicki N. Martin says:

    Beautiful porch and love the combination of flowers.

  65. Your porch looks lovely ! The black colour is such a classic update. Even though I liked your previous colour scheme , this looks very nice also. Like they say Change is Good! I’m going to borrow your term ” Porching ” for our Porch Parties as i call them. Hubby and I are so lucky to have a covered porch on the front of our house . We often have neighbours walking by come up the drive to join us and every one of them has said they wish they had a porch too. I think it brings back wonderful memories for most people.

  66. I like the blue and white updates but I don’t see your little eating area for two off to the side. I thought that was a cute and cozy area.

  67. beverly e says:

    I’m normally allergic to blue :), but your porch looks so cool and inviting… Love the black on the rockers!

  68. I love the changes you made on your porch. Everything looks SO inviting. The blue feels like a reflection of the sky. Lovely.

  69. Linda Fristed says:

    I love geraniums and lantana. They make your family, friends and yourself feel so good approaching your home. I like orange geraniums with dark blue lobelia. The colors are so striking.
    I can never buy enough flowers!!