foyer table with lamp and sunburst mirror

Let’s talk about foyer table decor! Our foyers should make a good impression and foyer tables are usually the first piece of furniture to be seen inside our front doors. Let’s decorate them to reflect the beauty of our homes and be useful too!

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One of the best things to know before decorating a foyer table is the design element of SCALE AND PROPORTION! You will want to find the perfect table, the perfect lamps, etc for your foyer you want to start with THIS POST ABOUT SCALE AND PROPORTION. It will explain so many things home decorators should know!

Now, let’s talk about best foyer table decor and of course it starts with…


foyer table decorated beautifully. A foyer table make a first impression in our homes

Choosing the right table for your foyer is of primary importance! It should work with your decor and if it is one of the first things seen on the inside of your home make is a peek of what’s to come!

I want my foyer table to be both pretty and functional. It must look pretty, reflect my style and personality and function as a table for lighting and more!

Tables are not the only things you can use in the foyer! Get creative!

Here are some alternatives to a table…

  • buffet
  • tall chest
  • tray tables
  • bookcase

The table in our foyer is long and has a transitional and farmhouse style. It works with the style of our home and is very functional. The top can be opened up and it becomes a larger table.

close up of a lamp on a foyer table. a lamp is an essential part of a foyer table

We love to have gatherings at our home and this table is perfect for a drink station! It’s nice to get a drink and a little nosh right away when you come to a party or get together!


close up of a lamp on a foyer table. a lamp is an essential part of a foyer table

Lighting is so important in a foyer. Even though most foyers have overhead lighting, it can be harsh. I keep my overhead chandelier dimmed to just a warm glow. And use table lamps to flood the foyer with pools of overlapping light.

There is a big need for the lamps you choose to be functional (lighting a dark space) and be just stunning! Function and fabulous is important here!

The foyer table is long enough to hold a pair of lamps. You won’t believe where I found these pretty sculptured, gold rubbed lamps!

close up of a lamp on a foyer table. a lamp is an essential part of a foyer table

They came from WALMART!!! Yes! Wow, Walmart has really stepped up their game in the home decor department! And they are such good quality!

They are SAFAVIEH MELINA NAUTICAL 28.5 LAMPS and they came as a pair.

This post is not sponsored by Walmart, but I just can’t get over how wonderful their decor is!!!!


flowers on a foyer table. Flowers are an essential part of a pretty table

Organic elements like plants, flowers, moss balls and more add life to a room! If you can, keep great faux flowers or real ones on a foyer table. A plant will also work!

Nothing draws our eyes like flowers!

A friend of mine brought me some beautiful rhododendron from her yard. They are just opening up! Wow, I’ll be using them again next year because they last a long time! The intense purple flowers go a long way to brighten up my neutral home! Thanks, Donna!

flowers on a foyer table. Flowers are an essential part of a pretty table


A foyer is a wonderful place to add something personal. A special little box, a picture, a sign a special vase.

Right now, in my foyer, I don’t have anything “special” yet. I do however, have a pretty beaded box ordered that has not come to live here yet! I can’t wait to add it to the foyer table.

But I have my favorite vases on the table! And added a little candle to make it a trio. Did you know there is magic in three decor items grouped together? READ MORE ABOUT THE MAGIC OF THREE IN DECOR.


a wooden sunburst mirror above the foyer table

Foyer table decor should include something above the table! A table looks incomplete without something above it!

Think of your foyer table as just part of a vignette that welcomes guests and family! Our eyes need something to look at on the wall behind a table.

It can be a clock or picture or mirror or more! I had a pair of pictures above the table but when I got the pair of lamps I changed things a bit.

Instead of pictures I found the sunburst mirror in my basement and the mirror found a new home above the foyer table.

Its mid-century styling is softened by the interesting material used to make it. I love to find unique items like this to add to my transitional style home.

If you are interested in what Transitional style is and how it looks, read WHAT IS TRANSITIONAL STYLE AND HOW TO GET THE LOOK

a wooden sunburst mirror above the foyer table. this mirror is made from wooden slats


image of a foyer table, a mirror above it and a basket below it

Foyer table decor should not only be extended above a table but below if you have the room.

My go-to item to stow under tables is a basket! I like a basket with a lid in my foyer because I think it is a much neater look!

Other things to put under a table are…

  • small benches or ottomans
  • crates
  • lanterns
  • open baskets
  • stacks of books
  • ginger jars
  • garden stools
  • planters
  • signs
  • pictures
  • vintage luggage
a basket below a foyer table. it stows things away neatly

I keep some cleaning products in the basket! No one would ever guess!


Here are some other ways to create beauty on or around a foyer table…

  • Simple is best! One of my decorating mantras is BIGGER IS BETTER AND LESS IS MORE! A good rule to follow when it comes to decorating a foyer table!
  • If you have room in your foyer, a little accent chair can really complete the look! If your foyer table and things on it is simple you might be able to get away with a fabulous patterned chair. And vice versa!
  • Keep clutter away from your foyer table. Make is a clutter-free zone!
  • If you use the entrance near your foyer table add a small bowl or a lidded box for car keys.
  • Use a scented candle to create a welcoming aroma. Or get a pretty diffuser and diffuse clean smelling scents.

A foyer table should reflect your personality, your unique style and the rest of your home!!! Make it a good impression!

Check out the pretty foyer table furnishings below!


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  1. Ruth Telford says:

    Beautiful foyer presentation. How did you hide the lamp cords?

    1. HI!
      How did you hide the lamp cords?

      1. Hi Ruth and Sue, I use 3M command hooks and run them down the back of my furniture. And I did photoshop out the plug. In a photo that is all you would see.

  2. Sometimes I just stand and look at my smallish foyer – it’s possible it is the favorite space in my home. I absolutely love those Wal-Mart lamps – I feel like ordering them – and I don’t need them!!

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Love the lamps! This is a great post and it really helped me style a better arrangement on my tables. I always have too much in a vignette and it’s nice to have you remind me that less is best! Have a safe and happy Memorial weekend.

    1. Hi Cecilia, yes LESS IS BEST is one of the things I keep in mind when I decorate! Have a safe and blessed weekend too!

  4. My husband went to be with Jesus on July 10, and my life stopped. God is healing my heart slowly, and I am now able to do some things, like redecorate the house with a new look. I came to your site, knowing your ideas would inspire me. I wasnt wrong. Thank you for the great tips, and helpful suggestions. I will visit with you again. Blessings……

    1. Dear Lue! God bless and comfort you! I am so sorry for your loss.I am praying for you!

  5. I love your foyer table with the drop down leaf. Please share where you bought bit. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sharon, that table is so old. I found it on Overstock, but I’m not sure they still have it. Sorry!

  6. I.have a couple of questions, I ‘inherited’ a railroad sign from my father, a big round yellow sign with and X and two R’s. I loved it above my barn red entry table but several friends that I trust said I needed a round mirror there instead, I have replaced the sign….not super happy about it but I can put the r r sign somewhere else. Id like a lamp on my entry table but have no electricity on that wall…im wondering if there are battery powered lamps out there?? and what do you think about the RR sign in the entry?

  7. Debbie Teague says:

    Love your new fold out foyer table, can you share the source?

    1. I found this table so long ago. Sorry I no longer have a source for it.