Best Chicken Recipe Roundup

Need dinner ideas? Here are 25 delicious, easy chicken recipes hand-picked just for you! These recipes will become family favorites. Join us for the best chicken recipe roundup


How many chicken recipes do you have? And how many of those recipes are your favorites? You are sure to find your favorite recipes in today’s best chicken recipe roundup.

Skillet Chicken With Garlic Wine Sauce

This delicious braised chicken thigh recipe reminds me of the one my Nani made and passed down to me. But, Becca made it a bit more upscale by adding garlic and wine.

Skillet Chicken With Garlic And Wine is on my next week’s menu plan; I can’t wait!

Thanks, Becca at Fork In The Kitchen.

Chicken Cacciatore

Erin’s recipes are always no-fail and amazing! Chicken Cacciatore is my husband’s favorite! I chose this recipe for the scrumptious, deep, and complex flavor you can coax out of pantry ingredients! YUM!

I can almost taste this dish through Erin’s description of this dish, “It’s a rustic stew-like dish (like France’s Beef Bourguignon) made with slow-simmered chicken (or rabbit), tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, and a splash of wine or vinegar”.

Thanks, Erin at Well Plated.

Parmesan Chicken Tenders

These chicken tenders have pumped up flavor by making them with Italian herbs and Parmesan cheese.

This recipe has step-by-step instructions for breading the chicken and great images too.

Parmesan Chicken Tenders are easy and kid-friendly and an excellent dinner for adults.

Crockpot White Chicken Chili

This best white chicken chili recipe is full of rich flavors and you can make it in a crockpot or on the stovetop in a dutch oven!

It is sure to be a favorite recipe. You will love this not-so-white version of white chicken chili.

King Ranch Chicken

A chicken recipe roundup needs to have one super good chicken casserole! This recipe is an old-fashioned casserole full of Tex-Mex flavor and takes only 10 minutes to prep.

I love Blair’s recipes and this one is a winner!

Thanks, Blair from A Seasoned Mom.


Chicken Piccata is one of my favorites! I love the tangy wine and lemon that makes it a classic.

But this is not just any Chicken Piccata recipe. It’s twisted! There is a secret ingredient in this recipe that makes it extra special!

Thanks, Mary from Barefoot In The Kitchen for the twist in your delicious recipe.


FAQs About Chicken Recipes

Braising or baking chicken breasts that are marinaded or covered with a coating are great ways to cook chicken breasts. Air frying them keeps the moist.

Any pasta, potatoes, or rice makes a nice side dish. Serve this along with salad or a vegetable.

The best way to shred chicken is with two forks. Put the chicken on a cutting board and using two forks pull the chicken apart in opposite directions until it is shredded.


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