AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

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The sugar maples are in their fall saturated glory here at StoneGable. A perfect time to lay a blanket on the ground and enjoy a picnic on a brisk Autumn day! Today we are bringing some of the indoors outside to set a table on the ground in the crackling fall leaves. And we are making it comfy with pillows and blankets and other little embellishments! A perfect fall day and a perfect way to spend it… picnicking in the leaves!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

Today we are celebrating the beauty of fall. A big thanks to HERITAGE LACE for sponsoring this post!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

I spread out a reversible houndstooth blanket from Heritage Lace for picnicking. It’s my new g0-to blanket. I just love it’s design, color and styling… and the reverse side too!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

The sturdy basket was packed full of easy and delicious fall inspired food!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

I love these crochet baskets! They can be folded up easily. They are great on-the-go baskets!

I filled one up with ripe MacIntosh apples. 

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

And one basket with corn bread and snickerdoodle cookies…Bobby’s favorite! 

The tops of these soft baskets can be folded down to adjust their height. 

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

Lunch is served on round wicker trays.

What’s better than chili on a brisk fall day?  Napkins are Vintage Pom Pom Tea Towels. I love their simple sayings and quaint detailing!

If you like Chili look for my chili recipe next week!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

To keep things simple I wrapped cornbread in individual parchment packages and tied them up with twine. The snickerdoodles got the same treatment!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

Today’s libation is Cider! Because the picnic is in our yard, I’m using my favorite bubble glasses. They don’t have to travel far.

Tall bottles with stoppers are portable ways to take a beverage to a picnic!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

And tucked in the DOWNTON HUNT CLUB WINE BAG is a scrumptious fall cocktail… Bourbon Apple Cider! YUM! The pattern on the wine bag is the same as the reverse side of blanket! So pretty, right?

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

Pillows make a picnic so much fancier, not to mention much more comfortable! I brought out some big down pillows to lean on. The DOWNTON HUNT CLUB PILLOW COVER adds another layer of comfort and coordinates with the blanket and the wine bag too!

If you are having an outdoor picnic remember to bring some great pillows outside!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

A crochet bag becomes a impromptu vase to hold a couple low lying branches I cut. Gotta have a little bit of fall decor!

Sugar maples are my favorite fall trees!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

 A chair that belonged to my great grandmother makes a nice place to put some fluffy blankets!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

Now are you ready to eat? Okay, grab a bowl of chili and a glass of cider and relax!

AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

 Let’s have a GIVEAWAY! 

One lucky StoneGable reader will win a beautiful Downton Hunt Club Reversible Throw like the one I used for my Autumn Picnic.

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AUTUMN PICNIC in the leaves. Brilliant color and good food are a great mix for a Autumn picnic

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  1. What a wonderful idea to have a backyard picnic on a crisp fall day! Everything looks so inviting! The lunch looks scrumptious! Did you make those crochet baskets, Yvonne? I would love to have the pattern. Looking forward to your chili recipe. Chili is one of my husbands favorite. I like to try different variations. Can you include the bourbon apple cider recipe, too? I could take a sip of that right now!! Have a great time with your hubby picnicking in the yard!

  2. You’ve brought us another winner, Yvonne! Love their crocheted baskets and printed linens. They have great clothing accessories too!

  3. Sandra L Hying McFadden says:

    One of the things that I like is the WINTER GARDEN CHICKADEES WALL ART.

  4. Love the nightclub throw and the grain sack check pillows are just too cute …Really what’s not to love on this site!

    1. Sorry I meant HUNT club throw not nightclub.

  5. I adore the houndstooth/herringbone reversible blanket and pillow…gorgeous!

  6. Sherri Gonyier says:

    Everything is just gorgeous, your throw, baskets the whole picnic! On the site i escpecially like the Black and White dishware. Want it all! Thank You!

  7. I love the Oak Leaf table topper. Love your blog. Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  8. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love the different storage baskets – especially the crocheted ones and the kitchen storage baskets that look like tea towels. Thanks for the give-away opportunity. Loved your picnic in the leaves, too!

  9. Carrie G. says:

    Love the Lady Mary cowl…in white!

  10. Elizabeth Lake says:

    I love all the pillow covers.

  11. Double check pillow cover? Yes, please! What a tempting selection of goodies!

  12. I’m a fellow PA resident and my yard is full to brimming with beautiful red and gold leaves. Your picnic setting is both warm and inviting. The perfect ending for me would be your snickerdoodles and a nice cup of tea served in Miss Blackbirdy’s tea set!

  13. Oh my goodness! Thank you Yvonne for recommending Heritage Lace! I had never heard of them before and they have so much to choose from! Loved the lace pull over shawls with the skeletons and bats. What a fun way to add Halloween to your wardrobe without having to dress up in a costume! I also fell in love with their maple leaf coasters. I’m a sucker for anything fall as it is definitely my favorite season! Just love your blog and your style. Enjoy reading all your posts and thanks for letting us in and sharing your home and ideas with us all!

  14. What a pretty and warm throw. Perfect for a picnic or just to snuggle under in front of the fireplace

  15. I can almost smell the fall leaves! Beautiful photos….love the heritage lace items! They have cute chickadee pillows I’ve been eyeing!

  16. Did you see the table runners? I have a thing for table runners and they have the best selection I’ve ever seen. Their prices are amazing too. I saw several runners that I could use but my very favorite is the RUFFLED LUXURY RUNNER. It would be beautiful with my fall decor! I’m going to get on their customer list asap.

  17. Love all the different pillow choices at Heritage Lace! Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

  18. Laurene Shewan says:

    L.O.V.E. all their Downton Abbey goodies. Just celebrated my 70th, with a High Tea (modified D.A. style). The throw would be perfect for these cold New England nights.

  19. Teddee Grace says:

    Turns out I’m already signed up, but I don’t think I’d been getting anything from them so hope this works. I love the Downstairs Kitchen Storage Baskets.

  20. i like the fall and Christmas placemats.

  21. I do like the crocheted baskets. And the blanket.

  22. What beautiful photos , love that maple tree.
    The Downton Hunt club pillows and throw are gorgeous, also the Downton Union Jack pillow.

  23. Wendy Howell says:

    Beautiful setting!! I guess I will have to learn how to “instagram” ;). I love the reversible throw and of course Downton Abbey!!! Are your contests open to Canadian followers as well? Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  24. Michele Laramay says:

    I love the red striped kitchen baskets.

  25. Love your fall picnic. All I would add is a great Longaberger basket…love the houndstooth because it reminds me of my khaki check in my kitchen. I would love to win.

  26. Shelly Grady says:

    I love the entire post, pics and everything! and I had to leave a comment about my favorite show, Downton Abbey! you have found some wonderful treasures in the Downton line and I am in love!!! Thank you for sharing this post, and I am headed to Heritage Lace now!

  27. Loved the houndstooth picnic accessories and the Alpine Woods bear deer and moose pillow covers!

  28. Very cozy and inviting!

  29. Everything is just stunning Yvonne. What a great way to spend the day, on a comfy throw having a picnic!

  30. KittyLuvr says:

    Love the vintage pom pom tea towel with Give Thanks on it!! Would love to win!

  31. Donna Howell says:

    I love the red striped kitchen baskets and the downton village round storage basket.

  32. I love the lace panel selection! I have an 1897 Queen Anne Victorian home and am always on the hunt for nice lace curtains. The picnic “scape” is beautiful. Love Fall…my favorite time of the year 🙂

  33. I love so many beautiful things I saw, especially the way you had everything arranged for the photo shot!
    A fall picnic at HOME!

  34. Anne Haun says:

    I love the mantle scarves and crochet baskets.

  35. I like the crocheted baskets. I want to make one or two. I love your arrangement with the Snickerdoodles and corn bread packaged so nicely. What a nice welcome gift.

  36. Love your fall picnic. Everything looks so inviting. Simple but elegant. Love the Downton blanket and all your accessories.

  37. Pam delgadillo says:

    I am a new follower and have loved looking over past posts! The heritage lace website is chocked full of beautiful home decor to warm our homes! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  38. This is absolutely stunning! You always have such creative ideas. Blessings. Lynn

  39. Houndstooth is so classic. Being reversible is a bonus! The Downton Hunt Club Reversible Throw is fabulous and I would love to win this one!!

  40. Joanne Perea says:

    Your setting is very inspiring and the photographs capture it perfectly. I love the added touches of the cookies and cornbread wrapped in parchment paper. I enjoyed browsing Heritage Lace site and ordered some of the Rabbit Hollow Linens. The dishes and aprons are cute. Will look forward to shopping there again. May the Lord continue to bless you and your endeavors.

  41. Yvonne, you have created the most gorgeous Fall picnic setting! I love Heritage Lace products. The houndstooth blanket really caught my eye. Thanks for hooting this giveaway and providing such inspiration!

  42. Carol Spangler says:

    I love the entire Downton Abbey collection from Heritage Lace. And what a great picnic, Yvonne.

  43. What was not to like! The baskets, the pillow covers… But I love love love the Downton Hunt Club reversible throw you so enticing pictured in your post. It is so lovely. I’m sold!

  44. The Downton Hunt Club pillow is beautiful. I’m so glad you shared their site with us. Had not heard of them before.

  45. Barbara Woods says:

    Beautiful picnic. I love the croched baskets and that blanket. Sign me up!

  46. I have purchased lace curtains and a tablecloth from Heritage Lace in the past and really like their quality. I have been admiring the Downton Abbey pillows for some time. 🙂

  47. I love picnics in the Autumn. The temps are low, the leaves are amber and some chili to warm your tummy while you make happy memories. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Hugs
    P.SA. don’t forget to enter my giveaway too ( it ends in 2 days. I hope to see you at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.

  48. Jennifer Beckham says:

    Picnic in Autumn leaves-where did you find the brown circular serving basket that you set a bowl of chili on, tea towel, cornbread and vase of autumn leaves? They look the right size for an individual.

  49. Melanie Winter says:

    I love all of The Downton Abby items at Heritage Lace! Your picnic is gorgeous and styled to a “T”!! Love it!

  50. I really like the Homestead Tree Farm pillow cover. So charming and cute.

  51. Blanca Martinez says:

    Hi, i love everything picnic! Yours look so inviting and beautiful, you must live in a beautiful place due to the amazing fall background.
    I love the trow and the bottle holder, perfect for a apple cider bottle. The tea towels are cute and love the words on them. I visited the HL website, great prices! Thank you for the opportunity.

  52. As always, Yvonne, your setting is fabulous! I not only liked the crochet baskets with the edging, I bought 3! I can’t wait to get them! I love them with the edging turned down – a great look! I wish I had learned to crochet like my mother did, but since I didn’t, I love buying lovely crocheted items. Thanks for sharing these!

  53. Wow! I am so glad I visited Heritage lace! I love, love, love their dinnerware! Of course the lace tablecloths and pillows are stunning too! I am heading back over there now to check out everything else! Thanks for sharing their website, Yvonne! You are a wealth of information about beautiful things!

  54. Thank you for showing me Heritage Lace! Love their website.

  55. I love the deer & grains pillow covers!!! Thank you.

  56. I love the crochet baskets and throw blanket!

  57. Like the crochet baskets and cute tea towels

  58. Love the crochet baskets!

  59. Love the storage baskets at Heritage Lace, especially the Downstairs Kitchen striped ones, and the Downton Village ones – great style!

  60. Anna Starner says:

    Love some of the pillows from Heritage Lace but I fell in love with the throw and pillows. What a perfect accent for my ivory sofa and chair. What a lovely item they are giving away. Sure would love to win.
    Your picnic looks so pretty. Such a fun way to serve in all of the pretty baskets.

  61. Lovely fall picnic. I love those Downton Abbey pillows from Heritage Lace. I think I’m going to need some of those come January.

  62. really think the throw at your picnic is lovely and the Christmas pillows on the heritage lace site are adorable!

  63. JoAnne Wujcik says:

    Absolutely LOVE the site! I would love to add the Chickadee pillows to my bird themed living room.

  64. I love the Union Jack items and all of the checked pillows.

  65. Love the Signs of Christmas pillow cover! So vintage looking!

  66. Like the Yule tide pillow with the. Evergreen full of snow. You can leave that out all winter.

  67. Oh my…what a beautiful picnic with the backdrop of your gorgeous property….I can just imagine how beautiful it is up there now…that blanket is amazing…I so love that pattern…what an incredible giveaway Yvonne!!!

  68. Linda in Lititz says:

    I love the darling pom pom tea towels. What a cute hostess gift!
    Thanks, Yvonne, for the picnic. So many ideas to glean!

  69. I love the throw. Your picnic is amazing!

  70. Your picnic looks amazing. I really liked the Mode baskets with the pretty edging.

  71. Love the crocheted baskets and would have many uses for them.

  72. Thanks for introducing me to this lovely site! I particularly like the plate set “Miss Blackbirdy 5/20 piece sets with cereal bowls”.

  73. I adore the throw, one can never have enough throws.
    Great giveaway, thanks~

  74. I’m loving the Mattress Stripe Square Pillow Covers in red and I’m more than a little bit in love with the Christmas Time Napkins in red. Great giveaway and Happy Halloween!!

  75. What fun to have a picnic in such a pretty setting. I can smell the woodsy smell of the leaves.

  76. What a lovely setting love everything about it please enter me in the giveaway thanks Linda m

  77. Tina Sipe says:

    I love the winter garden pillow and the houndstooth throw you featured!

  78. Cheryl Foley says:

    i really like the boney hands collection

  79. How great does the picnic set up look, I really enjoy following you on pinterest and your post. I am going to crochet some baskets this fall, how cool they are.

  80. Beautiful picnic and pretty things at Heritage and Lace. Love the holly be merry pillow!

  81. The Picnic looks like so much fun. Love the Heritage blanket. They have lot of sweet things the lace door swags caught my eye..hope you are having a great day.i love maple leaves during the fall they are so pretty.

  82. carol clark says:

    storage baskets are what i love i always need storage

  83. Nicole Walters says:

    love that blanket! And I also love the nova pendant light and the rabbit hollow pendant light…only wish I had a place to hang them!

  84. Love the houndstooth throw! It would look perfect on the bench in our entryway! Thanks!


  86. Karen VanLoo says:

    Love the picnic setting! I love Heritage Lace, and everything Downton Abbey! In fact, the theme song is playing right now on Pandora. I absolutely adore the throw and the crochet baskets, aren’t those darling! This just looks SO inviting, and comforting. Everything’s just beautiful! I’m making my first pot of chili of the season this weekend for Halloween, and we’re having apple cider too! Happy Fall!

  87. What an inviting looking picnic! I’ve never shopped with Heritage Lace. Heading over to check their products.

  88. I love the Heritage blanket!

  89. The crochet baskets are pretty cool!

  90. Love,Love, Love the Houndstooth blanket. Would be great to snuggle up with an eat one of the snickerdoodle cookes. I may have to make some this weekend!!

  91. Yvonne, your picnic looks beautiful! Autumn is my favorite season, and spending time with family or friends enjoying the beautiful outdoors is always on the top of my “must do” list! Thank you for the inspiration.

  92. Visiting Heritage Lace I really like their YORKSHIRE SHOWER CURTAIN

  93. Too many things but I love the Downton Hunt Club reversible throw and pillow.

  94. At Heritage Lace, I like the Christmas pillows.

  95. Joanne B. says:

    Hi Yvonne! What a fun post this is! You must have loved frolicking in the grass to set that up! Just beautiful. I would like to specifically ask about the linen look dish towel with the “P” on it? Love that! Seems like I may have seen that before? Is that a project we could do> Also, would love your Snickerdoodles recipe if available.

  96. I really like the WINTER GARDEN CARDINAL WALL ART.

  97. So many nice items.
    Houndstooth and hunt is classic. Love it.
    I found lots of items..even the cool spider items and bats for Halloween.
    The vintage like Christmas placemats.
    By far my fave are the darling crocheted baskets like you have and the storage baskets in the red and white stripes..reminds me of vintage ticking from America and France too.

  98. I love the Downton Hunt Club “the Charge” pillow cover.

  99. I love how you make everything look so casual and effortless. Thank you. I really like Heritage Lace’s Grain Sack Check Pillow covers.

  100. I love the flag pillows for my son’s new house , will be ordering those as gifts. But love anything Downton. Enjoyed the beautiful pics

  101. I love the bags and accessories with the birds.

  102. Sweet Friend, this may very well be one of the prettiest outdoor vignettes you have ever created. I am awestruck. Such pretty, pretty items you have showcased from Heritage Lace. I loved the little birdie Christmas pillow (seriously may have to order that one!) but honestly, you had me at “houndstooth” when it comes to the blanket. Swoon. Thanks for sharing such a great giveaway. xxoo, Barb

  103. The crochet baskets are so fun!


  105. Beautiful throw and picnic setting. I am always inspired by your blog. Thanks!

  106. Tracy DeLoach says:

    I really like the Signs of Christmas Evergreen Pillow Cover and I also liked the Winter Garden Pillow Cover. Yvonne, thank you for the chance to win. I really enjoyed your post & beautiful photos.

  107. Pam Parker says:

    Love this time of year, the leaves are falling, just a little nip in the air to enjoy all Gods wonder! The houndstooth reversible blanket is gorgeous, perfect for a fall picnic!

  108. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would also love to have the BIRDS & BERRIES TIER.

  109. Teresa Spinks says:

    Hi Yvonne, I am new to Stone Gable. I just want to say how much I enjoy your decorating ideas. I love everything about your site. I especially love the Houndstooth throw. Heritage Lace has so many items that fit my style,
    Thank you,

  110. I love the idea of autumn picnics – my favorite time of the year. The crocheted storage baskets are just wonderful.

  111. Jo-Ann Licciardi says:

    I like the crocheted baskets and the double check pillow covers!!! Thank you.

  112. Love the Downton Hunt Club Pillow Cover!

  113. the picnic set is beautiful, i love the heart macrame valance, thanks for an awesome giveaway

  114. Loved everything about your picnic post. Love your site and check it daily. The blanket is my favorite but all products on the site are really nice. The crochet baskets were also very nice. Love your style!

  115. Wow. I love their stuff especially the houndstooth pillow and throw, the crochet edged baskets, chickadee and Cardinal pillows and the check/grainsack pillows.

  116. Judy C in NC says:

    Love, love the winter garden bird pillows. Perfect for my enclosed porch. Wonderful post and thank you for the opportunity to win, . Judy C in NC

  117. Absolutely love the throw! And the picnic looks so inviting!

  118. Everything! I’ve been really into fall faux maple leaves, so I loved the window treatments with the leaves.

  119. I like the farmhouse table runner with red stripe.

  120. Marilyn Gillis says:

    Feeling inspired!