Coffee can take on the most delicious flavors especially in the fall. There are so many wonderful seasonal coffees… pumpkin spice, hazelnut, vanilla spice, cinnamon, vanilla nutmeg. YUM! And coffee is such a big part of our lives! When there’s a crowd at StoneGable I like to put together a coffee bar so everyone can serve themselves, especially before breakfast… 

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 Now, how about COFFEE? It’s waiting for you!

I love a coffee bar! My guests and family can help themselves to a great coffee and a little nosh until I get downstairs and make breakfast. My coffee maker, K-cups, and mugs sit on the opposite counter within easy reach. I also have mugs stuffed with pretty napkins for them to use.

I love love love using oranges and blues together for fall! The combination is a little different but I think they give fall a sophisticated look.

Sugar bowl and creamer and little burnt orange leaf plates are ready to be used by guests. We like half and half in our coffee!

I would have shown some yummy pumpkin bread to go along with the coffee…. IF SOMEONE HAD NOT EATEN IT ALL! I’m so glad THE CULPRIT enjoyed it that much!

A bowl of tangerines is offered for fruit lovers.

The top tier holds a little cobalt blue vase of pyracantha… some cinnamon sticks to stir coffee… little blue and white spice jars with nutmeg and cocoa…and vintage spoons.
I tucked in a large egg cup filled with candy corn for a little fun treat! My boys go wild over candy corn.
White pumpkins work well in this coffee bar. We often grow them in our garden. They are so so cute!!!!

Pumpkins abound!

A brambly candle ring under the pumpkins adds a little “fluff”. Gotta have “fluff”!

I prepare everything the night before so when we wake up we can all have coffee and a little something to welcome the new day!


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  1. I love this idea! What a lovely way to greet the morning. I’ll be looking for that pumpkin bread recipe…it sounds like a winner!

    1. genie steger says:

      Oh I do so love your Autumn Coffee Bar and I am lucky enough to have inherited my Mom’s Wild Turkey and have collected blue and white dishes for a very long time..Love the blue and orange together! One of my favorite combinations for the fall! where did you get that galvanized tiered display piece?

  2. Love the autumn coffee bar! Very sweet and so efficient! Awesome ideas! Have a great weekend!

  3. Just what I was looking for, thanks Yvonne!!! Our family spends a lot of time together in our kitchen, and I am wanting to decorate our coffee bar area for fall?

  4. Love the display and the use of orange and blue….that combo really hits the spot! Had to laugh about the absence of your pumpkin bread!!

  5. I also do a hot chocolate or apple cider bar for our small group children. I use mason jars with handles and they love it.

    You inspire me in every way!

  6. June Gerstner says:

    Perfect timing as I sit here enjoying my morning coffee…a cup of Pumpkin Spice…made fresh every morning by my wonderful hubby! The temp here is 53 degrees and we slept with the windows open. Oh how I love fall!!

  7. You made me smile this morning with who ate the pumpkin bread comment? It is the same way at our house. Love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  8. Sheila Gunderson says:

    I love “fluff” and pumpkin spice coffee too Yvonne.

  9. I absolutely love the look of the blue and orange color combo for fall decorating! I have a big crush on your cute cinnamon container and I’m going to be keeping my eye out for one.

  10. I like to make a tray with coffee fixings. Also have a container of spiced tea for the non coffee drinkers.

  11. Katherine says:

    Not much of a coffee drinker but now I’m so tempted! And just in love with your sweet cinnamon stick holder – too adorable

  12. It looks so pretty and inviting ….makes me want to come and have a cup of coffee and I am not even a coffee drinker ….

  13. Karen VanLoo says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I love love love this coffee bar. I want to do this right now, it’s perfect for early Fall. I love the blue and white and the galvanized metal stand you use. I can honestly say, Yvonne, one of the best tips you have ever given (at least to me) is the use of “fluff!” You can take just about anything you have around the house, and add seasonal fluff here and there and make it perfect for the season. My sister did not know some of my fluff comes from garlands that I have cut up in pieces. That is a great way to add it without spending too much money. Find a good garland in a local shop or some are very beautiful at my local craft stores (and get them on sale!) cut them in smaller pieces to tuck here and there. I also buy loose fall leaves to tuck around. We do not see fall until very late where I live, so I love using leaves around the house to give me that Fall feeling, even if it’s still in the 70’s or 80’s! Listening to the podcast “champagne taste on a beer budget” my Dad used to say that about me! So true.

  14. I love the variety of dishes you have. Lovely!

  15. Charlotte says:

    You have the most wonderful ideas. My kitchen has blue and orange in it already so I just have to add a few more autumn touches to be ready for the season. Bring on the pumpkin bread and the smell of spicy baking.

  16. Margaret Robinson says:

    Hi — Love your blog, but just don’t get to read it often enough.

    A question — when having guests that stay more than just 1 day, do you change from cloth napkins to paper ones, or just put out new cloth ones each a.m.? Yours look so beautiful, but practically given that you’ve. probably got lots of company through-out the year, I’m wondering what you do. Thanks and again I enjoy your blog and this one in particular!

    1. Hi Margaret, I think either would be fine. If your guests are staying an extended amount of time paper would probably be much more practical!

  17. Deb Wostmann says:

    Very fun and festive. We remodeled our kitchen two years ago and I made sure to have a dedicated coffee bar area which has been a lifesaver. It opens up space on the rest of my counters and keeps all my coffee items in one place. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  18. your autumn coffee bar looks wonderful…I love autumn…and orange and blue are a great combo!

  19. Love this! Orange and blue look so pretty together and I love the way you have styled the tiered tray. Everything is lovely and practical. I recently moved our coffee maker and may tinker with that area today. It was 57 degrees when I got up and that certainly spells fall!

  20. I love the colors in your Fall Coffee Bar, plus how you added in cinnamon sticks and candy corn.

  21. Jan Fusco says:

    I love a coffee bar. I drink more than my share of coffee.
    On another note, I love football season and I’m pumped up for my Bama boys to stick it to FSU. (I’m very nervous). Hope everybody has a good day. ROLL TIDE BABY!

  22. Orange and blue! What Southerner doesn’t love those colors??? GO GATORS!!
    Yes, orange and blue are the perfect Fall colors for so many wonderful reasons! The coffee station is your best yet and I LOVE that you are using your blue and white pieces. Hope to be seeing more of that in your home again. It will be fun to see how you bring blue and white around again in an updated way 🙂
    PS: My sons and grandson (boys weekend!) are at the UF-Michigan game as I write these comments.

  23. Beautiful and practical post, as always! But seriously, how do you do it? The frequency and quality of your posts is absolutely amazing. You are a very busy gal and I love how much you share! PS: LOVE the blue and orange!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer. Blogging and my readers are such a passion!

  24. Sherilyn Jennings says:

    The coffee bar is a fantastic idea! I’m so anxious for the pumpkins to be ready this year.

  25. I love your coffee bar! I love the orange & blue!!! (We are BIG Florida Gator fans!).

  26. PPS: The tight shots are so aesthetically beautiful but could you put in more full shots so that we can see the whole picture? Full shots give us a better idea of how to put together a similar vignette.
    Thanks, Yvonne. You’re the master!!!

  27. Mary Jo Casale says:

    I love how so much can be organized in the compact tiered tray, saving space but still holding a luxurious selection!

  28. Since I’m not a coffee drinker I have done a hot chocolate bar. Grandkids love the variety of goodies to put in their cocoa! I noticed you are using more orange this year for fall Looks very nice but I’m not a fan of orange for my home.

  29. Norma Rolader says:

    Want to congratulate “CONGRATULATIONS TO ELISABETH C” for winning August!!!! I love the coffee bar such brilliant ideas and of course beautifully displayed! Thank you and God bless

  30. Vee Muller says:

    A coffee bar, what a great idea! Will have to jazz up my coffee station.

  31. Vicki White says:

    I adore the little blue and white creamer you have. Is that the Flying Turkey Pattern? I collect pieces but have never seen one quite like yours.

  32. I love all your vignettes you put together, especially the fall coffee bar!

    I found your blog last Sunday night and so far I have made:
    Cheaters Pot Pie and Stuffed Artichokes -Both huge hits! I find myself coming back to your blog everyday to see new posts! Love everything you post!

    Thanks for all inspiration!
    Whitney J. – Somewhere In Sunny California 🙂

  33. I love, love your coffee bar. It gives such a welcome to my home atmosphere.

  34. Avril s Crundwell says:

    I love the galvanized tiered tray. I also love your use of berries. I’ve taken your advice from a previous post and started buying nice artificial sprigs and such for decorating. Fall brings so many possibilities. And Coffee oh my, yes, I prep my pot every night so it’s ready in the morning.

  35. Lovely display…I’m trying to learn to put things together. Enjoy your blog so much!!

  36. Elaine Wesselman says:

    I love your combination of blue and orange. Just beautiful like all of your decor ideas!

  37. I need this coffee bar !

  38. Love it, love the colors and visual beauty! I miss colors and our home as we have been in the hospital for over 5 weeks while my hubby got an LVAD to keep him going. Now we need to be near hospital for 3 months and then will go through this again with heart transplant. You did a beautiful job.

    1. I just prayed for you and your husband. I hope for a speedy recovery!

  39. I love the combination of blue and orange and how beautifully you have used it on the coffee bar! I’m not a coffee drinker but can think of ways to adapt this to my preference for hot tea!

  40. I just love your autumn coffee bar. The autumn touch is just so festive and beautiful. I love the way you incorporated your lovely china, fresh produce and pumpkins and yummy candy corn for color and autumn detail. So lovely!

  41. christel vogel says:

    Hello there, here in Montana we are having a hot, way too dry summer, and the Autumn decor is so inspiring! I am just going to pretend it’s more like Fall (because of course, it soon will be and we could be snowed in for 9 or so months). Thanks for the beautiful posts. Christel

  42. Gorgeous ideas for a coffee bar!

  43. Great fall coffee bar, particularly the orange and blue together!

  44. I absolutely love cobalt blue and white! That is what I have in my kitchen! I love the touches of orange too! I was just wondering what you keep your coffee pods in? I had mine in a beautiful cut crystal glass canister, but my husband broke the lid!?

  45. I never would have thought of using a tiered tray for a coffee bar. You can fit quite a bit into a fairly limited space with it. I also love the blue with the orange for Fall.

  46. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    I love my coffee bar! I love your color combination on your coffee tiered tray. I have a set of blue and orange Wedgewood that my mother gave me that I might just have to pull down out of the cabinet❤LOVE THIS POST!


  47. I love that creamer in the autumn coffee bar.

  48. Candy corn on the coffee bar! Now that says autumn to me!

  49. Maggie Nelson says:

    I love this post : the little pumpkins and the oranges in the blue and white small containers. It looks like fall to me even we still have very hot weather here in Central California.

  50. Cheryl foley says:

    I am so inspired by your posts. This one is no exception! I love your coffee bar ideas especially….so fun!

  51. Love the blues and oranges together. This year I am in love with white pumpkins and the velvet ones. I plan on making some with velvet. Have made several with different fabrics and muslin, but will be velvet next!!

  52. I really like the combination of using the orange with the blue; so pretty.

  53. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Just love your Autumn coffee bar, Yvonne! Love your posts! You have such great ideas! Have a blessed day!

  54. ?❤️ the inspiration of using the galvanized three-tier stand for a coffee bar??

  55. Love your coffee bar ideas! I added a coffee bar last year between the kitchen and dining room, and we LoVe it! Adding the orange for the fall to your blues look fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Cheryl Bell says:

    I love your Coffee Bar ideas, especially the blue “Cinnamon” jar…just precious! I would love to have one of those, I’ll have to be on the lookout for one as we use cinnamon, ground or sticks in so much year round. I also love and use blue & white all year long, then add my seasonal colors to them during the year. Shades of orange are the colors I add in for Fall too. Love your blog, just don’t always have time to comment. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

  57. Angela Boone says:

    Hi, Yvonne! I love your coffee bar- I just love those colors together.

  58. I love.. love a coffee bar this time of year!! My very fav fall color mix!! that “fall” orange gorgeous-ness with my blue & white dishes…. Yep !!! Thank you for sharing !!!

  59. I really like the orange leaf plates/bowls! Accents the season well.

  60. Such a pretty and thoughtful way to great house guests in the morning. I love the blue transferware combined with the oranges and pyracanthas.

  61. I love the coffee bar idea. I have been looking for a 3 tiered tray like this and finally found one so I will be doing a similar display. Thanks!

  62. Elizabeth Croft says:

    I just started following your blog and am loving everything that you do!! Would you mind sharing the pattern for the dancing crane creamer?? Thanks

    1. Hi Elizabeth, Welcome to the StoneGable family!!!! The creamer is an antique and has no markings. So sorry I can’t help you more!

  63. Julie Briones says:

    Love the cinnamon stick stirrers! Great idea! I would like to learn how to make *just* the right mixture of spices to put in my one cup coffee maker to make the BEST fall coffee….*runs off to Google*

  64. Bridget Quinlisk says:

    Loved your idea of mixing navy with orange in the fall. Thanks !