THE ART OF HOME-A course on artisinal living-stonegableblog.comMy hearts desire is to help women of all ages and backgrounds love their homes! But it’s much more than that. I want all of us to  feel inspired, and find joy in what we do to make our homes and lives beautiful and practical and artful. To find good and deep contentment and satisfaction in each day and to love our homemade homes! To make a nest and sanctuary for ourselves, our family and those we invite in! I’m talking about the ART OF HOME

But it’s not only MY desire to bring the ART OF HOME to women. I was thrilled to find a group of women who have tapped into a deep need in many women’s hearts to love their homes and families in tangible ways through the art of homemaking!

These women acknowledge that it’s not about perfection or great expectations but about the small things we can do to make our homes and lives beautiful! It’s about attitude and gratitude and appreciation and small things! It’s about taking those cherished memories of our childhood and bringing them into our homes today in fresh simple ways! Like sweet ways to decorate, or wonderful homemade recipes that we can make easily and quickly.

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Jeanne Oliver, wife, mother, artist, speaker, blogger, writer and lover of home is offering a 4 WEEK COURSE CALLED ART OF HOME – SIMPLE MODERN LIVING.   This beautiful course, for all homemakers and those who want to be, is about reclaiming the lost arts of caring for home and family.

Jeanne has paired up with four other amazing women and very talented bloggers who offer their blissful wisdom and common sense about ways to care for our homes and families! I must admit that I wish I was also in this group. I am so passionate about this subject!

ART OF HOME contains step-by-step videos on the subjects of cooking, decorating, entertaining, housekeeping… and so much more will be covered. 

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Does this course pull at your heartstrings? No matter how long you have been running a household we all need encouragement and inspiration and reminders of the grace and art of home!

Week One, THE ART OF FARM TO TABLE, will focus on gardening, cooking and preserving food.



Week Two, THE ART OF GATHERING, will be about opening our homes and creating spaces that make people feel welcomed and loved.


Week Three, THE ART OF DOMESTIC MOXIE, shows and shares ways to keep our home.

And Week Four, THE ART OF RECLAIMED STYLE, is all about using what we have and finding new uses for found goods.


These gorgeous images give you a glimpse into the world and course of ART OF HOME! Does this subject speak to a deep passion in you too? Or would you like to ignite the desire for a well loved home?

This amazing course begins September 15, 2015! The cost of the course is only $42.99 and you will have lifetime access to the videos! 

I’m taking the course and I’m so so excited. Jeanne kindly is giving me the course for letting you know all about it. But, regardless I would have taken the course and happily paid for it. 

The opinions about this course are 100% mine! I am thrilled to bring you, my dear readers, such a wealth of teaching and inspiration we all love and need!

To see more about ART OF HOME and to register click HERE.  Or go directly to registration HERE.

I hope you join me on this uplifting journey of “simple modern living”! 

THE ART OF HOME-A course on artisinal



  1. Whenever I get your newest email post, I am still unable to get your header to appear, only parts of get come up and the right side is in one long line. I have tried to “refresh”, but not having any luck. Any ideas? Judy C

  2. Yvonne,
    YOU, dear friend, DO encourage me to l o v e my home!!!
    I always turn to your blog and now your Face Book page
    for home decor inspiration and Timeless Classic design!!!
    Many times, I refer my family and friends to your blog, as well!!!
    I’m thrilled you’ll be taking this course. . .but I do think it
    will be more of an affirmation than learning for you, dear one!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Since you have changed,I too, cannot get your header, and sometimes some of the content.Hope I can figure this out.I so enjoyed your blog
    I do not have a computer.I have always looked at your blog on my nook

    1. Hi Peggy, You need to do a HARD RESET. Go to my site…and press the control/command key on your computer +the shift key + the r key. Hold them down together and this should straighten everything out.

  4. Sounds great!!!I will be out of town from the 17th thru the 22nd of September and not available to watch on these dates. My Question is:: Should I NOT sign up???Or can I watch when I get home?? Thank you!

  5. This is so exciting! Because most we one work outside the home it is hard to have an others women’s closed friendship,
    Women need the friendship of other women who hold the same morals and believes.,ok I get off my soap box?
    With school I can not commit to anymore ,I can bearly make time to read your post when I’m in school.☺️So are going to be another time or can we punches and watch them when we can.
    Have great day?

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