What a glorious time of year it is here at StoneGable! On a clear day, the sky is so blue it takes your breath away. The temp are in the low 80’s and not a speck of humidity to ruin my hair (isn’t it all about our hair, girls?)! And when it does rain it comes down in big heavy splats that make the air smell like it’s being cleaned.  The corn around our yard is growing and the fireflies are dancing through its rows each evening. I  have a front row seat to their spectacular light show from my back porch swing! Welcome, summer! I love you better and better every year!


It just wouldn’t be summer here if there were not big pots bursting with flowers and color! Today I want to share something I think is special and helpful and fun.  I am beginning a new series called “THROWBACK FRIDAY”. 

Did you know that I have well over 3,500 posts in my blog archives? I get thousands of new followers each month that probably have never seen them. So, every Friday I’ll be sharing the best of the best seasonal posts from my archives.

I recently recycled one of my posts about HOW TO KEEP CUT HYDRANGEAS FROM WILTING and it got such good response from our community it gave me the idea to start this new series.

And if you are one of my most treasured “old” friends, you just might like to see my best posts over!


I may be updating the picutures ( my first couple years blogging was a photography learning experience) and making the text more informative for us to bring you what I think are the gems of the StoneGable archives.

Today, let’s talk about the ANATOMY OF A FLOWER POT!


For me, the 4th of July is summer’s midpoint! By now my veggie garden is in full producing mode and my patio flowers in the big pot are dazzling! They are happy and vigorous and loving summer life! Last week I shared our new PATIO.
 Since then, I have had lots of questions about what I plant in those big patio pots…so I’m showing and telling the anatomy of a flower pot!
 For decades and decades I have planted over a dozen summer patio and porch pots every year.
Last year I found a wonderful local greenhouse called PERFECT POTS. Not only are the ladies at PP so nice and helpful…they also have beautiful plants! Plants that are not your everyday garden variety (pun intended)!
But what I love about PERFECT POTS is that I can go to their greenhouse and have a consultation with one of the garden professionals about what I should put in my pots.  They take notes, they show me flowers, they ask questions about sunlight and watering schedules! They listen to my ideas and must-haves!
But here’s the best, best part! They will come and pick up my pots, plant them and deliver them right back to my home! And the cost is quite reasonable!
 I have always prided myself on being a do-it-yourselfer… but I am also smart enough to know a good thing… no, a great fabulous thing!
And this service at Perfect Pots is a great, fabulous thing! A great smart bargain-of-a-thing!
 My criteria for the patio pots was bright color and lots of blooms. I wanted sweet potato vine, lantana, geraniums and salvia in each pot. I also wanted flowers that would last all summer long!
 And here’s what the ladies at Perfect Pots paired with my requests…
 LOVE this color combo…
 Lantana is one of my favorite summer flowers! And so is Fairy Fan Flower! So so pretty!
 There was also coleus, spider plant, creeping Jenny, ficus grass, million kiss begonias and I few more I could not identify in the mix!
I did do some planting of my own…
Like the mint in pots on my patio. Isn’t this a fun cart… from Decor Steals.
Mint and basil and parsley are summer herbs I can’t be without!

The biggest planting project this year was my kitchen herb garden.

If you missed that post click HERE

I also planted Everbloom Hydrangeas on my front porch again…
 I think the hydrangeas are going to be a front porch signature bloom! Their big moppy blue heads work so well with the gray limestone facade of StoneGable!
 It’s not too late to plant a few more pots… and plants in my area are on sale! Hmmmm, I think I need one more pot of flowers for the table on my porch!
I hope you liked this version of THROWBACK FRIDAY! Let me know what you think! Happy planting sweet friends!
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  1. Hi Yvonne! Great idea on your new series Throwback Fridays. I know I will enjoy them since I’m a new “old” friend 🙂 and Yes I agree that your hydrangeas look fabulous with your house color!!! Enjoy your Weekend!

  2. Vicky from Athens says:

    Beautiful arrangements in your pots!! So colorful!

  3. Kansas summers get worse each year. We have had cold, wind, heat wind and heavy rain and then drought. I love gardening, but at 82 and with a sick husband, I am going to have to find a way to cut back. Not complaining, just stating how hard Is to garden here.

    I have gotten so I buy plants from only one source anymore because she has plants that stand up to our weather. In the long run it’s no more expensive.

    You have such beautiful planters and we can all enjoy them.

  4. Diane Chapman says:

    This was so informative!! Thank you so much for the pictures with the names of the flowers. I am a visual learner so this was so helpful. I really agree with your choice if the hydrangeas for the front ; I am curious as to how you will store them in the wonter

  5. A classic lady (that’s you, Yvonne!) providing timeless posts during Throwback Friday! I am truly inspired each time I read your posts. In today’s world of many fads, I sincerely appreciate and value classic design style and believe your “re-posts” are rewarding. Thank you!

  6. Throwback Friday is going to be awesome, Yvonne! I’ve searched your archives before for your scrumshious recipes and now I’ll be able to enjoy your older posts of StoneGable, too! Can’t wait for next Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Portia Read says:

    Great combinations Yvonne! Some I never considered putting in pots together. Your herb garden post a few weeks ago inspired me to get some herbs.
    (Alas they are still waiting for planting because I suddenly had surgery and I’m not up and around yet. Hope they last a couple more weeks out there!)
    I’m so enjoying your blog posts. It is the first blog I’ve ever followed. Well done!

  8. Love the colors! I’m going to combine two of my pots to get the same color effect. Thanks for the inspiration, as usual.

  9. Love the idea of Throwback Friday! It will be like visiting old friends. I will look forward to looking back on Fridays. Your patio looks lovely and the pots are full of some my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh! I would love to find a plant potting service like the one you described. For now, it is DIY for me. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  11. Avis Cooper says:

    Love this colourful post. I think I’ll talk to the ladies at a local gardening centre and get on the ball earlier next year. I took notes of your plant combinations and just love the bright colour combinations. Meanwhile, I think I’ll check out some garage sales and see what I can find in the way of planters!!
    Throwback Friday is a great idea and I’m look forward to what you share with us. Blessings to you from Canada!! Avis

    1. HHI AVIS! I love my Canadian friends. My brother in law is from Canada and he is amazing! We have a special place in our hearts for all things Canadian!

  12. Your post was great, love all the color in your flower pots. The blue hydrangeas look great at the front door. . Love the idea of throw back Friday’s. .

  13. Leilani Schumacher says:

    Thank you Yvonne for including the names of the plants. I’m beginner gardener now that I’ve recently retired from my hi-tech career. Gardening has always been on my wish list, with dreams of transforming my backyard to an English garden. I find your blog very informative and so helpful.

  14. A ps to my post last night. I do have some beautiful planters and flowers in my garden. It’s just getting harder with the summers we have. Have any of you seen the Proven Winners e-letter and their posts on you tube? They now have flower combinations that they can send to you and all you do is drop them in your pots.

    I look forward to the Sunday devotions

  15. Throwback Friday is a great idea! After our vactio nand wiht hte actual onset of sumer I needto head back to Perfect Pots. Feeling inspired! Havea great weekend! Linda

  16. I have to say that your blog is really fantastic! You are always inspiring me with your ideas and photos and recipes! I was trying to think what I could do with just a little bit of blueberries and one small pie crust and then I can upon your handpie recipe and that just answered my question! I realize how much hard work you put into this blog and I want to thank you personally for the amazing job you do – so THANK YOU! Please continue to inspire me (and all of your readers) with your beautiful photos and ideas. Enjoy your day! Clare

  17. GwenCondit says:

    Yes! Keep doing these posts. I’d not remember if I did read it a few years ago. I just did not do pots. With our drought and having nearly all my potted trees die that were years old I needed a break. I did water my herbs that come back yearly and have pots by my front door. Oddly my front window box has a lot of spring flowers still trailing despite 100+ temps. I think it was sooo cold here then super hot that we wondered when it was spring!! Next year I shall do better. I’m fortunate that I have so many perennials that return plus my shrubs bloom at staggering times as do my trees. But I miss pots.

  18. Your plantings are so wonderfully green and colorful. Do you have a secret to keeping your potted flowers looking perky and fresh? My petunia baskets are looking bedraggled and wilty despite daily watering.

    1. I prune all spent blooms. Petunias are tough. They tend to get very droopy. Just get rid of all bedraggled blooms and keep it well watered.

  19. Lisa Brown says:

    All are gorgeous, especially, the yellow straw flowers, never heard of those before.

  20. Your planters came out beautiful! I don’t know why I’m so hesitant to put a bunch of color choices together in one pot! Since I have a shady front porch, I find there’s not a whole lot of colorful choices out there….! I wish I had thought of putting hydrangeas in my pots…..They look amazing! I’ll be heading to the nursery tomorrow, for sure!! Thank you!

  21. Just sitting here this morning with my cup of coffee looking at my email and planning my day. Bought some plants at the farmers market yesterday and trying to decide where I will plant them. I have a beautiful yellow and white Lantana which will look pretty with the blue Salvia if I can only find the right pot. Oh well guess I need to put container shopping on my list.?