It’s all about “all is calm” here at the Tanglewood house at StoneGable this Christmas! And that is especially true of our master bedroom. I do go a bit overboard with our bedroom because for years, no decades, it was ignored. But not anymore! I have lots to share with you and tips for making your bedroom into a Christmas sanctuary!

Today I’m opening the door of our Christmas bedroom. And I’m also sharing a bit about downsizing! Wow, a big post today! Lots of info and inspiration!

Let’s start with moving!

I think one of the best things about moving is getting rid of clutter. And we had lots!

So our bedroom is not cluttered and it makes sleeping in it and decorating it so much easier!

My goal was to create a Christmas bedroom that used my everyday bedding plus an additional layer for winter!

I’m not much of a duvet girl but this luxurious velvet quilt works perfectly for Bobby and me. The quilt is folded so Bobby and I can just pull it up at bedtime.

I’ve been collecting Mongolian throws, and pillows for a few years and now have a nice collection. They are perfect to use to decorate with from late fall into late winter!

Another thing that makes this bed so easy to style is the color scheme. Because it is neutral lots of different tones and shades of anything from white to dark brown work with it.

Even a bit of gray looks pretty in our master bedroom. The rug on the floor is a cheetah print with both gray, ivory and taupe in it.

There really isn’t anything on the bed that screams Christmas. Instead, I used layers of rich textiles to tell its cozy Christmas story!

My love of pillows really shows up in my bedroom! I get lots of comments and emails about where I put all my pillows. I usually put them on the bench in my room. I stand them up and put them on the bench like a file box! LOL!

I’m not a big collectibles person, but when I do collect things (like Mongolian throws, etc.) I wait till they go on sale and collect them over a few years. I also try to only collect things with a long “shelf life”. The Mongolian pieces and the quilt and pillows will last a long time and not go out of style.

Did you notice the trees? We will talk about that obsession-of-a-collection later!

The star and focal point of our Christmas bedroom is our bed! So, it is layered with lots of pillows and blankets!

Above the bed are three round tobacco baskets. We moved them along with the bed to our Tanglewood house.

I found a blond colored wreath at a local shop and treaded fairy lights on a timer around it. Christmas lights in my home almost always have to be on timers or I don’t use them!

I love baskets! They are textural and useful and oh, so pretty!

So, I used a basket with handles as a bed tray. I love the look of a bed tray on a bed. Any basket or crate or even a serving platter can work as a bed tray! I was digging around the basement I came across this tray and it works! I’m still not quite unpacked in the basement! That is an after Christmas project!

My bed tray is usually filled with decorating magazines and readers and a cup of coffee or other favorite drink!

But for today I added a lighted (on a timer), cone-shaped Christmas tree, a mercury glass pedestal bowl of ornaments, a breadbasket of assorted pinecones and a wood bead garland.

What would a Christmas bedroom be without a tree? This master bedroom will not hold a big tree so I used three smallish trees to make a little stand of trees in our bedroom!

I try to have a lit tree in all the bedrooms here at Tanglewood. Even if they are small. It just would not be a Christmas bedroom without one!

I borrowed a couple presents from under the tree in the Great Room and added them to the end of the bench closest to the trees! This is a great decorating trick. Use a few presents that are so so pretty to add to a room to give it a Christmas-y look!

Did you notice all the bedroom furnishings that came with us to Tanglewood? The curtains used to be on three bedroom windows at StoneGable so I put them together on one big window. What a beautiful view of the golf course!

The Italian bench came too! That and the mirrored armoire were a must for our new bedroom.

The Italian bench was the inspiration for our master bedroom makeover last year. Who knew we would be in a new house this Christmas. We really hadn’t a clue!

The fabric on this sweet bench looks like a watercolor. I really did not want to stray from the color scheme of the bench when decorating the master bedroom for Christmas.

Our nightstands, also brought from the StoneGable house, need to be functional so I added a little sign on top of my jewelry box and a bowl of scented pinecones next to it.

Pinecones are another Christmas element you will find all over Tanglewood this year! One easy designer tip is to repeat an element. Our eyes will look for repeated elements and scan a room for them. And our minds perceive this as attractive!

More Christmas decor on Bobby’s nightstand! And more repeated elements!

The mirrored armoire is Christmas ready too.

A simple white stocking and paper snowflake are hung from a brown ribbon.

Holiday decorating does not have to be red and green! A Christmas bedroom can be soft and calm with just a nod the season! I hope our Christmas bedroom has inspired you!

You might like to see last year’s CHRISTMAS MASTER BEDROOM HERE.

Sweet dream this Christmas, and my visions of sugarplums dance in your head!

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  1. Very calm and luxurious indeed. Can I get the source for that velvet quilt. Your link takes me to a totally different quilt.

  2. Very pretty. It looks like you tuck in each side of your bed. The look is very streamlined and I like it, but I would never be able to lift the mattress each day to do this.

  3. Kathy Menold says:

    Yvonne, Good morning. I am up early getting ready to go on my annual birthday trip with my daughter. My birthday is today and hers is in Jan.We always have a great time and even manage to get some Christmas shopping done.
    Love your new bedroom but my husbands first question was where do you put all those pillows at night? Men are so practical!

  4. Yvonne: Your bedroom is beautiful very cozy, just love it. You have excellent taste. I hope you and your husband and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Marilyn

  5. Lovely – I am getting a chuckle about the pillows – did I count 7 or is it 8? I , or should I say we, have 7 pillows on our master bed as well. My husband hasn’t complained at all about the number. At night when I remove the pillows I place them in the order they should be put back on! He even has had a tutorial on how to place them. What a guy. Our colors are all cream and taupe, with a lumbar pillow in the front that I change out seasonally. Our quilt is a textured cream color, the walls are cream, window treatments are a lined cream color sheer material, and white comb blinds. I love the neutrality of it, very calming, but at the same time can add colors whenever I want. Our artwork consists of canvas prints of photos my husband takes when we travel. I selected the photos with colors that work with the neutrals, and can take colors from the photos to purchase the seasonal lumbar pillows. Isn’t it all fun?

  6. Gorgeous! Where did you find that beautiful animal print rug? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  7. Eva Dickerson says:

    Hello Yvonne, I truly enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing decorating and spiritual inspiration. Also glad you are still sharing StoneGable and now Tanglewood posts. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Eva! There is such a huge amount of great info in the StoneGable posts. It would be ashame not to post all of that and pretty pictures!

  8. Hi Yvonne, Your home is always calm and inviting. I love how your brown,velvet throw Plays with so many cool colours and compliments your wintry feel.

  9. Sherry Darlington says:

    I truly love all that you do! So glad to see your master bedroom drapes made the move. Love them & your bedskirt. I could move right in. Happy Holidays!

    1. They were going somewhere in the Tanglewood house. I’m so glad they landed in the bedroom!

  10. Karen VanLoo says:

    Your bedroom is gorgeous! My room is a disaster area right now, Christmas gifts stacked in bags and boxes everywhere until I can get organized and start wrapping this weekend. I am so behind this year due to Thanksgiving being so late. It will get done, I need to slow down, take deep breaths and remember what the season is all about. Your room is such an inspiration!

    1. Karen, that is exactly how my room used to be until I put my foot down and said, “no more”!!! Now NO gifts or junk comes into my bedroom.

  11. What a wonderful bedroom! I am amazed at the way you do things, with so much simplicity. You are truly an inspiration. Day off in Spain, and Monday too. Cleaning stuff and getting rid of things. Today our “Carta Magna” celebration and on Monday The Immaculate Conception”, patron and protector of Spain.

    Have a relaxing weekend.
    Hugs from here to you and all your family and followers,

  12. linda of says:

    Beautiful and so festive….❣️ ~linda

    1. Thank you! I love a room that does not have too much overlty Christmas-y things in it but gently nods to the season.

  13. Oh so serene,I always love the neutrals.The trees are just the right touch.

  14. Jill Miglin says:

    Good morning Yvonne. The bedroom looks wonderful and so cozy. When I clicked on the prompt for your velvet quilt, it brought me to the Touch of Class website. However no quilt with the stitching like yours. If you can provide any additional info, I’d greatly appreciate it. Hoping that pattern is still available.

      1. There is a link but it does go to Touch of Class like Jill said. I went to your link you just provided and sadly they don’t have the brown color. Sure is pretty in your room.

        1. You might find something similar at Pottery Barn

  15. Lynne Beattie says:

    Your bedroom is stunning! Love the colors and simplicity. Definitely very calming!

  16. Hi Yvonne,
    I’ve been loving pine cones a lot this year. I already have small and medium sized ones. I want some gigantic ones. I used the white ones that you gave me to refresh a wreath. Thank you!

    Liberty @

    1. Liberty – I live on the East Coast and have a terrible time finding the large pinecones too! I did get a couple from a tag sale of all places. The lady said she got them when she was on a trip to the West Coast. So you never know where you find them!

  17. Beautiful! I LOVE the white stocking on the armoire!!!

  18. The bedroom is just lovely! Congratulations on your new house. I still would like to see more posts showing your process – how you started with a blank room and then decided what to put in – and take back out – not just the completed product. It would help us learn! Merry Christmas!

  19. I love your neutral Christmas bedroom. Could you provide the source for your curtains? Thank you.

  20. Sherli Morgan says:

    Love your blog. Your bedroom looks lovely with the Christmas decor. The small trees in there are awesome. You shared recently about bleached pine cones….I ordered some from Etsy to add to my decor for the holidays this year, they’re so pretty.

    Thanks for taking the time to do your blog….it’s inspirational.

  21. Cathy Rowan says:

    Stunning. as always!

  22. Your master bedroom Christmas decor is just lovely… and I love all the neutrals! Is that a king or queen bed? Your room is massive! 😉

  23. martha travers says:

    I love your blog. Your creativity and decorating designs are amazing! The way you mix in natural elements with the items around the house have given me inspiration for my own holiday decorating. My four main living areas are all done in creams, beige, white and brown and your decorating ideas are just what I needed. Thank you so much.

  24. Beautiful room! Crazy question- what do you do with your “real” pillows during the day?

    1. They are behind all the other pillows. Yes, I know lots and lots of pillows!

  25. Love the new Master Bedroom. Enjoying watching you decorate Tanglewood. Do you have a source for that beautiful basket tray on your bed? The link directs me elsewhere.

  26. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, your Master Bedroom in your new home is so beautiful! Once again, you have done a wonderful job with your decorating!

  27. Marilyn S. says:

    Just gorgeous. Peaceful and elegant – I’m just loving how you are putting the Stonegable stamp on Tanglewood.

  28. Beautiful.
    How do you hang your baskets on the wall?

  29. Jan Nesbitt says:

    Two questions: sources for your bedskirt and also the Mongolian blankets. Both are so appealing! Beautiful room!

  30. Barb Salley says:

    I love your bedroom. I’m especially interested in the fabric used as drapes and dust ruffle. I love it. I hope you enjoy your downsizing. We did that 6 years ago and I love it and get frustrated at times. I went from 4/3 with lots of storage in every room to a 3/2 and while I love my new home I sure miss the storage. Enjoy decorating and we will enjoy watching you decorate your new surroundings.

    1. Evelyn Bergeron says:

      You’re amazingly talented and very inspiring to those who wish to have beauty and tranquillity in their homes. I would love to know the color paint you used on your walls in this bedroom.
      Thank you

      1. Hi Evelyn, in the Tanglewood house we used Benjamin Moore Simply White. The walls and the trim are the same color. The same paint color will look different depending on the finish you choose. Flat, Matte, Semi-gloss and so on. Hope this helps.

  31. Dana Studer says:

    Gorgeous! I attempted doing all neutrals for Christmas this year. It lasted 2 days and I told my daughter “The tree needs more red. And green.”
    Do you find mohair sheds like crazy? Mine shed so much. When I wear my black sweatshirt it looks like we own a white cat.
    I’m gaga over your mirrored cabinet. I read yrs ago about feng shui and it’s bad luck to be able to see yourself in a mirror while you are in bed.

    1. LOL! There’s alot here, Dana! I don’t wear Mohair because it is too hot… and I don’t really believe in feng shui. I put furniture where I like it.

  32. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    I LOVE IT ALL! I did neutral this year with green accents and LOTS and LOTS of fur…pillows, throws, everything. Even my white trees have a fur skirt! I finally got rid of my Christmas comforter and am using what I use year round, but with some added layers, and lots of soft fuzzy things! All inspired by you from last year! Thank you! Change is so good!

    Blessings of the season!

  33. Connie Hester says:

    Adore that rug! Wherever did you find that???

  34. Martha Bunch says:

    Beauty, beauty, beauty! Your pictures and descriptions are just a delight.

    Can you share source for the very special curtain fabric?

    Please and thank you!

  35. Beautiful Yvonne, just beautiful! I told Jim I wanted to put a tree in our bedroom this year. He is still processing that idea but as usual he said “Whatever you want Honey”.

  36. Hi Yvonne,
    I absolutely love your bedroom.
    The color is so relaxing.
    The Faux furr decor on your bed and cushions are so cozy comfy looking.
    I love anything faux furr and soft cozy comfy for my two wee Dogs and myself!
    You have wonderful taste and that magic touch for decorating.
    Thank you for sharing.

  37. Kerri Hart says:

    I am trying to locate your resource for the bedskirt in your master bedroom~Looks like a woven wheat color that is beautiful. The resource page when accessed says not valid. Please advise.


    1. Hi Kerri, it is woven raw silk. I found it at Soft Surroundings. Look there. Hope this helps.