ADDING A CLOCK TO WALL ART GALLERY- Make a big decor statement with a big


A wall gallery is a wonderful thing to create in a home. It’s very personal and reflects the people who live there. A wall gallery often portrays our favorite things or things that mean something special to us. And a wall gallery does not have to be created all at one time. My view on home galleries is that they are best when they evolve. I love wall galleries, including mine, that are collected and arranged and rearranged over time. In other words… wall galleries look best when carefully curated. 

I’m thrilled to be a part of Decor Steal’s Design Ingenuity Challenge.  The kind folks at Decor Steals sent me a beautiful wall clock and asked me to use it in my decor. Can you imagine how delighted I was when I saw the Kensington Station Clock?

One of my blogging besties, Kim at Savvy Southern Style also used the clock in her decor. You will want to see her fabulous post! She is so creative!



Here’s a peek at Kim’s post…


I have an “as you go” wall art gallery going up my main stairs. An “as you go” gallery is one that is not necessarily planned, but one that keeps evolving. And when I got this clock I knew the perfect place for it! It was going to become part of the gallery!

You can see HOW TO HANG AN “AS YOU GO” WALL ART GALLERY  and the ten steps that will help you create a gallery you will love by clicking HERE.

ADDING A CLOCK TO WALL ART GALLERY-clock in foyer-neutrals and

Here is how the gallery looked before the clock…


And here is the gallery with the addition of the clock…

ADDING A CLOCK TO WALL ART GALLERY- wall art gallery with

Much better! 

I moved things around just a tad and put the vintage-inspired clock where it could be seen easily from the foyer! I think it gives lots of visual weight and a big punch of decor value to the wall!

Here’s my philosophy on moving art around in my gallery and putting more holes in the wall… IT’S JUST A HOLE!!! Holes can easily be patched and touched up OR if you’re lucky the new art will hide the holes! It’s worth moving things around when you find a great piece that needs to be added in… like the Kensington Station Clock!

ADDING A CLOCK TO WALL ART GALLERY-clock on stairs-neutrals and

 The clock has that fabulous mix of neutrals and black that I just can’t get enough of… and it has a wonderful vintage, industrial feel!

The clock’s great black metal cage works with the frames in my gallery. When creating a wall gallery it’s important to do something that makes the gallery cohesive and feel like all the elements belong together! One way to do this is to frame everything with one color.

Decor Steal


The Kensington Station Clock is a real beauty!!! It brings lots of interest and a little much needed texture to the gallery! And I love how it looks on my stairs!!!! It’s big enough so that it is not hidden!  It’s 23 inches round!

Decor Steals -Clock on the

StoneGable readers can get the Kensington Station Clock early today! Decor Steals is giving you a chance to get this great clock before it goes on sale to the public! YEA!!!! You know that their great products sell out fast! Click HERE to get this gorgeous clock for only $39.50… yes, that’s right!!!!!

You also can enter to win one of two Kensington Station clocks Decor Steals is giving away on their Facebook page! The giveaway goes live at 10:00 am est! Click HERE to visit Decor Steals on Facebook. Good luck!!!!

Keep posted as I keep adding to my wall art gallery!!!!

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ADDING A CLOCK TO WALL ART GALLERY- Make a big decor statement with a big







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  1. What a beautiful clock and a perfect addition to your gallery wall. I like your “as you go” approach, it makes me think I need to add a few things to mine. Now you’ve got me thinking that a clock might be just the thing to add a fresh look to it. Thanks for this great idea!

  2. Stacy Connolly says:

    Love the clock. Looks like it was always there.. Love the pop of green with the stool. I’ve been considering painting my
    wood banister rails black – could you please share the paint/stain you used. Is it a high gloss, satin etc, etc.. Love our blog 🙂

    1. Hi Stacy!!! I have just the post for you. It shows our stairs in progress and give all the paint info. I’m so happy we decided to paint that whole area!

  3. A great clock indeed. I too am fond of gallery walls.

  4. Looks great Yvonne, great clock!

  5. Yvonne, it was meant to be there in your gallery wall. Perfect color and fit. Your wall is looking fabulous!

  6. I have been wanting to put together a wall gallery, slowly collecting the right “treasures” for the project. This clock would be so perfect! I love how easy you make it look, Yvonne. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. Love this clock. I goes perfectly with your decor. They must have known just what you needed! I too love you painted staircase. My daughter is wanting to do something very similar in her new home and I have sent her a message to take a look at your lovely home. I am headed over to Kim’s to take a look at her results.

  8. Love it in the mix with that pretty gallery wall Yvonne!

  9. The clock is beautiful! My gallery wall has pictures and two wooden letter J’s. Our last name begins with J. Hadn’t thought of putting a clock there, but maybe I should. Love your stairs, too. I painted my spindles black and the rise on the stairs, but I am really liking the way yours looks.

  10. The clock is a great addition to your gallery wall! What a great price for this clock! I’m going to order one now.

  11. Melissa W. says:

    Such a nice clock, I would love to win it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. I think it is the perfect spot. See the time leaving and check the time when you come back home. Excellent blog and I love reading
    it daily.

  13. What a beautiful clock, Yvonne, and you’ve displayed it perfectly. I have an absolute obsession with clocks. I don’t know why, but I have many in my home and I’m always tempted to buy more . . . maybe this one!

  14. It looks fabaulous. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a gallerywall until Instally picture railing. A hole is NOT just a hole with plaster walls. :(, but they are beautiful.

  15. Yvonne,
    L O V E the placement of your Kensington Clock , dear friend!!!
    I agree, that wall art, like other areas of our homes, evolve over time!!!
    This statement piece is a perfect fit for your lovely Farmhouse setting!!!

  16. I am in love with the huge clocks. They are just so nice. Love your clock and wall gallery.


  17. I love your gallery wall . I have such a crush on the clock….I have been wanting a big clock for one of my walls ,and your gallery wall sparked some ideas for my own wall. Thank you for the opportunity to enter in the giveaway.
    Have a blessed tomorrow .

  18. Love your philosophy about holes. I used to freak out about holes but I am slowly letting that go. You have inspired me to add more to a wall so that it is a gallery such as yours.

  19. I LOVE that clock!! And I love the large mirror you have next to it, too. I’m trying to figure out how I can make my bare walls look similar to yours. I absolutely LOVE the set up you have!

  20. Deborah D says:

    Love the clock. It really added just the right rich to your gallery wall. Keep up the good work of inspiring us all.

  21. Antique clock not only compatible with classic decor style, but also harmoniously with modern and minimalist style. Antique clock that is not too much detail, a little bit simple, dark wood color, brown, black, for example, will look harmonious in the mix with the other interior components in a modern style, minimalist. Antique clock looks harmonious not only seen from the color and design alone. nice post thanks for sharing

  22. nancy limestall says:

    OK, I would love for you to be here now, we have a blank wall with just a iron plant stand holding a potted lavender but nothing on
    the wall behind it. We just bought a 30 in. clock to possibly put up there but have NO idea what else to put on that wall, looking through your idea walls…it is helpful, but still I need help….

  23. wow that is such a beautiful clock. It adds more beauty to your wall. I always loved antique clocks more. It makes our home look elite.