A New Blog Design and Tour

Take a little tour with me to show you what's new on my new blog design.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! It was quiet but very nice at our house. All the kids and grandkids come tomorrow and will stay through New Year. We will have a very busy house, for sure. So the calm before the storm is very nice.

You might have noticed that I have been working on a big project, here at StoneGable! I’ve redesigned the blog! And I thought you might like to have a little look around. A virtual guided tour.


I’ve taken screenshots (pictures) of all the things we will talk about on the new blog. These pictures are not clickable. Go to the StoneGable homepage HERE to try out all the amazing blocks featured on the blog.


My goals for this new design are to:

  • Make it easier to find posts and ideas on the blog.
  • Make it easier to read.
  • Make it attractive.
  • Make it SEO (tech stuff) friendly.
  • Make it a place you come for the best information
  • Have less advertisements on the blog.
  • Keep building community within the blog.

I have more sub-goals I want to achieve with this new design but the BIG 7 are above.

Let’s look at my new HOMEPAGE. You can always go to my homepage and access every post you want by going HERE.


This homepage is a map of everything, over 3,000 posts, at StoneGable. This is the top part of my homepage.


At the top of the page, you will find a beige colored band that has a place to sign up for a subscription offer. If you haven’t signed up to get my latest offer and get all StoneGable up-to- date features you should do that NOW!

And on the right side of the beige band is a magnifying glass icon. Here is a place you can type in what you would like to search for on the blog. Very helpful!

Under the beige band is the word STONEGABLE, my blog name. I’m thinking about changing the font. Right now StoneGable is still a work in progress. Please remember this! There were a lot of changes to make during Christmas! And I still have several kinks to work out with my blog designer.


Under my blog name is something so so important! You can click on any categories that goes across the page and go directly to all the related posts on the blog.

Here are the categories you can access…


  • ALL POST INDEX- The most important category to click. It will take you to every sub-category there is on the blog. Just give it a try!
  • ALL DECORATING- Takes you to every decorating post on the blog.
  • HOME DECOR DIY- If you like easy do-it-yourself projects this is where to click.
  • RECIPES- Find every recipe on the blog. If you hover over Recipes a drop-down box will appear with sub-categories like bread, desserts, main dishes, etc.
  • MENUS- Need ideas for new recipes to make for dinner? This is a great category to use. Like the Recipe category, Menus has a drop-down box so you can choose seasonal menu plans.
  • HOME TOURS- I know you all love a good home tour. Here’s the category with all my recent home tours.
  • SUNDAY SCRIPTURES- I have been a Bible teacher for over 30 years. Find the best of my teachings in this category.
  • SHOP: The number 1 question you ask me is “where did you get that”. Right now I’m putting a lot of time getting a shop ready for you so you can find many of the things in my home and more. Still a work in progress!


The next block you will see under the categories is one that will change seasonally. Right now, CHRISTMAS IDEAS is featured. Correction, it is WINTER! I wrote this post before Christmas and have since changed the banner to all things winter!

You can click on that block and go to all my Christmas posts. This block is amazing! In just a few days it will change to WINTER INSPIRATION to help you find all things winter decorating! Already done, my friend! Go to the homepage and take a look.


The next block at the top of StoneGable blog is Reader’s Favorites. You will find THE BIG 10! These are the most popular and searched posts on my blog. They rank the highest in Google and are by far your favorite too.

I hope you will read these posts because they are loaded with helpful information and ideas.

Now that you know what is on the top part of the homepage let’s work our way down a bit more.

This is what you will see next…


The next part of the homepage you will come to are 6 large blocks. These are the backbone of StoneGable. These are the categories I post about the most and you enjoy the most.

When you are on the actual homepage you can click on the image or the category name under it and go to all the posts within these categories.

Let’s take a look at what you will find…


  • HOME DECOR- Think of this as a mega category. The thing I post most about is decorating. Here’s where you will find all those posts.
  • SEASONAL- Clicking on this post will take you to the latest seasonal posts. The category has changed from Christmas to winter. If you need to find something seasonal but not the season being featured then head up to the top of the page and click “all post index”. You will find the out of season category there.
  • DECORATING SCHOOL- This is a new category. I’m so passionate about breaking down interior designer concepts into doable processes YOU can do in your home. Here’s where you will learn how to be a better decorator.
  • RECIPES AND MENU PLANS- Here’s where find hundreds of delicious recipes! And lots of seasonal menu plans too.
  • DIY’S- Check out all the easy home decor do-it-yourself projects here.
  • GARDEN IDEAS- Did you know I love gardening. Here is where you will find easy gardening ideas.

Now for the next block, YIKES!


This block with the HUGE picture of me is where you will find a little message from me.

At some point, it will be a clickable block with lots of other information. Remember the homepage is a work in progress.

I’m hoping my blog designer can make my picture much much smaller!

Further down the blog you will find these blocks…

These blocks hold tons of information, ideas, and inspiration for you! Just so you know, I’m working with my Ad agency to get all ads off the homepage. Yay!


This block has ALL the post on StoneGable in chronological order.

If you want to see the latest postings go here! Easy-peasy!


The next block is the magazine block. I’ve started making beautiful e-magazines for you with tons of great info and tips. It’s my goal to bring you all of this in the prettiest, most appealing format.

Right now if you go to the homepage you can find this block and a sign-up for the Organzine Your Home e-magazine. And you will also get StoneGable’s pretty and informative newsletter right to your inbox. However, until my blog designer is back in the office, This block will not take you to the sign-up. I need a bit of help with that. If you want the ORGANIZE YOUR HOME e-magazine see the sign-up at the bottom of this page.


We have seen this category several times on the homepage. But here are all the best interior design tips and tricks for you to use in your own home.

So many of you have emailed and commented about how helpful these posts are. I post several new decorating school posts every month! This is the place to go to see all my best home decorating lessons.


The next block makes it even easier for you to find decorating ideas for a specific room.

All StoneGable decorating posts have been broken down into these sub-categories. So if you are looking for ideas to decorate your living room you can go right to this part of the homepage, click on the LIVING ROOM icon and find all of my posts about decorating a living room.


When I wrote my first downsizing post, DOWNSIZING A HOME- OUR STORY, I found I hit a nerve among my darling readers. It seems so many of you are thinking of downsizing or are in the process of downsizing or have gone through the process of downsizing.

So I decided to write a helpful series for you all about downsizing. Some posts like the one above are personal experiences and some are a combo of my experience and a lot of research.

Downsizing is a trending subject as our population becomes empty nester and we seek to create a home that is the perfect size and is comfortable for our current lifestyles. I’ll continue to add relevant posts in the coming year.

And in these posts, I have asked you to share your stories about downsizing in the comments. Wow! Are they helpful! Keep commenting!


This is the yummiest part of the blog! In this category, you will find all my recipes. Many have never been updated and the images are horrid! But the recipes are delicious!

If you go to Glazed Almond Quick Bread you will see how all of my recipes will look someday, hopefully, sooner than later.

I love to cook and share my easy recipes with you. I hope you like them too because you will see more yummy recipes showing up on the blog.


Here’s where you will find three types of shops on the blog.

You will soon find all the things in our home that I can find a source for! And for those items that are out of stock or I found locally I’ll try to give you a close-ish substitution.

Here are the shops you will find…

shop blocks

  • SHOP MY HOME- This category is another work in progress. When it is done you can go here and shop for many of the items in our home.
  • SHOP CHRISTMAS DECOR AND MORE: Right now you can still go to my Christmas Shops and peruse all the sales. Look for winter decor coming soon.
  • SHOP MY FAVORITES: Soon I will post all kinds of decor, accents and more that I love. If you like StoneGable style this is where to look for things for your home.


This block is all about color, color theory, and paint. Knowing about these things will go a long way to creating a gorgeous, cohesive and beautiful home.

The posts in this block are a must-read! Because when we understand the most important things about color it will change the way we decorate!


At the bottom of the homepage, you will find a few more clickable items.

Here’s what these items are all about…

at the bottom of the page

  • HOME- Click on this and it will take you to the top of the page.
  • ALL POST INDEX- This is a magical one! Click on this and it will take you to all StoneGable posts broken down into categories. Same as the ALL POST CATEGORIES at the top of the page.
  • BLOG- You can visit all my posts in chronological order. Newest posts first.
  • PRIVACY POLICY- If you like legalese this is for you! These pages tell you that I am compliant in following all the rules and the law.
  • CONTACT- If you need to contact me you can leave a comment on my posts or go here and fill out the contact form.


Here’s the last chance to get the latest e-magazine.

And the small writing way at the bottom lets you know that my new blog design was created by Restore 316! Oh, Lauren and Lani are masters at blog magic!


Here are some other things you might want to know…


  • I chose a darker, easier to read font. If you are having trouble reading StoneGable adjust the size of the page on your computer. It might be set smaller than you like.
  • StoneGable is always a work in progress.
  • I have cut out one-third of the ads on the blog. This means a significant drop in revenue but I know it really bothers many of you. I’d rather have more readers.
  • My blog colors have changed. I went with a very neutral color palette so the images pop and not the background colors on the blog.
  • I post every single day of the year, unless there is something out of my control.
  • I do update and repost blog posts. The posts I update and repost are the best posts with the best ideas for you. You can rest assured they have lots of new content (images and ideas) or I don’t repost them.
  • Please, please, please subscribe to StoneGable! My newsletter is attractive and features the most relevant posts for YOU. Sign up at the bottom of this post and get my new Organizing e-magazine.
  • Please, please, please open my newsletters! They are a treasure trove of info and ideas. They take time to put together everyday and I put a lot of thought and energy in them. And honestly, it just about kills me when you don’t open!
  • I write StoneGable with YOU in mind. I consider you a friend I just haven’t met in person yet!

So Friend, I hope you will have fun finding all kinds of things you might not know are on StoneGable.

Later this week or early next week I’ll take you to a post so you can see all the beautiful things I can do to make your reading experience better!

Hugs and Blessings,


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  1. What a great new look! Especially excited about the “Shop” and “Decorating School.” Happy New Year, Yvonne!

  2. I like your new look, and definitely think Stonegable should have a much much larger and impressive font. It gets lost now.

      1. Love the new look… including that great picture of you! Darling hair😊
        I have been looking through your posts all day. So much to refresh my memory as you always have great ideas! So happy I found Stone Gable long ago! Enjoy your time with the family! Thank you again as I/we ready ourselves for downsizing. I have been sharing your posts on this with my hubby😊. When I look at the pictures you share I am feeling more confident I can do this.

        Happy New Year’

  3. Looking forward to using the new blog, especially the Shop category. Thanks for investing in making it more user friendly.

  4. I like the new look especially having less ads! Really appreciate that! However, Your fonts are still too light and I strain to read things. Even headings aren’t done darker or in a different color… harder for me to navigate. I’m older, so maybe it’s an age thing!

  5. I love your blog! Your style is so attractive to me. I’ve gotten many ideas I’ve used in my own home.
    Most of all, I love that you love Jesus, too!

  6. Looks very nice! I do prefer the latest post being at or near the top of the page. I have lots of chronic head and neck pain and find scrolling difficult. Even if the title of the newest post was near the top, one could decide whether or not it’s a topic of interest. Thanks for all your hard work. God bless you!

  7. Your new design is so organized and it will be much easier to use to find something particular. Having fewer ads to slog through is much appreciated. Happy New Year!

  8. Thank you for all the updates. Like some others I had pretty much given up reading your posts due to the number of ads, and the light colored font which made reading difficult for me.
    Happy New Year to you !

  9. I love the changes and I super-duper appreciate the 1/3 less ads! I have opted out of other blogs because the ads are everywhere and they make it so difficult to read the content. Your changes make the blog feel more like your home too with the neutral colors and neat and pretty layout. My favorite things in your blog are “decorating school” and “recipes.” Thank you Yvonne!

  10. Simply lovely. I love the new color scheme and organization of the blog. Thanks for the tour. It was very helpful. All the best in 2023, Yvonne!

  11. Thank you for your time in making this change! Been reading following you since the beginning! Love your beautiful ideas and Tanglewood house, although I was about heartbroken when I opened and y’all had moved from Stonegable a few years back! Loved your place there! Have a wonderful time with your family! 🥰

    PS: Love your new picture! 😉

  12. The NEW Stonegable looks great! I am thinking of you as a scroll type font, I think it would be so YOU! I still can’t believe I haven’t been to Tanglewood! Darn Covid!!!! But am so excited to see you soon!! PLEASE tell everyone I said hi and enjoy ALL those adorable grands this week!!!!! XOXO

    1. I’m excited to see you too, Pinky! It has been a while! Give everyone a hug from me especially Colleen! Oh my goodness! You commented and it went through! It’s a Christmas miracle.

  13. I love how you have organized your new blog, Yvonne! I can only imagine all the work that was involved in all this. I thank you for making everything so easy to find.
    Yvonne, the picture of you is so beautiful! I love how you have styled your hair — just so pretty!
    Thanks, again, Yvonne! Bless you!

  14. Hi Yvonne…The first time I saw your updated photo I thought ” how happy & pretty you look” ! It made me smile. I have been following you for awhile. Your blog is always enjoyable and is one of the first things I look for when opening my mail. Very excited for the new features. Thanks for keeping things “fresh”. Looking forward to the New Year and wishing you the very best in 2023.

  15. Thank you for all your organizing efforts! I really appreciate it and love your content. Will there be a way to easily access the Weekly Wishlists? They are a favorite of mine because of all the new ideas and links inside.

  16. You have got to be one of the nicest people in the world! This reorganization of your website must have taken you hours and hours of thought and hard work, and you did it for all of us — your loyal fans. I, as well as many others, appreciate what you do every day. You, Yvonne, are simply Wonderful!!
    Fondly, Sharon >^..^<

    1. God bless you, Sharon! I ADORE you! Every single reader and I just can’t believe you will spend time with me, many of you every day! You are just a lovely friend I have not met… yet!