Here at StoneGable, we are on “Robin Watch”. Seeing the first robin redbreast is a sure sign that beautiful spring is on the way!  Most of us are ready to get winter behind us and welcome spring far before the calendar equinox! There are such easy ways to bring subtle color, new life and fresh decor to our homes that say welcome spring! Let’s talk about decorating for spring!

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Let’s talk about easy ways to bring a touch of spring to our home…


I am a self-professed pillow addict! Changing pillows is a joy to me.

Here’s my best advice for creating a spring home…

Put away those heavy, dark pillows and make or get some fun, light, pillows with pretty spring motifs. So pretty. They will instantly brighten up the room they are in.

I added these gorgeous pillows (Ballard Designs) to my neutral living room. LOVE the pretty blues and stylized flowers.

If you like to easy diy’s you can make this beautiful NO-SEW PRETTY PILLOW for spring!

And here are some beautiful pillow for this spring!


Spring is all about tucking pretty nest into your existing decor.

I put a pretty little nest on a small cake pedestal above.

Nests are just so sweet and look lovely as part of your spring decor!


Bring a bit of spring indoors! Even if the buds and blooms you choose are faux. Just make sure they fool the most discerning eyes!

I love how they can transform a room! Twiggy budding branches make everything look lighter and oh, so charming!

Don’t pass up gorgeous spring-inspired branches! They are the epitome of this beautiful season!

Buy the best looking faux branches, buds, and blooms you can afford. Buy them on sale every year to build a pretty collection. I like collecting one color. Can you tell what color that is?

My pick for pretty faux flowers…


Need a lighter, brighter look? Try painting a piece of furniture in a light color. I know that some people are timid to paint something in their home. 

So start small, like an accent chair or picture frame. You will be amazed!

I painted the candlestick above to show off a spring accent color in the living room. I love this soft blue! It’s a mix of Nottoway and Bauhaus Buff from Amy Howard One Step Paint.

Be bold and give painting something you already have a try!!!!


Throw off those winter covers. Give them a good wash and put them away until fall!

Spring and summer mean sleeping on bedding that is lighter weight and even a lighter color and style! You will feel like you have a new bedroom with spring-inspired bedding! There are so many places to get great bedding at reasonable prices. 

I keep the white quilts on my beds at StoneGable all year long and change up the duvets, shams, and pillows! I’m buying a new spring/summer look one bedroom at a time!


Spring vignettes are one of my favorite things to create!  Make them for your tables or horizontal surfaces! Use your imagination. There are so many spring-inspired things to put in a vignette! 

Here are just a few…

  • a potted tete a tete daffodil
  • a nest in a cloche
  • a pitcher of tulips
  • burlap covered books (great for any season)
  • a bowl of colorful eggs
  • egg cups with grass
  • lanterns
  • rabbit 
  • terracotta pots
  • a tiny picture of a bird
  • forced branches

If you don’t know where to begin you can see a step by step tutorial for creating a kitchen vignette HERE.


It’s fun to use your imagination and put together a spring-inspired table like this SPRING GREEN TABLESCAPE. There is nothing on the table that is overtly “spring” or specially bought with a spring motif on it but the way the table is put together with things found in my dish closet says “welcome spring”. 

You really don’t have to buy new or special dishes to set a pretty spring table. Get out your dishes and play!

INTRODUCING SPRING TO YOUR HOME DECOR- Beautiful ways to decorate you home!


Now’s the time to look for spring flowers and potted plants. I can find some very pretty tulips, hyacinths, daffs and even pansies at my local grocer’s. I usually repot them at home so they work with my decor. And talk about a mood lifter!

Now, pick one or two (or more) ways to get spring-ified! 

Don’t forget to open your windows on nice days and let that amazing fresh spring air in! Celebrate spring by introducing it into your home decor!

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  1. Good morning Yvonne. Here in N.C. we are having a couple of days in the 70s which certainly starts thoughts of spring.I went out and bought 3 bouquets of tulips to decorate with and they bring such a fresh breath of air to my home. My daffodils outside are starting to bud and will be next to be picked for an indoor arrangement. I know winter is not over yet but having a little spring inside helps with the wait. Thanks for all your great ideas for seasonal decorating.

    1. Hi Kathy, we are several weeks behind you. Can’t wait for longer evenings and 70 degree weather.

  2. Thanks Yvonne ! I was just thinking yesterday that now that I let my house breathe a little, I think I’m getting ready to introduce spring and you gave me some wonderful ideas!! I always appreciate the inspiration you give your readers. You make me think because I can get complacent! Thank you!!

  3. Sandy Crabtree says:

    Lovely spring ideas! Is the candlestick you painted made of wood?

  4. great ideas for spring decorating…can’t wait!

  5. Karen VanLoo says:

    Lovely ideas! I think everyone is ready for Spring. Here in Texas we don’t have as cold of winters as you do up north, but it’s been pretty chilly for our state and dreary. I am ready for the trees to get their leaves and the grass to green up. In the meantime, adding some easy and bright Spring decor and faux florals inside is a great way to cheer things up a bit.

  6. Last few years have looked for small eggs for baskets unsuccessfully. I already have a nest but no eggs. I like the ones in your pictures.

  7. Yup, we are sure ready here in the Midwest. Just send a bit of moisture please so that things will green up with a healthier look. From 80 yesterday to 40 today and dry, dry, dry.
    Sounds like you might be feeling a bit better – hope so. We all pray for your healing to progress rapidly.

  8. Hi Yvonne! Love all your spring brightness! Yes, I’m already over Valentines Day and ready to move on! LOL! I think I will go on to spring, because here in South Florida it is feeling like summer! I always do spring early and then switch out my decor for Easter. Love all your ideas!

  9. Deborah Glancy says:

    So refreshing…those colors are calming!

  10. Melisha Kreppein says:

    I can always count on you to inspire me every season. I absolutely LOVE the soft blue candlestick! I’ve got to find something to paint that color now.

  11. Deb Wostmann says:

    Now I really can’t wait for Spring. Lovely ideas.

  12. I am trying to lighten things up by spray panting some items I have, amazing how different they look.Just bought a new wreath for the front door,I usually make one but I was feeling lazy ! Making an arrangement out of silver dollar eucalyptus, love the aroma.Also looking for a light weight quilt for my bedroom.Sometimes the little changes make the biggest impact.Happy spring decorating !

  13. Rita C at Panoply says:

    I love spring and this post really strikes a chord for me. I have been anticipating spring since Christmas – truth!

  14. Everyone seems to be having such nice warm, spring weather in the comments, but here in Wisconsin we are at 10 degrees with snow and sleet on the way every day until next Wednesday. I’m definitely ready for spring but it seems like a long time until it will come here. I love your ideas, Yvonne, and you have helped me so much with my decorating! Thank you.

    1. After hearing about your weather I will stop complaining about ours. Or at least for a while.

  15. Yvonne,

    I read your blog every day and have gotten lax about commenting. Your fresh and pretty (and practical) ideas never fail to inspire me! I love your beautiful blog.

    1. Thanks for commenting again Sue! And thank you for being a part of our fabulous community!

  16. Great tips! I love your new pillows!!!

  17. Julie Briones says:

    Beautiful ideas, and colors! Need to change out my pillows soon!

  18. I’m a pillow addict too! Love changing them for seasons and celebrations. They can change the whole room. Thanks for the ideas!

  19. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh yes I love your spring touches and great information

  20. Your posts are so inspiring, love the spring decor ideas you share, simple and elegant !

  21. Love all the ideas for spring decor. I just got out my collection of nests today They are so sweet and brighten up any room they’re in. I’m going to get that blue paint and find something to use it on, it’s just beautiful, thanks for all the inspiration

  22. Love your Spring decor. I, too, am a pillow addict! I buy seasonal fabrics, wrap around pillows and safety pin in back. Sure saves money!

  23. Kim Bryant says:

    Could you tell me about the urn in the buds and branches picture…where to get it etc?

    1. Hi Kim I found this pretty urn at HomeGoods. I’m a regular there.

  24. Beautiful Spring decor. I particularly love the nests. Thanks for Sharing Your fabulous Style with us!

  25. Beautiful designs and wonderful inspirations! Love your podcasts. I eagerly await each one.

  26. Robin Zerillo says:

    Where did you get the soft yellow/gold pillow with three bunnies. Pictured on your white bed with a breakfast tray.

  27. Happy to be in sync with my favorite decorator. Nests are out and Spring wreath is on the mantel. Last year I added real forsythia branches to my faux blooming forsythia. It looks just as sunny this season. Of course, it must be picked prior to blooming. Now all I need is to bring out glass and speckled eggs for a finishing touch. And always grocery flowers on kitchen table.

  28. These are amazing tips, and I look forward to using them. As always, thanks for sharing

  29. Thank you for these beautiful Spring addition ideas. They can certainly put a fresh look in the house after winter cold.

    1. Hi Pat, you are welcome! I hope you use some of these ideas in your home.