If you knock on my front door chances are I will greet you in an apron. They have become part of my “uniform” at home. And even more than that, when I tie an apron on in the morning it’s like saying, “okay, let’s start this day… let’s do this thing”. It’s empowering!  An apron is to me what a cape is to Superman! I think there is a special power in wearing an apron! Today, let’s talk about 8 great reasons to wear an apron!

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8 REASONS TO WEAR AN APRON- why aprons are a part of my home uniform!

Here’s the latest apron I just added to my collection. I’ve always wanted a cross back linen apron. So pretty! So French!


Let’s talk about aprons…


Just as I said above, an apron has its own kind of power it bestows on its wearer to make them a superhero of domesticity! In an apron, I am faster than a speeding toddler, more powerful than a loco garbage disposal, able to jump tall piles of the laundry in a single bound! I am the woman of steel… magnolias!

An apron is part of my business attire! And in it… I mean business!


No prissy aprons and pearls for me! Wait! What? I’m okay with the no prissy apron part. But the pearl part? I love pearls. No one should be without them. Pearls go with anything, especially aprons!

I found that an apron is a fine place to wipe hands after they’ve been washed. Much better than the sides of my jeans or leggings or yoga pants! And so convenient. When I am flying around the kitchen I don’t have to stop to find where I put the dishtowel!

Wearing an apron is unpretentious and authentic. It’s as plain as Jane and as elegant as, well… precious pearls!

8 REASONS TO WEAR AN APRON- why aprons are a part of my home uniform!


So, even with its superpowers you still might want to take the day off! Or at least part of a day. If you wear an apron you won’t look lazy. You might be lazy but at least you won’t look like it! An apron is the master of disguise! I just wish it was more of a cloak of invisibility at times too!


Aprons have comforting qualities of legendary proportions! What child can continue to cry when wrapped in the arms of an apron lovin’ momma or grand? Those apron corners were made with extra absorbency for little tears. And apron strings are the perfect size to be held by little hands!

8 REASONS TO WEAR AN APRON- why aprons are a part of my home uniform!


For heaven’s sake never throw away an apron because aprons are the holders of memories! And if you have an apron with a pocket, better yet! Those pockets catch and keep the most precious memories of all! What we see as pocket fuzz are really thousands upon thousands of tiny memories all rolled up together soft and happily living at the bottom and in the corners of an apron pocket.  

And as you put your apron on it just might release a memory once in a while for you to enjoy. Memories of my Nani bubble up from my apron pocket and infuse me with such love!


An apron’s most noteworthy quality is its helpfulness. It lives to serve. An apron will unselfishly serve till it’s threadbare and worn out. It protects us with literally every fiber of its being! They are like a magic shield guarding the wearer against the evil schmootzie and splatter of the word!

An apron’s servitude can last generations if they are passed down from mother to daughter or aunt to niece or grandmother to granddaughter or friend to friend!

They should pass from well-worked hands far along in their journey of life to softer more innocent hands just beginning to know the joys of work.  Aprons get better and wiser and more valuable with age! Just like their wearer!

8 REASONS TO WEAR AN APRON- why aprons are a part of my home uniform!


Aprons like to hang around their wearers! They are not catty or easily offended. They are always cheerful and give lots of hugs. Especially around our waists no matter our size! They are not judgemental about our imperfections and literally live by the Bible verse, “Love covers a multitude of sin”. 1 Peter 4:8


Aprons are gifts of an abundant life!

Aprons symbolize the multitude of blessings underlying dirty well lived-in homes and piles of laundry and unwashed and waiting dishes and gardens that need tending. These blessings are the lifeblood of an apron!

Aprons whisper that work is good, no matter how humble and we are up to the task! 

There is a bond between women who have worn and loved and lived in aprons! 

An aproned life is a well-lived life for sure!

If you are an apron wearer leave a comment! Why do you wear an apron?

Here are some beautiful aprons you might like to see…

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  1. Wonderful post! It reminded me of my maternal grandmother, who was rarely seen without an apron. I have two that belonged to her, and I treasure them. I just ordered the one you featured for MY daughter, who loves to bake.

    1. Rebecca Messina says:

      I feel naked in the kitchen without one. They remind me so much of my paternal grandma. I’ve become obsessed with them.. I collect them I’ve also made a few. I have over 30 of them I’m a little ashamed to say.

  2. Pam Mowbray says:

    Oh Yvonne…..the memories are flooding back! My grandmother (Nenor to me!) and my aunts all wore aprons with pride and great majesty! My dear Momma, not so much, but whenever she was in the kitchen with her momma or sisters, you can bet she “tied one on too!” I own two that were wedding shower gifts 33 years ago and are getting better with age. Thank you for such a sweet and touching post. I never thought of a simple apron in such a way!

  3. erika wilson says:

    three cheers for the humble apron. i love my aprons

  4. Lynn Spencer says:

    You are a woman after my own heart. I always wear an apron.

  5. Sandy Rees says:

    Aprons make me happy. They also make me feel connected to my late grandma who made my first apron. I hang them on pegs in my kitchen and change them seasonally.

  6. I love your aprons Yvonne, I can see you have a beautiful assortment for each day. Including mine in the mix is an honor. Your daughter wears that quite well I must say too!! Thanks for sharing your apron story:)

  7. Love the apron!One Christmas I made my friends long ones to cover pants…..they were so beautiful!

  8. What a wonderful post! The lost art of wearing an apron! It makes so much sense……ah the memories of my mom and grandma come flooding back! Thank you!

  9. You have certainly encouraged me to pull the aprons out of their drawer, where I never think of them, hang them up and put them back to work! I have a memory of my Mother, with flushed cheeks, pulling up the bottom of her apron to fan herself. 🙂

  10. Anne Marie says:

    Love aprons – I grew up in the day when every mom wore an apron – it was part of her wardrobe! They have such sentimental meanings to me!

  11. I love aprons. I have to start making them again. Painters drop cloth is great to use as fabric and then paint or print sayings on it.

  12. Neet aprons….I have a couple of my Mom s

  13. I use to wear an apron and got away from it. But you know you are right it is so much better to wipe clean hands on the apron instead of jeans of leggings.

  14. Elaine Wesselman says:

    I love aprons too. I just recently made an apron from a man’s shirt with a sewing group. Also love the retro styles. So cute!

  15. I, too, have some of my grandmother’s aprons. They are actually what I call half-aprons, and I prefer bibs. You’ve gotten me to thinking. Maybe I could get coordinating fabric and refashion them into bib aprons. It would be better than having them sit in the bottom of a drawer. Thanks for another kick start to my creative urges.

  16. I do have a couple of aprons, but they stay tucked away in a drawer. Maybe it is time to get them out and show them off!

  17. Erica Thomas says:

    I wear an apron all the time too. My auntie in Boston bought me my favorite one at Vera Bradley outlet when I was there for a visit and she passed away as soon as I got home from cancer It is my treasured memory of our last time together making chocolate chip cookies and her famous cauliflower. I smile everytime I put it on

  18. I love wearing and making aprons. I’d never thought of an apron as my super hero cape but that’s a great way to describe an apron. Thank you!

  19. Robin Zarate says:

    I love aprons. My daughter in law gifted her sisters with Aprons made out of Gramma’s dresses after she died when Grampa did not know what else to do with her closet of clothes. What a sweet domestic legacy!

  20. I love aprons, big pockets and words on them. I can still see my mom and grandma’s in their aprons, brings back so many memories. Miss them all so much.

  21. Love, love aprons and aprons for my little granddaughters! I have aprons my grandmother and my mom have made me. I’m a messy cook, saves my clothing.

  22. Hi Yvonne – I really enjoyed this post. It reminded me of my Grandma who always wore an apron. When I first started reading your posts, I noticed the aprons you have hanging in your kitchen and loved that idea. I have since purchased several aprons that I hang in my kitchen and change them out for the different seasons/holidays. They add a nice touch of color to my kitchen corner!!

  23. I too am an apron wearer! I have a favorite that my daughter bought me several years ago. I have used it as a pattern to make others but I always go back to the one she bought that is special to me and very well worn now

  24. Carol Davis says:

    Please tell us again how to make the plate hooks you hang your aprons on. Lost the instructions, sadly.

  25. I love my aprons too! I’m not the neatest cook or baker and aprons have saved the day many times. And I just like the way they look and feel. I always wear a ‘full’ apron, not a ‘half’ apron like my Grandmother wore. I’ve saved her ‘half’ aprons though- they are precious to me.

    1. I like a full apron too!

  26. I loved this post! I have a few aprons tucked away and seldom pull them out. You have inspired and motivated me to get them out and use them. Thanks Yvonne!

  27. Yay for aprons! As a busy mom and farm wife who makes most our food from scratch and spends most of the day in the kitchen, I have come to love aprons! Would love to know where you find all yours. I’m a little particular how my aprons feel on my neck….they need to be comfortable or I can’t wear them.

  28. Love your apron. Reminds me of my Mom!

  29. Yes I do wear them. Partly to keep my clothes clean and partly because it makes me feel close to my mama who made them.

  30. I also want to know how to make the plate wall hanger that your aprons are on. It’s wonderful and I have been collecting plates just for that purpose but don’t want to mess it up. This post is making me rethink aprons. My mom always wore one but I don’t. Perhaps I will begin. Thanks.

    1. Me too! Love how the aprons are displayed. How sweet! I have two aprons and love to wear them for baking or cooking. I also bought a couple for my little grand daughters to have at my house. They love it.

  31. We recently lost my sweet MIL. The girls found a pile of aprons (with pockets) she had made…they are now their most treasured possessions.

  32. Teresa RP says:

    I love wearing aprons. Just yesterday I bought material for a couple of aprons. My 3 year old Grandson is staying wth us for a month while his parents are traveling. He LOVES to bake with his robot (a KitchenAid mixer). So, I am making us matching aprons to wear while we are baking together!!

  33. Love aprons !! Can’t part with even one.. Especially the first one I made in home ec. class..

  34. I love this post. I tend to buy aprons, then not wear them and find myself changing clothes 3 times during a day at home. I’m going to go put one on NOW.

  35. I am part of a cooking class and was told I needed to wear an apron each time we met. I had to get my aprons out that were packed away. Now I use them and am happy that I have some. Your apron holder looks very useful.

  36. I too don my “super apron” every day. A must for my apron is that is has to have pockets! As I’m picking up around the house pieces of paper, leggos,a sock, puppy toy etc. get pocketed to be dealt with later. And… I have a favorite apron (that has seen better days) but every stain, and yes hole tells a story of a job well done. Not putting on my apron every morning is like putting on only one shoe.

  37. Denise Moraris says:

    Love this article! Long live the apron!

  38. I too love aprons. I wear one ever time I am in the kitchen. I have also made many as gifts. Aprons are wonderful!!

  39. I love aprons and have several. They have saved may tops from grease-spatters and flour dustings. I cherish mine and give as gifts often. One, a Star Wars themed, given to my daughter is her favorite. Mine is a yellow & white gingham with flower patch. When I put it on I know something wonderful is about to come out of my kitchen. Thanks for reminding everyone of how great this accessory is. xx-hb

  40. I love aprons for the pure sentimentality of them as so many others. I confess, though, I started wearing them because I am a sloppy mess. I have ruined many tops with spot and stains. I decided to start wearing them to prevent that problem and the crazy thing is my aprons don’t seem to pick up all the stuff my tops did. For that reason alone I think they must be magic!

  41. Ellen Crawley says:

    I love wearing aprons but don’t always remember to put one on. Both my Mother and Grandmother ALWAYS wore aprons but it was not a habit I pick up. Now I am trying to learn this habit. It makes sense and I really do love aprons. Maybe its a generational thing. I think I need to hang my aprons where I will see them more easily. Great post. Thanks.

  42. I so remember my Grandmother’s wearing gingham aprons, many colors, so many memories. Thank you for the beautiful story.

  43. What a wonderful post. I love aprons especially the ones with pockets. I am interested in your plates with hooks to display your beautiful aprons. Did you make those and could you share the details?

  44. Nancy Pharr says:

    Your post brought back some wonderful memories and dew to my eyes. My mother always wore an apron. They were hand made by her of course out of the grain sacks that fed our cows. My mother was a very hard working women and those aprons saw a many a things. They definitely could tell some stories! Good, bad, happy and sad. I’m very happy to say a have a few of them. And sad to say I’m not an apron wearer and have the stained clothes to prove it. Haha.

  45. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Well, said! I especially like the one about the memories and being lazy.
    Can tell you live what you speak.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Give us a tutorial on an easy to make apron and where to buy one!
    Aprons are hard to find that aren’t dainty, want a large useful one!

  46. I use an apron all the time. I’ve even made ones for my grandkids. They love to put them on and help me!

  47. Thanks for reminding me of all the great reasons to wear an apron. My mother had one on every single day. Such a sweet memory of her.

  48. I remember my mom, Granny and aunts wearing aprons. One of my favorite gifts for toddler girls is to make them some aprons they can play in. Every time I give one to a little friend it is their favorite gift.

  49. Aprons? Personally, I’ve never had a grandparent that wore aprons…so neither did I. Currently, I have 1 apron, it’s adorable and flooded with memories of my 3 boys! I purchased the apron at Michael’s and dipped their handprints into different colors paint of paint. Then we wrote their name under each set of prints. This apron definitely nothing fancy, but wouldn’t trade it for world! I love your display of aprons and would love to create one in my home also. I wonder if the stores will have a run on aprons all of a sudden? LOL! I bet they do…you have a flair to create beauty out of something so simple!

  50. I wear an apron because, quite frankly, I’m a bit messy when I cook. My new favorite apron is embroidered with the saying, “Last time I cooked, hardly anyone got sick”, which is perfect for me since I really don’t LOVE cooking. 🙂

  51. Your aprons show lots of love! I found some old ones at my parents house. I was going to sell them but you’ve changed my mind on that! I’m making a spot on my kitchen wall for them!!

  52. Love this post on aprons! Yes, yes and yes to every reason to wear and love your aprons! I’ve collected and made quite a few, even made my husband one out of dark denim to wear in his shop!

    I feel like you have given instructions on how to make the plate rack you have your aprons hanging from but, i can’t locate it. Would you post it again please?

  53. I love aprons. I have one for every occasion. My friends get a kick out of seeing me in my aprons when they stop by. I love cute feminine ones and buy or make one often. The save my clothes from destruction and the pockets hold things as I work my way around the house.

  54. Suzanne Harvey says:

    I too am interested in how to make the plate hangers.Did you make them or buy them? Resource please! 🙂
    I always remember my Great Aunts who were wonderful cooks wearing their aprons. I think I will did mine out and start wearing them.

  55. Aprons bring back lots of childhood memories, thanks for the memories.

  56. Love my aprons. My grand dog gave me one this past Christmas it says, Nana. I don’t have grandchildren yet but it reminds me of my mom who was Nana to over 40 grandchildren/great grandchildren:) I will for certain be known as a Nana to my grand babies and of course grand dogs.

    My mom displayed some of her mothers aprons in her kitchen. They were the simple gingham ones that my grandmother had made and cross stitched a pattern on. Mom hung them ever so gently and used clothespins to display some of the recipes my grandmother had hand written. I will always remember both of them in their aprons.

  57. Karen VanLoo says:

    I adore aprons! I started collecting in different colors for changing out with the seasons and displaying them (inspired by Stonegable’s of course!). Most of mine are from Williams-Sonoma, and I have the cutest yellow one and one with bumble bees on it for spring. I love red and white for Christmas of course, and fall colors. I love the floral ones you are showing in today’s post, the blue and the blue and yellows, they’re beautiful. Aprons remind me of my grandmothers too. Both of mine were wonderful cooks! That is probably the reason I love food so much.

  58. Love this post Yvonne! I too have fond memories of apron wearing women in my family. I treasure a couple of aprons that belonged to my mother. She was a wonderful cook and wore her apron proudly. I like to think that I have some of her “magic” in me when I wear her apron.
    Thank you!

  59. Love my aprons. My favorite moment is when my daughter comes over to bake cookies and instinctively puts on one of my aprons. Traditions!

  60. Darlene Odom says:

    I had over a dozen vintage aprons that I had starched and ironed. When my daughter saw them she had a fit over them. She grabbed them up and claimed them for herself, saying she loved them and just had to have them.

  61. Love aprons! I have all of my mother’s aprons and have worn them on occasion. When I wear an apron, it reminds me of her and all the things she used it for. Carrying eggs from the hen house, tomatoes from the garden, baby ducks or chicks. You are right…they are working aprons and yes..occasionally she had to dry the tears off my face. I loved seeing her aprons and its strings flapping in the wind on the clothesline. She’d use its front pockets for putting the clothes pins in after taking things off the line too. An all purpose tool for sure!

  62. I have two, and, for some odd reason, only seem to use them at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I need to try to remember them at dinner on other days. Grease has popped on many a good shirt. :/

  63. Love your aprons and plate rack! My grandmother always wore an apron…..even when working in the garden. They make a great container for gathering small amounts of garden produce when you don’t have a basket 🙂 I love wearing aprons too!

  64. Me, too, Yvonne. My mother in law sewed me two, made out of dish towels. They are threadbare now and need to be replaced. I think of her every time I wear them.

  65. My mother wore aprons and when I wear one it always reminds me of her. Also it catches all the splatters and drips when I’m cooking . Saves on laundry bills .lol

  66. Lucy Doane says:

    I love aprons and have about 10 of them. I make them from scraps of fabric. Wear them all the time when in the kitchen and when painting. Yes, long live the apron.

  67. Lorraine Hitchcock says:

    Like so many others, an apron is synonymous with grandma. When my “Gammie” arose each morning, bathed and dressed, put on her pearl button earrings , and a clean pressed apron. Because of her, I’ve always worn an apron. I owned a boutique kitchen store and cooking school for many years and each we all wore matching aprons every day. The apron set us apart as the people in the kitchen store. I’m now a cooking school coordinator and manager . The first items I ordered were aprons for each of our guests.

  68. Deborah Hunter says:

    I, too have many aprons and wear them all the time. Both my Grandmothers wore aprons and it makes me think of their sweetness. Thanks for this wonderful post. I also have my painting apron. It’s long and covers front and back very well. I would also like to learn how to make your apron plate holder!
    Love, love, your podcasts.

  69. Years ago I bought an orange & white gingham apron with the saying “Who invited all these tacky people?”. It’s been a fun conversation starter for many meals with family & good friends. It’s now faded & frayed, and despite some other beautiful quilted, reversable aprons, it’s still my favorite.

  70. Joanne Vest says:

    Beautiful post! I also have many aprons hanging on our pantry room door! Even aprons for the grands! And I have a denim apron in my craft room when using paints and glue. They just hug me and make me feel special! Ours are gorgeous! Can never have too many!

  71. I love an apron but believe the best aprons have great big pockets. While cleaning I can store all those little things that are out of place and most be taken to another room. And there they are conveniently stored in my pocket. The cuter the better as long as they have big pockets!

  72. Loved this post. It made me realize that I hardly ever saw my maternal grandmother without her apron. How I wish I had one that belonged to her. I bought cute Christmas aprons for my grown daughter and I and we wear them when we get together to make Christmas cookies. I have one for every season. I find that Home Goods always has cute aprons. Another place to find them is craft shows and sometimes farmers markets. When my daughter was little I bought us matching mother and daughter aprons. They were identical but hers was smaller. I’ve been saving it all these years in hopes of giving it to my granddaughter one day but sadly both our son and daughter have decided they don’t want children, But I just can’t part with it and I still have hopes. Thank you for the lovely post Yvonne.

  73. Annette Gross says:

    I read your blog daily, but have never commented. Shame on me, as each one is enjoyed. But this post really tugged at MY heart AND apron strings. I, too, always wear an apron, and feel as though I am the only one. Glad to hear I have so many apron lovin’ sisters out there! Stained and all, they are our capes of love! Love your blog!

  74. This takes me back to my grandmothers and my mom.
    I have many pictures of them wearing aprons, that was
    the uniform back in the day.Love your apron display.

  75. Christy H says:

    I love this post! I was late coming to the party, the apron wearing party that is, and now I wear one everyday! There is one right now on my sewing table that I should have finished soon.

  76. I love using aprons as well and have a small collection hanging inside my pantry door. I find they make excellent travel souvenirs.my daughters brought me back a lovely one of charleston and my girlfriend one from Ireland. Better than a chotche.
    Also……I keep an older one in the garage for my gardening chores.
    Btw great Father’s Day gift for the grilling dad.

    1. What a good idea to collect from trips. I’m going to do just that!

  77. I wish more women felt this way, Yvonne! I began my business selling online back in 2000 by making and selling custom gourmet aprons. Sadly, interest in aprons seemed to dwindle so I don’t make them any longer.

  78. What a beautiful post Yvonne. I love wearing aprons, I have several that are as old as me {!!} they are not only a “get to work” fashion statement, they hold so may dear memories. After my Mom died I took her apron home, the minute I see it and wear it it connects me to her in such a strong way. Debbie’s apron is adorable!

  79. I’ve been keeping my apron hung on the back of the laundry room door where I usually forget about it. I’m now going to hang it on the inside (kitchen side) to remind me to wear it more often. Thanks for the lovely post, Yvonne.

  80. Carol Elkins says:

    I love the idea of an apron! Now I just need to go get one!

  81. Aprons were worn by all the cooks in my family…including my “Deddy.” My maternal grandmother made him a very masculine apron, but he often grabbed the closest one!

  82. I guess I need to start wearing an apron. I make them for others and like having them hanging in my kitchen. It’s time I start taking advantage of all that power. Cute post.

  83. Rhonda Pellegrini says:

    I can’t cook without first putting on my apron. It’s become a habit, plus I think I just cook better with it on.

  84. I can see my Grandma right now standing in her chicken yard putting fresh eggs in her apron pocket or holding just-picked tiny sour strawberries with the edges of her apron even though she went to Heaven over 30 years ago. I don’t remember ever seeing her without one unless she was on her way to church. She raised seven children on a farm, lived to be 93 years old, and was active until the end. And I surely hope I inherited her work ethic and healthy lifestyle. Bless you for stirring up some very precious memories!!

  85. I love aprons too, I admit I don’t wear them everyday though. My grandmother and Mother did always

  86. Vickie Macfarlane says:

    Yvonne, I love aprons. I was fortunate enough to obtain my maternal grandmothers aprons. There is a special feeling that goes with aprons they are full of memories of the past. I remember my grandmother’s both wearing their aprons, as if it was only yesterday. My mother wore aprons years ago, but doesn’t anymore. She still works in her home and cooks and bakes, but no apron. Maybe I should do something special for her and find her the perfect apron. Sounds like a great gift!!!
    Thank you for all the memories your post bring back Yvonne. Have a wonderful day!

  87. Wendie Low says:

    Thanks for a delightful post. Not only do I love wearing aprons, but I love sewing and giving aprons as gifts. I have many wonderful aprons and I am always happy to try out yet another new apron pattern. I think I will print out your Apron Blog and include it with my apron gifts–it is perfect and says it all! Thank you.

  88. I usually put mine on when it’s too late. I have already spattered grease on my shirt; then I put my apron on. I guess I should pull them out of the drawer and keep them in plain site!

  89. Aprons are definitely a good idea to protect your clothes while cooking or baking. The ones I inherited are all half aprons just from the waist down, which I think are useless to wear, but I have kept them for the memories. I really love your blue apron with the turquoise flowers Yvonne. The fabric is so pretty. Did you get it recently and if so, where? Thanks for the lovely post.

  90. I have two and I never think to use them. Sure will now though!

  91. Lorraine Hitchcock says:

    I forgot to add in my post earlier. I collect aprons wherever I travel. I have aprons from cooking schools in Paris and Provence, Tuscany, Buckingham Palace, farmers’markets, wineries etc. They take up little room in your suitcase and you
    have a precious memory of your travels and the wonderful people your met along the way.

  92. Linda Kemp says:

    Loved this post. It reminded me of my Mom and Granny. I love that plate hooks. Do you have a tutorial on it? You are so creative and I’m so glad you brought back your menus:-)

  93. What memories I have of my grandmother, “Mommee”, and her periwinkle blue apron, with pink flowers. I wish I had that apron, but its vision lives on in my heart. “Mommee” assisted me in making an apron in the fifth grade, for a 4-H sewing contest. Each stitch was made by hand, and I won 1st place!!! I think she made most of those winning stitches, and the apron was pale green with lovely white lace. I NEVER let it get dirty, because it was so, so pretty! It just dawned on me that one of my favorite colors is periwinkle, and I will bet it is because of “Mommee’s” well used apron!!! I am glad she wore an apron…so special to me.


  94. You just made me want to start wearing an apron!

  95. I love wearing an apron! I love a heavy duck cloth but your denim one is so cute. Of course the way you have them displayed is so pretty.

  96. Cindy Duncan says:

    Aprons are a heart warming link to the past. Although I wear different styles of aprons, my absolute favorite is the tie at the waist with no upper part. It just links me to my grandmother and reminds me of what a fantastic cook she was.

  97. I’m chiming in with all you apron-loving divas…and for all the same reasons!
    Charming post Yvonne, rich in many notions to ponder. A lovely way to start the day. Thank you.

  98. We sure think alike!! Love aprons, always wear one and can’t imagine why others dont?

  99. Yvonne, thanks for putting to words what every apron loving woman knows and feels. They do empower us to create the best meals and the loveliest homes. I love my aprons and have ones for particular jobs- one I like to wear for deep cleaning is a pocketed light weight denim. I have one that was gifted by a friend that I like to wear when I make soups or stews because of it’s fall colors and a couple of beautiful floral ones that my mom gave me that are reserved for baking- they get the most use!

  100. I adore aprons! I wear one everyday in my home, at least while I’m cooking but I do usually end up just leaving it on!

  101. I too love aprons. I even made a 4 pocket apron for when I clean the house. Each pocket has a purpose-one for small tools and pen, one for a clean towel, one for all purpose cleaning spray bottle, and one for dusting towel. Great post today!

  102. Lillian Lane says:

    Mama had several pretty aprons, but the ones she regularly wore were full-sized aprons made of blue denim, just like jeans. They were big enough for full protection and heavy enough so that even the biggest splatters couldn’t find their way through. I wore those aprons when I washed dishes at home. When I graduated from college and got my own place, I always wore smaller aprons, and my favorite was one that had a small towel buttoned on one side and a big pocket in the other. However, when the Air Force shipped my husband to Okinawa, he had not been in the service to qualify for household goods shipment, so he could only ship a duffel bag with his clothes and one box of incidentals. We had to pay to ship everything else, so only essentials made it, and even those were really cut back, e.g. our stoneware dishes were stored, and we shipped a set of cheap unbreakable ones. Once I got out of the habit of wearing aprons, I never got back into it, except for the special ones I have for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which tend t be more of decorative than functional. However, the last time we were at our niece’s home for a family dinner, I noticed that she had a nice collection of functional (and pretty) ones. I really have to start wearing mine again.

  103. Katherine says:

    I LOVE APRONS! But I’ve always been embarrassed to wear them when any one was around! Thank you, my friend, for opening my eyes to aprons being my cape!! I love that and will no wear them proudly!! BTW – ordered 2 of the aprons you mentioned in your post. One for me, one for a friend!

  104. Love this post which inspires us all to be the domestics we were called to be. Why not be stylish while we lovingly toil for our family?Thanks for sharing!

  105. Joan Moore says:

    Nothing better than an apron with pockets!!! Always enjoy your insight into life!!!?

  106. Anna McFarland says:

    I have several aprons: one I made for my mom when I was in grade school, one my grandmother wore, one my dear daughter in law gave me and one embroidered with the emblem of my high school. This post inspires me to get them out , hang them up in sight, and to wear them more often. Great post

  107. Yvonne, what a sweet post! When I was younger I shunned aprons and consequently ruined a few tops with my splatters. I know better now. As I was reading your post I sadly realized I didn’t save any of my mother’s aprons. She didn’t wear them daily but had “hostess” aprons when she entertained.
    I was amused reading even when we are lazy we should wear an apron! Very funny! Haha!

    1. Ha, Sue! I had forgotten all about “hostess” aprons! I happily had a delicate sheer mint green, saved for entertaining when I would be married, tucked into my “hope chest” in the 50s! Thanks for the memory!

  108. What lovely thoughts! Brings back memories of my apron-clad mother!

  109. What a wonderful post. Brought back good memories of my grandmother shooing away the flies with hers. LOL

  110. Oh, Yvonne! You are so entertaining. It brought back sweet memories of my mom. She always donned her apron first thing in the morning and as soon as she returned home. She was quick to whip it off when company came to the door. You’ve put a smile on my face just thinking about her.

  111. Aprons are the best! Like so many readers commented, I also remember women in my family wearing aprons. The first sewing project we did in Home Ec class back in the 50’s was to make a cobbler apron. Just came across the pattern yesterday while going through a long-forgotten box of memorabilia. It also contained one of the many little decorative aprons I sewed for “waitresses” that served at my wedding reception. Remember that old custom? What fun! If you’re even a beginning seamstress, sewing an apron from a favorite fabric makes a great gift for a special woman or child in one’s life, suitable for many occasions. And there are patterns available for lots of different types. Start sewing!!!

  112. Thank you for reminding me of good memories of my grandmother wearing aprons. I occasionally wear them myself when I’m cooking a big meal for my family during the holidays. That gingham apron by Debbie of Debbie Dos is so cute. I think her husband came up with that saying about working by the flour. I have always loved and admired the plate and hooks area where you hang your aprons. Can you please provide the vendor’s name or the DIY instructions of how you made them? Thank you!

  113. I have actually been thinking about getting an apron-mostly because I’m a very messy cook. They also remind me of my mom. She wore one all the time. They bring back such great memories of her!

  114. Catherine Litterell says:

    I have six aprons, two are ones I bought one was a gift and three were my mom’s. I am of an age where everyone’s Grandma and some moms wore one, especially my Grandma who lived on a farm. Her apron carried vegetables from the garden, eggs from the hen house, baby animals who were sick and needed nursing by the stove, blackberries for pies, and flowers for the table. Precious memories. I started wearing my aprons again just a couple of years ago and my teenage granddaughters thought they were fantastic. I gave them each two for Christmas and they were thrilled. Maybe a new generation will embrace them and make beautiful memories to cherish too.

  115. Yvonne, I LOVE your post! And, yes, I wear my apron, but now I feel so empowered! 🙂
    This is such a darling post, I just had to call my sister and read it to her. Thank you for elevating the status of the
    apron-wearing woman!

  116. Sandy Manning says:

    I ALWAYS wear an apron when working in the kitchen primarily to protect my clothes. I had stained clothes with fruit splatters from cutting up fruit, grease (which usually Dawn will take out but still) and also from cleaning my sink using a cleanser with bleach in it. So enter using an apron! I have a bunch of aprons my favorites being Jessie Steele. So many cute patterns!

  117. I have a couple of my Grandma’s aprons and I love wearing them. I need to wear them more often than I do, especially after reading your great reasons! 🙂 I always remember both of my grandmothers wearing aprons every day, no matter what.

  118. Jacqueline says:

    Love your blog so much. I’ve always worn aprons as did mum. The very few photos I have of my gran show her in her “pinnie”. My daughter has a wonderful collection she began herself. I have sewn many over the years as gifts to friends. I love the plates with hooks. Did you make this or is it available somewhere. A beautiful way to display your aprons.

  119. Avril Crundwell says:

    I love aprons! I make them and sell them in my Etsy shop. Being in the kitchen should be fun and pretty so why not wear an apron. 🙂

  120. I love my aprons. Full coverage with large pockets. I’m such a messy cook.

  121. Yvonne,
    I love this post on aprons! I remember my grandmother (we called her mom mom) always wearing an apron. I am from a very, very large, happy family of 9 children. Between all of us, my parents have 20 grandchildren, and 16 great grandchildren. I decided to make all the girls (sisters, sis-in-laws, nieces, nieces-in-law, and great nieces) aprons for Christmas. I started sewing on December 12, then my mom had a stroke on Dec 15. But I completed 35 aprons in time for Christmas Eve!! Mom is doing well and the aprons were a hit! They were fun to make and even more fun to give!!!
    Thanks again for your blog and podcasts! I haven’t missed listening to one yet!!!!

  122. I love aprons and wear them all the time.
    Thanks for the lovely story of this hard working beloved item I take for granted everyday, but not anymore thanks to you

  123. Tammy Moon says:

    i love aprons they are so sweet and fun ihave a special place in my heart for one special apron in my collection its a black and white cow printed apron my husband bought me when we were first married its worn and torn but i just love it and its going on 26 wonderful years

  124. I wear house dresses, because they are comfortable and I always get something on me. How ever I do wear aprons, when company comes and I need to look nice. Love aprons glad to hear lots of women do to.

  125. Kathy bruns says:

    I never knew anyone who wore an apron, but I have one. It is indeed very handy when cooking. Hope they make a big comeback!

  126. Some time after my Gramma died I received a precious email about aprons. It was called “Grandma’s Apron” and it told the History of Aprons. Below is the story:
    I don’t think our kids know what an apron is. The principal use of Grandma’s apron was to protect the dress underneath, because she only had a few. It was also because it was easier to wash aprons than dresses, and aprons used less material. But along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children’s tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears. From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven. When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids. And when the weather was cold Grandma wrapped it around her arms. Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove. Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls. In the fall, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees. When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds. When dinner was ready, Grandma walked out onto the porch, waved her apron, and the men folk knew it was time to come in from the fields to dinner. It will be a long time before someone invents something that will replace that ‘old-time apron’ that served so many purposes.

    1. Shirley, Thank you so so much for sharing this story with us. What a treasure! xo

  127. I think aprons are a great idea. I have not gotten into the habit of wearing an apron, although I should. I think if I had a place to hang them in my kitchen, I might grab it and put it on more often. Also, having an attractive apron might encourage me too. Thanks for sharing your reasons for wearing an apron.

  128. Great post! I love aprons! In the photo of the five aprons, can you tell me about the two on the left, the blue florals? Thanks! My own favorite is a brown and black leopard print. I feel stylish when I wear it! It is almost waterproof, because I think it was designed for a hair stylist, but it works very well in the kitchen! Perhaps if I hung it on a hook near where I use it, I might wear it even more often!

  129. You helped me get over the way I was thinking about an apron, I always thought of them for all the old grammys, now I realize I want to be one of those grammys and let my grandchildren cry and wipe their dirty hands on my apron that I just bought and love but always forget to put on!!! Thanks for the insite.

  130. Lois Glass says:

    I grew up with women who wore aprons. The needed them! My mother, grandmother and aunts all cooked (some of them still do) “from scratch”. Most of them also gardened. Along with protecting clothes from cooking splashes and spills, aprons are also handy for quick runs to the garden to gather tomatoes, green beans, corn or herbs. The gathered skirt of an apron, held in the left hand, holds vegetables while the right hand gathers them.
    I’m not sure how people manage without at least one apron. For years, my mother kept me supplied. Periodically, I would receive a home-sewed apron for Christmas or my birthday. Now my mother is in her 80’s and no longer sews, bakes (my, I miss her pies) or cooks, and I am down to one apron. I need to find a good pattern, some pretty fabric, and sew my own. I probably also ought to pass on the tradition and begin to make them for my daughter and granddaughter. My daughter wears aprons, but doesn’t have one made by “mom”. It’s time to remedy that.

  131. I’ve always loved aprons and have sewn several of them in my day. Not only can I use it while I’m cleaning but anytime I do crafts it great protection when your painting :+))

  132. Teresa Sole says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE aprons! I have a collection of them and they each bring out a meaning to me. When we cook anything that can splatter I REQUIRE an apron! 🙂 My husband even has a man’s BBQ apron that he wears when he cooks. Keeps the stains out of our clothes and looks good at the same time!!! Thank you for the post!!!

  133. Oh my!! I love aprons too!!! And thank you for giving all those sweet reasons an apron is so precious! I have a few and live wearing them! I feel like it really makes a connection with what I’m doing! I have been learning the art of traditional rug hooking and even wear an apron to keep all the wool fuzz from clinging to clothes! What fun! Makes for great collection too!

  134. Love this blog! My friends laugh at me because I’m an apron wearer and have quite a collection ~ some I purchased, most given to me or made for me by friends and relatives. I wear them for all the reasons you’ve listed above.

    I don’t remember my mom wearing an apron, but her mother always did. In fact, I seldom remember seeing Nanny without one ~ such dear memories.

    I feel we’re kindred spirits buzzing around tearing up the patch in our aprons. Fun blog! Thank you.

  135. mattsgramma says:

    Wow, lots of apron fans out there. Reminds me of my Mom too. I have several aprons and enjoy when my granddaughter and I bake together and put on our aprons.

  136. Oh the memories! My Great-Grandmother was old school and made all her clothes. Every dress always had an apron made of the same material. I never saw her in the daytime without her dress and matching apron. Would be wonderful to see her again… Sadly, her aprons were all gone by the time I became a wife and cook.

  137. Love your article about aprons. I always wear an apron and usually make my own. Thank you!

  138. Aprons….love them….they protect my clothes, hold garden produce, become a hand towel, convenient pocket to put small things in while cleaning, look pretty……etc, etc.

  139. I keep vintage aprons hanging in my kitchen. I wear them regularly and it makes me happy.

  140. I buy the inexpensive, yet sturdy fabric, aprons from discount stores. Then I gussy them up with embroidery or cute fabric. Luv my aprons.
    None of my friends wear them

  141. I wear an apron with a big pocket when I sell items at a Christmas bazaar and when ever I have a yard sale to keep the money handy and safe.

  142. I love aprons! I love to see them hanging in a kitchen. They are so homey looking! ❤

  143. Karen Cadden says:

    The reasons you listed for wearing an apron are spot on! I also wear an apron because they remind me of my Grandmothers and Mom. I come from a long line of “apron wearers”. I would love to know where I can get the plate /apron hanger you have used in this photo shoot. Thank you.

  144. Linda Tozier says:

    Love, Love, Love aprons my grandmother gave me my first apron when I was a little girl and I was hooked. I can still see my grandmother wearing her apron working in the kitchen or in her garden. I have a large collections, in fact the apron you have above I purchased last year for myself and order two more as gifts. My apron would be the first thing I put on when I came home from work and yes I do wear my pearls with my apron. Now that I’m retired it’s the first thing I put on in the morning, sometime over my Pj’s if I haven’t gotten dress for the day.

  145. I have so many aprons my mother made me, I thought I would never wear. But you have inspired me to dig mine out. I love aprons with big pockets, to put every thing in that I pick up while cleaning… And bring up the bottom to use as a pouch, load eggs from the chickens and dirty laundry. My home made basket I call it…Thank You

  146. Robin Talley says:

    I love my aprons! When I was young I would wear my Mom’s aprons too when helping her, never without one!!

  147. There is quite a collection of aprons in the drawer and I love to wear them as my mom and both grandmothers did. Grandma also donned a bonnet when she went outdoors. I thought all grandmothers wore bonnets.

  148. Pamela R LePage says:

    I love aprons, my grandma used to wear an apron. The one that was my grandmother i gave to my daughter who loves to wear them also.. i like to take a full bib on usually wear it the bib folded at my waist.

  149. Maggie Nelson says:

    I remember when I was a child and went to my grandmother’s house I wear a small one that my aunt made it for me. I was proud of it!. Thank you

  150. Yvonne, I love aprons and have collected a few, but don’t wear them as I should! Love all your reasons ~ Fun and inspiring!
    I have plans to make some for our Seasonal Bazaar at church. And Lois has inspired me to make one (to start with!) for each of our girls! Off to cut out some fabric!

  151. I too live in an apron the moment I get in the door. I wear it for several of the same reasons you mentioned but esp to keep my clothes from wearing the food splatters. I wrap the tie around may waste and usually have a flour sack towel hanging from the tie. I use it to carry produce from the extra garage refrig. I have been known to forget to take it off when dashing out the door. I also wear one when out gardening for several of the same reasons as I am often wiping my hands on it and carrying produce or weeds. It is on my master list to take along for vacations as I really don’t need to go out and buy yet another apron. Of course I have my favorites that need mending and are stained. Thanks for the post, I loved it.

  152. Thanks so much for this post, bringing fond memories of my mom and grandmother, who always wore aprons. I have two of my mother’s half aprons from the 50’s that she made and wore when entertaining: one is a pale lime green sheer voile with a ruffle, and the other is a ruffled half circle in a rose print chintz, and have worn them myself. I love your apron hooks with the plates! Is it something I could make? (The plate on the right on yours is a pattern I’ve collected since receiving the family “applesauce bowl” at my wedding shower 50 years ago, so it makes me smile every time I see it in one of your photos!)

  153. Candace Geldreich says:

    Love my aprons

  154. What a great post! I too love aprons. I always wear one when I cook. I’m always on the look out at thrift stores for vintage finds.

  155. What a sweet post Yvonne and I always enjoy looking at the aprons you have hanging when you post any photos of your kitchen. I honestly can’t recall if you’ve posted anything about the apron hooks you have but would hope you would consider doing so if you haven’t or re-sharing the post if you have and consider sharing where purchased the aprons you have hanging. I have a couple of aprons hanging but they’re not near as cute and fashionable as yours and I’d love to hand them on something like you have as well. Much better than the plain ole hook I have.

  156. Aprons do more than save your clothes! I love this sweet post! I’ve got 15-20 vintage aprons from my Mom, Nanny, and Aunt…all no longer alive, so they are extra treasures. <3

  157. I just found a drawer full of my Mom-in-loves aprons. Many of them have hand painted designs by her. I’m trying to figure out a way to display them in my kitchen as there are lots of pinks which is definitely not my color. I love the periwinkle flower print you have hanging on your apron hook. Blessed is the one that does have a grandmother’s apron. Love the comparison to superman’s cape!

  158. Yes! I love my aprons! Such a fun post. I have a couple of my mom’s aprons and a few that I have purchased as well.

  159. Eleanor, Virginia Beach says:

    My mother always wore an apron. Me not so much. I cooked always when my kids were home but now that they are grown and married I just don’t want to cook. Maybe I need to put an apron on when I get up in the morning and the cooking days will come back. If my husband reads your post he would probably go out and buy me some. 🙂

  160. I have one apron and it’s a special gift love it!

  161. I have some of my grandmother’s aprons. Sadly, I was the only one of my cousins who wanted them. I don’t wear those because they are somewhat fragile but have several of my own. My 19 year old daughter likes them too.

  162. Hi Yvonne, I love aprons!!! they remind me of my grandma , she always had her apron on I don’t hardly remember her without.
    I have several aprons but I keep them put away. I need to get them out and wear them!! that would keep my clothes cleaner!! lol
    I would love for you to share the plate hanger that you’re aprons hang from it is just beautiful… what a great idea, and a perfect place for aprons! Love your site,its one of my favorites!!!

  163. Oh, the memories of an apron. My dear sweet Mama!! I wish I had one of hers. I have several and love your message here. They’ve now taken on another meaning. Pure joy. Thank you Yvonne.

  164. Cynthia Blaylock says:

    I have collected aprons for years. Many of my friends, knowing my apron fetish, have brought back aprons for me when they travel, so I have aprons from all over the world. I place their names in indelible ink on the back side of the apron so I can remember who gave me which apron and I love putting them on and thinking of the generosity and thoughtfulness of my friends. I have to say however, that the aprons I’ve made myself are the most practical, since I add pockets and extra long ties.

  165. An apron makes me feel like I can do things better!! Magical ! Never thought of it that way. My goodness where is that apron gone?

  166. I love this post. My friend and I have spent many a Christmas season baking cookies together. This year I brought her a gift of an apron. We always bring a hostess gift. This year she surprised me with a home sewn apron. What a wonderful gift! I wear it quite often. Most of my favorite aprons have been home stitched and I have to choose which one I want to wear for each occasion. When I go get my chicken eggs, I like my sea foam floral green one with deep pockets my daughter made me, when I’m canning its the red checked one my mother made me. For cooking in the morning its the dark green one my friend gave me. I have others that friends and family have given me and they all hold special meaning to me.

  167. Having read thru most of these comments it’s amazing how many memories you have stirred up for us Yvonne. Most of us remember our grandmothers wearing them in simpler times and when you think of it, it really is such a sensible and practical idea. Clever women our grannies and i especially like how our capes turn us into superwomen;) I predict an apron comeback .

  168. Great post! I’m a committed apron wearer, ever since receiving the “Betty Crocker cookbook for Boys and Girls” when I was about nine. The first instruction in it said to Put on an Apron and Wash Your Hands. Habits I continue to this day. I like full, tailored butcher-style aprons made out of cute fabric, usually prints, which don’t show the stains as much as plain. Anyone interested in making her own may want to check out Mary Mulari’s patterns. She has all kinds of ideas for aprons in multiple styles and uses. Thanks for a heart-warming look at a favorite possession.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for the tip! I just got a denim apron to use in the garden. My old denim apron is so threadbare you can see through it!

  169. Putting on my various aprons always make me think of home. Strange how an aprons become so personable — once on they seem to come alive…speaking to us and helping us to relive wonderful memories. Why oh why would anyone choose a meal prepared in a restaurant over a home cooked meal and a chef dressed in his/her own favorite apron. That’s the way I want to go!

  170. How I love aprons, new aprons, old aprons, ones that were my grandmothers that my daughter now heads for when she comes home and we cook together. ? Aprons are grace and live and all the good pulled together in a simple piece of fabric.

  171. Barbara Harilaou says:

    I love aprons also . I like the way you have them hanging from the plates .I would love to know how you did the hook plates .

  172. Great post. I love aprons!

  173. Janey Carrico says:

    I love aprons! As I hostesses many tea parties I always wore a pretty battenburg lace apron. I remember both my grandmas always wearing an apron and my mother always wore one when she was in the kitchen. And I am following tradition as I usually have an apron on in the kitchen. Just as I remember the smell of molasses or sugar cookies as I think of my grandma in her apron, so I want my grandchildren to see an apron and think of strawberry jam, fudge and pepperoni rolls…and me.

  174. Neither my mother nor grandmothers wore aprons, but I love them! (Maybe I’m just messier, because it’s fairly certain if I’m cooking or baking without wearing an apron, I’ll be wearing a splatter somewhere. And one of the sweetest sights is watching my little “grands” dyeing eggs at the kitchen table all wrapped from shoulder to toes in my aprons! Happy Easter to you and yours, Yvonne.

  175. Yes, I too love to put on an Apron, I can be aMessy Marvin at times, so I just cover up!

  176. Aprons are for ladies who work outside the home, too! My mom worked at a retail clothier near our house and would always come home for her lunch or dinner break. She always donned an apron while she ate to keep her pretty outfit clean.

  177. Doris Raab says:

    I remember my gramma always wore an apron unless she was “going to town.” Then she wore her nice dresses! Gramma also used her apron to carry things from the garden and to collect eggs from the chickens. I remember seeing my mom do that too when we lived on the farm with Gramma. Sweet memories!

  178. Portia Read says:

    Yvonne this post brings so many memories and a bit of tears. My Grammie and Mother were always covered with aprons.
    Awhile back I saw the aprons hanging in a photo in your home and decided to make a place to hang mine in the open! I have a favorite that my Mom made for me and wear it frequently. Recently I found matching Mother and daughter aprons, in pink of course, for my niece and her tiny daughter. They will be a gift for her third birthday. Sometime I would like to make aprons for all the girls in my family. thank you for the sweet words today. I feel like you are sending outs hugs. ?

  179. I love aprons. I feel good when I wear one.

  180. I love to wear aprons! All this time I thought I was protecting my clothes, but they do so much more than that.

    My eldest grand little and I just dyed eggs Wednesday and she wore one of my half aprons tired around her neck. I definitely need to whip one up that is her size. We tend to bake on the days I get to spend time with her.

    Loved this post!

  181. Harriet Bicksler says:

    After reading your post daily, I too decided to comment because I can’t believe how many ladies love aprons! So many special memories of both of my grandmothers and mother. I “rescued” several of my grandmother’s aprons before they were tossed out. Wearing them I feel so close to her, gone these many years. Isn’t it amazing how something so humble can wrap you in love.

      1. Harriet Bicksler says:

        How nice! Thank you.

  182. Very cute post. I just came into possession of a vintage white linen apron. I’m getting ready to do a heavy-duty cleaning (in order to hopefully rid it of those brownish vintage stains), and hang it in my kitchen (it’s a bit to small for me). Fun stuff!

  183. I have always worn an apron, raised five daughters…dried many tears with those aprons…you are so right they do hold a lot of memories!

  184. Sheila Philippi says:

    Your aprons conger up memories of my grandmother, covered in flour, making biscuits. Your aprons are so pretty!

  185. I love wearing aprons also.. however I tend to forget to put them on until I have ruined one of my good shirts!! ❤️️

  186. I love wearing an apron also! Problem is that I tend to forget to put them on until I have ruined one of my good shirts!! ❤️️

  187. I love these aprons, as well as the plate hooks they hang on. Thanks for sharing

  188. My paternal grandmother put on a clean apron every morning. She wore the bib aprons not the waist aprons. The only days you saw her without an apron was Sunday. Now I wear aprons like she used to, and understand why she wore them. It keeps your clothes a lot cleaner than if you don’t wear one, you always have a hand towel handy while wearing one. I love the apron you had in your blog, very vintage looking with the embroidery and the stripped material.

  189. I have several of my grandmothers who used them all the time

  190. I missed this post somehow. I’ve never worn an apron but I see tons of cute patterns for them. I think I’ll sew one up and then maybe one for each of my daughters.

  191. I belong to a quilting group and we just learned how to make Shirt-tale Aprons from men’s shirts. What fun! I wish I knew about this when my dad passed many years ago. I could have made one for both my sisters and my mom. A lady in our group made one from her late husband’s shirt and she says every time she wears it she feels like her husband is hugging her. Even though I don’t have any of my dad’s shirts, I will be making these aprons for my sisters, my daughters, and my sister-in-law for Christmas this year. Thank you Yvonne for keeping memories like these alive!

    1. Dorothy Ebach-Boyson says:

      My mother always wore an apron; she made her from the skirts of dresses with “worn out tops”. My mother was very frugal and never wasted anything. She grew up during the depression. I would love to see a pattern or a picture of the shirt tail apron.

  192. Aprons have always been a part of my kitchen attire! The very first Home Economic sewing project I made was an apron! I wear them to protect my good clothes but even though I have a drawer full of them, I always pull out the one I favor most! It just has the perfect fit and feel. Most of all, I think of my mother every time I put it on because she never was in the kitchen without one and oh what a wonderful cook and baker she was! Brings back so many wonderful memories,

  193. Aprons also work well for elderly women as they eat….nicer not to put a bib on a lady who has been known to wear an apron!

    1. So true! And it works if you are not elderly and just messy… like me!

  194. So now I am running out to buy an apron or two. Thank you for this amazing and beautiful post! Brings back memories of when my mother would wear her aprons in the kitchen, and would greet us kids at the door after school. Such blessed times!

  195. I love the rack for hanging your aprons. Did you make that? if not, where did you purchase it? Thanks for sharing these ideas about the usefulness and pleasure of wearing aprons.

    1. Hi Barbara, I purchased this hanger at Luckett’s Vintage store in their Design House about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen another. So sorry! BUT I do plan to make one and do a diy when I get some time!

      1. We have been waiting a long time for your DYI!!
        Would you please post a picture of the back of the plate hanger. I would love to make some for friends and family the fall with potty lids and vintage plates that I have collected and give as Christmas gifts along with an apron.
        Pretty please!

      2. Oh yes, please do share with us when you do the plate plus hook holder for your aprons! I love aprons and feel they are part of my work dress at home. I love collecting cute ones and practical ones as well. Your sweet post on aprons is so very true, thank you for putting that together for us! Love your posts on Sunday’s too❤️

  196. I love my aprons! After ruining several tops with splatters, I became a convert. Another reason to wear them? After thirty-eight years of marriage my husband thinks I look “cute” when I wear them. LOL

  197. What a lovely post. I think I’ll have to try to find an apron. Problem is most are not plus size.

  198. Love your post on aprons! I have about 30 of my grandmother’s and my mom’s that have been stored away for years. (Sadly). I’m now going to get them out and use them. I think they would have been pleased. Thank you for digging into my memories ❤️

  199. I also love aprons! I can’t seem to cook anymore without first tying on an apron. It’s an action that tells my mind” ok, now time to get serious”.

    When our oldest daughter moved out into her first apartment – I sent along an apron with some pots, pans, polish pottery and cookbooks. Our youngest daughter just moved into her first college apartment – I am going to try making an apron for her along with the various pots and pans that made the move with her.

    I came from a family with who exceptional cooking grandmothers. I am NOT the greatest cook but it warms my heart when my daughters call asking for recipes and sharing their cooking adventures. Sometimes, in my mind, I see th m tying on an apron with a focused look and getting ready to be ” serious” in the kitchen .

    There’s something about the aprons, recipes and the act of cooking that keeps my daughters connected to their great grandmothers , grandmother and their Momma and our family history. They get to know the women that they barely remember through their cooking and passing along those same traditions to their future families. My heart is Full!

  200. Katie Seest says:

    What a fun article! I just started a home economics class at our church homeschool enrichment and we’re cooking first semester. I’m going to read this to my girl’s.

  201. What I love about wearing an apron with good pockets is the ability to pick up little loose things all over the house as I clean room by room…I place them all in my pockets and at the end of my cleaning day figure out where each item goes and put it away…saves time from running from room to room while cleaning to put these items away

    1. You are so right Karen! It’s amazing what I find in those pockets!

  202. Rhonda Williams says:

    I especially like to use my apron in garden. It amazing how much goodness it can hold when harvesting! Thank you for the apron reminder.

  203. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my love your reasons to wear aprons!! I think I will have to get me a few aprons!! God bless and have a blessed weekend

  204. Judy McGarry says:

    Your pictures of aprons has given my an idea of how to use almost finished small embroidered piece. I am going to sew it on the front of one of my aprons.

  205. I love aprons. When I moved a long time ago I had a lovely apron I packed up and never found it again. Sad.

  206. JoAnne Wujcik says:

    I wear an apron because I’ve ruined too many expensive outfits by NOT wearing one. LOL

  207. I love aprons and i’s passing on the trend to my four grandsons, ages 12, 10, 7 and 3. They llove wearing the aprons I made for them last Christmas. The aprons have one big pocket and are reversible with Christmas fabric on one side and the fabric of their choice on the other. The oldest boy selected a Star Wars theme, the middle two picked a soccer theme and the youngest chose baseball.

  208. I am not much of a cook (my husband does most of it) but i love the thought of not looking lazy and I could most certainly use one when i eat. I have several that belong to grandmothers that I treasure but they do not have bibs. They always wore one when they were cooking. I am getting me one with a bib!!!!

  209. Reading your apron post, don’t know how I missed it before. So many memories of my Mom and Grandmothers in aprons… I love them too! Thanks again!!

  210. Suzanne Pope says:

    The lovely things you post and share are a beautiful reflection of you, even if it’s something as everyday as an apron. I love your blog. Thank you for being you!

  211. KAY GUIDRY says:

    I loved your idea with the aprons………
    It reminds me of my youngest daughter who loves to cook…
    Wear aprons as she does so……
    I will definitely share this with her…..
    Kay Guidry

    1. Hello,

      I am a homemaker. I make all my meals from scratch and I am happiest in the kitchen.

      We like to entertain and I always go all out for our guest.

      I wear an apron every day, all day!

      When we entertain, I have one dear friend who never fails to call me out, as soon as I sit down at the table, to take my apron off.

      Ok maybe it’s an etiquette thing. But I’m the host, I’m constantly getting up to serve other courses, etc.

      (I’m in my own home and I’m the host). Is it truly that offensive if I don’t remove my apron?

      Every time I have removed it (to accommodate my friend) when I sit down at the table, I then forget to put it back on, because I’m focused on serving the next course …. and always end up regretting taking my apron off because I end up ruining another nice blouse or dress.

      Am I truly being rude by not removing my apron when I sit at the table to join my guest?

      Thank you for your time.

      1. And btw, my apron is never full of flour or dirty when I sit at the table.

      2. Hi Wen, Of course, it is not rude to sit at the table with your apron on. I think it was very rude of your guest to request you take it off. I often forget to take my apron off too. Not because of any other reason than I forget, like you. As a guest, I think I would be more grateful that someone went to all the trouble to have me over for a meal and enjoy friendship and conversation than get picky about the hostess wearing an apron to the table. Social rules are made for the comfort and good of other people. And calling you out is unkind! This is just plain petty! But because are the hostess, just smile and take off the apron. And think twice about inviting her back!

  212. Avril Crundwell says:

    I love this post on aprons. There is something comforting about an apron. I make designer aprons and each one has a personality. l love the process of making them and love what they symbolize when I wear them.

  213. I love aprons too! Maybe because I am a messy cook, but I can’t start cooking without one. When I was thinning out a closet I was shocked to find that I had 36 aprons hiding away in my closet. After giving several away to charity, I kept my favorites for doing everything around the house.

  214. Jenny Young says:

    I followed th e link to buy an apron & Amazon says they are no longer available?

    We’re having an apron themed event in a few weeks at our church for Mother’s Day.

  215. Brenda Goldsberry says:

    As a teacher, I touched the future. As an apron wearer I touch the past.
    I have an apron that belonged to my grandmother. She passed away the year I married, 1971. I do feel a connection when I use the apron pattern. One special reason for that is when we would leave her home to take her to go visit her sister, she always “dressed up” by putting on a clean apron.

  216. very nice aprons to wear while working in the production side.

  217. I grew up seeing my Grandmother put on her apron every morning, it was as much a part of her daily uniform as shoes. Now in my 50s I am the only one in my family who continues to wear one. It has saved countless blouses from household chore damage, protected hands from hot pans, and held a handkerchief in days of sorrow. They are as necessary today as they were in days gone past.

  218. I love your thoughts and praise for the humble apron! Thank you!!!

  219. Barbara Sinclair says:

    I have not worn an apron in many years, and I am finding that I need to get back to wearing it! I intend to make several aprons of different styles and colors to go with whatever I am wearing. Your several comments about this apron reminded me of my grandmother who always wore an apron when I was growing up. I rarely see anyone wearing an apron these days.

  220. Nadine Hammond says:

    A friend is making aprons as a hobby. She asks is there a reason for pockets on a apron because they’re a pain to sew

    1. Oh, I can think of so many reasons! My apron pockets are always filled. Phone, tissue, dog treats, kid treats, dried flower heads, herbs, tomatoes from the garden, loose change…

  221. I have four. When I was younger I worked. I didn’t want to ruin my pretty clothes cooking/cleaning and had no time for changing! Now it’s habit.

  222. I have a whole collection and love your display on the plates. They are works of art so why not show them off?? I’m using your idea to hang them in my laundry room right off the kitchen so they aren’t folded and out of sight. Thanks for that great idea!!

  223. What a lovely post! I am digging out my aprons just to be hugged because I, too, have hand me down aprons from my sister, and gifted aprons from my daughter, and yes I have been drying my hands on my jeans!

  224. I love aprons! I wear them all the time and have greeted many a guest at my door wearing an apron. My Italian mother, grandmother and aunties wore them, and I have a nice collection of old and new. Your commentary at the end is beautiful.

  225. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I am the Hostess for our church and in charge of all Family dinners, funeral dinners, etc. and I love to put on my cute apron to let everyone know I am in charge!! I order the cutest aprons from Flirty Aprons and give them as gifts to the ladies who assist in the kitchen. I loved this post and all the special reasons for wearing an apron. You have such a gift with words.

  226. I love aprons. I use them like a dish towel, always wiping my hands on them. They save my clothes. If I don’t have one on my stomach gets so wet when washing dishes.

  227. Diana Atkins says:

    I LOVE my aprons! My grandmother always had one on and it symbolized her warm and nurturing heart. I always give an apron as gifts to new brides or new homeowners. Just putting my apron on brightens my day and makes the task at hand less daunting and more of an adventure, it gives me a sense of self confidence. Thank you for this wonderful post!!

  228. I wear an apron anytime I’m cooking or cleaning, partly to protect my clothing. My favorites were my mom’s and I have utilitarian aprons and fancy aprons that were hers.

    1. How lovely to have your Mom’s apron. Utilitarian aprons are the best!

  229. Charlotte Delaire-Meyers says:

    My first apron was a Brownie project when I was 8 years old. I’ve been wearing aprons ever since. My granddaughter has worn the Brownie apron.
    I have several cherished “Sunday” aprons from my aunts and grandmother.

  230. I love aprons, too. Do you know if the “I work by the Flour” apron is still available, and do you have the information on where to purchase it? Thank you

  231. Lovely post! I love to wear aprons! I’m wondering where you got those plate hooks that have a hook below them for an apron? I would love to have one of those!

    1. I found them years ago at Luckett’s Spring Fair. I’ve wanted to make one for years. Maybe this summer.

  232. Cookie eddings says:

    Yvonne, I loved your well-written post about aprons. I ,too ,love aprons. My Granny ALWAYS wore an apron every day. I can picture her in my minds eye WEARING HER APRON. I have several of her aprons, including the one that she last wore before she died. Every word of your post lets me know that you know of the importance about aprons. You brought back many memories
    of long ago. Thank you so much.

    1. You are so welcome Cookie! Apron wearers have such sentimental memories!

  233. Cynthia Glenn says:

    I have aprons from my mother and my grandmother and I love them all! My question is how did you hang yours under the beautiful plates? I love this idea and would love to use it. Thank you!!

    1. The whole thing is a plate hanger I found at Luckett’s Spring Fair. I’ve been saying I’m going to do a diy on it for years. I really need to do it, right?

  234. Allison M Wade says:

    Hi Yvonne! I AM an apron wearer!! And I LOVE the ruffles and fru-fru styles…makes me feel all dressed up even in my jeans or comfy attire. Bib aprons are the fav, but waist can always be tied around the neck when a bib is needed. They go with me on vacation, on family visits, etc, not a dinner goes by (except in a restaurant) that I don’t “dress up” in an apron. Colours and prints will match the season ,occasion. or clothing attire. I know all the apron lovers out there know exactly where I’m coming from with all of this! =) Happy Apron Wearing! Blessings, Allison

  235. OMG Yvonne.I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aprons.But I only own 3 very old ones.They have the tie that goes round ur neck.I have a problem wearing that style.I’ve been looking for the ones with the 1/2 sleeve or one that looks like a dress with no back.like the green one above.My grandma and mom wore aprons.Yes memories in abundance.And thank you for the post on aprons.Making memories.love Sharon

  236. Yvonne, my comment makes 272. I think this is your all time number of comments on your blog. I loved the first post introducing your love of aprons and the fabulous apron holder in your Stonegable home. That’s when I first went out and purchased an apron, one similar to your flowered apron. Both of my Italian grandmothers wore aprons. How I wish I had one of theirs. I took a cooking class at a Gervasi, a well know restaurant, winery, hotel, and many other features in N. Canton. I highly recommend visiting it for yourself. I received an apron after we completed our menu at Gervasi. My granddaughter has been wearing an apron I purchased for her about three years ago. She’ll be 13 in April. Each time we bake, serve Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner, she and I have on our aprons. They truly are a piece of a woman’s history. I think you should compose a book about aprons. You surely gathered enough info. I would purchase a signed copy as soon as it’s released.

  237. Veronica K Nightingale says:

    I love aprons! Have started wearing them again for the last few years. I wish I could see those cobbler aprons my mom used to wear back in the 50’s!

  238. About 25 years ago, a textbook was rejected (in TX) b/c it featured a photo of a woman wearing an apron. I just couldn’t believe it! So, as an act of rebellion, I began wearing one. Now, I cannot do anything in the kitchen without one. It saves my clothes from stains. Aprons are a wonderful tool!

  239. I have been in love with your aprons for a long time!
    Great post of ideas and thoughts.
    PLEASE post a how to on your apron hook piece.
    It has been and is still, one of my most favorite pieces
    in your home.
    Hugs !!

  240. Well Yvonne, I’m a little late to the party here but your blog struck a note with me. I love my apron! I only have one ( for the moment ) but when I put it on it says “ I mean business” and I am ready to bake a sweet treat or make dinner. So when my family sees me in my apron it makes THEM very happy because they know there will be something good to eat! Btw I am a recent subscriber to your blog and I feel like I have found a long lost friend! Sincerely enjoy reading your posts! My best to you and your family!

    1. Hi Karen, what a sweet comment! Apron wearers are the best!!! You have found a friend! You are part of the most wonderful community and StoneGable family! xo

  241. Stephanie Cothran says:

    I am definitely an apron wearer. I always wear one when I am cooking to protect my clothing. My mother and grandmother wore aprons as well. A friend of mine and I have a themed luncheon once a year and we always wear aprons to match the theme. Right now, I have a drawer full of aprons to choose from as a result of those luncheons. I do have a “go-to” apron that I wear the most. It was a gift from a friend. She gave me a black & white one years ago which I wore out and now the one that I use which she gave me is denim with a quilted insert in blue & yellow which she did. Also, I have a little apron that snaps that my daughters wore when they were helping in the kitchen. We snapped it up in the back. My granddaughter wears it now when she helps me.

    I loved your post on aprons. Thank you.

  242. Elaine Almand says:

    I love aprons, too. I still have some that my husband’s grandmother made and gave me more than 40 years ago. They make the kitchen look welcoming and comfortable. I often wear one while eating just to keep from messing up my church clothes on Sundays.

  243. I’ve been wearing aprons for years. I can’t seem to cook without one on. I still two my Papà had when he worked in a grocery store. And when we travel I take those aprons with me. I love your aprons — I’ve got to get one of those French ones for my collection.

  244. Thank you for an wonderful afternoon recalling memories of my grandmothers! I think I will make our daughters and daughters-in-laws aprons for Christmas.

  245. Georgia Bingham says:

    Yvonne…I work for a local Art Council in a small town called Highland. Michigan. We are planning to do an Exhibit on the Hustory of Aprons. I would love permission to use your piece on Aprons. Can I have permission to reproduce your thoughts?
    Thank you…


    1. Yes, you can use it Georgia. Please give Yvonne @ StoneGable photo credit and credit the direct link. It’s a copyright thing. Thanks!

  246. Michelle m Bagby says:

    Wow, did this ever strike a wonderful cord with a great audience!
    So wonderful in fact I couldn’t read thru all the posts to see if you addressed where you got
    the holder for the aprons!
    I (like you) have plenty of plates I’d love to put to practical use.
    So basically the only thing I need is a link to the apron holder.
    I know I’m late to the apron party but hope is eternal!
    Thanks! Mic

  247. Gail Russ says:

    This is such a beautiful and poetic ode to aprons. As an avid apron wearer and collector, this piece has warmed my soul. My friends tease me for almost always wearing an apron at home (even my Bitmoji avatar wears one!), but I just smile. I love textiles and aprons are such wonderful, low-cost ways to enjoy beautiful fabrics. I have a number from my international travels, and I remember making each purchase. I’ll always look at the pocket lint in a different way, thanks to you.

    1. Once you wear an apron it’s apron strings wrap around your heart! Right?

  248. Lauren Rutkauskas says:

    After many messy encounters home with my toddler, I’ve decided to invest in a few aprons. I love this article. When I think of my grandmother, she had all kinds of apron, from her daily basic one, along with festive ones fit for each holiday.
    Fortunately, I have some of the aprons that my grammie wore and I look forward to using them myself.
    Thank you, I really connected with this article

    1. Hi Lauren, I love wearing aprons. They will help you save memories of your little ones, believe me! And you have a treasure in your grammie’s apron.

  249. Thank you for this beautiful post. God only knows I needed to read it this morning. May God bless you the way you have blessed me.

  250. CarolbinTX says:

    I’ve never worn an apron but my mom and grandmother always wore them. This post and the comments brought back a flood of memories!

  251. Donna Taliaferro says:

    Thank you for such a lovely ode to aprons. I’m of the senior years & a few favorite vintage memorabilia includes aprons, embroidered linens & cloth calendars. I’ve followed you for years and always enjoy your apron posts. Like so many of your followers have requested – PLEASE post a DIY of your plate apron holder including photos of the back of yours. No time like the present – we’re not getting younger… lols. Again, thank you for all your decorating, cooking, DIY projects & spiritual posts. ???

    1. I’ve wanted to do that for years! Hope to get around to it one day.

  252. I have only used my aprons for cooking and baking. You’ve given me a great idea to put on my uniform for the day! My house will probably stay cleaner!

  253. Jane Powell says:

    Oh boy, does that bring back memories. Of course my mother and grandmother wore aprons and I do have some of theirs. I even have a picture of my grandmother in hers. But……gonna show my age. We made aprons in our 7th grade sewing class. Can’t tell you how many times I had to rip that out.? I just remember it had the longest tails.
    Memories, memories, thank you,

    1. LOL! Be proud of your age Jane. It is a blessing to have a long life!

  254. My Mom wore aprons all the time, my Grammie too. I never thought about it What I really love are the plate hangers. Do you know where to get them?

    1. Hi Kim I found this plate hanger years and years ago. And for years I’ve wanted to do a diy about how to make one.

  255. Irene Kimball says:

    I think the aprons are great. I also love the plate hangers. Are they available for sale or did you make them? I have a collection of plates that would make a few of these.
    Thank you and keep up the pretty ideas.

  256. Gina Hopwood says:

    I’ve always worn an apron and always liked wearing one. I can’t find the type of apron I prefer so make my own X backed pinafores with big long gathered skirts and hidden pockets in the sides of the skirt. Instead of ties most have 8 (4 top & 4 bottom) buttons in the sides and back of the belt to hold them on.

    I’m a bit of an oddity in my area because in Rural Australia most women don’t even wear dresses let alone an apron, and I wear a well covering pinafore all the time. My mother always wore an apron and as a girl a pinafore apron was part of the school uniform at St Ursula’s, so to me it’s normal.

    I have goats and dogs. If the goats pellet container gets misplaced, no matter I carry the pellets with the skirt of my apron. If one of the younger dogs jumps up – as they do – with muddy paws I just change my apron.
    When cleaning and sometimes washing I often put a prairie apron over my pinafore so I’ve always got a clean apron on.

    When someone comes to the front gate I go to see who it is in my apron. Occasionally other women have given me disapproving looks but the men all smile. If in a hurry to get to the general store it’s not uncommon for me to forget to remove my apron. Some of the cheekier boys in town used to call me Mary Poppins, but since then the girls at the bakery have all started wearing pinafores and after work can be seen in the park flirting with the boys with their aprons on.

      1. Gina Hopwood says:

        Thank you Yvonne

      2. Gina Hopwood says:

        Thank you Yvonne
        Nice to be appreciated by a fellow apron wearer.
        I’m most comfortable in full skirted ankle length dress so I need a well covering apron.
        It’s nice to be able to walk around the farm and not have to pull prickles and grass seeds out of my skirt.
        My hubby loves that I do pretty much everything with an apron on.
        I really only take it off for bed or to go swimming.
        If I had a daughter I would make pinafores like mine for her so we could wear our aprons together.
        I enjoy always having a big pinafore over my dress.

  257. Wonderful Blog, Thanks.