2017 is going to be a big year of changes here at StoneGable! We are at the tail end of gutting and making over every room in our home. It’s been a long 5 years of projects and I can almost see the light at the end of the decorating tunnel. By no means are we done! If you are a homeowner and even more so a home decorator are we really ever done? But the major renovations are coming to a close. In all of our renovations and decorating I’ve learned A LOT!  So, today I’d like to share some important steps for undertaking any decorating project big or small. These steps will go a long way to make your project successful.

Today’s post goes together with the topic of episode 9 of our new podcast DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS! 

Episode 9 talks about tackling those areas in our home we don’t like. Make sure to listen HERE or below.

Don’t think these steps are only for big projects like putting in a new bathroom or buying a whole room full of furniture. Most of us don’t do that often. These steps are for when we want to buy an accent chair or a dining room table or even when we want to buy a new pair of drapes.

I recently purchased a new duvet cover and some pillows for a bed and went through these easy steps.

Going through these steps will help you make the right choices within your budget!


1LIVING ROOM DECOR-monograms-pom poms-stonegableblog-2


Bobby and I have a philosophy about spending. We don’t like credit! We save and then buy.  I actually have a house budget. That includes home repairs, upkeep, makeovers, and decorating.

It’s wise to put money aside for home needs.


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We all make impulse buys, but I’m much happier with items I put in my home if I research it first. Researching big projects are a must, but don’t pass over this step even if your project is small.

I recently updated curtains in our Gable guest bedroom and perused many home decorating sites to get a feel for what is current, price points, fabrics, return policies and what I would need to hang them.


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Pinterest for me is a must! I like to see how real home decorators use products and work on makeovers in their homes. I get the best ideas there!

This step does go hand in hand with “research”. I put Pinterest in a category of its own because of the value it lends to a project.


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Make sure you have and carry with you all the measurements you need for a home project you are working on. I’m talking from experience.

When I added a chair to my family room awhile back “mapping it out” made all the difference. I measured the available space and from that decided that the chair had to be quite petite.  It took me awhile to find the chair with the right dimensions that I felt worked in my family room.

When working on bigger projects I like to use graph paper and literally map out and measure the entire space. We are just about to begin our master bedroom and the first thing we will do is measure our entire room. Every wall, door, window and opening and lay it out on graph paper.

It makes the job of choosing rugs, curtains, and furnishing so much easier!


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When it comes time to make purchases for your projects, know exactly what you will be buying. If at all possible go to a brick and mortar store to see it in “real life”. What you see in a magazine, blog or online might look differently to you up close and personal!

Saying that, more and more people are buying online (and I do it all the time) so it’s extra important to follow the suggestions below!

If a future purchase has fabric and you are buying online get a sample! If you are picking out a wall color you will want lots of paint chip choices. When it comes to paint I like to see it on my walls. I usually buy sample pots of paint and label patch of color on my walls.

I have a decorator friend that collects gorgeous samples and puts them all together before buying a single thing! I started following her lead. We went to the beach for a little girl’s getaway this summer and she brought her swatches and paint colors. We had a blast one overcast day playing with them at the pool!

Make sure to know things like how a piece is constructed, the guarantee, if it is returnable, if there is any kind of manufacturer defect policy. Also, read reviews if you the company you are buying from has an online presence. Work with companies that have good customer service reviews.

If you are shopping online know the shipping costs involved.

All these things will help you if something would go awry.


1LIVING ROOM DECOR-Curlacue-chest-stonegableblog-2.jpg

I’m surprised how many people, even if they plan home projects well,  experience buyer’s remorse. Know that this is normal and don’t give into any unreasonable emotions!


1SIMPLIFIED FALL DECOR- magnolia-leaves-stonegableblog-2

When you have done your homework and your project is done or your furniture is at home in your house take time to step back and enjoy your hard work!  We so often rush on to the next thing without finding the joy in a job well done!  Say a mental, “GOOD JOB” to yourself!


1LIVING ROOM DECOR-clock-over-chest-stonegableblog-2

Now it’s time to learn from your successes and disappointments.

After the fit and tears of a decorating mistake, it’s important to learn something. My biggest lessons were from decorating projects gone bad.

I hope you take this post to heart and it helps you make your home everything you want it to be!


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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Greatpost filled with such a wealth of information – thanks.

  2. Thanks for these tips. I am just beginning to plan a living room redecorating project. Your tips will be very helpful

  3. mattsgramma says:

    You are so smart to shop with measurements in hand Yvonne. I need to start doing that!

  4. Nancy Morrossey says:

    i too plan and measure and compare. Saving for what I love makes all the difference in a home. Love your ideas and posts!

  5. Great post! I LOVE the dresser by your door! Are the drawers covered with fabric before painting? And is the dot pattern paint as well? It’s gorgeous, rustic but classy as well!

  6. Very good, detailed, step by step plan…thanks!

  7. Kathy Trull says:

    Always great advice, as usual! Love your candle holders on your coffee table! Could you share where those were purchased? Thanks and love your blog!

  8. Your tips are always so helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you for the suggestions. I always appreciate your ideas because they are detailed but concise and doable. Yea! Also, I agree with Kathy. I love your white candleholders. I, too, would like to know where you got those. Thanks!

  10. Great tips! When it comes to decorating I’m frozen in time. It’s been 15 years and I can’t make up my mind about paint. Hubby doesn’t want to do it and he doesn’t want to pay to have it done. He gave all of our painting supplies to our son who had recently started remodeling house — now we’d have to start from square one.

    1. Get the stuff & do it! Men tend to not like change but when it is done are as refreshed by it as we are! Best wishes!

  11. Again, great advice. I have finally learned my lesson: take measurements with you!

  12. It is too bad our biggest lesson come from mistakes but so very true!

  13. I think I am going to start with pillows for the sofa today and build a spring/summer decor in the tv room~
    Love your ideas!

  14. I love your beautiful home! Everything looks stunning!

  15. LOving your podcasts! Thanks for the hard work to make them for us.

  16. Bet Stephens says:

    Thank you so much for your blog.
    Hope you are feeling better

  17. Karen White says:

    I love your blog. Such good helpful ideas.

  18. I take a picture of a room etc and look at it and see things I might miss because of familiarity

  19. Patti Braydich says:

    I LOVE your blog! You have wonderful, useful ideas and I get so much inspiration from photos of your home. Thank you!!!

  20. Love ❤️ the advice about bringing measurements with you. Have been stuck in a store many times wishing I had brought my fabrics samples and measurements!!! Thanks Yvonne!

  21. I am about to take on my first huge decorating redo starting with replacing most of my flooring. The research has been mind boggling and I am totally confused. You give me hope that all the research, time and decisions will all make it worthwhile. Thanks.

  22. Jane Copple says:

    You are so creative and love your podcasts. Wishing you a complete recovery.

  23. While I rarely buy or change impulsively, Mr. is the kind of impulsive. Ironically, many of our best changes incorporated those impulsive purchases! That said, any projects here are hired out and that really increases costs on construction, installations etc. I will save up as well. Upcoming is a kitchen re-do, a total gut. I will be crazy. Don’t like the mess!

    1. Going through a kitchen redo can make you a little crazy but the results are so worth it! Enjoy your new kitchen!

  24. I have really enjoyed your podcast. Fun to hear also about buyers remorse. I also have it.

  25. Jeannie S says:

    Thank you for these great reminders. I’ve learned the hard way to make sure I love a big purchase like furniture.
    Have a blessed Saturday!

  26. Hi Yvonne! I see several books covered in what looks like burlap. Is it burlap that you purchase at a fabric store? Great way to use a book that’s the right height for a display but the cover is tattered.

  27. Erica Thomas says:

    I know my biggest design mistake was buying a sofa and loveseat not a sofa and two chairs. All year the room looks lovely but when Christmas comes it looks too crowded with the tree and let’s face do two people ever really like to sit in a love seat especially when opening Christmas presents? Really think about sizes for all year. We just love the tree in front of the picture window and that is where the sofa goes the rest of the year. Just wanted to share.

  28. I love the red and white wing back need to recover mine like that

  29. So many ideas. I will pin this to peruse again and again.

  30. Diana Chism says:

    I love your beautiful home and all your helpful advice!!

  31. Martha Durick says:

    Excellent advice!

  32. Ginger Barthel says:

    Your advice is spot on. I can clearly remember the day they delivered the custom couch and I knew as soon as they set in in place in the room that I had made a fabric selection mistake. Ugh! I hated it til the day I could justify replacing it. I still do not know how I could have prevented it cause I stared at the swatch in the room for days before selecting the fabric. It certainly makes me a little gun shy in my decision making on big ticket items going forward.

  33. Gay Lemley Ratheal says:

    I always learn so much from you

  34. First is a favorite and my hardest challenge. Your reminder is well taken and thank you for it. xx-hb

  35. “Start saving.” Best advise ever! Thank you for caring about your readers!

  36. Great advice for all kinds of decisions! My dishwasher is making funny sounds. I’ll be researching that sooner than I’d like!

  37. Such great advice! I agree with you about Pimterest. I get so many great ideas there and have become a self-proclaimed Pinterest junky! I wonder if there is a limit to the number of saved pins allowed??!!

  38. Always enjoy your post and look forward to each holiday and season, to see what new and fresh ideas you have

  39. Thanks for all the great advice!

  40. Nancy Schipper says:

    Loved your most recent podcast. I am in flux about purchasing a bed. We built a new home. Sold our 27 year old bedroom furniture. I bought some new pieces: night stands and petite chest for me – different finishes. And a more masculine gentleman’s chest for my husband since he has a smaller closet – also a different finish.
    My dilemma is I know to balance the room I want an upholstered king bed. There is one that works with the dimensions as I have windows on either side of bed. Our room – because we downsized is maybe 14×17 so it’s smaller than my previous homes but it’s perfect because it’s efficient for our needs.
    I know the quality is there as it is a Lee bed. But it is also $2600 plus tax. I see lots of upholstered beds on sites such as Wayfair and Joss and Main for much less. Then I question quality.
    My fear of pulling the trigger is will it be dated? And will I tire of it? Also my color selection is a charcoal.
    Should I just get a headboard? we had a “headboard only” for 27 years and darn it I’m an adult and should have a complete bed.
    I do a lot of research. I just can’t commit yet. Your blog and podcast help. I know I will figure this out in my own time.

    1. Joanne B. says:

      Oh Nancy! Just wanted to let you know I feel your pain! Look at it this way: If you really, really love it now you know you’ll love it in another 27 years too. Yes, $2600. sounds like a lot but that works out to about costing you $100 a year(figuring you’ll keep this one for another 27 years too). That’s less than $2.00 a week! That’s just over 25 cents a night! Surely you are worth that? As far as the trend of upholstered headboards-yes they might go out of style (you can count on that) but I do think it is a classic look. As far as the charcoal color? Go for it! It’s dramatic and sounds lovely! If you play it too safe and try to pick something you will like another 27 years from now it will be boring tomorrow.Beige is so- well- beige. I too tend to want to be ‘safe’ but I am getting more daring in my old age! Sounds like you are careful and as long as you have done your research just enjoy the fruits of your labors and enjoy your new home! You get what you pay for with those inexpensive items online-you know that, I am sure. Unless you can see it for real, I would never make such a big purchase without seeing it first. Stick to furniture resources you know. I think those cheap resources are for people that change their style frequently. Husband and I are in our early 60’s and we are thrifty creatures as well. I would love to make some decorating changes here but we are thinking about downsizing in a few years so I want to wait until then. Sounds like the might be your situation too. Just go for it! You’ve worked hard-enjoy your new home and celebrate this phase of your life.What are you waiting for?

  41. Tonya Vakser says:

    Great tips as always! I have wasted a lot of time and money through the years not planning properly! Pinterest had definitely helped in that respect!

  42. In the past I’ve learned my lesson the hard and expensive way. These are such great tips…

  43. Joanne B. says:

    Great reminders! I think the biggest and most commonly used idea is Pinterest and wonder what we ever did before it came along! The problem is not just pinning and pinning and pinning (guilty as charged, I admit) but not really, really, really studying what we just pinned and finding similarities in what we like. It’s easy to ‘collect’ ideas for my perfect Pinterest home-bringing those ideas into reality where I live is the most difficult part! I think it’s time to weed the Pinterest garden!

  44. Theresa Nolan says:

    Thank you for your “Action Plan”! So helpful!

  45. That Pom Pom pillow makes me 🙂 ever time I see it on your couch. Love it!

  46. Even though I am 72, I still love keeping my home fresh and up to date. You are a big help to me.

  47. I loved this post! Not only do you give us great visual inspiration, but you follow it up with savvy advice on how to plan and decorate responsibly. Great combination of how to execute and how to afford a project. I really like your unique style and I can see that you have fun with home accessories. Always an inspiration! Thank you.

  48. You make my mornings!?

  49. listened to the first 3 podcasts yesterday as i was spring cleaning my bathroom. hardly noticed i was cleaning at all. ha!! you all have such pretty voices and it was so fun to listen to witty women giggling. i think ya’ll will motivate me to spring clean the rest of my home!

  50. Candace Geldreich says:

    My grandfather’s philosophy on credit, much like yours, was to never use it for something you couldn’t live in,or drive. I think your’s and his are both fundamentally sound advice.

  51. So enjoying the podcasts! Have always enjoyed your blog. Thanks so much

    1. SARAH, so happy you are tuning into our podcast. We are having a blast!!!! Our goal is to give you lots and lots of decorating ideas and inspirations!

  52. All of these tips are great – thanks for sharing.

  53. Shirley Cooper says:

    Thank you for all your advice and wonderful ideas. You make my day! Thank you

  54. Your advise is always an enjoyable read! In regards to painting a wall, I like to paint my wall sample colors on individual poster boards. This way you can move the sample around to check how the color looks under different kinds of lighting. Sample boards are also a good aid because it’s better to isolate a color from the noise of other colors to get a more accurate read.

  55. Carol Elkins says:

    Great advice! Love your blog!

  56. Diane Ruebel says:

    Incredible steps as I continue my slow decision about a new sofa. Diney on Camano

  57. Really good advice! I agree about the debt issue. Sometimes it is unavoidable…but hubs and I have done projects by getting interest free deals, paying them off, then moving on to the next one. We don’t have any debt from our projects. More projects to do though.

  58. Elaine Wesselman says:

    I love the pictures AND the podcasts! Good job!

  59. Always love your blog and your beautiful home. Thanks for all your ideas and advice.

  60. Avril Crundwell says:

    Really good information. I love the details in your vignettes

  61. Lori Lockwood says:

    Love your blog

  62. GwenCondit says:

    Great tips especially to enjoy things

  63. Over a 20 year period, my husband and I bought three new homes. With each purchase, we were able to move a wall, a doorway and such; in other words, make it more fitting for us. (Some builders don’t allow a buyer to make changes but we were lucky in that respect.)

    I always used graph paper (1 square = 1′) and cut out templates in the exact sizes of our furniture. As the movers brought in the furniture, in each of those homes, they were amazed that I knew exactly where to place a couch, chair, bed or armoire. The moves went fast thus, saving us considerable expense. With bedrooms, not only do you need to know your measurements but also remember to allow for “bending room” when making a bed! A bed may fit in a room but do you have room in which to actually change sheets? 🙂

  64. Leslie O. says:

    Another great post. Love your blog!

  65. Kathy Barton says:

    Love your home and agree with you about making a plan to follow…..although plans can change

  66. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    Yvonne you are my morning motivator, I look forwrd everyday to see what you have to post on your blog. I like your curtains in your family room and I like the idea of hanging your rods up toward the ceiling to give your windows the illusion of being larger than they are. I’m going to try hanging my rods up higher in our country home. Thanks enjoy your weekend.

  67. Very good points. We like to save and buy also!

  68. Once again….great tips. Thanks for sharing

  69. Kerry Huizinga says:

    Love your decorating tips!

  70. Beth Treaster says:

    Love your decorating style!

  71. It is always a little scary when purchasing custom upholstered pieces. You might love the fabric but picturing it on a sofa or chair can be difficult. And, you know you can’t return it. Scary, indeed. when I bought new furniture for my retirement house, I took my time and carried swatches and measurements with me everywhere. I knew I would be living with it for a long time and picked timeless pieces in mostly neutral fabric. Now, I can have fun adding little decor items.

  72. I’m going to try in incorporate some burlap in my home after seeing your great decorating at the Lake house. I also, love the big clock above your fireplace. As always, thank you for the great inspirations. God bless!

  73. Nancy Marino says:

    Always really good ideas Yvonne. Awesome thrift stores here in Florida and I enjoy reading your blog for new ideas for the treasures I find. Thanks for your consistent inspiration.

  74. I am a ‘newbie’ to your site & I am loving it! You have inspired me to begin planning new projects for my home! Your step-by-step directions to everything makes me feel like I can do it too! I find myself revisiting your blog multiple times to make sure I am on the right track! I’m not young by any means & have always been told I have a knack for decorating but the older I have gotten, well…..I’ve just slacked off a bit! But I’m back! Thanks for your motivational advice, love it!

  75. Do your research is such “great advice ” Yvonne, even then you may overlook a minor detail as I just did when purchasing the “perfect” sheer window coverings. .. they were all left panels but sold as pairs! This was never mentioned… I should have inquired!

  76. Unexpected steps were “expect buyers remorse” and “enjoy” but very sensible

  77. Excellent advice! Thank you so much. Will be forwarding this blog to my kids who are starting some new decorating projects.

  78. Very good advice, per usual.

    Thanks for the wisdom – love the podcasts- and your photos are amazing.

  79. Karen Cadden says:

    Wonderful guidelines for making wise purchases and preventing impulse buying!

  80. Kim jacks says:

    Great ideas thanks ! Enjoy reading your blog

  81. Great post! Truthfully, I HATE researching–anything! But I know what you say is true. Also, it’s good to hear that someone is in favor of saving for things rather than buying on credit. I’ve not been good about that in the past, but am trying to change. Actually, I don’t even own a credit card right now and that’s okay with me. I will probably get one, as it will raise my credit score. Isn’t that ridiculous?? Should be the other way around–your score is higher without.

    Anyway, thanks for the post and all your research advice!

  82. Thank you for all your design knowledge! Love your blog!

  83. Dorothy Auker says:

    As always,lots of good information and inspiration.

  84. New subscriber here – loving the blog
    Getting lots o great ideas for decorating – Thanks so much

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  86. Kathy Kennedy says:

    I love your style.

  87. Barbara Craze says:

    This decorating journey is exciting, keep the great ideas coming.

  88. Thank you for all of your wisdom and ideas, great post!

  89. Such smart ideas for planning! Glad to know I’m not the only one who has had several “buyer’s remorse” episodes….

  90. I always save first too. Great advice for young and old!

  91. Great information. I love that you said to expect buyers remorse at times. Love your blog.

  92. Rebecca T. says:

    Love your blog posts and I am so enjoying the pod casts! You ladies were my first podcast attempt. I will continue enjoying yours and start spreading my wings on researching others on a variety of topics.

  93. Pat Miller says:

    Always enjoy reading your posts….always enjoy looking at your beautiful home….always enjoy being motivated by you….I am thankful I found you!!

  94. Maggie Nelson says:

    I like your ideas and tips specially that the first one is about “saving money” I agreed 100% we don’t like credits and debts so we did save and will start to remodel our office: floors, paint walls and decor. I like the new podcast. Thank you

  95. Having several days in a row of ” horrible no good very bad days” (or something like that, I may have mis-quoted) reminded me to do exactly what you suggested–spend time with our Lord! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for the reminder!

  96. Thanks for the tips. You always have interesting podcasts too. I look forward to reading and hearing your next excerpts.

  97. Great tips; we don’t live on credit either so save for our home repairs and improvements as well.

  98. Love how you encorporate different metals and finishes.. Such as black and nickel and Mercury glass. I often move accessories to different rooms and for different purposes. Thanks again for such fresh ideas and approaches !

  99. Connie Stryk says:

    God sent your blog to me just at the right time. My husband and I decided to redecorate and are in the process of looking for new furniture. I can not tell you how many times we have went to places and asked each other do you think this will fit? As soon as I am finished writing this I will be measuring chairs, tables and spaces. I will be more prepared next time and have one very HAPPY husband!! Thank you for the helpful advice. Pintrest here I come!!!!!!!!!

  100. I have absolutely no artistic style. Reading your posts gives me direction to styling my home. I also have used several of your recipes. YUM!

  101. Thanks for the great advice! Your blog seems to always think outside the box of decorating trends. It’s refreshing!

  102. Loved this post.. I truly support all your great advices.. But Buoy sometimes I feel I live on a different planet than my husband.. As Much I try to carefully do my research, do my mapping, he always come to me and say…. When Are we going to paint? Or what about this.? Ouf.. I need to delicately “position” my ideas.. So my question for you: as a Pinterest fan, who are the decorator (s) you follow? I like to plant seeds in my husband minds:)) I follow you like a passion, but I need additional help!

  103. Always a pleasure reading your blog. As a newbie to your site, I find spending myself browsing through the many areas of your fantastic ideas. Thanks for the inspirations.