If you are like me, you love making homemade DIY projects for Christmas! But by the time you get around to actually making them it’s almost Christmas! Promise yourself you are not going to wait too late this year! Start now and enjoy making the season bright with your creations. I’m sharing 8 easy-to-make Christmas DIY’s that are creative and will deck your halls… and walls… and mantels… and… well, your whole home with the beauty of the season!! Let’s get started NOW!!!!!


You might just want to make a few of these Christmas projects. They would make fabulous gifts!


You know I love mason jars so I’m kicking them up a notch for Christmas! Light your holiday nights with these pretty sparkly lanterns!



I’ll be making another big batch of bleached pinecones again this year. These blond pinecones are real stunners. Make them ahead and have them ready when you begin decorating for Christmas!



What an easy and pretty banner to make for Christmas! It says joy-joy-joy!  Start this banner now and it will be ready to string across your mantel or hutch or front door!



Let’s keep the pinecone theme going! How about making a few of these gorgeous big ornaments. They have that WOW factor we all love! So easy to make too! These have “hostess gift” written all over them!

WOW FACTOR CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT-A super easy and very impressive Christmas ornament! A mix of beautiful natural elements and bright plaid!



Here’s a pillow that is so so easy to make! You choose the pillow and the material for the applique. In no time at all you have a one-of-a-kind Christmas pillow!



What a fun and very mindless project! I made miles of star garland last year while watching tv! These little stars look so pretty on a tree or strung across open shelves and down a banister. Warning: this project is addictive!



Simmering potpourri is a must at StoneGable during the Christmas season! Made with all natural edibles, this potpourri make my whole house smell amazing! This is Christmas in a jar!



I’ll show you how to make the most beautiful Christmas bow ever! And with a little practice you will be making one too!


Now it’s your turn to pick a project and begin!

Did you know that I have a “Christmas” board on Pinterest that has over 1,200 pins? Lots of Christmassy ideas!

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  1. Your star banner is my launching point. I keep prior year cards for current year projects. I’m cutting 4″ stars from card fronts. Don’t know if I’ll stay in same color way per banner or mix it up. If I have leftover card fronts, I’ll cut 1″ stars and use them to decorate packages. Thanks for idea

  2. Great ideas Yvonne! I love the pinecone projects the best….bleached, dressed up with a stunning bow…you just can’t go wrong!

  3. It’s never too early to start some Christmas projects! The time flies by so fast, you have to do things early so you don’t feel stressed or rushed. Thank you for these darling ideas! I’m in the middle of making my Christmas cards, and I also make tags. I love to use beautiful ribbons, so I’m excited to see how to make the Christmas bow.

  4. Thank You for the instructions for making the Deer Plaid Pillow. I can not wait to get started, as it looks easy enough!

  5. Yvonne, Thanks for all the project tips, but most of all, I Love seeing baby Anderson on the side of the page this morning. In the little pic he looks like he has a little “Good Morning” smile. Know it must be hard for you to stay in focus at this time, Thoughts and Prayers

  6. I have tried some of these but not star banner or the simmering poppurri. Heading out to get some materials today to begin these two projects! Love your ideas!

    1. Hi Jan: Yvonne might be busy with the little one (!!) so I’m jumping in to say that I’m guessing she makes her own. Pretty easy – just gently pare lemon skins and allow to dry in the sun. I guess a very low oven (200) would work too. I think a microwave might shrink up the peel too rapidly but as I said, I’m just assuming!

      1. Elaine thanks so much for answering and you are exactly right. Helping another reader is just what I want this comment area to be all about! Thanks a MILLION!

  7. Just came across your blog page today!! It’s beautiful, my style exactly! I love these Christmas projects, now I have to decide which one do I do first!!!

  8. This post is perfect timing for me! I am heading out to purchase fabric today for pillows and this cute deer woodland pillow will be on my Christmas diy list. And those pinecones…love that look!

  9. Thank you so much, Yvonne, for your very “do-able” ideas! They all look quite easy and I think I’ll begin with the Star Garland. My sincere congratulations on becoming a Grandmother. I’ve been blessed four times – two from each of my children – and I’ve loved every minute of it!

  10. I had loved the star garland you did last year…..and bought a cricut. So many stars, and I loved all the Christmas ideas

  11. Love the diy Christmas so much! Especially loving frosted mason jars,
    Star garland and Joy garland. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
    Thank you for these great ideas!!

  12. I am so excited about bleaching pinecones. I am in the process now of collecting them. They are not that easy to find in our area. I checked out a few stores but they are all too little. The hunt is on!!

  13. I have a plain pillow I had considered getting rid of, but now see possibilities for it becoming a new addition to my Christmas decor.
    Thanks for the idea!

  14. Yvonne, how did you make the stars that you hung from your dining room chandelier last year? I’m starting all my Christmas projects this week.

  15. Yvonne,thanks for all the decorating tips and ideas. I can hardly wait to bring up the totes from the basement and transform our home for the holidays. I love Christmas and love sharing with my grandchildren the reason we celebrate this joyous holiday. I plan on making the star garland with the grandchildren this week.Blessings to you.

  16. Hi Yvonne,
    I love the bleached pine cone idea and the frosted mason jar project. Love how simple and easy they are! So glad I can see your blog this morning. For some reason yesterday, it said your account was suspended! Technology sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!!! ??

    1. My server guy said that StoneGable had over 300,000 hits from China trying to break into my site. Wondering if that caused a problem with my newsletter server too. Thank goodness things are back to normal!

  17. Love the plaid bow with the pine cone and also the red one. What can I say, “I love everything you post.” I will wait a week or two to delete your blog, because I find something on each one that I want to go back and read. Such good advice. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and will be looking for the next information and wonderful blog.

  18. I love the diy projects! I love making gifts for the holidays! from quilts to placements and homemade ornaments. Love all things crafty that give a personal investment to every gift. My neice’s boyfriends family have a gift exchange where the gifts have to be homemade… Great ideas!

  19. In the past I have made potpourri using fresh cranberries and an orange along with the dried ingredients. If I use your recipe, I can make ahead! Thanks for the gentle reminder that Christmas is just around the corner…great post.

  20. I just love that Star Garland. I need to ale one of those. Want to hank you for bringing the Old World Kitchen to my attention. I got my $25.00 off coupon and I can’t wait to get my order. I never saw who won that amazing giveaway. They are so lucky whoever they are.

  21. Doesn’t take much to get me in the MOOD for Christmas. Love this time of the year. Will save to Pinterest to pour over later!

  22. Love your ideas specially the pine cones and I have so many different types of Christmas ribbons so it will be perfect for some crafts new ideas. Thank you

  23. The ribbons hanging from the banner! Love that idea, on my list for sure. I bleached pine cones last year with mixed results, but you’ve inspired me to try again, and redoing some of my bows! Thanks for the great ideas!

  24. Mason jars, pinecones and star garland…… the most wonderful time of the year is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Great ideas every one! This year’s banner is going to say “Fa la la la” at our house. The mason jar lanterns are perfect for my dining room window ledges–have collected a grouping of oddly shaped wine and other bottles to make an epsom salt frosted centerpiece for our table. Can smell the potpourri just reading the recipe–thanks!

  26. Thank you so mich for posting this! I was looking for your how too star garland and I could not find it on my Pinterest board.

  27. All great ideas! I made the potpourri a few years ago for my adult kids…..and they LOVED it! Will do the bleached pine cones this year. Bless you and your new addition to the family!

  28. I am in the process of making the pine cones with the plaid bow to use in a tablescape for our women’s conference this weekend. I hope they turn out as beautiful as yours!

  29. Great projects for the holidays. Putting away the fall decorations and putting together a to do list for Christmas decor. Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas. Love that your ideas are so doable and easy to to accomplish. Thanks again for your wonderful ideas.

  30. Thank you for these ideas. I made the bleached pinecones and they are so pretty. I,m adding the pinecone ornaments this year. I have a few large sugar cones and embellishing them to hang on the double french doors. I love your DiY projects.

  31. Frosted mason jars this year! I try to do at least one of your crafts each season! Keep those ideas and projects coming!!

  32. Love the large pine cone ornament! Just have to find some pine cones. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration!

  33. Love, love the large Pinecone decorations!! Where do you find such large pincones? Mine are much, much smaller. Love all the Christmas ideas!!

  34. I love so many of these! I think I will start with the Joy Banner and bleached pinecones. Thank you for posting this early. So many times I see cute ideas, and it’s already mid-December.

  35. Can’t wait to try the potpourri and have the house smelling wonderful for all my guests at Thanksgiving. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

  36. Such cute ideas! I actually was smart last year and made several crafts for this Christmas while I was off from school. I doubt it will happen again, but it made it nice this year!!

  37. When I saw your potpourri with all the wonderful ingredients I thought you posted it for me! Just finished sewing several black & white ticking gift bags that will now be filled to the brim with “your” simmering surprise. Can’t thank you enough for so graciously sharing your ideas.

  38. Love all of these ideas but especially the bleached pine cones. I am going to collect some this week and make these, so simple and so elegant, very French, they will fit in perfectly here x

  39. You always give us such beautiful ideas for our own homes. Even your food dishes bring back a love for cooking again .Thank you

    for your dedication and hard work you put into your page.

    In Christ,


  40. Thanks for getting me in the Christmas spirit and my mind off of the election. I think I will try to make one of each.

  41. Great ideas! Thank you too for the timely reminder to get going on Christmas now so you can enjoy the season! Star Garland is my favorite!

  42. Thanks for the ideas. I bleached pine cones last year, and they were so pretty. This year I want to try the pine cone ornament and the stars.

  43. I enjoyed seeing all of your great Christmas DIY ideas! I am getting in the “Christmas craft & decorating” mode and have been searching for new projects to take on – you have shared some wonderful ideas! Thank you!

  44. This year I will cut the bottom part of my bleached pine cones off and then take the “crown of an acorn” and glue it in the center of the pine cone piece to make a flower. I am contemplating metallic spray ? Or leaving natural ?. Love, love all of your inspiration using natural elements. JudyC

  45. Great ideas you pulled together…loved the star garland from last year
    May have to steal ur potpourri and frosted jar ideas…its going to be snowman theme this year
    Follow me on IG too

  46. Love the craft ideas. Also I love your farmhouse style. I’m thinking of redecorating my home in this style.
    Thank you for all your posts and pins.

  47. So many projects – so little time! It is never Christmas, however, until the treasured crèche and nativity are placed in their honored place each season. God Bless!

  48. OMGosh your projects are amazing! I would like to try each of them! Love the starry Christmas decorations. Just when I thought my decorations need some new ideas! Thank you!

  49. Fi think i will try the Mason jar idea, it is always a nice fragrance during the holidays. Thanks and a very Merry Christmas”

  50. WOW Yvonne you sure have some good ideas. I too have years of old Christmas cards & I accumulated all my Mother’s Christmas cards after she passed away. I will some day make something out of them as I have a lot of ideas. Your site is fantastic……♥ it.
    Thanks for giving us all your info.

  51. I know what you mean, make a list of projects I want to make for Christmas
    and I make some but some don’t get done!!!! I enjoy reading your blog.
    Feliz Navidad to you and your family from sunny Miami, FL.

  52. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration!! I so enjoy following you! Merry Christmas!! Love the deer pillow! Thank you!!

  53. I love the frosted mason jar, can’t wait to try it! Thanks so much for the inspiration, your blog is always beautiful and I love your recipes too!

  54. I love the beautiful look of the bleached pine cones. Will be doing this project during the week. Can’t wait to decorate for Christmas now. Thanks so much.

  55. I’m going to try the bleached pine cones. We have three big pines in our yard and I have saved plenty of them to give this a try. Also, sorting through and getting rid of any Christmas decorations that I don’t love. Time to scale down. Thank you for all your wonderful inspirations.