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I hope you have been following all the fabulous home tours brought to you by bHome this week! 31 AMAZING homes… all different and all so welcoming! Today I’m featuring 7 homes that are loaded with tons of charm and lots of creative idea. And the best part of these homes are the stories behind them! Every home has a story to tell. Here are some of my favorite bloggers and their SUMMER HOMES!


Kelly and her husband Peter and are the brainchildren of our beloved bHome Home & Garden community and app! I am so blessed to call her my friend! After a phone chat with her I feel like I could conquer the world!!!  Her home is just like she is… charming, happy, and very spunky! She’s a California girl and her home resonates with a west cost vibe! Her blog, MY SOULFUL HOME, is a wealth of practical knowledge and beautiful home design!

“You know I don’t like to define my decorating style – don’t hem me in – ’cause really, my style is a mixture of all I love and what works for the house or space.  

I truly believe, if you listen, a house will speak to you & tell you what it needs to look best.

I am not nuts – trust me & just listen… 

My house speaks cottage fluently, but is comfortable conversing in traditional, shabby, boho and knows a bit of modern too. But in the summertime cottage is the language of choice.” Kelly 




My friend Laura is such a good Mom, blogger and decorator. She is sassy, sweet and southern… in my book the most perfect combination!!! Laura is the kind of girl you meet and want to be your best friend! Laura’s Georgia farm is a southern charmer with lots of updated and chic appeal. Her blog, TOP THIS TOP THAT is filled with classic, modern decor and great diy’s! Laura is a can-do kind of girl! 

“If this is the first time here, you can see what the cabinets looked like before we painted them here and more pictures of the kitchen. Other then trying to keep them clean from dirty little hands, I love the white cabinets.” Laura




I had the great pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Rachel last year at Haven (blogger’s conference). She had her her itsy-bitsy newborn Juliet along with her and I was so smitten by that precious tiny baby and by the beautiful Rachel, as well. I just love her style inside and out!!! She is kind, graceful, french-inspired and unflappable! Her decorating style is just like that too! She even made time for our Summer Home Tour in the midst of packing to move into a new home! Her blog, MAISON DE PAX, is just that.. a home of peace!

“So the reality is, 90% of my home is now in boxes…  But that’s not what you came here to see, right?  So today, we’re going to pretend.

Whether you are a first-time visitor with the bHome summer open house or a regular, please know that you are welcome.  We’ve been waiting for you.” Rachel



 Julie’s life is midwest girl meet Texas cowboy. Her Texan home is a blended compromise of those two style… Just like the name of her blog LILACS AND LONGHORNS!  And boy, does she make it work!!!! Her home is the perfect blend of farmhouse and bunk house! Her home is welcoming and inviting! Julie is organized, positive, gracious and the girl can decorate!!!!!

“If you have been around here before, you know that I love farmhouse, cottage, traditional and casual living spaces and my husband loves the rustic Texas ranch vibe. 

For the longest time I had a hard time blending our two styles.  I could never get it to a place where we both liked it.

It all started coming together when I visited his uncle’s ranch a few years ago.  I began to see and appreciate where his love of the rugged Texan cowboy life came from and I started to love it too.  Now, I just add those touches in here and there while staying true to my style as well. This way I am bringing in the things we both love and appreciate.” Julie




I must admit, when I first found Bree’s outstanding blog ROOMS FOR RENT I had a huge crush on her design style. I studied it and wanted to copy it and just could not get enough of it! Bree has a creative talent that does not come along often… and an eye to go along with it. This New Englander’s style is young and fresh and with a touch of whimsy without being silly. She mixes gray’s with neutral in a way that makes her a masterful decorator. No wonder she has a very popular design company, Doucette Designs.

“From our kitchen, you start to work your way towards the front of the house. You enter our dining room that is open to our living room. These three rooms totally get their wear and tear. This is our main living area, and boy do these rooms get used to their full potential. Most days the island and dining room table are covered with papers, projects, work, mail, schoolwork, and whatever else tends to make it through the doors in our hands. So the fact that they are cleared off is a victory in itself.”  Bree




This home is hardly a “fixer upper” from the gorgeous images Cindy shares on her truly inspiring blog EDITH AND EVELYN. But, she and her husband have been transforming their French Country home one room at a time. Her kitchen is simply sublime and a real testament to their design and diy talent! Cindy is such a warm, gracious soul with the heart of a lion when it comes to taking on huge home makeover projects! You will be truly impressed!!!!

“I’m not sure that the kitchen is the room that you should pick to cut your “renovation teeth” on, but we did.

It took us eight months to complete and we learned a lot of valuable lessons!

Luckily, we didn’t cut off any fingers, we didn’t mention divorce {murder a couple of times, yes, but not divorce….}, and we gained some valuable experience for the rooms coming up in our future renovation projects.” Cindy


I feel like I am in such lofty company being a part of the bHome community! I also had a chance to share summer here at StoneGable! If you have not seen my SUMMER HOME TOUR I would love you to visit!

SUMMER HOME TOUR-Dining room-rug-clock-stonegableblog.com

AND… Just in case you missed the bHome Summer Home Tour, here’s the entire line up!


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Shabby Art Boutique | Setting For Four | A Healthy Life For Me


Southern Hospitality | Top This Top That | Rooms FOR Rent | Savvy Southern Style
Lilacs & Longhorns | Eclectically Vintage | Cynthia Weber Design


Maison de Pax | Buckets of Burlap | Love of Home
 Edith & Evelyn | Edith & Evelyn | Inspired By Charm

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Does your home have a story? I hope you share!

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7 CHARMING HOMES ON TOUR- See summer decor at it's best! Tons of easy ideas-stonegableblog.com




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  1. Hello! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I started changing my décor about a year ago. Now it is a combination of coastal and country French. You have great ideas, so keep the post coming. Thanks so much.

  2. You are my new favorite blog! Love your style, welcoming, comfortable and beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us…

    1. Oh Mary Beth, I know what you mean!!! I told Bobby that the rooms that I got in shape for the tour will stay that way!!!!!! Now if my bedroom was only tour ready!

  3. Yvonne! LOVE you and love this post!! So enjoyed they way you worked in the quotes & everyone’s style! Can’t wait to see you again next month. Great graphic too!!

  4. Wow! You made my day. There is nothing I love more than seeing how other people decorate and live. Thank you for letting us know about this amazing app!

  5. Great post on such lovely homes Yvonne! Thanks for your great ideas and bringing us lots of loveliness to our homes. Have a wonderful weekend!
    LuAnn 😉

  6. Yvonne, I just loved your home tour roundup using the quotes from each post. You are such an amazingly talented lady, and you home is so beautiful. I have so enjoyed getting to know you and StoneGable! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Yvonne,
    Your dining room is still the one room in your lovely home that makes me swoon, dear friend!!!
    Thank you for the personal introduction to these amazing bloggers!!!
    I’ve visited a few in the past, but had never been ‘properly’ introduced until today!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear one!!!

  8. So incredibly talented all of you ladies are! I’m so grateful that you all share your wonderful homes with all of us:D thank you!

  9. I downloaded app and bHome Username (suzanneking234) and I stopped by Stonegable. I would love to make the Stonegable Raw Apple Cake.

    1. Welcome to the bHome family. Please favorite StoneGable by clicking on the star. You will love the Raw Apple cake. Serve it with vanilla ice cream!

  10. I really like the shades of gray and neutrals. This gives me an idea for our indoor porch, which I am still trying to figure out how to decorate.