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Summer cooking is all about easy and favor and grilling! My summers are busy, like yours! Working and playing hard! So I don’t want to be trapped in the kitchen when I can be out in the garden, or on the patio with friends enjoying a gorgeous summer evening! I’m sharing 5 of my very very favorite must try SUMMER recipes. These are the best of the StoneGable best! I hope you will give them a try!


BBQ+Rub+stonegableblog.com+TITLE+PAGE+-+blog1I think every spice cupboard should have this great, versatile rub on board! MAGIC BBQ RUB is wonderful on chicken and ribs. It gives your meats a spicy depth of flavor and just the slightest whiff of heat. Smoky and complex, this is my go-to way to grill!


Grilled Vegetables With Balsamic Dressing stonegableblog.com Title Page

Even if you don’t like veggies, you should try these!!! Fabulous summer vegetables grilled to a perfect char and bathed in a balsamic dressing that is infused with garlic and basil. They can be eaten hot or cold and work wonderfully in an omelet or sandwich. We make these almost weekly all throughout the summer!


HEBED BUTTER-TITLE PAGE-stonegableblog.com


If you grow herbs you will want to make HERB BUTTER. It’s super easy and has so many variations.  Just think of having a log of savory butter in your freezer to use in place of butter to give your dishes and grilled foods an over-the-top flavor!!! I give these as gifts too!




If zucchini were worth their weight in gold we be would be the richest people in the world. Zucchini loves our land and produces like weeds! So what is a girl to do with all those zucchini… make GLAZED LEMON ZUCCHINI BREAD! It is delicate and moist and has intense lemony flavor. It also freezes well and is scrumptious!!!! No wonder it makes the top 5 list!


THE BEST POTATO SALAD EVER- potato salad with pickle juice-stonegableblog.com

You really should try recipe and see for yourself! StoneGable potato salad is the food I get asked the most to bring to summer get-togethers and picnics! Yes, it is THAT good!!!! It does take a little more work, but it can be made in stages and taste better if made ahead. So worth the effort!!!!

I hope you try all these yummy summer recipes! They are sure to become your favorites too!

I you like these recipes you might want to add them to your RECIPE or SUMMER Pinterest board. You can follow me and see all the yummy summer food I’m finding to pin every day HERE.

5 TOP MUST-TRY, SCRUMPTIOUS SUMMER RECIPES-These are the best of the best-stonegableblog.com




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  1. Deborah Zebrk says:

    Yvonne – when my daughter was expecting our first grandchild I wanted to throw an uncoventional baby shower, one that we could invite couples to rather than the Sunday afternoon women only traditional shower.
    Given our family although Toronto based are huge Green Bay Packers fans, we quickly decided on having a tailgate party with the Packers as our theme for the evening.
    We served food that my family has enjoyed at past tailgates – lots of bbq and I made 40 bottles of your rub as a giveaway – well it was one of the biggest hits of the shower. People were so excited and several called me for the recipe.
    So thanks Yvonne for a terrific recipe that was easy to make that made a huge impression on my guests and yes it is very, very tasty!
    Our little Green Bay Packer fan will be celebrating his first birthday in a couple of weeks and I’m making your potato salad and grilled veggies.
    You are a huge presence in my kitchen on a regular basis, thanks for the great recipes.

    1. Happy birthday to your little grandson!!! Thanks so much for letting me know about how StoneGable has impacted you! I know you will love the potato salad!!!

  2. Good Morning Yvonne ~
    YUM ~ everything looks so good.
    I’ve already pinned the herb butter & the potato salad ~

    Thank you ~
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Thank you for the recipes they all look great can not wait to try them..
    Have a Blessed day

  4. It all looks so scrumptious! We love to cook out on the grill a lot in the summer too, and for the same reasons- Nobody wants to be indoors! I’ll have to file these away and use them for when our son comes home from Australia:D thanks for sharing these Yvonne!

  5. Karen VanLoo says:

    One word -YUM YUM!

  6. Everything looks delicious!! I am looking forward to our family gathering and I will try some of your fantastic looking recipes. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com says:

    I agree, I need to try these recipes, Yvonne! That potatoe salad looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! Pinning!

  8. In the glazed lemon zucchini bread recipe, beside the 1/2 cup of buttermilk, you have…buttermilk cultures mixed with water) Just exactly what does this mean?

  9. Nola Wilson says:

    This week I made your recipe for the Lemon Zucchini Bread. I have made the recipe many times (we have a lemon tree) and everyone loves the bread. It is one of my favorite quick bread recipes. I also love your recipe for garlic dill pickles. My family is certainly addicted to them. I have found that all of your recipes are consistently good. I don’t have to worry that a recipe won’t turn out. . I love your blog and your decorating. I appreciate your values. You are certainly a blessing to me. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for letting me know Nola!!! So nice to hear! Boy, I would love a lemon tree in my yard!

  10. Jeanette Duke says:

    Well, I will be making this delicious looking bread! We love anything with a lemon flavor and I was salivating when I looked at it! hahaha!!!