USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE-an easy style to recreate with lots of class and sparkle-stonegableblog,com


Using a mirror as the base to contain a vignette has been around for a long long time. It has fallen out of decor graces over the last decade or so because some people think of it as a dated look. You know, gold rimmed filigree footed mirror with lots of bric-a-brac collecting dust on it! Yes, THAT IS dated!  I say a mirror in a vignette can be a real classic that just needs to be updated a bit and displayed in a fresh new way! Here are 5 tips to help you bring a little sparkle to your vignettes…


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE-mirror made from an old window-stonegableblog,com

Use a mirror as a base for your vignette. Think upscale, modern, chippy, new, vintage, fun! I’m using a window turned mirror that my brother made for me. It has just enough chippy charm to feel warm and modern in a vintage way! How about using a glass bottom tray with handles or a gilded framed mirror! I love the look of the old white window frame against the sandblasted coffee table and the zebra rug! 


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE-chippy frame with mirror-stonegableblog,com

A mirror used as a base to corral a vignette will show every speck of dirt or lint or dust! Make sure you start out with a squeaky clean mirror!  You want a mirror to reflect the objects on it and not any smudges! I use a lint free cloth to get my mirrors sparkling! I also heard that newspaper works too.


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE-simple is best-stonegableblog,com

The BIGGEST mistake we make when displaying things we love in vignettes is to use lots of little items. YIKES! Lots of little things don’t have the same decor weight as a couple of big things!  Go bigger and fewer! Especially when working with a mirrored base. The mirror will duplicate everything! And lots of little things will look very cluttered! Layer, add height, use texture, give your vignette a little organic love… but don’t overdo it! Let “edit” be your mantra!!!

If you need a little help with Vignette basics, make sure you see WORKING WITH TRAYS, a decorating 101 post about crating beautiful vignettes. Step-by-step instructions.


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE-neutrals with a pop of color-stonegableblog,com



I’m the queen of limiting color! I adore neutrals and feel so comfortable with them. Adding one splash of color bring tons of interest to a vignette. And the mirror will pick up that color so nicely! When using a mirrored base a little color goes a long way!


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE-neutrals and green-stonegableblog,com

A mirror will take candlelight and explode it into shards of sparkle like no other surface can! And don’t we all love that soft glow? Make sure to add a couple of candles to a mirror vignette. Simple as that!

Now, it’s time to think about all the mirrored surfaces you have in your home that could be upscaled into a vignette with a mirrored base!  Let’s do it!!!  Tell me what you think? Where would a vignette like this work in your home?

USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE-beautiful way to display a vignette-stonegableblog,com


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USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE-an easy style to recreate with lots of class and sparkle-stonegableblog,com


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  1. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love the coffee table vignette you’ve created using the mirror as the base!! It’s so pretty, and yet so simple….. I’ve been struggling with a new coffee table vignette since I took down the Christmas decorations and this post has several great ideas. I’m also looking at the post about using trays. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!

  2. Joan Miles says:

    Thank you very much. I love using mirrors even though they keep me busy cleaning them.

  3. So beautiful and so easy! Thanks for the tips.

  4. Great ideas, Yvonne. I want to try to incorporate some of your ideas in vignettes around my house. A question, though. I have a number of beautiful pieces of Herend porcelains (small animals that I have collected or been given to me over the years). I don’t have a curio cabinet in which to display them. I know smaller items are not as visually appealing, so any suggestions on how to display them so they don’t look lonesome and make an impact visually. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

    1. Hi Linda, I’d probably group them together. If they are the blue animals I might group them with a big blue willow urn. Just a suggestion.

  5. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Love the mirror, love your tips. Would you use this on a dining room table?

  6. Looks fabulous and great idea to use a window frame…all the panes are sectioned off for you to add your items perfectly!

  7. Your vignette is gorgeous! The colors complement each other so well, and the window-turned-mirror base looks absolutely beautiful. Your advice to use use only a couple of colors and to use fewer, bigger items really makes a big impact. I love the little potted plant you have as well! I may have to get a mirror-based vignette now; I just feel so inspired!