I want to sing the virtues of a bed tray but I have a horrible voice. So let’s talk about bed trays today! Do you have one? Do you want one? I love having a bed tray on the beds in my rooms. They are different, useful and can be decorated to work with a bedroom. I love to have a table of sorts when reading or writing or even having a cup of coffee in bed. Today, let’s talk about bed trays!



If you don’t have a bed tray here are some reason to get one!!!!

5 REASONS TO LOVE BED TRAYS- Versatile, functional, beautiful bed trays! Why you need one



5 REASONS TO LOVE BED TRAYS- Versatile, functional, beautiful bed trays! Why you need one

Bed trays are just downright fun! It feels so special to hop into bed with a bed tray! They give us a flat surface to put a drink or a snack on. And if you like to work the crossword puzzle or read or even do computer work they come in handy. You can even put them to the other side of the bed for a handy extra surface for anything you need.

My guest always comment about how fun it is to have a stocked bed tray in their room!


5 REASONS TO LOVE BED TRAYS- Versatile, functional, beautiful bed trays! Why you need one

You can’t get better than a bed tray to add another layer of decor to a bedroom. I love that a bed tray can be decorated when the beds not in use and amps up the fabulousness of a room! 



5 REASONS TO LOVE BED TRAYS- Versatile, functional, beautiful bed trays! Why you need one

What a great surprise to see a bed tray on a bed. It’s just so unique! ‘Nuf said!


5 REASONS TO LOVE BED TRAYS- Versatile, functional, beautiful bed trays! Why you need one

For me, the best reason to have a bed tray is to create a vignette. It’s all about the vignette, people! Think flowers, books, personal items. And if you are using a bed tray in a guest room make it personal to your guest. Maybe a little picture of someone they love!

I get lots of email about bed trays. Most ask what to do with the bed tray when I go to bed. The easy answer is to put them on the floor. And when I make my bed in the morning I add the bed tray back onto the bed.

5 REASONS TO LOVE BED TRAYS- Versatile, functional, beautiful bed trays! Why you need one

Bed Trays come in so many styles! So you can choose one that suits your needs and decorating style! Some have legs, some don’t. Some have removable tops, sides that hold books and even cups for drinks. 





5 REASONS TO LOVE BED TRAYS- Versatile, functional, beautiful bed trays! Why you need one

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  1. Your bed tray is beautiful. What a great vignette also including reading glasses! I may have to invest in a tray for my guest room.

  2. Marilyn S. says:

    Great ideas -I think this would be a great gift for my sister -I think I’ll have it waiting here on the guest room bed when she visits and then let her know she can take it home with her. I’m very curious about the bedside sconces are they hardwired or do they have a cord for plugging in (one story of looks like it might have a cord). They look like a great idea but I would only be interested in one if I could simply plug it in. Thanks

      1. Where did you find the sconces? I fell in love with them in your guest room makeover post.

        1. Hi Diane, I found them on Wayfair, but they are out of stock. Sorry!

  3. I love bed trays. I am having company this week I am going to have to do it.

  4. I have a bed tray on every bed, I have collected antique China breakfast sets and they make a beautiful vignette in every room. Love what you have done with yours!

  5. Anne Marie says:

    Golly I have one stored in the garage – think I will dig it out and put it to use – love your ideas.

  6. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love it! “It’s all about the vignette!” It sure is! Any kind of tray I can get my hands on I love creating vignettes. I love your bed tray, I’ve always loved that piece.

  7. I love your style! You always inspire me to try new things. You are the best!! Enjoy your Monday.

  8. Jacque Avant says:

    Love this idea of bed trays. Thank for sharing you ideas.

  9. I love trays and have them around my house.
    Your guest room looks so charming like a B & B.

  10. Bed trays seem to add just the right welcoming touch to any bedroom. They seem to say come and get cozy and relax!

  11. Eat a late. breakfast in bed every day…..never thought of a tray. Thanks. Starting the hunt for one now.and my grandson will think it is fun tool

  12. Gail Young says:

    A bed tray would be a great addition to any bedroom! And would especially make a guest room pop! Thanks Yvonne for linking some companies that sell them, I have looked everywhere for one like in your photos.

  13. Vee Muller says:

    I may have to buy one and start having breakfast in bed!

  14. Marcy Leonard says:

    On a girl’s day out 41 years ago, a good friend and I attended an extensive antique show in Dallas, where I remarked that “someday” I would have breakfast in bed on a lovely tray: tea. croissants, fresh fruit served on lovely china. The next year on my 30th birthday ( and me being very pregnant with my 3rd child), that same friend swept into my bedroom with a lovely wicker bed tray set just as I had commented the year before (my husband was in on the planning). In 2 weeks that friend and her husband are visiting on the occasion of my 70th birthday, and I am planning coffee and croissants for them on bed trays!

    1. What a lovely story Marcy. Happy Birthday and do enjoy your friends and your special time together.

    2. Thanks for sharing your sweet story! Isn’t it wonderful to have such life long friends!

  15. Kathleen Lunman says:

    I love bed trays! It is so nice to have one on a guest bed with nice accessories–gives that extra special welcoming touch.

  16. Deb Gregory says:

    I love bed trays! I used to display a teapot & cup with saucer & a book on one that I used in our guest room. My granddaughters loved it! Now one of them has a daughter & I think i will do this again & see little Gracie’s eyes light up when she comes over. I think bed trays add a touch of class, as well as a delightful surprise. Thank you for reminding me.

  17. Dianne Lanier says:

    Love, LOVE the bed tray! I want the Cambridge tray.

  18. Hmmmm…..I want the exact one in the photo!

  19. What is the brand of the bedside table or is it a Wayfair exclusive?

  20. Maggie Nelson says:

    I love trays and you can used them in so many ways. Love the today’s podcast!

  21. Elaine Guenther says:

    I use one of many bed trays for my guest room. We call it the B & B Bedroom. In fact , its so sweet I use it myself, when my husband starts snoring in our master bedroom!! Love you………e

  22. I love the ideas for the bed trays.
    Thank you!

  23. Tammie N. says:

    My mother gave me a bed tray over a year ago and I just hadn’t done anything with it. Now, however, you’ve inspired me to paint it (it’s a blah blonde wood color) and decorate it. Thanks for a timely post!

  24. This is something I have never had…. but I like the ideas you shared as well as the different styles!! There might be in in my future!

  25. Carol Elkins says:

    I have never thought of getting a bed tray until my husband recently had surgery. I sure wish I had one then!

  26. have never had one…they look great though…very stylish!

  27. Madeline Bradley says:

    Love your ideas, very inspiring! Where did you get the “grateful” sign above the bed? Love it!

    1. Hi Madeline, I got it at a local shop called Calico Designs in Lancaster Pa.

      1. Madeline Bradley says:

        Thanks for getting bavk to me. I love receiving your blogs!

      2. I tried to find the shop on google but don’t see it listed. I do see a Calico Corners; could that be the place? I’d love to place an order for the sign if I could.

  28. Yes, I agree bed trays are quite functional and lovely, however, my hubby likes to take an afternoon snooze and the bed tray would be coming off the bed linens in disarray so it’s either the bed tray or sending him to his recliner which isn’t a bad idea. One thing we do have is a very pretty tray, so when he is in the mood I get breakfast in bed and he is a good cook and can make the most delicious cheese and grits you’ve ever tasted-so maybe I better let him snooze in the bed more often-don’t you agree.

  29. Love bed trays….and love your sign !

  30. Maria Awad says:

    I have never had a bed tray before but it is so beautiful. Hope to find one while thrifting!

  31. Avril Crundwell says:

    This is great. I had totally forgotten about my bed tray until I saw this post. I love the idea of breakfast in bed or as you have so nicely pointed out an extra layer of decor for the room. I’m going to pull mine out and get busy. THanks again.

  32. Christine says:

    I have always loved a bed tray . I have 2 white wicker bed trays and there was a time ( many years ago ) that “breakfast in bed” was served on these trays . Our daughters , both with May birthdays, would awaken on their special day to the breakfast of their choice . Candles, crystal,china,silver and cloth napkins atop the tray made each birthday very special .
    Our daughters are grown adult women on their own now and sadly , the bed trays are stored under our bed .
    The memories are precious . Thank you for this post . I am certain to use my favorite wicker tray in the guest room after reading this !

  33. Julie Briones says:

    Fun post! Love all the different choices! Thanks, Yvonne!

  34. The Cambridge Bed Tray is only $41 (compared to $100 at listed site) at Amazon

  35. Love the idea’s and your bed tray!!! Thank you for all the tips…. I did not realize there were so many choices…

  36. Norma Rolader says:

    I have looked and looked for a bed tray thank you for sharing

  37. I keep a bed tray on one of the twin beds in my guest room. Usually decorated for what ever season it is but always with blue and white pottery added in to go with the color scheme in the room. The grandchildren love to see what is on it when they stay over night.Adult guest like it too.

  38. Candy Thomas says:

    My sister and I have been redecorating my mom’s house and because you are my favorite design inspiration, I had already ordered the Cambridge tray and a beautiful vintage white wicker tray from ebay for her two guest rooms. I decorated them so similarly to your design ideas, that my mom (who also follows you), immediately said, “That is sooo Yvonne Pratt!” I took it as the biggest compliment ever!!

  39. Hi Yvonne, your bed tray vignette has inspired me. I love looking in at my guest room and a bedtray will add so much. I love your Pom Pom pillow shams!! Where can I find them?

  40. Maria Stephenson says:

    Such a delightful and gorgeous bedroom room. Love the bed tray. I have one but have never used it except when my granddaughters used to stay over. It is a shabby chic one white with roses on it and fold in legs love it.

  41. Rebecca greenberg says:

    I just bought my first bed tray at a vintage store for twenty dollars. It is made with a gorgeous Brunswig fabric of pink ,greenred and yellow tulips laminated on a plastic tray.nexti I found one on eBay made of white wood that looks like the Scully and Scully bed tray. Now it is my go to wedding gift from S and S.

  42. Where can I find the bed tray in your blouse , looked everywhere

    1. Hi Carol, I found this at the Pottery Barn. I’m not sure they still have it. Check online there.

  43. Pamela Hall says:

    I have the Scully and Scully tray or one like it and didn’t realize it. I think I purchased it in the early 1970’s and it’s white. I’ve always thought they looked glamourous in a bedroom. My two children loved to surprise me when they were little with breakfast in bed on special days. This weekend I have been reading through many of your blogs and posts and have become excited again about changing some interior areas of our house The “Shop Your House” especially caught my eye plus it seems that I have the same taste in most of the design work that you enjoy. I was an interior designer, floral designer as well as crafty for many years and retired from it several years ago. Needless-to-say, you have really inspired me to get creative again. Thank you so much for all of the interesting things that you share with us. God Bless…….