5 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW WHEN GARDENING-Stay healthy and safe while working in the garden this summer! stonegableblog.com

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I love the gardening… or at least the ideas of it! It is amazing to see how quickly things grow and bloom and sprout this time of year.  What we planted only a couple of weeks ago has already taken root and are well on their way to being large established plantings. For those of us who love to putter in the garden and for those who are just as happy to water front porch pots, there are a few things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and safe while we are outdoors and the temperature soars!

5 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW WHEN GARDENING-veggie garden-stonegableblog.com

8 WAYS TO ENJOY GARDENING-stonegableblog.com Gardening is more of a workout then we often think. So we should pay attention to our health and safety so we can enjoy one of Americas favorite pastime. 

8 WAYS TO ENJOY GARDENING-brita in the garden-stonegableblog.com



5 WAYS TO ENJOY GARDENING-stonegableblog.com

As the temperatures in my area reach 90 or more in the summer I tend to wear light colored cotton shirts that covers my shoulders, long lightweight shorts and good sturdy sneakers when I’m out in the garden. Also, a must for me is a denim bib-style apron with big pockets. The apron saves the front of my clothes and gives me pockets to carry a pair of reader’s and other little things I need. At the end of a morning or evening of gardening I usually have a pocket full of weeds too!

Don’t forget to cover your head with an airy floppy hat and wear a big pair of sunglasses! 




I know most of us probably forget to stretch before we garden. But would you run a 5K without stretching or start an aerobic class without warming up? Gardening IS a physical activity. Lots of bending and stooping and pulling and carrying. Take a couple of minutes to stretch your muscles before and after gardening and you won’t feel as sore the next day!



Sunscreen is the best way to keep looking young! NEVER go out without wearing it. And this is especially true when we are out in the garden. Make sure to slather it on areas that are often forgotten but get lots of sun when gardening like the back of our neck, our ears and the back of our legs… as well as any other exposed areas! 

If you are going to be out in the garden for any length of time… reapply!!!!


BRITA WATER BOTTLE-with filter-stonegableblog.com

I am a huge water drinker so I never go into the garden without my water bottle!

Water gives us energy! We loose a lot of water throughout the day and need to replenish it to maintain and balance all of our body fluids. Sometimes when I am tired, it’s my body telling me that I need to drink water!

Water also helps to energize our muscles (and we will certainly need them when gardening) and keeps our skin looking young and supple! Drinking water is also a great way to control calories! Drinking it instead of beverages with calories is so much better for us!!!

I’m using a Brita Hard Sided Water Bottles this summer! It filters the water I drink right from the bottle. Pretty cool!!!

Brita Hard Sided Water Bottles hold 23 ounces of water and are BPA free! My favorite feature is the “easy sip straw” that folds up and down! When I put my Brita Hard Sided Water Bottle down in the garden the water won’t spill out if I knock it over! Again, Pretty cool!

5 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW WHEN GARDENING-brita water bottle-easy sip straw-stonegableblog.com


I got my Brita water bottle from Walmart… IN THE HARDWARE DEPARTMENT!

5 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW WHEN GARDENING-Brita in packaging-stonegableblog.com


Don’t just drink water when doing sports or gardening… make it a habit to drink it all day long!


5 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW WHEN GARDENING-garden flowers-stonegableblog.com

If you are out in the garden for any extended amount of time make sure to take a little break often! It’s important to not overdo!!! Get in the shade, sit down and even put up your feet and drink water!  Breaks will give you added energy and keep you safe from sun related illnesses!  

I make sure I take breaks. If I push myself too much in the heat I get dizzy and that is not good. If I take breaks I can be out in the garden for hours!

Now, are you ready to put on your garden gloves and dig in the dirt? Don’t forget these 5 simple, health tips then… grab your water bottle and get moving!!!!

5 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW WHEN GARDENING-snapdragons-stonegableblog.com

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5 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW WHEN GARDENING-Great tips for staying heathy and safe when gardening in the summer! -stonegableblog.com





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  1. I can attest to gardening and a workout. I wore my Fitbit yesterday and I cleaned bathrooms and went out side to conquer the weeds. By 3 pm My Fitbit buzzed that I had achieved my sneaker award -10,000 steps. I still wasn’t done for the day. Thank you for the reminder about the water and sun screen. I remember the water but sometimes I just have a little extra time and go outside for some yard work.

  2. My husband is our gardener. He makes sure to cover himself with bug spray before going our in the garden since he’s had a couple of bouts of Lyme Disease which are caused by the tiny deer tick. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. I love my garden; when and if ever I sell this house, my garden, I thought, would be a great selling point. Then again, as you say, it’s a lot of hard work, and either the buyer will be someone like me, or afford a full-time gardener? I just potted red geraniums a month ago and placed them on every other step leading down to the garden–there are 76 steps! Right now, they are in full bloom and looking gorgeous! I must remember to us sunscreen, especially on my hands! Thanks for the great tips!

  4. OK- wearing an apron in the garden is a revelation for me!! I have been gardening for years (with the help of my hubby) and I’ve never thought of doing that. What a great way to carry, glasses, tissue and clippers. Thanks for the tip!!

  5. Great tips..gardening is very physical. I tend to take a lot more breaks that when I was younger. Another great tip I I buy those painter masks and use when putting down Preen or spraying weeds. I don’t like inhaling all of it..

  6. Cindy Rasley says:

    Excellent advice! We have a huge vegetable garden on our farm and a workout is an understatement! So many weeds! So much to do in all the gardens! Taking a break ! Drinking water ! The hat and gloves also are a must! I always try to go out early or late at night! Never in midday! Too hot! Also garden boots are a must for me and a scooter seat too! Take care! Your garden is beautiful! Cindy

  7. Katherine says:

    Very important for gardens is always wear gloves. You don’t know what is in under the soil or new plants you are working with. My doctor warned me many years ago to always wear gloves – because I have allergies to penicillin and sulfa. There are usually mold spoors in soil and if you have a small cut it can have serious consequences.

  8. Yvonne,
    Great Tips, dear friend!!!
    I can attest to the fact that “Mr. Ed” our Master Gardener does all, but the stretching!!!
    I’ll share that one with him!!!
    Me, I’m happy to watch him from the comfort of our home through the Patio doors!!!
    Trust me. . .it’s a “win~win” situation!!!

  9. Great tips to remember before we head outdoors. Thanks
    Be blessed

  10. Danny 12345 says:

    How did you make the wonderful ‘plate and hook’? It is a brilliant idea, my favourite vintage plates with hooks.