DRESS UP YOUR SPRING DOOR- Here are beautiful wreaths with instructions to make all of them

One of the very first things I do to celebrate a new season is to grace the front door at StoneGable with a pretty wreath. Nothing gives a more heartfelt and cheery welcome to anyone coming to my front door than a big, bold wreath! I’m working on my 2017 wreath right now to share with you next week. But I have 5 other door worthy wreaths to share today. All are easy to make and full of spring inspiration! I bet your front door would look beautiful with one of these spring infused wreaths on it!

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Today on our podcast DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS we are talking about something I love love love… MIXING PATTERNS.We have lots of tips and tricks and some good advice on how to mix patterns like a pro! And we’ve even made a Pinterest board with tons of examples. See the link to the Pinterest board in our show notes HERE.

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This happy, wispy wreath highlights one of the earliest bushes to bloom in the spring! It even has a little bird’s nest tucked in its branches! Don’t you love the bright yellow?

DRESS UP YOUR SPRING DOOR- Here are beautiful wreaths with instructions to make all of them


I love this wreath for its big fluffy look and cut out monogram! Who doesn’t love a pretty monogram on their door? If you want an easy and fast wreath this is the one for you!

DRESS UP YOUR SPRING DOOR- Here are beautiful wreaths with instructions to make all of them



I must admit this is my favorite spring wreath. I love that it is a little unkempt and wild. Just like the brambles around StoneGable in the early spring!

DRESS UP YOUR SPRING DOOR- Here are beautiful wreaths with instructions to make all of them


If you are looking for a spring wreath that will show off the very best of spring, how about this full and colorful tulip wreath? Add your initial to the wreath and personalize it! 


This twiggy forsythia wreath will fill up your whole front door with pretty spring color! So, so easy to make!

DRESS UP YOUR SPRING DOOR- Here are beautiful wreaths with instructions to make all of them

I hope you have found at least one spring wreath for your front door this Spring!

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DRESS UP YOUR SPRING DOOR- Here are beautiful wreaths with instructions to make all of them



  1. I think there is a song that says something like love them all, large and small. That is my feelings on your wreaths. Although I have to admit the forsythia is the favorite. Simplicity is never a bad choice.

    1. I added a Spring wreath to my front door and feel very happy every time I drive in my driveway and see it hanging on the door.

  2. I donned my front door with my forsythia wreath just yesterday! Your wreaths are inspiring. So much so that I’m taking a cue from you and adding a sweet nest asap. Thanks.

  3. Your wreaths are beautiful. I think my favorites are your forsythia ones. I also especially like your cherry blossoms wreath. So sweet! I’m looking forward to seeing your newest creation.

  4. I love this post. We own a Condo as second home. My family knows our condo by the wreaths! I have been tempted to remove ugly condo
    wreaths and put a new one in its place LOL
    I like the Forsynthia wreath. I have a blue front door.
    Thanks again Denise

  5. Thank you for posting these pictures of these lovely wreaths. I grew up in England,so they brought back a lot of memories! My Mother, bless her, loved forsythia. I will definatly be making some of these for my upcoming Spring Boutiquess! I’m retired from 9 5 job, so all I do all day is play at my crafts. Thank you!

  6. I love to have a wreath on my front door! I change them out in the seasons. My sister bought a square wreath last year that is all greenery and she paid a lot of money for it. I went to the craft store and purchased a square wreath frame, and used greenery garlands I bought 50% off and wired them around the frame, and tucked in a few faux succulents and it turned out great! It’s my favorite wreath and I enjoyed making it. I’m always inspired by Stonegable!

  7. Great post, love the wild mossy wreath! After following your blog for quite some time I can’t take this any more! I have to ask, beg… can you do a feature on the beautiful grounds and gardens of Stone Gable? Pretty please!!! I would love to see these gorgeous brambles you speak of. And I am very interested in seeing the landscaping and gardens. What does Stone Gable look like from the outside?? I’m dying to know and I’m certain I’m not alone! 🙂

      1. Ooooh, I look forward to seeing your wreath and your outdoor spaces!. I love all the wreaths you have shown us today

  8. I like the wreath with the nest on it. It reminds me of spring weather and the birds coming back to our area for the summer.

  9. As always, your ideas are so great! Have been thinking about a spring wreath for the front door, now I’m really inspired to get going on it!

  10. I love the forsythia one. Looks like I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. I have a grapevine wreath, now to get the forsythia stems!!

  11. I have a wreath on my front door year round, I love changing them up any time I feel like it. I keep them in bags hanging on the garage wall, much to my husband’s dismay. He say’s I’m obsessed but I don’t care, I love them!

  12. Just love them all—-but the brambly one is my favorite! I’m doing sprint this weekend in spite of the snow!

  13. I love decorating with wreaths and I love making them! I need a new spring wreath for the front door, and I think that forsythia wreath looks lovely! I believe it’s time to hit the craft store.

  14. Love them all, I really need to make one for my front door, now which to choose……. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love all your wreath ideas. Too bad I only have one front door. Maybe I can hang one or two around the house.

  16. What a beautiful blue door. It makes an excellent background for all of the wreaths. I too admire the Forsythia as there’s something about blue and yellow that delights me. It’s like sunshine and sky. I would also enjoy the tulip wreath. I could mix my favorite color, magenta, with some lighter shades of pink. Thank you for the great ideas!

  17. All of those wreaths are so pretty. This is food for thought as my Spring wreath has seen it’s better days.

  18. You always come through with the best wreath ideas for each season, my all time favorite is the frosythia…always reminds me of Spring

  19. I keep a seasonal wreath on my front door all year because my porch looks so bare without one. I love the forsythia wreath. I think I will put mine up today even though it’s snowing.

  20. They are all beautiful, my favorite is the Brambly Wreath! I love the pussy willows, I just bought a dwarf weeping pussy willow to spring up my kitchen! Thank you for all of your great ideas!

  21. Love the first forsythia wreath best because of the bird nest, but they are all beautiful…I miss pussy willows, we don’t have them down here in the hot coastal South! Sigh! Cardinals built a nest last year under our patio umbrella, so pretty with Spanish Moss, bits of shiny paper that they find to decorate (I also have a humming bird nest with Hersey Kiss paper)…I have put the Cardinal nest on my spring wreath on back porch!!!

  22. Great inspiration! I need to do a wreath that is light and airy for my front door… more like the forsythia ones you have displayed. 🙂 Thanks for the tips, too!

  23. Love the forsythia one! Still snow on the ground and cold here in MT, but…spring will come eventually!

  24. ! love the wreaths!! they are so pretty and easy to make! Thank you Yvonne for sharing these with me!! We will be making some for Spring!! LOVE it!!

  25. I love the wreaths and my forsythias are blooming. I have thought in the past that I need to make a forsythia wreath for my front door. I also love the moss and birds nest. All of these I know I can do for myself. Love this and thank you for sharing.

    I do hope Yvonne, that you are feeling much better. Spring is coming and you are going to have to get outside. I do hope that you will be feeling better soon. I am sure this has been hard on you. Take care of yourself and thank you for the pictures and pretty ideas.

  26. These wreaths are beautiful! I love the one with the “P” since I live in the “Poore House”?.

  27. I am making two of the tulip wreaths this weekend-one for my door, and one for my mom’s at her assisted living apt! It looks so simple and so amazingly pretty. Thank you!

  28. Love them all! I have a spring fern wreath that has a nest and eggs tucked into the bottom. I would like to add a bird but I’m having trouble finding the right size. They are either too small or too large. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

  29. Love to read your blog. You have a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing all your ideas with us! You give great ideas & instructions. Thanks!!

  30. I really like all of the wreaths you shared with us! I have a Forsythia wreath, but I think I am going to change it up this spring and make the Brambly Spring one! I love birds so this one seems right for my front door! We still have snow in this part of Canada and we are going through a cold spell right now, but it is supposed to warm up next week so hanging a spring wreath seems fitting. I also hang wreaths on my doors inside our home as well since I have so many. I find that they brighten up the space and are so welcoming!

    As always, you come up with such great ideas, Yvonne! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  31. Thank you so much for the Decorating tips & tricks podcast; perfect timing as we are all welcoming Spring inside our homes. Good realistic suggestions!

  32. Good morning!…..Love all these wreath ideas, but had to also tell you how much I love your recipes!….I have made a few of them in the past, but most recently made your cheeseburger soup!!!…OMGoodness!…..it was a huge success!…..thank you for making me look like such an amazing cook!…….Your friend, Heidi XO

  33. I love the feeling of Spring that your Wreaths inspire. Right now I have a Marti Gras wreath on my front door, (made with Dollar Store finds)which I will replace with a forsythia one, and then one that looks like an Vine Easter Basket filled with spring flowers. Wreaths don’t only have to go on front doors. I’ve hung them above my fireplace and I find they make great large wall fillers, instead of standard Artwork. There are so many ways to get your wreath fix! Keep your wonderful ideas coming!

  34. Thanks Yvonne for all the inspiration and ideas for wreaths.I have 11 exit doors in our 100 year old farm house. You have given me inspiration to create a couple new wreaths for Spring. Our forsythia and pussy willow are blooming here in Illinois, I can not wait to go outside and cut some branches and bring spring indoors. Have a good afternoon.

  35. Just gorgeous as always !!!! Wreaths are my FAVORITE !!!! Just put a new spring wreath on my front door !!! Michaels … on sale ! Yaaaaa !!!

  36. I love your blog. We are in the process of renovation our 80’s home and it has been so helpful to check out your blog for ideas.
    Thank you so much for taking time to invest in others.

  37. Like the forsythia wreath… Mine are not in bloom yet, but with the crazy weather we have had, who knows! Perhaps it will work for Easter.. I’d love to add some Easter eggs in with this wreath.

  38. I’m inspired to ” think Spring” even though we had snow flurries this morning! Really pretty wreaths

  39. I love the Brambly Spring wreath! Not only does it welcome guest but it definitely welcomes spring! Thanks for sharing these ideas with us.

  40. Lovely wreaths! My favorite is the Beautiful Brambly one…I love green and the nest is so adorable tucked there. Looking forward to Spring right now our weather is so crazy unpredictable! 🙁

  41. Love changing wreaths for the seasons and holidays on my front door. Just put out my forsythia and willow wreath that I had added a birds nest to. Says spring to me even if the weather has returned to more wintertime temperatures this weekend.

  42. Each wreath is prettier than the other. I cannot make up my mind which wreath is my favorite.

  43. Thank you for this lovely post. All the wreath are just gorgeous. Just in time fro Spring.

  44. I simply love the bramble wreath because it is bushy and messy on purpose that makes it look so beautiful. Always love your style of decorating and your great ideas that share with us out in blog land!!!


  45. Really lovely wreaths–love the whimsy of the bird nest but like the wildness of the forsythia one best!

  46. So many beautiful wreaths! I am excited about making my Spring wreath…with so many options, it’s so hard to make decisions!

  47. Indeed it seems it’s time to dress the door. Spring is appearing earlier here in the south. I must say I like the forsythia wreath it screams spring.

  48. Love them all, but I’m going to make the “Brambly”. Thank you for the great spring wreath inspirations!

  49. I LOVE YELLOW!!!!! Yellow has always been my favorite color since childhood!!! Your forsythia wreath with the birds nest is soo precious! LOVE IT!!!

  50. I really appreciate your posts on what you are cooking each week. The ideas are very helpful. I had a chance to make the blueberry muffins last week and everyone loved them!

  51. Love the wreaths. I made one from burlap and geranium bloom and initial. TFS! Love your blog!

  52. I like tulips, but I love daffodils and lilacs. I wonder if the tulip wreath design would work for either of t hose flowers.

  53. Hi Yvonne! I have been enjoying the forsythia wreath. I also reviewed your write up about your favorite tablescape items. Sure wish I knew where you get some of your fabulous little pitchers and dishes.

    Leslie W.
    Antelope, CA

  54. Just listened to the podcast, again in my car. Surprised I didn’t have a wreck when you quoted my comment about the pillows! Again, I’m yelling, “That was me! That was me!” I can’t help but laugh when I think about what other drivers, on our packed So Cal freeway, are thinking about the crazy grey-haired lady yelling in her car! LOL! But, it’s all worth it!

  55. Oh my! These are gorgeous! I love the pussy willow and bird nest one best! Pussy willows are so sweet and remind me of springtime so much because my parents had a pussy willow bush when I was growing up! Thanks for all the tips you put on your blog!!! Love it!!

  56. Yvonne, you always make such lovely wreaths! You’ve given me some new inspiration, for sure. Can you believe our crazy weather this winter? Now, we’re having a wintery day again with some snow flurries. I so hope it doesn’t harm the trees and flowers that have come into bloom early. Hope you have a great weekend

  57. My favorite is the tulip wreath. On my list this weekend! Love all the posts and podcasts. Could spend all day with you guys … never a boring moment with you guys! Happy weekend, and I lock forward to your Sunday Scripture.

  58. Love all of them! I just bought a grapevine wreath the other day to make one with my extra forsythia sprigs I had. I like the look of the moss & little nests!

  59. I really like the forsythia wreaths and the one with the pussy willows! We live in the country and it is always officially spring here when the pussy willows can be found on the farm!
    Thanks for sharing some much needed spring inspiration!

  60. I bought a twig wreath last year and added forsythia branches. It looks just like the second forsythia wreath you posted. I will wait until after St. Pat’s Day to put it up.

  61. You inspired me to get busy and make my new spring/ summer wreath today. I’ve been collecting the flowers I wanted to use, so after seeing your pretty wreaths I decided today was the day to put it together.
    I’m new to your blog but I love all your tips and beautiful pictures ! Love your podcasts and plan to listen to them all !
    Happy Spring!

  62. I started to work on my wreath yesterday so today’s post it come just in time. Love the podcast about mixing patterns.

  63. I love the spring wreaths pus you in the mood for warmer weather on the way !!!! Thanks for the great ideas gonna make 2 or three

  64. Great wreath ideas Love the tulips. Oh and the brambly one! My front door is leaded glass so I have a forsythia wreath on a side wall and branches of forsythia in a tall container by the door. But- what to use for SUMMER???

  65. I am hoping that today is the last of our frigid cold weather. My door is ready for spring! I love the pussy willow wreath! Last year I had a lavender wreath but I have two front doors! I think the one by the garage needs one too!

  66. Working on my wreath! Thx for inspiration! Grandfather used to call forsythia “forcynthia” just for me!

  67. Loving all the spring inspirations! I’ve really been enjoying your podcasts….please keep them coming:)

  68. Love the wreath with the birds nest and pussy willow . Will be making mine today but will add a little yellow forsythia for some color. Watched all the videos on painting cabinets and the mirror medallions will try that next. Thanks for an up beat blog and very informative do it yourself. Pam Marty

  69. I love, love, love the wreaths!!! Here in Arizona, I miss the change of seasons. It does help to decorate for spring!

  70. I love a good wreath. My parents owned and operated a florist for about 25 years when i was growing up. However, I’ve yet to have a front door wreath that the birds don’t stake a claim on as soon as it is hung up. I love the birds, and am a good provide for the them. Always keep the feeders full here in my new home. But I have found that the flat board type door hangings are made just for me and the birds leave them alone. In the summer I have a anchor that “Welcome”. Loved the post today.

  71. The tulip one is pretty but I like the naturalness and simplicity of the the for brambly one and the forsythia one with the nest.

  72. Love the wreaths you share I have made several and have loved each one. Thank you for sharing. Love your inspiration

  73. I made a spring wreath with yellow forsythia and yellow tulips. It turned out so pretty- I used your wreath as an inspiration!

  74. Wreaths are always such a welcoming delight for the front door. Thanks for the new updates I can make.

  75. I love all of your wreath ideas! Great idea for the tulips and the initial. A must try for me this Spring. Thank you Yvonne!

  76. I loved seeing all of your spring wreaths! My favorite is the forsythia one….my forsythia bush in my front yard is blooming and so beautiful!

  77. Love love love! I’ve been searching for the perfect one for my door. Now, I have to decide which one to make!

  78. Thank you for sharing how to mix patterns in our decor. You share so many tips that are helpful and mindful on what we want the focal point should be! I personally love texture, mixing wood, metal and fabric… makes it feel cozy and welcoming.

  79. Love your site. A cup of coffee – stonegable tips and pictures -, equals a tiny bit of heaven.

  80. I see several forsythia wreaths on doors in my neighborhood, so pretty and matches all the blooming forsythia bushes!

  81. Yvonne, Gorgeous wreath ideas. I have double doors so there is always double the expense. I am inspired to tweak the ones I have after seeing yours. I saw my first robin two weeks ago, but I live in Virginia so we are a bit ahead of those of you farther north! I, too am very eager for Spring!!

  82. I love them all! Now I just have to pick ONE to do! Decisions, decisions! Thank you for the inspiration!

  83. Yvonne – LOVE your spring wreath ideas. They are simple and not fussy over the top. Also I would love to know where you purchased your sofa pillows. I am redoing our familyroom and I am using navy, blue and green. LOVE them.
    I am so glad I recently discovered your blog. I get so excited when I see your emails.
    Thank you,

  84. I have made the tulip wreath and the forsythia wreath; now I’m going to make the pussy willow wreath.
    I depend on you for almost all of my wreath-making tutorials, and I love them!

  85. Yvonne-I love these beautiful wreaths!! As always your style is fantastic!! I am inspired and ready to make one today-thank you!!

  86. Seeing these beautiful wreaths makes me want to get busy prettying up my front door for spring. I am inspired to try to make one of these wreaths this weekend. Thank you for sharing.

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