5 FABULOUS FALL DIY'S-Now's the time to make a little fall magic for your home!

Fall is the perfect time to pull out our glue guns and scraps of burlap and combine them with pumpkins and acorns and Indian corn to create something amazing! I’m sharing 5 fabulous fall diy’s that can be made in just a couple hours and will infuse our homes with fall beauty! Let’s get started!!!!


You don’t have to be a master crafter to make these diy’s because I’ve written a detailed tutorial for each of them!



5 FABULOUS FALL DIY'S-Now's the time to make a little fall magic for your home!

This wreath is really magnificent! It’s full and big and very showy… and so so easy to make. I have saved mine and use if from year to year! Be the envy of your neighborhood with this gorgeous fall wreath on your front door!


5 FABULOUS FALL DIY'S-Now's the time to make a little fall magic for your home!

I love to arrange these big, fun acorns every year. Aren’t they impressive? And they are very easy to make. My favorite way to display them is in a big dough bowl. Just think how many ways you can make these! You are only limited by your imagination. 


5 FABULOUS FALL DIY'S-Now's the time to make a little fall magic for your home!

I made these napkin rings for Thanksgiving but now I’ve used them many times a year. Everything you need to make the flower can be picked up on a walk in the woods! And the form for the burlap ring is a toilet paper roll! Who knew?


5 FABULOUS FALL DIY'S-Now's the time to make a little fall magic for your home!

Aren’t these adorable? A trip to our local Goodwill gave me perfect sweaters to make these darling pumpkins! I added them to white baby boo’s in a vignette.  These are so so easy to make!


5 FABULOUS FALL DIY'S-Now's the time to make a little fall magic for your home!

Wouldn’t you like to have this pumpkin in your home? It may look hard, but it’s really very very easy to make! And it will grow through Thanksgiving!

There you have it, my 5 fabulous fall diy’s! I hope you will make at least one!

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5 FABULOUS FALL DIY'S-Now's the time to make a little fall magic for your home!


  1. The succulent topped pumpkin is absolutely gorgeous! I hope to create this beauty for our Thanksgiving holiday. Wish me luck!!

    1. LOVE the sweater pumpkins!!! I am going to hit my local Goodwill this week in search of sweaters! Where can I find the paper twine?
      Lisa Gruber

  2. I love the succulent topped pumpkin! I am going to try to find faux succulents to make mine. I’d like it to last year to year!

  3. Oh the succulent topped pumpkin is something new and quite attractive. Now to find friends who has a garden full of hens and chicks that would like to share. =) Not sure what the viney little ball greenery is???
    Thanks for sharing a new idea with us. I needed something NEW!

  4. I love those sweater pumpkins – too bad I just donated a white sweater to my local thrift store; however, I’m going to take a look around and see if I can find something to make some.

  5. Digging in the basement for my glue gun…….My daughters and I are going to be giving some of these a try this weekend! And I think we may have to try them all as I cannot decide which one I like better! Thank you for beautiful and EASY projects!

  6. I love all of these ideas, but the succulent topped pumpkin is my favorite – I love succulents! It’s stunning!

  7. What do I love about your blog the most? The fact that even on a limited budget for decorating you are able to show how to use and reuse with a new look what we have on hand. Add a few new touches for a new look but do so in an economical way. Just last week I redid my autumn wreath and it only cost 7.99 at Hobby Lobby for a new wreath. You are the greatest.

  8. Again you have given us new ideas to mark fall decorating! I saw some faux pumpkins with the front cut out, would be great for real or faux succulents. Thank you, Linda

  9. I did the succulent pumpkin last year and really liked it. Your acorns are really cute, so maybe I will try them this year. What a wonderful time of the year!

  10. They are all wonderful ideas! I think my favorite is the succulent pumpkin, I need to do that! I have made a couple pumpkins and love that diy also! Happy Fall! karen….

  11. I love the sweater pumpkins for your Fall display! Also the burlap napkin rings are pretty! Our neighbors have a huge oak tree with pretty acorns that are ready for gathering. Also I have access to beautiful fresh pine cones that are falling! Thank you Yvonne for such great ideas!

  12. I love your ideas. I’ve made that indian corn wreath about 20 years ago and I loved it —-until the squirrels massacred it 🙂 Right up on the door – can you believe it? I’m slowly making the acorns you have here. I have two finished and two to go. That will be my weekend project. I love Fall….sigh!

  13. Oh, I love the pumpkin with the succulents. I have an obsession with them. These are all great projects. I remember that the “Succulent Queen”, Laura Eubanks over at Design for Serenity actually glues her succulents to pumpkins, and any other thing she finds, and they Grow Roots! Such amazing plants. Thanks Yvonne

  14. These are wonderful and simple craft ideas to add to my fall decorating. I love the idea of a few sweater pumpkins mixed in with all the others.

  15. Love all of these! I adore the napkin rings! There doesn’t seem to be a tutorial for that one however. There is for all the others. I would love to make them!

  16. I love the succulent pumpkin, the sweater pumpkins and the acorns. Might try the sweater pumpkins with a sweater I have that has seen better days. Thanks!

  17. Can’t wait for the little girls to get here. They will LOVE making the flowers for napkin rings!!!! I, on the other hand, can’t wait to make the gorgeous pumpkin with succulents. Thank you for all your hard work on the newsletter and your blog. We appreciate you!!!

  18. Love those white sweater pumpkins. I might have to venture into the basement dungeon and drag a sweater or two out of an old stash. Such fun.

  19. With the move in less than three weeks I’m thinking of going right into Christmas decor for the new place. I actually have more Christmas items than year round items. My oldest daughter LOVES fall so I think the mini corn wreath is a must for her. Thanks for the instructions!

  20. Where are some good places in Lancaster County to buy faux succulents ? Ready to make the succulent pumpkin craft, but hoping to use materials that can be re-used again.

    1. Hi Judi! The succulents on the pumpkin are real and I got them at Ken’s Garden. For faux, try ACMoore or Michaels or The Old Millhouse Shoppes. But call before coming down, I’ve not really looked for any there. Look for “faux succulents” on Amazon. There are tons there.

  21. I love all of your fall projects Yvonne, and I just pinned for future reference. Thanks for the inspiration and instructions!

  22. I love the succulent pumpkin! I did one (thanks to you) last year and just picked up my pumpkin yesterday to do one this year! Thanks for all the great ideas, Yvonne!

  23. After spending another day of 1oo degrees here in Texas, I really needed this to put me in a “COOL FALL” frame of mind! Thanks so much!!

  24. I love every season, but spring and fall are my favorites. Looking forward to cooler weather after the HOT summer we have had.

  25. Thanks for all of the great fall ideas! I’m in the process of making sweater (and flannel!) pumpkins now, and loving how they are turning out!! Would love to try the succulent pumpkin, too…..

  26. LOVE all of these ideas. I can’t wait to get started, especially the Indian corn wreath – beautiful.
    I wonder if it will attract birds…..

  27. I love this post! I made your Sweater Pumpkins last week and can’t wait for next..the succulent pumpkin!!
    Thanks Yvonne?

  28. Tomorrow is officially the first day of Fall/Autumn and these ideas are great. I especially love the sweater pumpkins. I think a tartan plaid fabric woul
    d also look great and bring in some more of the traditional Fall colors! Happy Fall Y’all!

  29. I purposely bought two bluish pumpkins for this idea..I stacked them with the smaller one on top..I used my succulents that I have. It turned out lovely.Thanks for the inspiration…next the sweater pumpkins!!!!?

  30. Great ideas, thank you, BUT the link to the Pinecone and Acorn Napkin Ring doesn’t seem to be working. Could you please direct us to the tutorial?

  31. I love all of these! Can’t wait to try making the acorns! I have shared a lot of these ideas with a Facebook group I am a part of, where all the ladies are obsessed with fall decorating and now following StoneGable! I love your style, Yvonne!

  32. I’ve been shopping the house for fall decor, but saw the adorable sweater pumpkins and really wanted to make them. I didn’t have a white cable sweater to use, but I did have an old, worn out olive green sweater and a pair of white cable mittens that are too large on my hands. For the mittens, I merely rolled the thumb and cuff inside and found they were adequately filled. I tucked all in well and stitched shut. I’ve been saving an old doily that has a large round center with mini doilies sewed around it’s edges – it’s lovely but falling apart. I clipped off three of the small doilies to use as leaves – two for one pumpkin and one for the other. For stems I used two acorn squash stems, which I hot glued on (this was a tip that Yvonne shared last month). They turned out adorable. With the green sweater, the sleeves are wide so I cut them for squat pumpkins. I used leftover stuffing from an old pillow. Then I used garden twin to wrap the stem. To give it curl, I wound around a pencil, sprayed with hair spray, and used blow drier to set. I had some leftover ivory felt, which I used to make leaves. I love how these turned out, too. Thanks so much, Yvonne, for your wonderful tutorial!!

  33. There are two things I’d love to make first. First is the Indian corn wreath. It is so striking!!! I’m not able to drive so I’m not sure when I’ll go out but I have time.
    The other that simply blew me away is the pumpkin succulent. It’s been in the 100’s and sadly my birthday succulents in a giant pottery mug had some fry. But today was cool so we shall soon have cooler weather. Although it’s to be 98 this Saturday!!! What a long summer!!
    Such striking decor are the acorns. I don’t have access to pine cones though!! But I did find my walnuts and added to a cylinder and pillar candle and around things in my oblong basket corralling things on the coffee table!!! I’m so in style??heehee!!!

  34. As always Yvonne your ideas are so creative. The pumpkin with succulents is stunning. I’m inspired by your beautiful projects and lovely home.

  35. I am happy I signed up for your website. Im excited to see what you have to offer for all of the different holidays!

  36. Target has some nice faux pumpkins that are really reasonable. I bought some to use for the succulent planters and found the succulents on close out at Michaels. I am making them for the residents at our nursing home and I know they will love them. Thanks for all your inspiration.

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