5 EASY TIPS FOR SETTING AN ORGANIC TABLE- Bring the outdoors inside and set a super easy and beautiful table. I'll show you how I did it!Setting a table can be easy, simple and stunning for spring (or any season really) when organic elements are involved. Today’s post is all about bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside and using it on our tables. Organics mix so well with tableware. And the best part… these tablescapes tend to be less fussy and frilly… but oh, so fabulous! 


Let’s deconstruct this spring tablescape and look at 5 things that will help you set an amazing, organic spring tablescape …

5 EASY TIPS FOR SETTING AN ORGANIC TABLE- Organic spring tablescape-stonegableblog.com


Nests are the perfect way to embellish a spring table. Although I DO NOT recommend using real ones, there are some very realistic and fun nests in most arts and crafts stores. I love to use them on top of a dinner plate and then let everyone take their nest home as a little remembrance. They are a signature sign of the season!

You can see how to make your own, easy to make nest HERE.

5 EASY TIPS FOR SETTING AN ORGANIC TABLE- bird nest-stonegableblog.com



The grapevine chargers on this table look like large nests to me! Organic chargers ground each place setting and bring great texture and feel to a tablescape. They have big eye appeal!

I found these at The Pottery Barn.

5 EASY TIPS FOR SETTING AN ORGANIC TABLE- grapevine chargers-stonegableblog.com



A limited color palette taken from nature will give a spring tablescape a very organic look. My favorite combo is naturals, white and greens that mirror what’s going on in my yard! 

5 EASY TIPS FOR SETTING AN ORGANIC TABLE- natural colors-stonegableblog.com



We all love burlap! It’s textural and organic and so on trend right now! I say burlap is now a classic! Use it as a table runner, tablecloth, placemat or even to double up with a usable napkin! Just use it!

5 EASY TIPS FOR SETTING AN ORGANIC TABLE- bird napkin ring-burlap napkin-stonegableblog.com


I can’t pass up a curly stick, or an old wooden box or any kind organic fluff. I think these little “bits and pieces” add so much design to decor! Forgo a big, fussy centerpiece when looking to set an organic table and don’t forget to add flowers to your centerpiece, like I did! And add some sticks and twigs for height and interest. SIGH!

How about planting annuals right into a centerpiece? So pretty!

5 EASY TIPS FOR SETTING AN ORGANIC TABLE-sticks-twigs-annuals-stonegableblog.com








Aren’t these 5 tips easy-peasy? Here’s wishing you a spring filled with lots of chances to set a pretty organic table!



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  1. Love these, especially the sticks and branches. Wish i had a picture of my thanksgiving table, where i use the beautiful pitisporum clippings on the table. Their gold berries and dark green leaves entwine perfectly around my creatures made at the santa barbara botanical garden from various conifers and seeds.
    I always try to “have something living” in the house. A sprig of several somethings from the yard with a touch of a geranium in a small vase or liqueur glass fills the bill.
    There’s just so much of God’s creation we can being in to our own homes ❤️ Amy from santa barbara

  2. Good morning! The suggestions you gave today are so practical and affordable. Nature is all around us and bringing it into the home is so refreshing. You have stirred my juices for setting the dinner table with natural appointments for a Spring effect. The bird napkin holders are so delightful. Where did you find them? Thanks and have a nice weekend.

  3. Love the organic table settings! Beautiful! I try to have something natural around on a table but place settings would be fun! Thank you!

  4. I love the Wallace flatware with the “Napoleonic Bee” pattern! Just ask me how many times I have “almost” ordered it from Horchow!!! For spring tablescapes, nests are the best…new life is springing up everywhere this time of the year…my favorite time…aaah-chooo!!! Pollen is definitely in abundance this year.

    Happy Friday!

  5. I dream of little weekly parties where it’s simple fare but set pretty. I could do that. Maybe I can try to do this this year. I like using allysum on the table!! Then plant in the flowerbeds afterwards. Perfect touch to that fresh spring feel. As always, I get ideas and motivation from your posts!!

  6. I tried to post earlier but it never showed up:( Just wanted to let you know how sweet I think the natural appointments are and it is nice to have a little nature to enjoy inside.

  7. Yvonne,
    Another beautiful, inspiring table setting. Twigs and bird’s nests get me every time. Love wild, twining curlicue branches.


  8. Love the natural look you have created Yvonne. Where did you ever find those bird napkin holders. They are fabulous thx. As always for the wonderful ideas.

  9. Spring Happiness on the dinner table (or elsewhere); your table settings always inspire me and your blog gives me a daily feel-good hug!

  10. I love your beautiful tables that you set outdoors!….Have a beautiful week Yvonne!

  11. Another beautiful tablescape, Yvonne! You are such a talented lady! Thanks, so much, for the inspiration! Blessings!