5 CREATIVE USES FOR A LAUNDRY BASKET ... practical and pretty!

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I’m a laundry basket kinda girl! I have lots of plastic ones, a few great wicker ones and one beautiful distressed metal one. I use them for laundry, of course…. but over the years I have found tons of uses for them. They are a great way to store, tote and display things. And they are one of those necessities that we cannot have too many of. I found a fabulous laundry basket that works as a great decor piece. What a win win! Here are 5 creative uses for the laundry baskets in your home!

A big thanks to Antique Farmhouse for sponsoring this post and giveaway! Isn’t this laundry basket something special? I sure think so!



LAUNDRY BASKET-with-boxwood-wreath

I bet many of us have them but we don’t use them regularly! Keep one laundry basket upstairs and one down (or wherever your washer and dryer are). That way you will always have a basket for your clean clothes and also for the dirty ones you need to wash. Smart, common sense!


5 CREATIVE USES FOR A LAUNDRY BASKET ... practical and pretty!

A laundry basket can be like an extra set of hand when you need to take down decorations. Pile all decor that is coming down in a laundry basket and then carry it to where everything all need to be put away. Do the same when decorating too. I carry my seasonal decorations from the basement to the shelves in the garage (where I keep current seasonal decor) using a laundry basket. This saves many, many trips!

I keep a laundry basket filled with all my faux greens in it at Christmas. It’s easy for me to carry from room to room filling urns and tucking greens into my existing decor. I use a small round laundry basket for this!


5 CREATIVE USES FOR A LAUNDRY BASKET ... practical and pretty!

Laundry Baskets are a great place to fold and stash off season sweaters or light jackets or shorts or mitten, gloves and hats. Free up drawer space and hanging room. Laundry baskets work great on the floor of your closet for items not in use.

I also kept a big laundry basket in the garage for my kids play shoes. This saved many of clean floors from getting dirty!


5 CREATIVE USES FOR A LAUNDRY BASKET ... practical and pretty!

This is one of my favorite ways to use a laundry basket! Especially, when my kiddos were little. Books standing up were easy for my children to find and to put away. I also kept a stash in each of my children’s bedroom in a small laundry basket (bookshelf overflow). My kids like going through the laundry basket more than the bookshelf.

Older children can have laundry baskets to keep their backpacks and school things in. 

And I love to put books in my decorative laundry basket… especially my decorating books! I also keep large, on-going projects in laundry baskets. 


5 CREATIVE USES FOR A LAUNDRY BASKET ... practical and pretty!

 I keep this pretty Antique Farmhouse laundry basket in a guest room filled with white towels for our guests. So pretty and very practical!

I usually put a basket on the bottom shelf of the basket filled with bottled water, snacks, mints and a few extra fun things like the latest magazines and a great, easy-read book!

Let’s not just do 5 creative uses… how about a few more?

  • Keep a laundry basket in the back of your car to put packages and groceries in so they don’t roll all over!
  • A laundry basket makes a great make-shift sled for a child. FUN!
  • Garden basket. Perfect to collect veggies from the garden or weeds.
  • Declutter helper. Grab a laundry basket and quickly get rid of the clutter. Just make sure you put the things in it away at some point!
  • Toy! Especially toys with little pieces! Stick them in a laundry basket.
  • Keep a laundry basket in your closet for old, but good clothes, shoes, etc. When it is full… donate the contents.
  • Beach tote. If you have lots of “stuff” to go to the beach. Throw it all in a laundry basket!
  • Use a laundry basket as a side table. Especially one that is as pretty as the one from Antique Farmhouse! Keep your remote, magazines, books reading glasses things like that all in one pretty place!
  • Turn a laundry basket upside down to protect plants during a storm
  • You can make a dog carrier out of two laundry baskets. Just turn one upside down on the other and twist tie them together. Who knew?
  • Use a laundry basket as a recycling bin
  • And think of the countless ways a child can play with a plastic laundry basket. What fun

Now you have 17 uses for a laundry basket! Can you think of more? If you can it will count as an entry in the giveaway! 

I hope you will never look at the humble laundry basket the same way again! And I know that you will love this beauty from Antique Farmhouse! I do use it for laundry when I am not expecting guest. It’s the nicest thing about doing laundry!

You can purchase a laundry basket just like mine today at Antique Farmhouse. Their sale goes live at 11:00 est.

Let’s have a GIVEAWAY!

One lucky StoneGable reader will win this gorgeous, sturdy, vintage-styled laundry basket from Antique Farmhouse! If you like this laundry basket, you will love the other wonderful finds there too!

5 CREATIVE USES FOR A LAUNDRY BASKET ... practical and pretty!

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5 CREATIVE USES FOR A LAUNDRY BASKET ... practical and pretty! Male sure to enter the Laundry Basket Giveaway

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  1. Stephanie Phelps says:

    That is so cute I would love to also use it for my granddaughters dolls and stuffed animals!

  2. So cute, baskets are great for everything. Would look great in my laundry room.

  3. Terr Brosious says:

    When my children were little, too big for a baby bath, but still a little wobbly, I always bathed them sitting in a big plastic laundry basket in the tub. That way if they fell sideways, they only hit plastic, none of their toys would float away, and when they got out I simply tilted the basket so the water would run out, but all the toys stayed in. When the next person came to use the tub or shower they only had to lift out the laundry basket and, all the toys were still in it, and no cleaning out the tub from toys scattered all over. I do the same for my grandchildren now. I love laundry baskets. I’ve always kept them in closets instead of hampers to make doing laundry easier, and I also collected all toys at the end of a day in them and used it to carry them back upstairs to the kids’ rooms. Thanks for this post,nit brought back lots of memories.

  4. I would love to put it next to the tree and hold the gifts.

  5. Cristy Ridey says:

    Baskets are great to hold guest towels or magazines.

  6. LOVE this laundry basket!….I have used laundry baskets in many ways and most of the ways you have stated other than the books…great idea….I have also used a vintage laundry basket to place Christmas gifts in under the tree…I have also purchased a wicker laundry basket and filled it with gifts for a baby shower…Great giveaway~

  7. Love this laundry basket and all your great ideas for them! I’m seeing laundry basket in a whole new way! A collection of throws in the winter or pillows not in use at the moment would great!

  8. I would use it for a planter on my patio.

  9. Anne Haun says:

    I would like to use it as a plant holder – would be so pretty with vines growing around the basket.

  10. Nancy Marino says:

    Oh, I love this basket… it would be sweet holding all the tatted lace, ribbons, yarns and threads I use in crafting and gift wrapping.

  11. I love your blog, your home and your decorating tips! I use a laundry basket to hold all of my granddaughters toys that she plays with. They are also good for tub toys in the bathroom! I would love to win this beautiful vintage laundry basket!

  12. It would be great to hold the pillows that are taken off the bed in the guest room at night!

    1. Regina Perkins says:

      Awesome idea! This antique basket would be beautiful for that purpose!

  13. I would put all the plaid throws I have been collecting!!

  14. Lisa Cooper says:

    What a beautiful basket! I would love to use it as a large plant stand.

  15. I actually do need a laundry basket in my laundry room and this one is PERFECT. But you could also innsert a zinc tub for a fun summertime drink holder.

  16. take to garden when harvesting vegetables…rinse with hose before bringing into house

  17. Lanita Anderson says:

    This might be one of my favorite posts – there are so many uses for laundry baskets and you’ve included several great ideas! I’ve used them over the years for toys, for a hamper in bedrooms, for transporting things when moving, for long trips, not to mention, for laundry!! My college student also used his for a make-shift sled a few semesters ago! I would love to win this decorative one – it opens up so many additional uses! Thanks for sharing and for the give-away opportunity!

  18. A young mother recently told me about using them for babies who are able to sit up in the bathtub. It “contains” them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I would use this in the kitchen to store all of the food items that I take to the food pantry

  20. I would use it on my porch for Christmas to begin with. I would place faux poinsettias in the top, perhaps putting something in to lift them above the rim. Then I would use live evergreens as filler. On the bottom I would have “snow” spilling out with reindeer and mercury glass ornaments. Since my porch is covered, I might also wrap a couple of boxes and tuck into the vignette. I could easily change decorations for spring or bring it inside as decor or use it for actual laundry!

  21. nancy mcneill says:

    love this post. i use a laundry basket to pick up quick when unexpected company is on the way. Helps every time

  22. Michele Laramay says:

    I keep a laundry basket in my car for my aldi shopping. I just throw everything into it and have one of my boys carry it in when I get home. Handy.

  23. Karen VanLoo says:

    I LOVE that laundry basket, it’s precious! I want one.

  24. Teddee Grace says:

    I’m already an Antique Farmhouse subscriber and am now following both them and you on Pinterest. I can’t afford to purchase much on line, but have, in fact, purchased two items from Antique Farmhouse in the past year and love both. Their prices can’t be beat.

  25. I do a lot of charity crocheting. Baby hats, kids hats, prayer shawls, baby blankets to name a few. I have a few colored ones that I use to keep items sorted by donation site – hospitals, organizations, etc.

    I have also found keeping the yarn I am working with in a laundry basket makes it easier – I thread my yarn through one of the openings…especially helpful if you switch colors up like I do.

  26. Lauren Faczan says:

    What a great post and fun giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity! We’re currently in the process of moving and I’m using a couple of laundry baskets to cart things across town safely in the car. That’s about as creative as my fuzzy, “too much packing, not enough resting” brain can get right now! lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. robyn donnelly says:

    Could always use for carrying your items around for cleaning instead of going back and forth constantly.

  28. I use a large red plastic laundry basket to gather fresh greenery from my yard to bring in the house for Christmas decorating. Love the antiquee one! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  29. Wendy Shipman says:

    I have often used my laundry basket to assist in house cleaning. I would walk from room to room gathering anything that had migrated to a room where it didn’t belong, and depositing in it’s proper place when I passed through the room where it did belong. But this hamper I might use for a Christmas gift-wrapping station with a wicker basket riding on the bottom to hold tags, scissors, ribbons, etc. I like that it’s on wheels so I can easily move it to within reach of a table, but keep it, in all of its holiday splendor, tucked in a cozy spot.

  30. The basket could be filled with wedding shower gifts!

  31. I think it would be nice in the kitchen with my cookbooks on bottom and dish towels in the top. Also love the idea of putting my granddaughters babydolls in it. I could find many way to use it. It might just move all around the house!

  32. Love this laundry basket. I have always used plastic baskets to hold my laundry but also use them to pick up items at the end of the day that belong in other areas of the house. They are great for so many jobs! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  33. Would love to fill this basket with towels for the pool.

  34. I already am subscribed to Antique Farmhouse as well.

  35. I have one near my couch…filled with white chunky yarn. The wire makes it good looking!
    I am making pom pom wreaths, and I can just toss the finished pom poms in with the yarn till I am ready to use them. I need another one to use for the rest of my needs. They are simply great.

  36. I absolutely love this laundry basket and you offered such great uses. I’d use one as pretty as this to store/display my antique cutting boards in the kitchen or extra fabric/yarn in the craft room or to store display cozy throws for those cold winter evenings. I’ve used plastic ones for holding gift boxes for wrapping; to hold small gifts to wrap; easy access to diapers, burp cloths and baby wipes, and as a housewarming gift filled with some necessary essentials (cleaning, paper products, etc.) for friends moving to a new town.

    Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  37. Our twin baby granddaughters love to sit in a laundry basket together for their bath. They never want to get out!

  38. I love this basket! I have had my eye on it for a while. I would use it either in my craft room to hold fabric and yarn, in my sunroom to hold plants and flowers, in my bathroom to wrangle towels and soaps or in my kitchen for fresh fruits and veggies. It’s perfect for so many things.

  39. This metal laundry basket would be lovely by the fireplace with kindling in it.

  40. Lisa Marks says:

    I love to leave one at the bottom of the stairs. What ever needs to go upstairs, goes in the basket. This way I am not making multiple trips ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. I like to use laundry baskets to carry food items to family gatherings. They can’t slide around in the back of the van. I also love to use them for throwing junk in for road trips. They are excellent for any time you want to corral your stuff!

    But if I won this one? It wouldn’t be holding junk. It would be the basket the other baskets are jealous of.

  42. Sue Murdock says:

    Love this basket! I think I would use if for gift wrap paper, ribbons, tissue paper, etc.

  43. Love the finds at Antique Farmhouse! I have ordered a few things from them for my Little Cabin in the Big Woods. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This vintage laundry basket has so many possibilities!

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and thank you for offering this chance at a giveaway.

  44. I keep a laundry basket in the trunk of my car. I use it to contain my grocery bags on the ride home from the store and then carry them into the house because we all know two trips are for wimps. After I unload the grocery, I place my reusable tote bags in there and put it back in the trunk. I always have my bags with me this way.

  45. Michelle Baker says:

    I found a beautiful vintage French laundry basket that I use to hold throws and blankets in my living room. Makes them easily accessible and it’s cute! This Antique Farmhouse laundry basket is amazing. Would love to win it. Great giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I use a laundry basket to collect items I want to take with us to our weekend getaway home. I usually have 1 for meals/groceries that I am bringing, and another 1 for none food. Much easier to carry in 2 baskets and a cooler than wrestling in tote bags and suitcases.

    I just love your blog and all your clever ideas!

  47. I would love one of these adorable baskets. i really like the idea of putting your wrapped presents in it.
    I have a small living room and a big tree is out of the question. hmmmmm..

  48. Another good idea for a laundry basket that I recently heard about is to put one in the bathtub with plastic toys when bathing your little one and the toys stay in the basket with the child and when you drain the water out, leave the basket in the tub to “dry” out with the toys!

  49. Erin Rizzo says:

    I love, love, love this giveaway. This is one of their items that I always hope to win. It is so cha-cha. Thanks for the opportunity.

  50. I would use it for pillows and throws

  51. Pat Leveroni says:

    I have to confess that my sisters and I spent happy many hours using our laundry basket as a sled, sliding down the stairs, while our mom was at work ๐Ÿ˜‰ !

  52. Erin Ellis says:

    This would be fantastic for displaying my soft sculpture dolls and bears that I create!

  53. Great tips!
    Beautiful basket.
    Sorry I can’t think of anything that you have not covered.
    An old timey tip of sorts. My grandma was a farmer in the southern..very limited income.
    She took her babies to work with her in a laundry basket. Her parents did the same. They lived tough lives.

  54. mary kate says:

    How about using it to transport your picnic lunch over to the table?

  55. So excited about this! It’s going in my living room with all my handmade quilts piled in here instead of folded away in the closet. My quilts will get more use and rotation being visible in such a pretty basket.

  56. Love the basket! I would use it for fire wood, I would put enough wood in it for the day and wheel it back out for the next day! In the summer, I would use for flower scapes with a variety of plants, flowers and cover with moss to make it decorative. You could also weave a burlap ribbon around the top and tie a bow for added look.

  57. Randi Cook says:

    I just bought some new towels that would go perfect in this.

  58. Yvonne,
    The wire wheeled basket would be great to collect fresh produce on the back porch from the garden. I can also see it next to a potting bench used to hold gardening pots and tools.


  59. All of your ideas are great. We also use laundry baskets for toy storage and sport equipment storage in our garage and on our back porch.

  60. Karenann Sharrott says:

    This is such a beautiful laundry basket. I’d love to put it in my bathroom and fill it with guest towels and soaps. Thanks for such a nice giveaway!

  61. We keep our laundry basket on the floor of our closet and when it has dirty clothes in it, there’s usually a little bichon sleeping on that pile of dirty laundry.

  62. I would use it to store decorative pillows from my bed at night.

  63. Sheryle G says:

    Storing my grandkids toys so they are all in one place!

  64. Love the basket! I would use it to display my cutting board collection in my kitchen!

  65. I love this laundry basket on wheels, it’s different than any I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing all the great uses for laundry baskets. I love the idea of storing extra sweaters and other off season clothes in one in the closet.

  66. Soft fluffy towels for my guests and keep them in my guest bathroom where it would be attractive and functional.

  67. Last Christmas my granddaughters were at my house, so I went a little overboard buying gifts since I didn’t have to mail them. I put all their packages under the tree at first, but my two cats were way too intrigued with the ribbons and bows. I also found all those presents spilling out all over a nuisance when it came time to vacuum. I thought about putting each girl’s gifts in baskets, but I couldn’t find any big enough. While in the dollar store, I spotted colorful laundry baskets. I made cute large nametags for each girl and tied them to their baskets along with some jingle bells and Christmas greenery, in went their presents, and my problem was solved. After they opened their gifts , they put them away in their baskets. No confusion, no mess and an easy way to haul their gifts back home.

  68. Laurie Van Roekel says:

    So many uses come to mind for this laundry basket! I can just see it in our guest bathroom for towels, in our guest/grandchildren’s room for books or stuffed animals, or, perhaps to actually use as a laundry basket in our master closet!

  69. Regina Perkins says:

    I use a laundry basket at Christmas time to put children’s Christmas story books in along with teddy bears & stuffed animals left from my children’s childhoods. I set it near our fireplace. Cozy & cute!

  70. How cute is that!!! I live in an old apartment and I have to use the shared laundry room down the hall. I think I wouldn’t mind doing laundry if I could push that down to the laundry room! Because I’m short on storage space it’s great that it can also be used as a display piece when I’m not doing laundry! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!

  71. I am constantly grabbing a laundry basket to carry things from one room to another…. and in the car when taking a pile of things…. like Christmas presents or food for a potluck…. to another house. All your ideas are great, Yvonne!!

  72. Nancy Bailey says:

    I would put this darling laundry basket in my sitting room and put my rolled hooked rugs in it to display them. I love it Yvonne!

  73. Jacqueline says:

    I love this kind of laundry basket. As you stated in your post, there are so many uses for it — and even if your laundry is out, it still looks good.

  74. So many ways to use this great basket, right now would use it on my porch & fill it with Christmas Gifts.

  75. Judy C in NC says:

    I would love the idea of the laundry basket being in my laundry room which is right next to the master suite. I would also like it in my quilting studio to hold bolts of fabric or quilts. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. Judy

  76. Roll up clean towels & keep in the bathroom if you don’t have a linen closet.

  77. I would love to use this in our bedroom or guest room to hold pillows, extra blanket or extra throws. LOVE it and love your blog and Antique Farmhouse!

  78. Diane Westbrook says:

    Ooh, How I love this basket and all the great ideas for it….I would use it in the laundry area and perhaps in the larger bathroom to hold all the extra towels and soaps, shampoos, etc. I have a couple baskets in the trunk of my car. In one I have umbrellas and small blankets, In the other I have my battery charger cables, windshield solution, etc….thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I look forward to your blog and to the Antique Farmhouse post to arrive on my computer!! Diane

  79. Love the Antique Laundry basket. I think it would work well at end of sewing table to catch overflow of excess drapery fabric. I make a lot for myself and daughter-in-law.

    Love all the Christmas posts, too.

  80. Stephanie Nicole says:

    I use a wire laundry basket to hold throws ?

  81. KittyLuvr says:

    Do you think my cats would stay in this lovely laundry basket? They love playing in my plastic laundry baskets!

  82. Sherri Gonyier says:

    It would be adorable with a Christmas tree in it!!

  83. I was looking for a tea cart for my guest bathroom to place towels, soaps, etc. but this could be just the ticket!

  84. Hey Yvonne, I am subscribed to Antique Farmhouse and love their products. I think at this time of year especially it would be nice to fill a large laundry basket with some new white towelsand washclothes, laundry soap, dryer sheets, paper towels, toilet tissue, kleenex etc and donate to a needy family. Don’t forget a big red bow and a plastic bag with change for the laundrymat. It would bless them and also you.

  85. when our house was for sale I used a basket to quickly pick up anything out of place, I would put it in the back of my car when they wanted to show the house. When I came home I would unload the basket and put the items away. Living in a home up for sale is not easy to keep show ready but this trick made it a lot easier.

  86. Hi Yvonne–I’m not sure my comment made it through. I was on my tablet when I originally commented and I think I did not type it in the right place. If this is a repeat, I apologize! When I did a long-term teaching sub job, I took a plastic laundry basket to school for the first graders to put their lunchboxes in when they unloaded their backpacks in the morning. When it was time to go eat, the kids simply plucked their lunchbox out of the basket as they walked by in line. It saved us time since the “buyers” didn’t have to wait while the “bringers” rifled through their backpacks for their lunchboxes. When the teacher returned to her class, she adopted the practice, too.

  87. I keep a laundry basket full of cozy throws next to the sofa!

  88. Jill Jones says:

    I have always loved this style of laundry basket. I would use it to store my sewing and stitchery supplies and it can easily be moved from my sewing room to the great room where I often do some of my stitching. Great giveaway and ideas for creative uses for laundry baskets, Yvonne. Thanks!

  89. What a great basket on wheels! Perfect in the bathroom filled with towels!

  90. Love this laundry basket! Perfect for displaying my quilts!

  91. Oh! I’ve wanted one of these for a long time but……retirement is a different world. Wouldn’t it look just sweet in my sewingroom filled with my vintage yarn hanks? Or maybe in the guestroom holding all the dolls my granddaughters adore playing with when they come?

  92. I keep our grandchildren s toys in a wicker laundry basket. I love all of the wonderful new uses you shared. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I invite you to list your giveaway n my giveaway page. Hugs
    P.S. don’t forget to enter my giveaway too

  93. Such an interesting basket with the wheels feature. I can imagine using it for rolling out equipment for my lady friends playing canasta. After the game Ican have the plates, napkins cookies etc ready to roll to the table.
    I always have plastic laundry baskets in the garage for various jobs……right now they’re holding drop cloths.

  94. Eleanor fodrey says:

    I remember by dad bringing a laundry basket full of gifts over Christmas morning for my children. They are adults now but still talk about that memory.

  95. I would fill it with towels in the washroom

  96. Hi Yvonne, love this laundry basket! Would be great in bathroom to keep magazines and extra toilet paper next to potty. Smiles, Deborah ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Hi Yvonne,
    This is my favorite blog, always stylish, beautiful ideas. The lovely laundry basket would be perfect to store some of my lap quilts in lots of scrappy colors. Happy Thanksgiving!

  98. I think it would look great on the front porch with a trailing plant and a lantern.

  99. Nicole Hobbs says:

    This would be beautiful filled with my (much too big) collection of wool bundles. I love to display all of the gorgeous colors and as a crafter, I could easily see which one I needed for my next project. So many great ideas!

  100. Anne Morgan says:

    I would use the laundry basket to keep my sweet Lexie’s dog things. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and has lots of toys, treats, leashes, and sweaters. Thanks to Antique Farmhouse and you for such a great giveaway!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  101. Heather S says:

    I would use it in my studio to hold supplies!:)

  102. GwenCondit says:

    My donation piles seem to get out of hand and fall over now that my husband and I both have disabilities which have caused us to be unable to drive regularly to a nearby drop off place. If my things were in a plastic laundry basket, they would be easy too pick up when a ride comes my way and I could easily see what is donation! And in this sturdy plastic basket, I would no longer have bags ripping and falling over in the garage. I’m going to have to do this!!

  103. I have a laundry basket that I use to carry food to new mom’s, etc. I just lay a towel in the bottom and it’s perfect for sitting casseroles in.
    Thanks, this basket is beautiful!

  104. Brenda Philyaw says:

    This is so unique, I LOVE having things that are rare and not everyone has one like it! I could really put this to good use!!