WORLD PEACE AND LESSONS FROM FIRST GRADE- What we learn in first grade could probably save the world!

You may not know this about me… I am a news hound! I could watch the new 24/7. World events fascinate me. I am very political and think I could probably run the world so much better than most of today’s leaders. It’s simple really. I know this because I was a first grade teacher.  Believe me, if you can teach first grade you probably can do almost anything!!!!  I think before a leader want’s to step onto the world’s stage they should have to repeat first grade… at least once!

There are lots of things we learn in first grade that would be extremely useful to them. I think most of them have forgotten these elemental things. Like getting along with others, and sharing and waiting your turn and following the rules and being part of the group, and managing anger, and not being selfish and all the consequences of not following the rules! We forget that sometimes we just may need a nap or a cookie to regroup.

When people would ask, “What do you do (as in for a living)”? I would reply, “I work where 25 people love me all day long!”

In first grade there is no reason to cry… did you know that? In first grade, we can fix almost anything! If a little one would come to me teary eyed I would say, “Don’t worry, we can fix that together and you will be fine by the time you get married!”

In first grade, you want to be part of the group. In first grade, you should feel safe. In first grade, if you mess up you get another chance to make it right… and get cheered on while doing that! In first grade, you are loved. Or at least you should be!

The flip side is… in first grade you are not allowed to hurt anyone. In first grade, if you throw your crayons or toy or books they are taken away from you so you won’t hurt yourself or others. In first grade, you may not say bad things to another person. In first grade, if you are mean you must sit outside the group until you feel better about things and can control yourself. Then you are received back in with open arms and probably a hug!

In first grade, if you break the rules, punishment is swift and appropriate and then discussed… in that order. And then you have a chance to make things right (with a caring teacher’s help). And THEN were allowed back into the group.

In first grade, you experience the wonder of learning and succeeding to your best ability and how to navigate in a world that does not revolve around you. 

First grade can be messy and loud and disorganized… just like life. But in first grade, you begin to learn to process the out the “noise” and stay on track. 

There is a whole lot of life lessons in first grade!

First grade reminds me of a wonderful verse in the bible…


This is a great lesson for first graders and for world leaders and for everyone in between!

The word peace is SHALOM. It’s the idea of being “whole”. Nothing missing. The idea of being perfect and stable and filled up in every aspect of your life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally… and on an on.

It’s the idea of living in the security of wholeness and well being. God tells us that we are to strive for a life that lives out wellness and wholeness. God and only GOD can give us that kind of peace… shalom.. so we can live at peace with everyone. 

Here’s what else Romans 12 has to say about living a life of peace with those around us…





The nuggets in these Words of truth are lessons I taught in first grade! Too bad I could not read them straight out of the bible! 

Yes, repeating first grade might be not only good for our leaders but for many of us too!

Too bad we can’t go back to first grade and have a do-over.

God has wonderful rudimentary Truths He wants us to learn without repeating first grade. His word, the Bible, is filled to overflowing with them!  Lessons that will help us in our journey through life. Lessons, when read and learned and applied to our lives, will give us the PEACE we all need and want!

On second thought, maybe our leaders don’t have to go back to first grade. Maybe they just need to read and learn the Bible!

This week’s Bible verse:


WORLD PEACE AND LESSONS FROM FIRST GRADE- What we learn in first grade could probably save the world!






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  1. Carol Brooks says:

    I remember first grade like that, but school is so different today and all that was taught when you were teaching starts so much earlier…if we could all live with a first grade mentality!

  2. Having taught 3,4 and 5 year olds for 28 years I just loved this message and agree with you wholeheartedly. I often said the same things. Our favorite Bible verse was used every day. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you1” The Golden Rule. If we could just follow it our world WOULD be a better place. LOVE your Sunday messages!

  3. OMG! I knew you were a great teacher by the way you laid concepts out in The Comparison Trap!
    Learning that you were previously a teacher explains so many characteristics that I see in you with your blog and your way of thinking concerning your layouts and reasoning! I just retired from teaching myself from middle school! However, I did my student teaching in first grade myself. Love learning those little tidbits from you whether it’s concepts about the Bible, menu planning, design or yourself personally!

  4. Amen! And thank you for this excellent lesson. We should start out every week reading this.

  5. Thanks for sharing today’s inspiration. How true! May God bless teachers. Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Yes, God bless all teachers and give an extra blessing to those that are His!

  6. Anne Marie says:

    What a wonderful, meaningful post – you are a marvelous writer in addition to a marvelous decorator!

  7. I agree with you, most of us could probably do first grade over again. Lots of good lessons are learned there that we sometimes forget.

  8. Wonderful words. Someone should send this to the editorial page of the Washington Post! Have a blessed day!

  9. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Good post, Yvonne! I think I’ll send a link to a friend who teaches first grade in Kenya, at a wonderful school for missionary children called Rift Valley Academy.


  10. Vee Muller says:

    If I could go back to first grade I would have the courage to ask my teacher to please return my Sally Star lariat that she took because I was playing with it in line before school. I assume she just forgot about it or else there’s a little old nun in PA having fun with my lariat! Good post, brought back memories!

  11. Love your message today.Have a blessed Sunday.

  12. If only… Shalom. Beautiful..

  13. Jan Fusco says:

    I love your post today. So very true. I can relate very well. I am a retired teacher of 35 years with 25 of those teaching kindergarten. Lots of lessons learned in kindergarten. Romans 12 is perfect. Thank you. Our super power…we teach (or taught). Teachers are real super heroes. Our leaders could use a little kindergarten and first grade “learnin'”. Or better yet, as you said…read the Bible.

  14. I don’t know how you like watching the news today! I read just enough to not be ignorant of what goes on around me. I got tired of listening to all the arguing. Yes our leaders reading the Bible instead of mocking those of us who do would be wonderful. If all leaders just followed the golden rule, that would be awesome. I pray for our country and I vote. Right now, that’s all I want to do.

    1. I read and watch the news in the light of God’s word! Always looking up!

  15. Carol Elkins says:

    Wonderful words of wisdom from Romans 12. Thank you for sharing!

  16. I just love this. My son is a First Grade teacher and I am going to share this w/ him. Definitely good words of wisdom here!

  17. Wonderful message.. I watch the news and pray for our country and our leaders too. You prompted me to remember some of my teachers from long ago! Those early years of learning make for some great memories… Thanks, Judy

  18. This world is completely out of control ! So much EVIL is living and trying to destroy our right to a peaceful society! So sad our wonderful President and administration who are trying to put God first and the rule of law BACK
    into our society that is so full of turmoil! Prayers and Stengh to ALL the GOODNESS that shall overcome ALL the EVIL trying to destroy our will !

  19. I read your thoughts as they come into my feed. Today I tweeted them out to my followers.

    I am a leader in our congregation, serving as a counselor in our “Primary”, the Sunday School for ages 3-11, for 2 hours each Sunday. Often there are those who cringe at the idea of teaching, singing, and sometimes refereeing this group of enthusiastic learners. Some ask “How do you ever feel the Spirit?” or say “I couldn’t never do that because I need to refill *my* bucket on Sunday!” or simply downgrade it to “babysitting”. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Within those 2 hours our group of leaders and teachers feel the Spirit of the Lord very strongly as He teaches all of us basic principles of Jesus Christ through age appropriate lessons and songs, truth that should stay with us forever and many that grown-ups often forget. “Become as a little child” has reverence and deep meaning for those of us who witness weekly little folks who freely forgive, who love freely, who participate without reservation, who never judge, who ask and are eager to hear God’s Word for them, and who earnestly try to follow Christ and all He taught. Let’s hear it for the teachers and leaders of children and bless us all to remember that we are *all* children of a Father who both loves and hopes for us all. One of our favourite songs: “Jesus said “Love everyone! Treat them kindly too!” When your heart is filled with love, others will love you!
    None of us can bring a non believer unto Christ with salt and vinegar, it must always be through true friendship first, allowing the Light of our Saviour to teach them, touching their heart, gently changing their perspective, until they realize they were His all along.

  20. Amen Yvonne! Love this, and so timely. You are very wise and I love this Bible verse. Thank you!

  21. I am saddened when I see our leader so disrespected. Whether we agree with him or not or voted for him or not, he is still our President. Instead of bashing him and calling him names, threatening him with impeachment etc. we will have our say at the ballot box in 2020. As you pointed out, in a country now so divided, we need to learn how to get along and stop having temper tantrums like six year olds.

    1. Sandra D in Joliet says:

      I also believe that no matter who we vote for, whether we are happy or unhappy with the outcome, believers are instructed to pray for our leaders and everyone. Timothy 2:1-2 – I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness and I Peter 2:17 – Show proper RESPECT to EVERYONE, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.

  22. Candy Thomas says:

    This sounds like the makings of a wonderful book!

  23. Yvonne, Great reminder of how we all should live. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Maggie Nelson says:

    Thank you for sharing one more side we didn’t know about you. If someone ask me who were my favorite teachers I would say: my first grade and six grade teacher. Excellent post Yvonne!

  25. Good idea too back to first grade and know what we know today. We all need to go back and learn the basic rules. What a wonderful thing to think about.

  26. I totally related to this post! I also taught first grade for many years and it is where my career ended. I’m going to reread this one so I hope I can remember it well. Thank you for your spiritual leading you provide.

  27. I know there are very good teachers, my little 4 year old granddaughter went to pre school in a Christian school….the teacher had her crying three times for not wanting to talk….needless to say her parents and this grandma was very upset and they took her out of that school so thankful for good kind sweet teachers that are wonderful to these helpless children

  28. Amen and amen! This reminds me of a poster that my kiddos pediatrician had hanging in one of his examining rooms that was titled All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.

  29. Pam Fogal says:

    Love that Bible verse……Living in Peace….. Have a great week!

  30. Thank you from yet another teacher who loves this message, live in peace and model that example to all God’s children! Thanks Yvonne!

  31. This is the best blog post ive read since I started reading blogs, last Fall, during post surgery recovery period. It’s a keeper.

  32. Sally Brown says:

    So true Yvonne, we are supposed to gain wisdom as we get older but instead we complain and point fingers. Matthew West ‘s song “Do Something” says it best…So, I shook my fist at Heaven, said, “God why don’t You do something?” He said , “I did, I created you”.

  33. Excellent, excellent message! My wish is that your message could be read by leaders of all nations. Thank you for your inspiring messages.

  34. I love the news too ! Think of my anxiety when we go away for a long vacation and most of the family we visited with had no cable at all ! I went into news with drawl ! LOL ! One had bunny ears but trying to adjust them and watch for a few minutes just to have the screen go wonky was horrid ! I was never so glad to be home…..

  35. Julie Briones says:

    That last sentence is key, Yvonne. We really can only have ‘world peace’ if we all turn to the Lord. And we have a willing and able Savior!

  36. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my love your inspirational words for world piece and lessons God bless and thank you Please keep Florida and us here in Georgia with Hurricane Irma

  37. Beautifully written!!!!

  38. Norma Rolader says:

    I love this world peace and thank you and God bless

  39. Jane Geiger says:

    Wonderful message we can and should all share. Thank you.

  40. Delcie Myatt says:

    Simply love this. Your timing is perfect. Thank you.

  41. When I tried to find your article about timeless decor I was led to this article. No matter. Every article you share has lessons that inspire me in one way or another. Thanks.

  42. I sometimes wish I could go back to first grade and know what I know now. It sounds so easy. I hope my grandson will be able to enjoy this time.

  43. I agree whole-heartedly that we all need a refresher on how to treat others. We have become a very self- centered nation not thinking or caring about who we hurt in the process of getting what we want. Thank you for reminding us what is important.

  44. Jan Fusco says:

    How true. I’m a retired teacher of 35 years with most of it teaching kindergarten. Lots of good life lessons you can learn in kindergarten. I agree with you…maybe our leaders should open the Bible and read and learn.

  45. Susan Bruchmiller says:

    Imagine my surprise when I just went to the site to see beautiful inspirations for my home, and as an extra bonus, I am now blessed and renewed with the wonderful,perfect word of God. Such truth in the what you write, thank you for spreading the good news!

  46. That was awesome Yvonne! A post for the ages!

  47. Teresa Emrich says:

    I was really excited about reading your post on how to make the mini pumpkin succulent table settings, but all I get is about world events. Can you tell me where to find instructions for mini pumpkins

  48. Amen! Amen!Amen! Be kind to one another! Agree to disagree, but, please stop the name calling and the “one upping”. Its very sad that our country/world is so divided. Thanks for your simple but poignant words!

  49. Norma Rolader says:

    God bless wish there was world peace … pray every day

  50. Doris Raab says:

    I was trying to get to the mini pumpkin post, but was instead linked to your Sunday message. It is a Wonderful message, Yvonne, and I’m very happy I didn’t miss it. Once the post for the mini pumpkins and succulents is up, I will look forward to reading that too.

  51. Brenda Fuqua says:

    Thank you so much for the reminder of what is expected of us. I so remember my first grade teacher Mrs. Inez Hill. Not sure if she is still alive or not. But a shout out to her. I still have a best friend that I started that class with 56 years ago. I know this is lengthy, but this is what the Lord has been speaking to my heart. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. JEREMIAH 29:22 I too keep up with news. Thanks for your kind, sweet spirit.


  53. Thank you for the great commentary in first grade!! I teach K and echo your thoughts and words! Love and appreciate your integration with God’s Word too!! Thank you!!
    Blessings …

  54. Had to laugh at all the first grade “lessons” !! Bet you were a wonderful teacher!

  55. I did love FIRST GRADE. After reading your blog I think it would be a wonderful place to spend more time. Thanks.

  56. You would make a great “write in” candidate. It’s simple. Treat others as you want to be treated. Great post.

  57. Maryellen says:

    I am also a news hound. I completely agree with everything you wrote. We need help.

  58. You are so right, if we could all live by Gods rules the world would be such a better place! We have strayed so far from them that it is almost a world unrecognizable. On that note Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Years?

  59. Melinda Goudreau says:

    Thanks for all the great tips Happy NewYear.

  60. Eloise Fitzsimmons says:

    As a retired first grade teacher, I agree with everything in this post! If you ever need a running mate, count me in. 😉 Now I know why you’re my favorite blog. THANKS !

  61. June combs says:

    I watch to much Fox, i also have thin skin and when someone says something harsh to me instead of letting the Lord handle it I shrink back and disappear from their sight! I have a goal this year of changing myself to pray for that person and myself to respond appropriately with kindness. This will take courage which I don’t Have! Haha….

    1. Sandra D in Joliet says:

      Hi June….You can do it, as a believer we have to remember we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. Not always as easy done as said because we get in our own way. I made a list of key scriptures I post near my computer to read. I love when something happens that makes me remember important things. This post will be one. I joined a Bible Study group and we would talk about things until everyone arrived. One lady started talking about how a lady was spreading gossip at church. One of our members was a deacon and he interrupted all the chatter and said “I’m sorry to hear about this, we should stop right now and pray for her”. Yes, he knew what direction we were taking and I’m sure he added a little extra to his inner prayer about us gossiping about the gossiper. I was new to the church and group so I wasn’t participating outwardly but my mind was busy with taking all this in so I’m glad he made a great example by showing us what we should be doing instead of complaining and gossiping.

  62. Carolyn Foxworthy says:

    I always love your Sunday posts. I think the scripture you shared today is a good thing to live by. I am going to commit to memory the verses and make them my New Year’s Resolution.

  63. Love this! I’m a retired teacher and I taught first grade many years.
    I’m studying Romans in BSF and will remember this when I get to chapter 12. Thank you for your wonderful insight.

    1. A lot of wisdom in this post!! Thank you Yvonne.
      Janet, I am in BSF in Oklahoma 🙂

  64. Jan Cochran says:

    Yvonne you certainly touched a lot of folks by the responses so far and good for you. You a a LIGHT shining in a darker world than when we were in first grade. Growing up in a non Christian family I loved my first grade teacher. She was so kind and loving that I felt like I was her only pupil.
    She set the tone for the rest of my education because early on I always loved school. Blessings to all teachers who share their love with those they teach .

  65. Sorry to correct the Information in Brenda Fuqua’s comment. But the verse in Jeremiah was posted incorrectly. Should be Jeremiah 29: 11. Just saying.

  66. I loved today’s blog. I wish everyone out there on social meadia would read this and be Changed by your words. I pray for our nations leaders and all who have a social voice that people look to for guidance would think how they are effecting the world especially little children. more importantly I pray the media that regurgitates what they want us to believe would share the truth and good things instead of their biased opinion. It would help set good examples of those first great values that need to be refreshed and then we might be able to have world peace. Sadly it is all because the all mighty dollar leads their way instead of God and the Bible.

  67. You must have been a wonderful teacher that students remember and love forever.

  68. Thanks so much for your beautifully said words and comparison of life lessons and first grade. I love your blog!! Thanks for all the tips in the many areas!! You are an inspiration!

  69. Jesus taught with parables and so do you! Great post and beautifully written!

  70. I loved this essay. I find the news and all the name calling and negativity upsetting. I just wish that we could just all go back to being polite toward each other. You must have been a wonderful first grade teacher. The children who had you for their teacher were very fortunate.

  71. I enjoyed this and do agree. Several times before and today as well, I thought the topic was choosing the perfect pillow, then this comes on…..??! At first I thought it was just a fluke, but no. Whether you know or care, no offense, just commenting. God bless.

    1. Found it on Designthusiasm!

  72. I love this!!! I wish everyone could read this and learn from it.

  73. I was lucky enough this past year to find my first grade teacher from 50 years ago on Facebook! She was one of my favorites (my other favorite was my 3rd grade Teacher, who gave me the love of reading). It was wonderful to get to know her on a whole different level!

  74. At 84, one of my favorite students and I connected on Facebook and he said, “For years I have been looking for you, I love you!”. That lets we teachers know we have made a difference in some lives. My little ones were too wonderful to put into words.
    Thanks, for such a lovely post today-I wish the whole world could read it.

  75. I’m sorry, but I’m confused……I clicked on “read more” to see: Here are 10 tips to help us hone a timeless decor look! It brought me to First Grade World Peace, and I was unable to find the 10 tips to help us hone a timeless decor look! Can you advise me please.

    1. Beverly Poag says:

      I did the same Jan, but what I garnered from 1st Grade World Peace was so much more than 10 decorating ideas. After watching the Democrats during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings for United States Supreme Court Justice I think they should all go back and repeat first grade. In my opinion first graders could teach them a thing or two.

  76. No wonder I love this blog so much! I’m a first grade teacher and political junkie too. The first rule in my classroom is ‘Be kind”!

  77. penny meade says:

    I turned on email to read your post on mantel décor. Wow, ” World Peace” what a gentle reminder, thank you for sharing what my spirit really needed today. Bless you for looking out for us. Penny Meade

  78. Kellee Kennett says:

    Thank you for your simply beautiful kind reminder as to how I should live each day. Will you make a beautiful floral printable of ROMANS 12:18? I will use the message displayed on the foyer table so we are reminded each and every time I we enter or exite our home.

  79. Way to nail it. I really appreciate this blog. You live your faith and that is so rare in these days. Thank YOU!!!

  80. I love your blogs and sometimes I feel like I have been to Sunday School. This one is so simple yet it reveals such wisdom. Our lives are so complicated and hectic and we are the ones that have created it. I am 77 and when I was growing up we lived by the very rules we learned in the first grade; if only we could go back and play by those rules today.

  81. Bless you Yvonne and the work you do to share in the The Lord’s beauty around us and within us. ?

  82. Glenda Shine says:

    I can not begin to tell you how much your Sunday post mean to me. I love and learn from your posts during the week but your Sunday posts feed my soul!
    Thank you for stepping out in faith and using your platform to be a witness to the world and a constant spiritual uplift to me.
    Glenda Shine

  83. Susie Jackson says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration you provide in your blog. I take screen shots of some of your photos so I can easily find the ideas that most appeal to me. I can’t wait to try your dishpan tip this Thanksgiving!

    Most of all, thank you for sharing your faith with readers each Sunday. I am a believer, and your Sunday posts are a source of wisdom and encouragement for me. You are a blessing to so many of us!


  84. I love everything you do! I get a lot of ideas from you!
    The article about you being a first grade teacher was on spot with everything!!
    I was a kindergarten, First grade & second grade Paraprofessional for 25 yrs. so I get what you are saying!! And it made my day!
    Happy Thanksgiving! And keep on sending your beautiful ideas and articles!!

  85. Wow! What a post. Very, very good!

  86. Jan Fusco says:

    Totally agree. I taught kindergarten for 25 years and those rules apply to our every day life.

  87. Sandi Racer says:

    I often do not have time to (or maybe I should say make time) to read blogs when they arrive but I’ve been trying to make myself follow the “push” I feel (coming from) God to do/make time for something “in the moment”. That was the case today when this arrived in my mailbox. As I have experienced in the past, listening to the “push” has been well worth my follow through. Every time I’ve received an unexpected blessing because of my action! Your message was well worth the few moments out of my original plans that it took for me to read it. Thank you! Too bad everyone doesn’t feel the same.

    1. Hi Sandi, I hope it blessed you! And I agree. Always listen to the Holy Spirit!

  88. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I have always said God made teachers and nurses and I could never be either. I admire both professions and feel these people are gifts from God. I will always remember my first-grade teacher and how caring and patient she was with so many little busy-bodies all over the place! Thank you for stirring up those memories! And your message reminds me that being able to forgive is how Jesus wants us live. God bless you and best wishes for a Happy Holiday!!

  89. You are a wise lady. Every child should be able to learn life lessons this gently.

  90. Julie Harris says:

    Love this post Yvonne. I shared it today on FB. You really have a way with words. Such a blessing! Thank you, Julie H from MI

  91. Sheryln Tamplain says:

    I volunteered every Friday when my daughter was in Kindergarten. I said then, everyone over 40 should redo Kindergarten. Your post reminded me how much I enjoyed those times. I’m retired now and may check out volunteering at our elementary school in our little town.

  92. Bonnie Gutierrez says:

    Perfect timing on this one! My wish is for every child to have a teacher who believes in all of these things!

  93. Janie Foltz says:

    Thanks for this beautiful blessing today on this day of JOY in Advent. This brought me Joy and Comfort. May you and your family have a season of much Love, Joy, Peace and Hope.
    Merry Christmas! Janie

  94. linda jensen says:

    so inspiring and encouraging. Spiritual plus beauty