Today’s post is a little different than usual! Since we are all housebound I’ve compiled a list of 26 FREE and FUN things you can do at home while we wait out COVID19 and stay safe! I think you will really enjoy the list! If will certainly fill your day!!! I’m checking off this list too!

1. SET UP A VIDEO CALL! We are setting one up for this Sunday and having dinner with our whole family! Facetime, Skype, ZOOM, Facebook Message and more! Just have face-to-face contact with other people! Tell people you love them!!!

2. TAKE UP A NEW HOBBY. My mom is going to teach me how to knit dishcloths via Facetime.

3. TAKE A TOUR OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST MUSEUMS. I’m so excited about seeing the great works of art from the comfort of my own living room! Go HERE to see 25,0000 spaces from around the world and steep yourself in art! And take a tour of the Louvre HERE! And you can go HERE and HERE.

4. LEARN TO MAKE A NEW RECIPE. Now is the time to step out and try your hand at making something new and delicious to eat! I’m learning how to make sourdough bread! You can learn so much on YouTube!!! Go HERE to see who is teaching me how to make bread and HERE to see who I’m following to make my bread.

5. TAKE A WALK EVERY DAY! Bobby and I are walking our quiet neighborhood! Getting out in the fresh air is so important, even for just a little bit each day!

6. STUDY THE BIBLE. Right now I’m taking a video tour of the entire bible through The Bible Project and it is just amazing! Each book is beautifully illustrated and a very good overview is given. Start HERE with an overview of the entire bible and from there begin in Genesis and so on! This is an excellent use of your time. Remember to get out your Bible if you have one! If you don’t get a free Bible HERE.

7. GET FREE HALLMARK GREETING CARDS AND SEND OUT A FEW LETTERS AND CARD TO CHEER OTHERS. Go HERE to get three free Hallmark Greeting cards. Do you know anyone who is alone? I bet they would love a card or note from you! My little grandchildren are drawing pictures (with lots of help) and their Mommies are sending them out to family members! So cute!

8. DON’S FORGET FOODBANKS! Go online to find your local food bank and see what food items they are needing now. I use Pea Pod to pick up groceries. So on my way home from the store, I’m dropping some things off to help others. This is a great way to feel so good about pitching in and helping!

9. READ A BOOK. Why not spend an afternoon with your nose in a book! Right now I am reading THE ALICE NETWORK by Kate Quinn. And if you have young ones at home read THE TALES OF NARNIA. This delightful series was one of my school children’s favorites as well as my own children.

10. START CLEANING AND ORGANIZING. Now that many of us have extra time on our hands why not get to that closet we have been wanting to organize! HERE is THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CLEANING AND ORGANIZING!

11. DO A CRAFT OR DIY. What better time to create! Make a WREATH or MODPODGE A PLANTER? Use this time to make one or two or twenty new things!!! One thing I’ll be making is another NO SEW BURLAP FLOWER PILLOW!

12. HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON – Many free or our favorite tv networks have wonderful movies for free! Check them out and plan a few movie marathon nights.

13. BINGE WATCH AN AMAZON PRIME SERIES- Amazon has such great series and movies! All you need is a Prime account.

14. SIGN UP FOR A FREE MONTH ON A NETWORK and watch a series. Bobby and I signed up for Brit Box through Amazon Prime (one free month) and we are we have watched Lake Rise To Candleford! I love historical period pieces! You, like Bobby and me, can cancel the subscription at the end of the free trial.

15. START A JOURNAL OR BLOG! You can write a journal or create it online for free. And why not start a blog! It’s so so easy! I think writing stories about your childhood is a charming idea to pass down to your family!

16. MAKE LITTLE BOOKS FROM YOUR PHONE’S CAMERA ROLL. This is so so easy! My favorite little books are CHATBOOKS. 60 pages for $10.00 plus free shipping! Okay, this one is not free but the shipping is! I’m making books from cell phone pictures of our last trip to see our daughter and family out in San Diego and of Christmas this year. These little books are darling!

17. SPEAKING OF PHOTOS, CLEAN THEM OUT! Oh, my! I went through many of my photos and got rid of tons of them. Out of focus, other people’s children, duplicates, etc! This is also a fun activity! A fun walk down memory lane! Make piles give to your kids, mom, grandkids, friends, etc.

18. DO YOUR TAXES. If you have not done them yet, now is a great time to get this job out of the way!

19. LEARN SOMETHING. Sign up free for Ted Talks and listen to the authorities in almost anything you can think of. Expand your mind!

20. READ STONEGABLE. LOL! No really! Go to STONEGABLE HERE and peruse 10 years of blog posts! Recipes, decorating, Bible Study, home decor DIY and so much more! Pin what you are finding so you won’t lose the inspiration!

21. STRETCH YOUR BODY. I found a very good stretching video for beginners HERE. Or look for one yourself. Walk and stretch every day!!!! Stay healthy!

22. DRINK WATER. It’s important to keep our bodies hydrated even if we are just at home! Add fresh lemon or lime or strawberry to your water!

23. ROUTINES ARE IMPORTANT. We humans love routines! So keeping a routine in times that are unique, different and stressful is important! Here are two routines you might like to incorporate into your day… 12 HEALTHY MORNING HABITS TO CULTIVATE and 8 SMART THINGS TO DO EVERY NIGHT BEFORE YOU GO TO BED.

24. HAVE A SPA DAY. Give yourself a Mani and Pedi. And a homemade facemask. See some HERE. And give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. I do this a couple times a month…Rinse hair with warm water and towel dry. Heat olive oil in the microwave till warm but not hot. Pour the oil all over your hair and work it through your hair with your fingers. Do this over a sink. Put a plastic bag on your hair and cover it with a towel. I like to keep the oil on my hair for about an hour. Rinse and shampoo. If you are rinsing in the shower be careful the oil is slippery! You will love how your hair looks and feels!

25. DRAG OUT THE BOARD GAMES OR CARDS AND PLAY. You can do this with those in your home or via live videos. It’s good for your mind! You can even play online for free HERE. You can also see free online jigsaw puzzles HERE.

26. STAY CALM AND CARRY ON! I love this saying! Times are different and isolating and scary! Please find ways to connect with your loved ones while following the government’s social distancing recommendations!

Be good to yourself and others. Give yourself and others lots and lots of grace! Pray for everyone!!!!

My dear friend, I hope you find some fun, productive and healthy ways to spend your days! I’m thinking of you and praying for you! xo

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  1. Barbara C says:

    This is great! Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you! These are fantastic suggestions and I plan to share your blog with some
    friends who now will have time to enjoy you!!

  3. Yvonne, thank you for taking the time to gather this interesting list of things to do for your readers! I learned of activities I was unaware of on the computer…puzzles…The Bible Project! Three friends and I plan to play bridge online. We played together years ago, but disbanded as each one moved away. We will have a reunion.

    Prayers for healing our wounded world…Stay safe out there!!!

  4. Gail True says:

    I love your suggestions….variety is the spice of life!! I have found book folding to be very therapeutic as I fold and listen to relaxing music or podcasts. The Bible Project is fantastic as well as getting outside when the weather permits! Press on quietly!!

  5. Kathy Nally says:

    Good morning Yvonne, what a fantastic list for us all to enjoy! Thank you so much! You are such a blessing to us all. Kathy

  6. Good Morning Yvonne. Thank you so much for this timely and uplifting post. A plethora of perfect pastimes!
    Some I am already doing, others have not occurred to me. I’m excited.
    Thanks again. Keep well, stay safe and God bless us all.

  7. Judy North says:

    Happy Friday Yvonne, This is an awesome list of things to do! I have already completed one in fact. Last week I made your “Pumpkin Spice Baked Oatmeal” and we loved it. It is a delicious and healthy breakfast. I had made some chunky applesauce and topped it off.. wow .. talk about comfort food! Thank you for your caring heart and everything you do! Love and hugs, Judy

  8. Thanks, Yvonne, as always, for your wonderful ideas and encouragement. Love the Bible Project. I always think of it as Cliff’s notes for the Bible. I always enjoy reviewing your previous blogs, as they are filled with timeless decor ideas as well as delicious recipes. Adding a few Easter touches to my Spring decor and sending pictures to my daughter. Praying for you and yours, especially Bobby during this critical season.

  9. OMG, thank you, thank you so much. these are excellent things to do while having to stay home. I love them, and have started today, given them a try. I watch ‘reading the bible’ you posted. and it’s outstanding and encouraging. Thank you so much, and you and your family, please stay safe and healthy.

    1. Hi Ivory! I’m thrilled your watched The Bible Project. I think they make what is often hard to understand easier! And they are so right on!

  10. Yvonne, you are so uplifting. Wait to begin some of them especially the tours. Never been much of a traveller so these can be my staycations so to speak. I have done some of the projects which you have blogged I made the most beautiful set of the Easter eggs and my own nest with moss which last year and this year I will put on our dining table. Although unfortunately with having to stay home my husband and I will be the only two having Easter dinner together and that I am so appreciative of. Made the wood bead decoration that you bloged. I have to say I have been trying new recipes.As well as a few of your recipes. Your home is so beautifully done I can only imagine how good you must feel every morning when you wake up to enjoy each and every room. Thank you for today

    1. Trudy, Happy Easter! Thank you for you very very sweet comment! We are loving our new Tanglewood home!

  11. Yvonne, reading your blog is how I begin each day along with my coffee. I so appreciate all your posts, and most of the new recipes I try come from you! I LOVE THE PUZZLE SITE! I have already completed two! Now I need to make myself get dressed for the day and tackle today’s project…my “reward” will be another puzzle! Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas!

    1. Good for you Vicki! I stay in my pj’s much longer than I should now that I am not going anywhere!

  12. Our daughter’s special once every four years birthday was February 29th. Her husband made it special by taking her to a B&B in the Napa Valley wine country. She had to work after her birthday so we didn’t get to celebrate it right away. We we called to make a date, she said, “Mom, I’m worried that I’ll get Covid 19 and give it to you.” Our daughter is an ICU nurse. So we cancelled any thoughts of getting together. Two nights ago, she called crying about the impending death of one of her Covid patients who was only in her 40’s. Feeling that we should do something, my husband said, “Let’s go bring her her birthday presents. We’ll sit out in the yard, wearing masks, far apart from each other.’ So we did. Our daughter was laughing and so enjoying our visit and I was so glad we did it. It’s a hard time, but my husband thought of a great go around. Thank you for this post!

    1. How thoughtful Rebecca! I just can’t imagine the toll this virus is taking on our medical people!

  13. What a great list and so nice of you to provide links to everything. Your blog always keeps me entertained.

  14. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Thanks, Yvonne, for these great suggestions! I am definitely going to look at your posts from years back! This will be fun!

    Take care!

  15. Lori Hurd says:

    Thank you, Yvonne. what lovely ideas. I have done a lot of them so far. We need to use this precious time wisely.

    Another thing I’d add is that there are many who are not feeling joy; they are stressed about paying their bills because they can’t work. We can go grocery shopping for them, pay a utility bill for them, bring them ice cream and a journal or mandala coloring book with markers for the kids. It is an important to reach out to those of all races and serve alongside them.

  16. Such a great post!!! Thank you

  17. We should know about this 26 free and fun things to do at home. This would really mean a lot. Thanks for sharing this one out

  18. I signed up for Ted Talks. So many interesting topics! I’ve also been looking at Museums around the world. It’s much better in person though. I really miss traveling. Thank you those two suggestions.??

    I’ve been walking for an hour every morning, rain or shine. I haven’t lost any weight (eating due to stress) but it’s great for my frame of mind. I also do low impact walking videos free on YouTube. I’ve been playing online Scrabble with my daughter. It’s a great way to connect, take your mind off other things, and sharpen your mind.

    I love FaceTime! It’s been a life saver during Covid. I can see my kids and grandkids across the country.

    These are stressful times so we all have to do things to take our mind off current events.