2018 DECOR SNEAK PEEK- 2018 is going to be a big year for Bo Ho style, metallics, hide rugs and more! Get a preview of what is trending for decor in 2018I know that 2017 is only half over but I’m hearing decorating rumblings about what will be trendy and popular in 2018! Some things we love are predicted to keep going strong but some decor is talking on a hip-pier look. If you loved the 70’s or would like to live in them if you are too young to remember 2018 might be your chance! Let’s take a sneak peek of 2018 decor trends!

Now, don’t shoot the messenger! I’m only telling you what the “experts” are saying about decor on the horizon and what I think might be a new fun trend in the next new year.

Remember you should only decorate your home with what YOU love and certainly not all the forecasted trends of 2018! But I bet you will find at least one beautiful new-to-you decor style coming around the corner you would love in your home!


I am so happy to see this trend coming on strong! I love geometrics in home decor. It can be fresh or tribal. Earthy or upscale! If you add one thing new in 2018 make it something with a little geometric design… and do it in your way! Don’t you love love love this neutral tribal geometric pillow from Magnolia Home? See the pillow here.




Fringe is back. The image below shows a very prim and proper trim. I personally love a more tailored fringe. But if there is a little hippy living somewhere inside you, go crazy with fringed lamps, sofas, clothes, and even a fringed shawl hanging from the ceiling like a canopy!

We should be seeing lots of fringed decor in 2018.

Here’s a great on trend pillow from Pier 1. See it HERE.


The warmth and richness of real wood is back in a big way. Maybe not everything in a room but a beautiful hand cut wooden bowl or a chunky coffee table. 

I still love painted furniture but I’m loving to see it mixed with neutrals and a great piece made from organic wood! I’m crushing on this gorgeous coffee table! LOVE the wood and metal with neutrals. See this coffee table HERE.

Do you notice the layered rug? Right on trend and hides are too! So beautifully done!


Be still my heart! I adore metallic home decor. I’m seeing much more coming in 2018. Brass is back in the bathroom and kitchen. And really everywhere else. But make sure it is unlacquered or rubbed or antiqued. Not too shiny!

Mix metals to your heart’s content too! Finally, we are being sensible and mixing these beautiful materials in decor! This streamlined side table would look amazing in almost any decor. I just love it. And guess what? Marble is still big too. Score!

See this table HERE.



If you love hippie, bohemian or gypsy looks you are going to love the trend of Hippy Bo Ho decor this year! I am seeing it in lots of products now and it will be even going stronger in 2018.  

I don’t know if I will indulge in this style at StoneGable but who knows? I think this ottomen is perfection for a big splash of color!

You can see this fabulous upholstered ottoman HERE.

Sigh! You can see this beautiful bedding HERE.


I am a huge fan of the new look in wallpaper. It’s fresher, less fussy, bold, geometric forward and clean! I lean towards wallpaper that has lots of white space! So crisp. 

If you have not hung wallpaper in awhile it is much easier to apply and remove than it was back in the day. And now we can get repositionable wall paper. Yes! Wallpaper that you can remove and put back up. Really amazing!

My hall bath and hallway are getting the wallpaper treatment in 2018!




A decade or so ago we would have said “jewel tones”.  What goes around comes around but in a whole new fresh way! Yes, bold colors like royal and navy blue, mustard yellow and orange are back. Any very saturated color will show off in 2018. 

You know I love neutrals but a pop of one of these amazing colors might be a good thing. These chairs would work great in my neutral home! I’ve been itching to add a little blue the the neutral mix!

You can see it HERE.


Cheers! I love bar carts!!!! I have one on wheels and use it both indoors and out. Bar carts are a comeback classic and will be a standout, yet again, in the upcoming year! 

The bar cart below is the one I have. It has a mirrored top that becomes a removable tray. Can’t get any better! The great thing about bar carts is you can find them at quite reasonable prices!

You can see my bar cart HERE.


As many of you know, I have a zebra hide in my living room. It adds sass and surprise and fun to a rather formal area. I think hide rugs warm up a room and creates a welcoming space wherever they are used. 

Don’t just think about putting a hide on the floor, but how about draping one over a chair or bench? You can see this beautiful rug HERE.


Oh yes, please!  I am so attracted to tribal prints! It’s like they tell an ancient story. And anything hand woven feels like a gift from the hands that created it. Tribal prints have been big in fashion and now they are showing up strong in decor.

Another beautiful pillow from Magnolia Home. See it here.


Celebrate the street, town, county, state, country or the world you are from! Maps are going to be big… and little this year. Have one on a mug or on a wall! Just make sure to celebrate where you live! You can see this beautiful world map HERE.

Other trends we should be seeing in 2018…

  • tropical prints
  • lucite
  • subway art… still going strong
  • anything black
  • black and white
  • organic accents
  • lots of layering
  • wall hangings
  • suede
  • Oriental inspired decor
  • anything red
  • Bo Ho chic

Trends are fun and can liven up a room. Just remember not all of them will speak to you. I love trends and look at them as a way to refresh a space and keep it interesting. My home does not scream “trendy” but I hope it looks up to date. My personal way to use trendy things is to accessorize with them.

Here’s a look at my spin on some 2018 accents that might work in my home with my neutral furniture. The key to trends is to use them as a guide to refresh our homes. And most importantly we should find things we love and that we are comfortable with.


 wallpaper  ||  lumbar pillow  || reclaimed wood and metal coffee table  ||  paris map  ||  pendant lamp  || blue armchair  ||  hide rug  ||  ivory throw  ||  magnolia home fringe pillow  ||


What do you hope to see in decor in 2018? What would you love to see come back?

We are talking about 2018 DECOR TRENDS on the podcast today too! And we are having fun with it! You can listen below:

You can also listen to us on your podcast app on your phone. Take us in the car, on your walk or while you’re doing chores around your home!

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Get a preview of decor trends in 2018. Bo Ho Hippy is on the horizon as well as hide rugs, black and lots of metallics. Come see lots more.

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  1. Love the pillows with all the texture, bar cart will be in my home by 2018. Thanks for all the information. Looks like a fun year to decorate.

  2. Anne Marie says:

    Thanks for this article – it is nice to know what new trends will be!

  3. I love the tribal look, I have for years! I am excited about 2018 trends.

  4. Oh my! I’m not sure how trendy my can be but I could do geometrical! Love the pillows!! Also love bar carts and wood coffee table! It could be fun!
    Thanks for giving a sneak peak!

  5. genie steger says:

    I like the colors but I am pretty sure the tribal look isn’t for me, but always good to think of something new to perk up the classics

  6. Thanks for sharing all the 2018 trends. I love geometric prints, I can not wait to use them. Have a great day!!

  7. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love the bar carts, the pillows, and of course the Texas wall map (because I live in Texas!). Thanks for sharing these upcoming trends. I like how you can keep existing furniture but just add new pillows, throws, and pop in maybe a new chair or ottoman and really freshen up a room. Some people do not want to rush summer, but I will admit to you I am already looking forward to your Fall posts and decor. It’s just my favorite after a long-hot summer.

  8. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Love the 2018 style that coffee table is beautiful!

  9. Oh I love that Magnolia Home pillow, but a little out of my price point right now!

  10. I knew it!! I knew if I kept my junk (furniture) long enough it would come back in vogue!! Tribal prints? Heck, my couch pillows are tribal looking prints from the seventies. This couch is solid oak in a Mediterranean style. Nobody wants it! It looks as good as the day we bought it. *sigh* Perhaps I should try to do something with it instead of complaining that I can’t get rid of it.

  11. Enjoy your articles, however, I recently read an article on 2018 decorating trends that said wall paper is big in 2018, but chevron prints are going out.

  12. I tend to stick with traditional and comfortable and switch this around with art.

    1. Deb Gregory says:

      I do the same Harriet. Not sure I will be trendy in 2018…we shall see.

  13. mary loighlin says:

    Is that an actual zebra hide?

  14. Deb McNelly says:

    Thanks so much for the guidance in using trends. I feel much more comfortable in using them now. Sometimes I feel I have to go all or nothing with ideas. I don’t do well with change especially with things I love which is farmhouse style. I find it calming and comfortable. Thanks again for all the wonderful articles providing so much useful and enjoyable information and beautiful pictures of home filled with nature, creative beauty and inspirational ideas. God Bless. ~ Deb

  15. When I first saw the year 2018, i couldn’t believe it! I remember as a kid thinking of 2020 ad how far in the future it was and how our lives would be like The Jetsons! Well, we are partway there, but we still haven’t figured out how to push a button and have an entire gourmet meal prepared for you!

    Hmmm, I’m not much into the boho chic look, but I could see taking some of these elements and adding touches to my rooms. Of course, by the time I remodel the year might be over and the next thing will be on the horizon!

    I am receiving a black and white cowhide rug from my in-laws that I am excited to put in our cabin remodel!

    Thanks for sharing, Yvonne, what’s up and coming!

    1. I remember being in school and thinking 1960 was never going to come about and I was never going to get to high school. Ha! I’m now weeks away from celebrating my 73rd birthday. Time flies when you’re having fun!

  16. I think I see a bar cart in my future!

  17. Dianne Lanier says:

    I like the new trends. While not really my style, I can see incorporating pillows and baskets with my current decor.

  18. There sure are a lot of fun ideas coming for 2018. Personally I’m glad to see brass coming back in style. It’s always a fun accent.

  19. Loving the pillows although a bit pricey.I think I have to stick with
    the neutrals in decorating.Thatnks for the decorating update.

  20. I love that wallpaper has made a come back and beautiful designs. My daughter-in-law designs wallpaper and textiles for York Wallpaper. I adore her geometric designs. I was never big on wallpaper before but love it now especially in bathrooms in grays, navy or tone on tone designs.

    Love some of the new trends. I am buying a new home in 2018 and loving forward to decorating. It’s such a passion that I love!

  21. Nancy Goetz says:

    Love the pillows and that coffee table. New trends show that everything old is new again.

  22. Margaret Wilkin says:

    I lived through the hippie decor period in the 70’s. Once is enough!

      1. Joan reilly says:

        Me too!
        But I’ll take anything that gets us away from Modern Contemporary!

    1. kddomingue says:

      There are elements from the 70s that, were they tweaked a bit, would be fine I think…… it’s the 80s that give me the shudders, lol!

  23. It’s interesting to see the trends for 2018. I can’t say that I will be participating in very many of these trends.

  24. Marcy Leonard says:

    Had to smile that the “world map” featured is TEXAS (that’s pretty much how folks around here–not me–view the world!) Am glad to see that maps are trending–being married to a geographer, our house is full of maps and globes. And, the Hubs says he’s glad about the wood tones (translate that to mean “you aren’t going to paint every stick of furniture we have, are you?)

    Really do like the 2 Magnolia pillows, especially the tribal one—a trip up the road to Waco is looming large.

  25. I am so thrilled that COLOR is making a comeback…not that it ever left my home! Everyone needs a little color in their life! I totally understand the use of neutrals in large upholstered pieces, such as sofas, chairs, even walls and rugs, but too much of anything is boring. Let’s show our colors, ladies…don’t wait until 2018…lead the parade! Thanks for a look into the future, Yvonne. Hoping Magnolia Home drops their prices, and due to my love of animals, I can only go the faux hide route.

  26. I LOVE to keep my decor refreshed! In other words add and subtract to achieve updated.

  27. Love your ideas, love your rug too but only if it’s fake, IAM such a animal lover, I know wall paper is coming back and it’s pretty !

  28. Oh my word, after all these years of hanging on to my red decorative items and feeling like the odd man out….I just donated all of it! That’s ok though because we do have to do what feels right to us. 😉

  29. Vee Muller says:

    Thanks for the tips. No hides, nor over priced Magnolia Farms pillows for me, beautiful as they are. Actually I add and subtract in my decor all the time. It tickles me when I accidentally hit on a trend! Live with what you like that’s my motto!

  30. Terry kirchner says:

    Oh geez, I don’t like any of this for 2018. I like the look of your home the way it is.

  31. I like the navy chair.
    The thought of reposition wallpaper? Shut the front door!!! Man, I’ve hung wallpaper since the 70’s and what we wouldn’t give for that back then.

  32. Norma Rolader says:

    Thank you for the sneak peek at 2018! Some I like and some not so sure of for me!! But can always change fabric and so on. But I love all of the ideas. God bless

  33. Thanks for the peek into the decorating future. I have ALWAYS LOVED wallpaper ~ no matter what decorators or real estate agents say!

    Love fringe and bold colors, too!

  34. I’m not sure I’m going to be on trend with some of these. I love all of them but don’t think they will be great in my home. I always feel this way about fashion too. I always go with what looks good on me rather than what is trendy…. It is fun to see if the “experts” have it right later. Kind of like the prediction aspect of it.


  35. Anne Porter says:

    Just changed our fixtures to brushed nickel and rubbed bronze…got rid of lots of my brass accessories and managed to “go neutral” in most rooms. Loving my cottage/farm look and might have to pass on next year’s trends.?

  36. Great ideas.. This gives you time to look at yard sales and flea markets and consignment.. Or find some animal print fabrics..also look for new placemats and throws that go “animal” or tribal or I call it natural!!

  37. My mom made a bedspread out of boho fabric for my room, when a teen. It had lots of pattern, mainly purples and reds. It was a fun look, although not interested in bringing it back. However, that blue chair and the pillows are really pretty.

  38. Bonnie G. says:

    Looks like many of the trends have already poked their heads out in 2016/2017! I do like some and I love to freshen a look but mostly I stick to what I like.

  39. OMG so glad to see color added back into our lives…….as a grandmother of 25 grandchildren I need color……and all the grays and off whites are beautiful but not for a large family that lives in their home on a daily basis……plus I have always loved the combinations of red, white & blue or black, cream & yellows and add in a little teal or pink and green….all the color of the rainbow and you make my day a happy one…….

  40. Thanks Yvonne for giving us a sneak peek of what is going to be trendy for 2018. Some of the elements of decor I like and others are definitely not for me. Have a grat day!

  41. Thanks for the peek into the future! I have seen the line of Magnolia pillows at Pier 1 and while I really really like them they’re just too expensive in my opinion.

  42. I can’t say I’m real trendy when decorating, but I’m sure we all are somewhat, because what’s popular is what you will find in the stores. I’m glad to know that wallpaper has gotten easier. We only have one wall in our house that has wallpaper, and it’s in my bathroom that we redid about 25 years ago.

  43. I still prefer English country but love the idea of metals being added. Love your blog!

  44. It took me over a year of shopping at resale stores (and some brand new) to capture my decorating style–many thanks to you and your advice on the blogs, Yvonne. Now I sit back and just enjoy it all immensely. People tell me they always love coming to my house, so I guess my decor speaks to them as well. In other words, I don’t see myself embracing any of these new trends in the coming year except for perhaps the bar cart–both beautiful and functional. (And yes, our wallpaper in the dining room does need a makeover! ? ) Maybe by 2019 I’ll be ready for a bigger change! Thanks for giving us a peek into the immediate future. Always interesting!

  45. So glad I sat down for a minute with my cup of coffee and your beautiful blog….very inspiring to see all the different trends.

  46. Yvonne, just got my copy of the Cottage Journal and wow!! I was blown away seeing your home featured in the Autumn issue!
    Was so excited, I had to tell my hubby! Lol! Thanks for all that you do and your blog is my Favorite!!!

  47. I always love to hear about upcoming trends – thanks for a great post!

  48. Great post !! Lots of great info. love some of things like mixing metals and tribal prints. Even the maps. The podcast was great!!!

  49. Love the footstool and pillows with all the beautiful colors. Fabulous!

  50. Julie Briones says:

    Great post, Yvonne…While I was reading this, I was thinking about how you have often said in the podcast that you wished you had several homes to decorate in different styles. Have you ever thought about redecorating one room at Stonegable, over and over again, with the style that tickles your fancy at the time? Call it the ‘Trending Room”, perhaps? 😉

  51. Loved this post Yvonne! I see many of my favorite décor trends. For the past year, I have moved out of the popular “farmhouse style” trend and into more Mid-century with some Asian/Chinoiserie type pieces mixed in too. I sold my French style dining table/chairs last year and bought a mid-century Drexel faux bamboo dining table and chairs. I covered the dining chairs in a leopard print and painted the table and chairs in a high gloss lacquer.

    I also purchased a 60’s bar cart and filled it with vintage glassware and barware from that period too. Now, my next purchase will be a zebra hide rug similar to yours and a Lucite coffee table. One thing I don’t care for is geometric design….just not a real fan of it.

  52. Norma Rolader says:

    Aww my thank you Yvonne for the info for 2018!! Some yes but some no but the tribal yes due to I am part indian God bless

  53. Mary Naquin says:

    I saw your 2018 Decor Sneak Peak in the autumn issue of The Cottage Journal. Could you give me information on the drapes (behind love seat)? I love the neutral pattern! Thank you.

  54. Molly Stewart says:

    Love the concise yet detailed information. Thank you! What do you think of these trends moving into so many homes painted warmer gray, like BM Revere Pewter or Pale Oak? Having recently bought a house, I saw a lot in my area and almost all were painted Revere Pewter! What kinds of wall colors do you see with these well saturated jewel tones, warm organic woods, antique brass, and animal hides? I’m just getting started in an empty room. I love your advice to furnish and decorate with what you love no matter what and to accessorize with trends within comfort to freshen and update. Sensibility is appreciated with a budget! These kinds of posts are really helpful. Thank you!

    1. I am seeing the bolder color trends mostly still in magazines and on a few blogs. I think neutrals reign supreme at least for the time being. And no wonder, they are more classic and easy to decorate as well as being economical because their style will have a longer decor life span.

    2. I always enjoy reading about the newest decorating trends but find I add them in very small doses and seem to return to my old faces . The new Smokey blues are beautiful and have always been used in my wardrobe but now am thinking about painting my powder room and adding some wallpaper. Thanks for such an interesting article.

  55. Olga Felix says:

    Love, all your new info.thanks.

  56. Love your blog. Great ideas and pictures. Covering books with burlap is
    so neat. Gives me ideas on covering with other fabrics that also fit my decor.

  57. Joan merchant says:

    Where can I find brass lamps like the ones in your newly decorated, gorgeous, bedroom? Thank you so much!