It’s that time again! I need you to be real and honest and help me build a better blog. It’s time to take the 2017 StoneGable Reader Survey! Please make sure you take this survey. Your opinions and suggestions have helped me so so much. I take all of them to heart and consider what you have to say so so valuable! Now is YOUR time to weigh in! Each spring I like to update and tweak StoneGable blog to be fresher and a better fit for you… my WONDERFUL readers! It should take less than 10 minutes and is so helpful to me!


A big, big thank you for helping me make StoneGable the best blog! 

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  1. Beth Mellinger says:

    Love reading your ideas and recipes. Pretty much love everything about your newsletter! ?

  2. I suscribe to a few blogs & sometimes they are redundant—posting the same stuff—so don’t always read it again.

  3. Maryellen says:

    I have no favorites, I love them all. eberything I see gives me a warm feeling.

  4. Love you farmhouse style and recipes!

  5. Pam Alger says:

    Love your ideas and pictures. Your photography skills are amazing!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing skills!
    You live very close to me so your seasonal advice is always perfect!
    …and you should be very proud that your blog reflects your Christianity.
    Well done my friend, well done

  6. Jennifer Caldwell says:

    Thanks for daily inspiration!

  7. Look forward to reading your blog every day.I think you
    do a great job Yvonne.

  8. I like to read your blog but I have popups deleted so half of your blog is not readable…

  9. Teresa Taylor says:

    Enjoy your blog and seeing your home. I look at your site several times a week but just prefer not to subscribe bc that just seems to crowd my email..just a personal thing. One of the things I would recommend to any blogger from my perspective only, is to limit the ads. I understand there is a massive amount of work that goes into the blog and you deserve to be paid. I just know when I go to a site that has so many ads and promotions, it takes something away from my interest. Don’t mean to be critical of you at all. I think you have maintained a good balance but am seeing this trend on blogland. Thanks for your inspiration!

  10. Enjoy your blog immensely.

  11. Rhonda Scantland says:

    Your blog is one of the better ones. Personal and helpful. After viewing so many it seems most of the trends are for neutrals to be the thing to do if you’re in style. Where’s the color ? I suppose I’m in the vast minority but my home needs color! I’ll leave the neutrals to others.
    I agree with Sandi. Too many pop ups and ads.

  12. Christina Maze says:

    One of my very favorite blogs! You inspire me greatly with all the décor tips, glimpses into your life and your unwavering faith!

  13. I appreciate so much your comments about your faith. They always seem to coincide with something I am going through too!

  14. Mary Chris says:

    You have to stay fresh or you will lose us. Glad you are doing this,

  15. Maggie Nelson says:

    I love your blog, your ideas, your style and your tips to save money on the ” do it yourself projects”. Regarding the pop ups you explained to us and I ignore them and continuing reading. I get emails from 2 other bloggers but I’m so glad I found yours. Thank you and thank you!

  16. Marlene. Diekmann says:

    Love everything. But especially your tablescapes. The best.

  17. Marlene. Diekmann says:

    Love everything, but especially your tablescapes. Definitely the best

  18. Nina Rubich says:

    Pop ups makes it hard to read your blog. Sometimes I just give up and move on to something else.

  19. I read other blogs as well, but yours, Yvonne, is absolutely my favorite. Thanks for all your hard work and the inspiration you offer.

  20. Carol Elkins says:

    I love your blog! Your home is so warm and inviting. I love when you share your decorating tips/ideas and recipes. Thanks for sharing with us!

  21. Lisa Tatum says:

    I so love this blog. My new happy place!

  22. Love your blog Yvonne. I look forward to seeing what changes you make, and am excited about the big announcement February 1st.

  23. Love to see your decorating ideas for tabletops, vignettes, and rooms in general decorated for seasons and holidays. I enjoy your recipe and weekly menu posts. Your how-to posts and craft and sewing posts are great. Additionally, I really appreciate your research and posting of favorite things like throw pillows with links to sellers – I love knowing where to find things. Your general decorating tips contain a wealth of information. Lastly, I love your writing style and presentation because you make your readers feel like friends with your warmth and friendliness. You are amazing. Bless you and may you and your family have a healthy, happy year.

  24. Your ideas are always fresh and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your faith, too. Looking forward more and even better ideas.


  25. Donna Heinen says:


    I love the pictures in your blog and usually read it or at least scan it everyday. I have used some of your ideas with great success and the biggest value you give is the inspiration that comes from seeing your lovely ideas.

  26. Yvonne I love everything you post ???

  27. Hi Yvonne, I love love love your blog…it inspires me in all categories…decorating, menu planning, recipes,and faith….I dislike all the ads so much but understand that a ‘blog girl’s’ got to do what she’s got to do! >>>>>Smiles…..Anne

  28. You are a very gifted lady in many areas. Thank you for sharing your God given gifts.

  29. Joan Dean says:

    Enjoy reading your blog every morning!

  30. Love your blog! It inspires me to be more creative with my own home. I read it every day.

  31. Rhonda Pellegrini says:

    I love reading your blog! Keep up the good work! Rhonda

  32. I just recently started reading your blog. I love it and love your style. Can’t wait to see what is coming this year.

  33. Nancy Silva says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful blog. I love your kitchen!

  34. That survey was fun!

  35. I love your blog and am amazed at how you have kept up while you have endured surgery and healing! Your dedication is wonderful!

  36. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Love your blog it’s the only one I read everyday.

  37. I forgot to add to the survey: There are too many ads on the blog and it is very distracting. I know it is good to get paid, but my ad blocker causes me to miss some of your content, and the ads that don’t get blocked are way too many and very distracting. I quit visiting your site every single day because of this, but I visit a few times a week. Thank you for your decorating and recipe tips and ideas. Your photos are beautiful. My favorite thing is that you share your Christian faith. God Bless!!!

  38. I am pretty new to your blog. I love reading it and such awesome photos! I was trying to think of something constructive as most comments above are not going to help you achieve more or better serve your audience. I am currently living in a third world country. The view into how we Americans approach decorating sometime sickens me when I have the opportunity to see how many countries in the rest of the of the world live. We are so oriented around “trends” and what is up and coming. I would love to see some focus on loving what God has given you/us. Not spending money on frivolous material “things” but looking at a much bigger picture. Let’s not pile more into our landfills! Teach us how to use and love that 12 year old “on trend” lamp at the time and make something fun and great for our homes. This is not a criticism!!!! You do great things with paint and repurposing – lets focus some energy on that. I love what you do, you have such great finesse : ) You asked and this is what God has put on my heart. XO

  39. Enjoy the blog everyday.

  40. I’d say you’re still in the top 3 of my favorite blogs! I read you everyday and love that you try to stay current but don’t go for fads. Your house is beautiful. Your recipes are scrumptious. The writing and photography are top notch. A+ in my book!

  41. Keep up the great work Yvonne!
    I follow very few blogs any longer after all these years, but yours is one of three that I visit nearly everyday — yours is a favorite of mine. I think you have just the right balance of variety and interesting content — and presented so beautifully.

    I’m looking forward to more good things from Stonegable & I’m sending you and your family blessings throughout 2017 & beyond.
    Your place is SUNSHINE in my day! ((hugs)) ~m

  42. Nancy Mattox says:

    You make StoneGable my favorite!

  43. Stephanie Walk says:

    I love reading StoneGable. Love to see what is being collected and used for decorating. Keep up the great ideas.

  44. I love your home tours and all your gorgeous neutral decor photos – you are a truly talented designer and photographer.

    I also enjoy your devotionals – and will always hope and pray you continue staying strong in your faith. Perhaps having a faith blog seperately from this one will appease both spirits and keep church and state separate. : – )

    I can see you creating a once a week devotional for Sundays only called Stone Gable Faith or something?

    I know ads are a huge part of your success, I hate em but understand their necessity.

    Keep up the good work. You have a fabulous blog, and it’s been fun watching it grow all these years.

    Try to rememberon occassion to visit us wee little bloggers too. ♥ (My post before last was my winter living room tour showing that new wall paint color I told you abouta while ago when I was having a hissy fit!)

    God bless! HUGS!

  45. I love you style and our photography is beautiful! I am always inspired when I can take the time to visit your blog. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your posts. I took your survey and appreciate you working on what your readers would like to see.

  46. I answered the first two questions of the Survey but I don’t see any more questions!! Am I missing a good part of the survey, Yvonne? You said it would take under 10 minutes, so I figured there were more than two questions! lol.

    By the way, I’ve tried emailing you but don’t yet see a reply and am wondering if my email went astray … I was asking you if “that card” I returned to you via regular mail has been received at your end. Could you please let me know when you get a spare minute? I sure would appreciate it.

  47. Love your decorating style and sharing info on where you find such beautiful things. So helpful to so many of us who are interested in updating our homes and sometimes thinking outside of the box. Love reading all your posts and have shared your posts with so many of my friends who have now become readers of your blog. We always look forward to reading new posts from Stonegable.

  48. I love your blog and look forward to it every morning. I’ve taken some wonderful ideas and recipes. Always know someone is wonderful when I wish I could meet them, just by what they write. Thank you for the daily inspiration for the soul as well as for my home.

  49. I check this blog every day.

  50. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for doing it and all your efforts you put into it for your readers.

  51. Yvonne, your blog is perfection!

  52. Wendy colwell says:

    Absolutely love this site, look forward to it everyday for new and exciting ideas

  53. Mary Robinson says:

    Love your blog. Have enjoyed catching up since I am in a rehab center recovering from a fall. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  54. Your blog is one of my favorites! One of my favorite things is your photography. Everything looks fresh and bright. I really like your decorating tips. One of the most important parts is that it doesn’t feel like you are showing off your latest purchase. There are some decorating blogs that make me feel like the blogger is saying, “Look at me! I am so cultured or rich or privileged! Aren’t you lucky to be reading my blog.” You are not that way at all.

    1. Oh thank you Kathy. As bloggers we do tend to change things around and get new things to keep our content fresh. I like to give a decorating how to when I’m featuring something new. How sweet of you to notice!

  55. debkaplun@rochester.rr.com says:

    i look for your daily emails as soon as I make my first cup of coffee! I love your decor! I love your lists of suggestions on various topics and you’re explanations of each! Recipes too….tables apes…..pillow and chair suggestions! Love Stone Gable!!!??

  56. Happy to support your blog. Thank you.

  57. Carol Anne Thompson says:

    Read the blog everyday except Sunday. Particularly like the tablescapes and DIY.

  58. Ruth Harris says:

    You have great decorating and Love the fact that your a Christian sharing Godly Wisdom!

  59. I read your blog everyday. Love all your DIY projects!

  60. Your blog is one of my favorites. What do I love best? The decorating, the recipes, hearing of the farmhouse lifestyle? All of that but I my favorite is the devotional so. Thank you for sharing your fait. It makes a difference.

  61. Love to see you in my inbox. Always something to get excited about or attempt to copy.

  62. JudyCinNC says:

    Thanks Yvonne – please let us know how the survey went and please let us know who wins weekly on the newsletter.

  63. Am new to your blog and have been enjoying it very much!!

  64. Love your blog and your pretty home

  65. I just recently started viewing your blog. Love your idea of using things you already have in different ways. (books covered in burlap)
    Your decorating style is elegant yet relaxing. I look forward to many more ideas.

    1. Welcome to the StoneGable family Sheri! We are so glad you found us!

  66. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Your blog is my favorite, I can’t wait to read them. I love your Farmhouse style. Thank you for also sharing your faith, may God continue to bless you & your family!

  67. ~ Yvonne ~

    I’ve used so many of your design ideas, color suggestions, you’ve been so helpful with your design tips,
    I couldn’t pick just one because there have been so many! I even have your “Daily Grind”, just another
    Item I couldn’t live without!
    I’m sure I’ve made at least half of your recipes, my fave this week was the beef Bourgogne (sp)!
    As I said last year, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!
    Thank u for your blog, it’s my morning read! ?

  68. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    Yvonne,you are a very talented woman who not only shares her home with us blog followers, but inspires us daily. God has certainly blessed you. Thank you.

  69. Thanks for sharing. Your’s is the keeper Blog for me.

  70. Sharon Bsrrett says:

    Your blog is one of my favorites. Love you

  71. Karen Stopher says:

    I love your Sunday devotional it is very important to me to keep thing in presective. I really love to see the tablescapes, love all your white dishes. Your home is beautiful and inspiring but some times I feel overwhelmed with all the changing of things when it already so beautiful. Your photography is stunning. I don’t enjoy the blog hops as they are very time consuming. Your is the only decorating blog that I follow for that reason. I enjoy your style, just one is enough.I especially enjoy the small decorating ideas because we are not able to purchase new furniture and do major decorating projects. I do think you have the best blog, with all around home interests. Glad to hear your recovery is coming along well. God Bless,

  72. I love reading your blog, and all the info you give like when you were shopping for your refeg. and I feel like I don’t have to go buy new all the time. You got me back into re purposing. I also made some moss ball’s 🙂 On more than one once you have wrote about loving what you have and that what we see on the blog is only one part of picture its not the whole picture. 😉
    Love Ya,
    Big Hugs
    Be Blessed

  73. Annette Casanova says:

    I love your blog and decorating ideas. Especially the reusing and inexpensive ideas. The recipes are a nice treat also. Keep up your great work.

  74. Gayle Ritter says:

    I think I posted in the comment section what I should have posted here. I love it all and have used so many of your suggestions. My pillow cover selection is becoming greater and larger. When I go to Home Goods now, I think “large” not small chotchkees. You are in my life more than you can imagine, thank you.

  75. Marilyn Bowers says:

    Read your blog daily from your email and or facebook, always get lots of good ideas! Thanks!

  76. I appreciate your blog and always look forward to visiting.

  77. Lorri Rauscher says:

    I enjoy reading yr blog..always interested to see what you are going to show us or what you have found.Thanks for your friendliness and the warmth of your blog. What I dont like are all the ads.I know that u need these ads to make yr blog more affordable but are just annoying.I do like that yr ads go with your blogs. Keep on doing the great job that you r doing!!!

  78. Your blog is the only one I read. Found you by accident a couple years ago. I like your tastes, colors and decorating. I have used so many of your ideas. I have a drawer of pillow covers now! I like your recipes, your home tours and especially your Sunday message. Thanks so much!

  79. Love it all now, and I’m sure will be even happier with your new plans.
    Just an aside: The pop-ups are a sign of your success, as I see it … I just try to ignore them!

  80. Love love your blog. I look forward to getting it each day. Also, the Sunday blog is terrific.

  81. I will second all the raves about your wonderful blog plus I haven’t seen anyone comment on your really great photos. That must take a bit of planning and imagination as well. Everything is really top notch and a very enjoyable read (also love your recipies). Thank you & congratulations on a job well-done!

  82. Debbie Tavares says:

    Don’t know if there was a problem but I only had 2 questions to answer. I really enjoy your blog.The ideas,recipes and just your stories are greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. You have to scroll down in the questionnaire Debbie. Give that a try!

  83. Docia Fuller says:

    Just signed up for email, love your blog!

  84. I rarely comment but I truly enjoy your blog. I was a little disappointed when you changed your heading because the blue is a little blah but I love the birds nest. I have not had good luck with some blog recipes but yours have been quite good. It is apparent to me you have tested them & got them perfect before publishing. It is obvious all of your content is well thought out. Thank you for all your efforts. It is very much appreciated.

  85. Avril Crundwell says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. The way you decorate, communicate and inspire is what I need. I loved your blog on white dishes so much that when you posted the link to Macy’s I was able to take advantage of a 50% of sale they had on dishware and now have some new beautiful white dishes. Thank you.

  86. Shirley Graham says:

    Forgot to say I hope you are back up & feeling well now! Enjoy your pictures and the entire blog. Thanks again!

  87. Alana Matthews says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely and inspiring blog!!!!

  88. Mary Holmquist says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to be creative!

  89. Mary Holmquist says:

    Thank you for inspiring me.

  90. Linda Goplen says:

    Enjoy your blog everyday. Thanks for all your wonderful and inspiring ideas and yummy recipes.

  91. Beth Beehner says:

    Simply love your blog. I have to admit I sometimes copy some of your decorating ideas in my own home . You inspire me. I also love your recipes keep up the good work and thank you !

  92. I like that you keep your blog visually fun and simple…
    The recipes I’ve tried all come out looking and tasting
    Great job

  93. Wish you would come to the Phoenix area sometime

  94. I come to this blog every day to be a part of this family. I have told my friends about you and they also follow you. Don’t give up on the wonderful work that you do. Can’t wait for Feb. 1.

  95. Always enjoy your blog ! Thanks

  96. Love your blog – full of beautiful ideas and recipes!

  97. I love your decorating ideas and recipes. I do think you have too many ads and causes me to miss some of your comments. Sometimes your recipes are not easy to print.

  98. Thanks for all of your time you do a wonderful job. As much as I love all the decor I really love Sunday Scripture.

  99. Your white and neutrals design aesthetic speaks to me and was the initial draw to your blog. Then I became aware of your deep spiritual beliefs and came to look forward to your Sunday postings. Thank you for sharing your spiritual knowledge along with inspiring us with your beautiful design ideas.

  100. Sue Gietzen says:

    So glad that I subscribed, I’ve found some interesting ideas to try.

  101. Thanks for taking the time to put together a survey and thanks for asking for our suggestions. I’m looking forward to this year reading your blog and also looking forward to the news on 1st.

  102. Thank you for caring what your readers want.

  103. Your blog is very warm and inviting. It is my favorite one. Would subscribe to newsletter, but not sure if you share with others and don’t want any spam. 🙂

  104. This is one of two, of my “go to” blogs! Lovely photos, always a sense of good will to readers. Gorgeous photos. Love your decorating tips!

  105. I love your blog Yvonne!….. It’s my favorite by far. You were the first one to introduce me to neutral decorating. Some people say it’s for people who do not like color. I disagree! I love color! But I am slowly changing my home to neutrals. Right now I feel only my family room is in “neutrals”. Each month, I introduce a new color to this room by using pillows, artificial flowers, seasonal decor, etc. Right now I’m switching out all my silvers and light blues to pinks and reds. My goodness, there’s such a pop of color, it’s not funny!!! Before I found your blog, I had so much color in my home, I could never really see the colors. I know that sounds silly but now when I look at my family room I see such beautiful pops of color!!! I will truely enjoy the pinks and reds that belong to, in my opinion, February. Next month will be greens……I am enjoying a rainbow ? full of colors I my decorating…..just not all at the same time!

  106. Darlene Odom says:

    I enjoy your reworked furniture and items but I limit what I cook any more so the recipes are rarely of interest. Your faith items are always inspirational and we all need that these days.

  107. Pat Spaak says:

    Although I LOVE your many good tips and decor ideas ( mantel ideas, table settings, vignettes and DIY are favorites), I really look forward to reading your “devotional” blogs. You have a wonderful way of expressing the truths of scripture! You inspired me to get back on track with my own study every morning, so I no longer start my day reading blogs, and may not get to yours daily as before.

  108. After I completed the survey, I remembered the one thing that I think might be a nice addition…..readers’ questions. In the past, I have wanted to get your opinion on an upcoming get-together or something decor related. Just a thought.

  109. I really enjoy your blog! It’s so beautiful and informative!