Fall is such a beautiful time of year and a fabulous time to invite friends and family for an easy and scrumptious buffet. Set a table that reflects the season and is full of beautiful fall details. I’m sharing 10 tips for setting a beautiful harvest buffet and some great tips for what to serve too!

Let’s set a harvest buffet…


The fluff and pods and grasses and berries of fall are all so beautiful this time of year! So bring them inside and use them as part of their table! Don’t overlook very common outdoor beauty!

I filled a white vase with pyracantha from the side of my house. It only has these full berries on it this time of year so I’m taking advantage of them now!


Create a centerpiece on your table that reflects all the other elements. 

I used my favorite round basket to gather up the pitcher, a couple of pumpkins, a candle and a pitcher of antique flatware.


Let your table take on the look of a pumpkin patch because nothing says fall like some pretty pumpkins. Scatter pumpkins and other fall finery around your table! Put little pumpkins in cups and bowls. How fun!


I know that paper dinnerware is so easy but I really like to use my own plates and other dishes.

And I think white dishes look gorgeous against the bright oranges of fall! If you have white dishes use them!

I look for dishes with interesting and intricate edges. My best sources are HomeGoods, Wayfair and Pier 1!


It’s so easy to find and collect dishes that are shaped like leaves! And they are usually quite inexpensive!

I’ve been collecting them for years and years.  I’m serving dessert on dishes that look like leaves. And putting a pasta salad in my other leaf-cup dishes.

Start now!

Choose a color and find fall-inspired dishes in that particular color. I love the golden hues of fall so that is what I collect. A

gain I find most of my dishes at HomeGoods, Wayfair and, Pier 1.

I found the leaf cups a Wegmans.


Fall and soup go together and can feed a crowd! I love serving soup in a cup or coffee mugs. They hold just the right amount and depending on the kind of soup, my guest can drink it!

I collect soup tureens, especially ironstone ones. And I have about a dozen ironstone cups. So for this buffet, I am putting them both to work!

I say, USE YOUR STUFF! Don’t let it sit in a cupboard!


Again, paper is easier but cloth napkins are so much nicer!

I have one overtly fall set of napkins that I picked up on sale a few years ago and use them over and over again during the fall.

I have a “thing” for fall leaves so they work with almost every fall decoration I have!

If you don’t have fall napkins use what you have.

I often use my brown check napkins for entertaining during the autumn season!


I’m not sure many people use candle rings anymore to put around candles.

But there is another fabulous use for them.

If they are twiggy and brambly I scoop them up and use them under small pumpkins and dishes! They make such a fun presentation!

Easy peasy!


Now let’s talk about what to serve for a harvest buffet… soup, of course!

Soup is easy to make, filling, feeds a lot of people, and is warming on a crips fall day or evening!

To see all the different kinds of soup I have posted you can google “StoneGable soup” and you can pick from lots of my favorite soups.

Or if you are not much of a soup maker, buy some heat it up and serve it with crusty bread and assorted cheeses! YUM!


I think many people don’t entertain because it can be a lot of work and we lead busy lives!

Don’t let that stop you from great fellowship of family and friends.

So many grocery stores carry fabulous food! Let them do the work! You just have to assemble it.

Or have everyone bring something.

You make the soup and ask everyone to bring one element of the meal! Most people love to contribute to a good time!

Now, it’s your turn!

How about giving us a great tip for making a harvest buffet memorable!

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  1. I had a beautiful pyracantha at my home in NJ.Florida nurseries don’t seem
    to carry them.Love their orange color and how you incorporated them into your
    table scape.And who doesn’t love pumpkins !

  2. Vicki N. Martin says:

    I love pyracantha berries. My parents planted long ago pyracanthss on eachside of their front lot. I always have fun decorating the outside of the house with the berries. We have a bench out front on the poarch and I put berries and pinecones on the bench with ribbons maybe pine or magnolia leaves. At Christmas it’s pine, pinecones, and magnolia leaves. Last year I made my first magnolia leaf wreath. Thanks Yvonne, for refreshing my memories of my Mother and Father and the things that they use to do for the holidays.

  3. Love all these great ideas and the beauty of the Tablescapes you set. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looove all of your ideas. Where can I find the script that you us in the title of Stone Gable? Loooove that too.

    1. Hi Mary Ann,
      I use PicMonkey for my titles. There are so many great fonts there.

  5. This is a beautiful tablescape! Love all the fall colors and how you’ve mixed everything with your white dishes.

  6. Phyllis Ciampi says:

    It’s too early to talk about autumn ?it’s still summer! ?

    1. Yes, Phyllis it is. But I do this to give you lots of inspiration for when you are ready to decorate!

  7. I’m dying to start decorating for Fall! Just my favorite time of year!

  8. Your table is gorgeous! Love those berries too! I need to find them somewhere! Your whole idea about entertaining is a wonderful one! Why do I think I have to do it all! It’s exhausting!?

  9. Oh Yvonne you took my breath away with your tablescape, so lovely. The pumpkins are just gorgeous and the berry sprays are beautiful. I’m itching to get started on my fall décor and enjoy the beauty of the season. As always, thank you for all your ideas, tips and tricks.

  10. Beautiful! I just love those pyracantha berries. I have never heard of them. How great to have a supply right in your own yard!

  11. Looks beautiful. I love that you say use your stuff. What is the point of having a nice set of dishes, etc, if you never get it out and use it. Thanks.

  12. Hi Yvonne,
    Love all your ideas! Fall decorating is my favorite time of year. It will be very sad on this year as my Mom passed away in early February this year. I miss her but she would always come over to see how I would decorate. I keep my dining room table set year round for each season or mood.
    Thank you again for the lovely ideas and Yes, Soup is always a Great Idea!!
    Patricia (NC Coast)

  13. Oh my…each day your post get more enchanting than previous! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts of design and your positive attitude. It is rare and greatly needed in a world of turmoil.
    God Bless You

  14. Lovely inspiration for a harvest table, Yvonne! Watch out for the thorns on the beautiful pyracantha cuttings…memories from my childhood attest to their sharpness. The color of the berries is beautiful, though. I think of soups and a variety of dessert “crisps” as the weather becomes cooler. One of my favorites is a cranberry crisp, made with oatmeal and pecans…so easy and so tasty.

  15. Love all the tips and the photos look great!!

  16. Vee Muller says:

    I just bought ceramic pumpkins at our local GW and more at Dollar Tree (nice, heavy,small ones). Wait, it’s still summer!
    Oh no! I’m being converted from all of the decor blogs I read!
    Oh well, fall will be here soon enough!

  17. Love all your ideas, Yvonne!! Thanks for sharing and always inspiring me.

  18. Kathy Menold says:

    Listened to your great podcast about changing over to fall decor gradually and realized that in the past I did it all in one day and was totally exhausted! So in the last few days I started with a kitchen vignette on the counter and changing lemons over to pears and green apples . A couple days later I changed my dinnerware to my fall dishes and today I put up a cottonboll wreath on the kitchen wall. Then lit an apple scented candle and relaxed and planned my next change. This will wait till Sept. Love your table setting on today’s blog. Thanks Yvonne

  19. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Everything is so pretty! Trying to hold back on decorating for fall till first of September but so hard with so many great ideas.

  20. All the colors of fall wrapped up together!

  21. Great tablescape with beautiful berries. I would love to find some of those!

  22. I love the look, I actually had to go buy one of these baskets to put on my table and love it. The creamer you use for the utensils, I have the exact one that was my mother’s, I know what I’ll be using it for this fall when entertaining. Great ideas for autumn table entertaining.

  23. Lanita Anderson says:

    Yvonne, love all of your great ideas for setting a fall table….not to mention seeing all of your beautiful dishes and photographs! Fall is my favorite season and I’ve been collecting fall dishes and serving pieces for several years. I love setting a pretty fall table and am definitely going to use some of your great ideas! Blessings…..

  24. ❤️ Your Fall decorating tips! I’m inspired! Thanks once again.

  25. Your tablescape is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  26. What a beautiful fall tablescape! I love the texture of your plates, and the bright berries. I’m so excited for autumnal decor, it’s my favorite 🙂 Just discovered your blog, nice to meet you!

    1. Hi Caitlin, Welcome to the StoneGable family! So glad you found us!

  27. Donna Gaddis says:

    Love your blog! Yes on the brown checked napkins! Brown or black check is such a neutral and by adding a bright color from each season, they never need to be put away! Spring…Apple green, Summer…ocean blues,Fall….that Orange!, and Winter…silver or gold metallic. You inspire me!

  28. I love your style. It looks so effortless but well thought out and beautiful.

  29. I have a set of vintage white American Sweetheart dishes that will be the spotlight this fall! I like the way you incorporate fall dishes. I can do this!

  30. Fall is my favorite time of year! Looking forward to getting all my fall stuff out. ??

  31. Anne Marie says:

    Beautiful table – beautiful blog!

  32. Cindy Lundeen says:

    Yvonne love all your inspirations and beautiful pictures. Yours is the first blog I read every morning and I’ve
    used more than several of your ideas over the years, so thank you for your lovely blog.

    One of the things I’ve done the past several years is to put out a thankful tree (idea on pinterest) from mid-October thru the month of November. So when ever I have guest over for dinner I give them a leaf (which is a punched out circle shape of a fun scrapbook paper) to write something they are thankful for during the year. The circle is holed punched before hand with a piece of twine tied on so I can then hang it onto my tree when I set it up. It’s so fun to get this out every year and re-read what people have written. Especially fun to read is my grandchildren have said they were thankful for as they were quite young when I started this. Blessings to you.

  33. I love fall and Stonegable definitely has so many simple but beautiful touches for the season. I enjoy Stonegable very muc. Keep the great ideas coming!

  34. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my such beautiful dishes!! Love the decor on the table! Thank you for great ideas God bless

  35. LOVE the white dishes for fall! (and winter, spring and summer) ,) !

  36. Beautiful tablescapes! I went to Pier 1 today and bought a set of white dishes with intricate designs around it. Similar to yours. I am ready for the holidays! Do you use yours as everyday dishes? They are almost too nice to use daily but will give it a try!


    Hey Yvonne,I have been a daily reader of yours for a few years now and love everything you offer.I have gotten so much inspiration from your blog.I now have white dishes that I use daily and love the pretty ones with detail around. You can never have enough dishes to switch with seasons!(same with pillows) The heat factor here this week is in the triple digits but I am enjoying all the fall decorating I am seeing, its my favorite season!I bought a cute burlap pumpkin at Dollar Tree last week that I will use somewhere.
    Thanks for all you do!

  38. Janet Hurlbrink says:

    For those without pyracantha bushes, there is always mums or faux berries. Yvonne, you’ve inspired me to host a fall gathering with chili and pumpkin bread. Thanks!

  39. Nancy Loyd says:

    I’m so ready for fall and I love all your ideas!

  40. Just stunning! And “doable” too. Your photography is sooooooo pretty! I had noticed you previously showed images that were a bit stark and hard on the eyes…..maybe too much contrast……but theses images are perfect and so lovely to look at. Thank you for always having the prettiest blog posts and helping us learn how to create our own. Angela Lynne 🙂

  41. Karen VanLoo says:

    My favorite thing you do is dishes! I’m addicted to plates, bowls, platters, and white dishes anyway. If I had more storage, oh my gosh! My dream house includes a very large walk in pantry full of shelving just for dishes and serving pieces! I love scouting Home Goods, Pier 1, TJ Maxx, etc… for beautiful pieces and you can add to your collection on a budget. No need to spend a fortune! I love using white dishes and then adding a pop of color. I am enjoying your early Fall ideas, because it’s hot & miserable outside. August is my least favorite month of the year because we have oppressive heat where I live. So dreaming of Fall and the upcoming holidays is how I stay sane.

  42. Maria Awad says:

    As always your table center pieces are just beautiful. Love all your ideas!

  43. As much as I love my summer décor, you’re making me long for fall.

  44. Love your table settings with all the pretty colors and white dishes for the fall. Everything always looks great! I finally made it into our new Home Goods. I Love It!! Great stuff and prices. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful decorating ideas.

  45. Your table looks beautiful and those berries….to die for! You did a great job of putting everything together and of course, all your suggestions are so helpful. Thanks for another great post.

  46. Deb Gregory says:

    Soooo pretty! Your guests will feel so special!

  47. It is the wee hours. I’m going through my emails. And here is a post I was saving to read. I’m actually doing a get together in September for twelve. I was so elaborate last year I was exhausted. I think soup would be easier. I can easily make one kind and scoop some out to accommodate a friend’s dietary needs. I like the idea of soup and then a salad. Yes–crusty bread. I do have great fall dishes I shall use. I’m inspired!!! Thank you again.

  48. The white dishes look beautiful with the orange berries. Your table scapes are always lovely!

  49. I’m currently out of town but this post has me wanting to make a trip to Pier 1 and Homegoods as soon as I get home this weekend. I can’t wait to start gathering some things to add to my Fall decor. If my home ever gets to looking half of what yours looks like I’ll be doing good.

  50. Everything looks beautiful. I am really looking forward to decorating for FALL!

  51. Paula C Trotter says:

    Yvonne, I love receiving your posts in my email each day! Your decorating tips and pictures are very inspirational, very colorful. Right now as we get into the Fall season, your posts bring warmth and remind me of all the reasons to embrace this time of year. Thank you!
    Paula Trotter

    1. So sweet of you Paula! Can you guess Fall is my favorite time of year!