10 MINUTE CHRISTMAS DECORATING - Here's a very easy and so pretty Christmas decoration

Let’s be honest, Christmas can be exhausting!!! And time is at a premium during the holidays, for sure! How about making a fun and easy and fabulous Christmas decoration that will only take 10 minutes to put together and will last until the New Year? Let’s gather up some pretty Christmassy things and make an arrangement that you can use on a table! Even if you are not crafty, you can do this! Sound good? I’ll show you how!

I’m so glad you are joining me today for…


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This is such an easy arrangement and there are so many amazing ways to make it. Here’s what you will need…

  • wooden box or any container or tray
  • faux or real greens (I use faux greens and real boxwood)
  • a terracotta pot
  • candle
  • fresh cranberries
  • pinecones
  • make it your own and add other things too!

I put the arrangement together on my potting bench right outside my back door.

10 MINUTE CHRISTMAS DECORATING - Here's a very easy and so pretty Christmas decoration

  1. Put a terracotta pot in the box (or what you are using to hold your arrangement) and the candle in the pot.
  2. Cut and arrange greens in the box around the terracotta pot.
  3. Add fresh cranberries into the terracotta pot around the candle. And tuck baby pinecones into the greens.

That’s it! Done! 

10 MINUTE CHRISTMAS DECORATING - Here's a very easy and so pretty Christmas decoration

See, easy-peasy and so full of Christmas spirit! Remember, even if you are not crafty or a decorator YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

I have my 10 MINUTE CHRISTMAS DECOR on my kitchen table. I added a few pinecone candles I got at my local Pottery Barn outlet last year around the arrangement.


Wouldn’t this make a thoughtful and amazing hostess gift?

10 MINUTE CHRISTMAS DECORATING - Here's a very easy and so pretty Christmas decoration

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10 MINUTE CHRISTMAS DECORATION-Easy to make and so festive!

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  1. So pretty Yvonne! I love the idea of using the cranberries for a pop of color!!

  2. What a fantastic simple look Yvonne. I love it and anything that take only a few minutes is for me.

  3. So pretty and simple! I am learning so much from you this year since I began receiving your articles, tips, etc. Thanks, Yvonne!

  4. Wonderful idea! My husband made a wooden box with the 30-degree angled sides similar to the one I saw in your fall kitchen decor. I am using it for my garden club Christmas auction and was trying to decide how to fill it. I am doing this. Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.

  5. This is so very pretty and so simple. Thank you so much for the great idea!

  6. You inspire me everyday. I have a pic of what I put together to show you, after reading today’s post, but I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to attach the photo. If I can figure it out I will send. Thanks for all your posts!

  7. Zi love your center piece. It’s so cute. And just like you said so easy., like the idea of using cranberrys for color.
    Wish you closer so you could come over play for a bit and have some tea! ?
    Have a blessed day

  8. This is beautiful, looks like something you would spend hours on, love it!

  9. Cranberries always look so yummy with Christmas decor! Thanks for sharing, Yvonne:)

  10. Judy Lincicum says:

    Hi Yvonne, I’m sorry to bother you with this silly question, but I have decided to make your beautiful 10 Minute Christmas centerpiece with the box and candle and greens. Where I am having a problem is knowing the size of your box to get some idea of the scale of this container you are using. I have everything but the box for a container. I don’t have anything else I can use. Can you tell me the dimensions, please?

    1. Yes I would like the dimensions too……I have barn lumber and I can have my husband put it together for me.

      1. Hi Patricia, The box is about 8″ square. Oh, how nice to have your husband make it!

  11. So beautiful, simple and chic Yvonne! You are so right – what a gorgeous hostess gift this would make too! Pinned! xo Heather

  12. Robin West says:

    Another idea for faux greenery….have the perfect box to makeover! Only thing missing is pine cones…..we live in the mountains of Northern California…..so I can step out in the backyard gather up the pine cones…..perfect!

  13. Donna Condon says:

    Very pretty! I’m going to try this! !

  14. Beautiful decorating as always! Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Simple,quick and beautiful. What more could you ask for. Thank you again for a beautiful arrangement.

  16. Having moved this year, I’ve had to rethink my decorations. I’m keeping it simple. Your ideas are a big help in doing that! Thank you!

  17. Pam Fogal says:

    You did it again! Love it and the SPOT ON Vintage Bowl Set! How easey peasey to make. Thank You Yvonne!

  18. Debra Rockow says:

    Love love love the bowl decorations! You are amazing!

  19. Mary Young says:

    So simple and so beautiful! Love this idea.

  20. Freddie Ann says:

    Great ideas. After 30 years in our home, we have moved to an apartment which we are enjoying so much. With a smaller space, we have had to incorporate smaller decorations and these are some great ideas. Also, we can not burn candles in the apt. so thank goodness for the battery operated candles; I can still decorate with lights. Our patio has a permanent plant hanger so your idea of this will work well. Thanks for all the new ideas.

  21. Katherine says:

    wonderful idea to help take some of the stress out of holiday decorating

  22. I love your 10 minute Christmas ideas.

  23. Norma Rolader says:

    I love your 10 minute decorating and thank you for sharing

  24. I love this, Yvonne. Simple & so pretty! I can do this! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Thank you for all the good ideas you shared with me this year…
    Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your..
    God bless you always

  26. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, this arrangement is so pretty! I will definitely be doing something like this next Christmas! Thanks for always sharing your wonderful ideas with us!

  27. fabulous job. I loved them all. Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday