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I count time by the passing seasons and holidays in a year! I love where I live because we experience all four seasons in their glorious best! One way that I keep StoneGable’s decor fresh and ever changing is to add a little touch of the season going on outside my door to the inside of my home. It’s a fabulous and festive way to celebrate everyday life! Here are 10 easy to incorporate tips to help you add the beauty of each season and holiday to your home and have it play nicely with your existing decor!


This is the easiest way to show our love of the season in our home! A bowl full of shells, or a lantern filled with pumpkins, and even a nest on top of a footed cake plate. Nothing is prettier than a little bit of the season mixed with what you already have! The key is to be tasteful and edited. A little bit goes a long, long way! 

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-basket of white pumpkins-stonegableblog.com

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-bowl of shells-stonegableblog.com



HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-spring nest and branches-stonegableblog.com

Click HERE to see how to make your own bird’s nest like the one above.


Here’s such an easy-peasy way to hint about the season in your home! Not as obvious as adding seasonal elements but very effective! Add colors that represent a season. A nubby winter white throw when the weather is frosty, a robin egg blue bowl on your kitchen counter when spring is blooming or a red white and blue table runner when the fireflies are lighting up summer evenings!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-tartan blanket-stonegableblog.com

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-red white and blue summer aprons-stonegableblog.com


Each season has it’s own distinct beauty! I love to display organic elements in my home. It’s a charming way to extend the outdoors to the inside!  Again, think of a sweet nest or forcing branches in spring, a bowl of pinecones during the winter or a big bouquet of hydrangeas from your yard in the summer. There is something so magical about natural elements inside!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-christmas greens-stonegableblog.com

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-winter twigs in jar-stonegableblog.com


I am a hopeless pillow lover. Nestling seasonal pillows into your decor gives your furniture a continuing new and fresh look. I buy pillow covers in seasonal colors and motifs and change them out using the same down pillow forms as the season changes. Economical and space saving! I have 2 drawers in my living room chest assigned for pillow covers. A rabbit pillow for spring, a pretty and subtle fir tree during Christmas and a patriotic pillow for summer are all welcomed touches of the season! Add just one or maybe two per room. In the case of seasonal pillows… less is best!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-LeLapin pillow-stonegableblog.com

See a very easy Bunny Pillow DIY HERE

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-reindeer pillow-stonegableblog.com


To view a tutorial for this WOODLAND DEER PILLOW click HERE.


Start a nod to the season at your front door! I think nothing says “welcome” like a beautiful, seasonal wreath! They are so easy to make and can be used from year to year! This will put a fresh face on your door all year long! Think about something abundant and full for autumn, mossy and twiggy for spring and what is better than a big evergreen wreath at Christmas.






Lighten up in the summer! Go cozy in the winter! Texture is not only picked up by our sense of touch but with our eyes too! Texture tells our brain… rough, hot, cool, fuzzy, smooth, shiny, chunky. It’s almost a subliminal seasonal message!




Forcing paperwhites for Christmas is just about the most perfect example of planting something indoors for Christmas! Or how about planting gorgeous rusty colored mums in a bowl or container. They need little attention, are cheaper than a bouquet of cut flowers and should last all season… or at least most of it! Very early spring, when I am itching to dig in the dirt, is my favorite time to plant an herb box indoors. 

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-indoor herb garden-stonegableblog.com

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-pumpkins in a champagne bucket-stonegableblog.com


Seasonal decor, like most decor, looks better if you do a little layering!  Just look at the images above. Most seasonal pretties should not stand alone. Little pumpkins and a few pieces of “fluff” make the mums in a champagne bucket above into a VIGNETTE! It almost tells a little story! Much more interesting than something standing alone!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-layered decor-stonegableblog.com

Click HERE for a post about layering decor for a beautiful look.


This might be the most important tip of all! Gone are the days of seasonal chotchkies strewn in every room of the house! Now is the time to think carefully and thoughtfully about choosing seasonal items that will fit with the decor in your home. If you have to put away boxes of decor at the end of the season (except maybe Christmas) you are doing too much! Give yourself a break… it’s okay to give away seasonal decor that is tired or dated or worn! Go with bigger and nicer items and LESS of them!! One big beautiful jar of good faux spring blooms works so much better than lots of small, out-of-style, superfluous spring knick-knacks ! And who wouldn’t feel steeped in summer with a big blue bowl filled with red geraniums!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-big pumpkin in urn-stonegableblog.com


Now that you have read all these tips for decorating your home for the season and doing it easily and tastefully, I’m going to throw in one amendment! DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!! If you love lots of knick-knacks then… JUST DO IT! It’s your home and it should reflect YOU! I’m just hoping you will use these tips to make a beautifully decorated home that reflects your taste and style! After all you are ONE-OF-A-KIND and your decor should be too!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-shells and dishes-stonegableblog.com

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HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-let's accent our homes with the season-stonegableblog.com


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  1. Thank you for all the beautiful yet simple touches to put in our homes. Each picture I came to I said to myself “oh I need to save this”. You have a gorgeous sense of style. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    1. genie steger says:

      Each time I read your posts, I think I have to save this

  2. Always so perfectly put together and tasteful. The seasons…I love them all, but spring is my favorite and the bird nests are perfect, especially when they have little eggs. Great post!

  3. Julianne Whittington says:

    I often wondered where you store all your pillows. Now I know, just by the covers. Much easier to store….Thanks for the tip


  4. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love these ideas and inspirational photos! I’m a big fan of seasons as well, all of them. I live in Texas where our summers can be long and brutal, and by August I’m pining for Fall and spend hot evenings in front of the computer getting ideas on how I want to decorate for the season. Spring & Fall are my favorites, and Christmas! I’ve also started collecting pillow covers to change out with the seasons, I love that idea because you’re not having to store a ton of pillows. Just the covers. I’m always inspired by you, thanks so much for what you do!

    1. I love all the seasonal ideas too, although (especially re: Halloween!) I am somewhat less than restrained, allowing my theatrical/ Baroque side to triumph. Highlighting nature and natural pieces (like the bird’s nest treated as art) is always appealing, and is a fixture in what I laughingly call my “style.”

  5. A great reminder of all your wonderful ideas. Have you done a tutorial on your darling apron rack with the plates yet. I hope I didn’t miss it. I have the perfect place for it.

  6. Christy Keyton says:

    Great post – I do most of these, so nice to see the whole list compiled! I love the hooks with the plates from which the aprons are hanging! Did you make those? If so, how? Your home is lovely!

    1. I’ve been so busy writing that I’ve not done that yet. I will though!

  7. Judy C in NC says:

    Ahhh , you have shared with us some beautiful inspiration and ideas and they really make so much sense to me. Your home is so elegant and tastefully put together, it is always a joy to see. Since retiring and moving to our cottage-style neighborhood, I have felt a great desire to decorate seasonally. Your suggestions and information have helped me understand the obvious ways to decorate without having to buy so much commercial junk. I love having natural elements in our Mission-style home and we have developed gardens all around the house. With these new ideas I may even have everything right in my garage, just need to rethink the way I put them together. I will also be gathering up items for our annual cul-de-sac yard sale in September, hee, hee. Don’t you just love down sizing? Thanks from Judy C

  8. Luvly post Yvonne. Even though I live in North Central Florida , I still enjoy seasonal decorating. Agreed… less is definitely more!! No need tonnage a home full of seasonal clutter.

  9. Kris Woelke says:

    Awesome post! You amaze me! So much to learn! Thank you friend!

  10. Kathy Lahr says:

    I agree…the days of decorating every nook & corner are gone. It is so liberating to just tuck a few special pieces in here & there to get “the look”.
    I, too, have started to purge my many boxes of deco “stuff” in favor of just the things I really love as I pull it all out to decorate my home from season!
    Thanks for the wonderful tips & beautiful pictures.

  11. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Love every picture!

  12. Your tips just make me yearn more for your first book. Can’t wait to have these gorgeous pictures in print on my coffee table. You are the queen of home decor!

  13. bobbi duncan says:

    Hi, Yvonne. I ditto some of the above statements, but they’re all so true–less can be more, especially when decorating for the holidays. I feel it is relaxing to the eyes to use more larger pieces rather than small items all over the place, and you can see them all. Love all your decorating and organization ideas–you are so clever!

  14. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thanks those were great ideas and will be useful.

  15. Wonderful ideas Yvonne! I love your statement about not overdoing it; I find it just too kitschy to see an overabundance. Keep it classy, with pillows and beautiful accessories that don’t overwhelm!

    French Artist Frederique Chemin

  16. All so lovely…please could you mention the name or pattern of the white plates with raised decorative edge seen in front at the top of site ‘winter 2015 photo, or where they might be found. thank you for all of your work.

  17. I just loved the tutorial on making nest. I will certainly give it a go. Love it so much. Thanks for an inspiring post.
    Keep warm
    Hugs Kay

  18. Heather C says:

    This was so much appreciated, I always wondered what the components were that made a cohesive setting, thanks again.

  19. Great post Yvonne. I loved all the pictures you included and loved seeing your own evolution in decorating your home. Thanks for sharing

  20. Yvonne,
    Great tips for adding Seasonal touches to one’s home decor, dear friend!!!
    I agree, delicate touches of color make a subtle welcoming of each Season’s arrival!!!
    My favorite touches are silk florals and decorative tea towels!!!
    Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

  21. Thanks for getting us ready for fall, the time has come so fast. Love all the decorating ideas!

  22. So many ideas, my head is spinning!

  23. I had a big smile on my face reading this just now, Yvonne, it’s as if I already could predict the next tip as I was scrolling I do all of those little decor ideas too! Right now, I’m putting away the shells, glass floats, coral and pulling out some expensive (but so real looking!) hydrangea and cotton bolls. Since moving into a condo, I was really missing a front door to decorate but suddenly realized I can hang on the inside of the door or on the mantel. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?!

    I bought a filthy and tacky wreath at the reuse, took off the junk then washed it in sudsy tub water and am now attaching the cotton bolls. I don’t want to bring out the pumpkins until mid September so have a collection of old medicine bottles I’m clustering under a cloche on the coffee table on a tray. I liked your comment about not overdoing things … as so many go overboard on vignettes and staging that their interiors start to look like a store display and not a “home” at all!

    The vignettes may be very nice but when a guest hesitates and doesn’t know where to sit or place a drink, I think that’s a sign to reign it in!! By the way, your photographs and the ease of use and clarity of your site has to be #1 in the decor field! It’s a delight to visit and is the ONLY one I read everyday!

  24. Sorry for the spelling error – “reign it in” should be “rein it in”!

  25. Christi Maze says:

    Fabulous post! Just love the way you put the final touches on beautiful rooms. I love the pillows, and I need to get busy doing some for my home. Blessings!

  26. Trish Hopkins says:

    You always have wonderful ideas…..Country French is my style. It is always fun to make some changes and use your ideas.

  27. I love your posts. Your inspirational and informative. Thank you so much.

  28. I loved this post! I am always looking for ways to decorate my home, and I feel that changing the decor seasonally makes life more interesting, and the house is never boring! I really like the point you made to make sure to incorporate elements of the natural season; to use plants and natural decor that really highlight the feeling of the season. I think it’s so essential to be able to connect with nature; there’s something therapeutic about bringing it into your home. I also really liked the bit where you talked about layering textures and knick-knacks. It really is more aesthetically pleasing to have a few objects that compliment each other in color, shape, and size, than to see a single object on it’s own. It just feels more warm! Thanks for the great post!

  29. Connie Fowler says:

    Very helpful post, Yvonne. Lovely photos and featured decor. Anyone with any style can take these tips and make them work.

  30. Yvonne, Love the gray urn that you often use in your decor. May be a silly question but what are you using to keep stems in place? Floral foam? Would also love to see some of your pictures taken from a distance to get the full affect because your decor is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your home.

  31. I just needed to take a minute and tell you how much I LOVE your blog/email/photos !! Reading/looking at it makes me so happy and you need to know how much you’re doing with excellence! I’ve Rx it to many friends and tell them they will NOT be disappointed. You present everything in such a way that it makes it feel like you’re sitting right here talking! I can tell you have Jesus! Continue the great work❤️

    1. What a nice comment to wake up to Cathy! Thank you so so much! I love what I do and inspiring women to create a beautiful home!