HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME- Easy ways to brighten up your home for every season!

I count time by the passing seasons and holidays in a year! I love where I live because we experience all four seasons in their glorious best! One way that I keep StoneGable’s decor fresh and ever changing is to add a little touch of the season going on outside my door to the inside of my home. It’s a fabulous and festive way to celebrate everyday life! Here are 10 easy to incorporate tips to help you add the beauty of each season and holiday to your home and have it play nicely with your existing decor!

Today is HOME STYLE SATURDAY! I hope you enjoy one of my most popular seasonal posts! Make sure to enjoy the other “best of the best” posts at the end of this post!


This is the easiest way to show our love of the season in our home! A bowl full of shells, or a lantern filled with pumpkins, and even a nest on top of a footed cake plate. Nothing is prettier than a little bit of the season mixed with what you already have! The key is to be tasteful and edited. A little bit goes a long, long way!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME- Easy ways to brighten up your home for every season! 



HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME- Easy ways to brighten up your home for every season! HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME- Easy ways to brighten up your home for every season!



Click HERE to see how to make your own bird’s nest like the one above.


Here’s such an easy-peasy way to hint about the season in your home! Not as obvious as adding seasonal elements but very effective! Add colors that represent a season. A nubby winter white throw when the weather is frosty, a robin egg blue bowl on your kitchen counter when spring is blooming or a red white and blue table runner when the fireflies are lighting up summer evenings!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-tartan blanket-stonegableblog.com

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-red white and blue summer aprons-stonegableblog.com


Each season has it’s own distinct beauty! I love to display organic elements in my home. It’s a charming way to extend the outdoors to the inside!  Again, think of a sweet nest or forcing branches in spring, a bowl of pinecones during the winter or a big bouquet of hydrangeas from your yard in the summer. There is something so magical about natural elements inside!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-christmas greens-stonegableblog.com



I am a hopeless pillow lover. Nestling seasonal pillows into your decor gives your furniture a continuing new and fresh look. I buy pillow covers in seasonal colors and motifs and change them out using the same down pillow forms as the season changes. Economical and space saving! I have 2 drawers in my living room chest assigned for pillow covers. A rabbit pillow for spring, a pretty and subtle fir tree during Christmas and a patriotic pillow for summer are all welcomed touches of the season! Add just one or maybe two per room. In the case of seasonal pillows… less is best!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-LeLapin pillow-stonegableblog.com

See a very easy Bunny Pillow DIY HERE

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-reindeer pillow-stonegableblog.com


To view a tutorial for this WOODLAND DEER PILLOW click HERE.


Start a nod to the season at your front door! I think nothing says “welcome” like a beautiful, seasonal wreath! They are so easy to make and can be used from year to year! This will put a fresh face on your door all year long! Think about something abundant and full for autumn, mossy and twiggy for spring and what is better than a big evergreen wreath at Christmas.






Lighten up in the summer! Go cozy in the winter! Texture is not only picked up by our sense of touch but with our eyes too! Texture tells our brain… rough, hot, cool, fuzzy, smooth, shiny, chunky. It’s almost a subliminal seasonal message!




Forcing paperwhites for Christmas is just about the most perfect example of planting something indoors for Christmas! Or how about planting gorgeous rusty colored mums in a bowl or container. They need little attention, are cheaper than a bouquet of cut flowers and should last all season… or at least most of it! Very early spring, when I am itching to dig in the dirt, is my favorite time to plant an herb box indoors. 

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-indoor herb garden-stonegableblog.com

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-pumpkins in a champagne bucket-stonegableblog.com


Seasonal decor, like most decor, looks better if you do a little layering!  Just look at the images above. Most seasonal pretties should not stand alone. Little pumpkins and a few pieces of “fluff” make the mums in a champagne bucket above into a VIGNETTE! It almost tells a little story! Much more interesting than something standing alone!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-layered decor-stonegableblog.com

Click HERE for a post about layering decor for a beautiful look.


This might be the most important tip of all! Gone are the days of seasonal chotchkies strewn in every room of the house! Now is the time to think carefully and thoughtfully about choosing seasonal items that will fit with the decor in your home. If you have to put away boxes of decor at the end of the season (except maybe Christmas) you are doing too much! Give yourself a break… it’s okay to give away seasonal decor that is tired or dated or worn! Go with bigger and nicer items and LESS of them!! One big beautiful jar of good faux spring blooms works so much better than lots of small, out-of-style, superfluous spring knick-knacks ! And who wouldn’t feel steeped in summer with a big blue bowl filled with red geraniums!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-big pumpkin in urn-stonegableblog.com


Now that you have read all these tips for decorating your home for the season and doing it easily and tastefully, I’m going to throw in one amendment! DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!! If you love lots of knick-knacks then… JUST DO IT! It’s your home and it should reflect YOU! I’m just hoping you will use these tips to make a beautifully decorated home that reflects your taste and style! After all you are ONE-OF-A-KIND and your decor should be too!

HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-shells and dishes-stonegableblog.com

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HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME-let's accent our homes with the season-stonegableblog.com

A home is at its best with a little bit of the season displayed in it!


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HOW TO ADD SEASONAL DECOR TO YOUR HOME- Easy ways to brighten up your home for every season!

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Thanks for all the great tips.

  2. I need to better organize my seasonal decor items and at the same time purge some of then! Having a few larger items to make a statement is a workable goal.

  3. Karen Hawthorne says:

    Love, love, love all the ideas for seasonal decorating! Thank you!

  4. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love decorating for the seasons, thank you for these tips!

  5. I love this post on seasonal decorating, but how do I fit seasonal decorating in a coastal home?

  6. Love this post….and I love giving seasonal touches t my home even though it raises my husband’s eyebrows a bit!

  7. Pam Richards says:

    Beautiful touches!!!! Amazing how just a few things make such a difference. Thank you.

  8. Nan, Odessa, De says:

    Like you I am grateful to live and enjoy the changing of the seasons. I, too, count the time by the changing of the seasons. When folks complain about say, “the winter”, my thought is you need to do more for your surroundings and yourself at this time.

    I most agree with #9. Don’t overdo and a large item, more costly, may be better than lots of small items.
    However, I think the small items are when you are young. You are learning (which I am still learning at this old age) and you may not have much money for home deco. It is amazing what a plant will do for any season!

    Thanks, Yvonne!

  9. I totally agree with your quality over quantity approach! Beautiful!

  10. Kathleen Hatfield says:

    I love all of your decorating. Thank you for more great inspiration.

  11. Rebecca Musser says:

    I’ve got some of those images pinned already! I love especially those blue and green pillows.

  12. Phyllis Ciampi says:

    Great tips! I usually only change my front door wreath but I will start doing these other ideas now too. Thanks.

  13. Fresh flowers always!

  14. My word! Everytime I read a post, I want to get up and “do something” to this house. You inspire me.

  15. Just love your posts, full of wonderful ideas, I have a question for you
    I am gushing over the heart shaped velvet pumpkins (I want to make some for Valentine)
    but have been unable to find the instructions. Do you have any ideas how to make them? thanks

  16. I need to add seasonal touches in my home more frequently. I tend to only decorate for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

  17. I love to incorporate natural elements in decorating.
    Sometimes I’m a bit heavy handed with adding items.
    I agree,less is more.Thanks for all the tips.

  18. Did you put the hooks on your plates to hang your apron? If so what glue did you use? Love the idea.

  19. I love some of your seasonal ideas. Keeping it simple makes it pretty and simple to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Mary Gent says:

    Love the layering tips! So inspirational as always.

  21. Thanks for the great tips! Is that a real or faux geranium in that one picture with the aprons? I know they make some very real looking faux plants now. Even though it is winter and I have my pine cones and birch logs out, I am looking forward to spring/summer.

  22. Carol Elkins says:

    Great ideas! I always try to do a seasonal wreath on my door for the different seasons/holidays.

  23. Velma Andregg says:

    Looking forward to ideas for spring table scales. Love your decorating ideas, they are always fresh and interesting. The lull between Christmas and spring are more difficult for decorating ideas. Thank you.

  24. Another helpful post. I have a blue & white bowl with daffodils and an antiqued rectangle dish with tulips being forced at the moment for that hint of spring. My first time doing it, so cross your fingers I have blooms before summer. I add a birdcage to my china cabinet decor for that hint of spring/summer. I add a cushion with a deer and switch out what is sitting on my coffee table books for an antler for fall/winter. And, always a wreath on my front door & mat for each season to welcome visitors.

    I love that bird’s nest on a branch. I’m going to make that. So cute!

  25. I went back to the post on making the bird’s nest. It sounds easy enough. Do you get spray adhesive all over your hands and how do you remove it?

  26. I, too, went to the bird’s nest tutorial. I love birds and bird nests and plan to make one for Spring. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Thanks for the tips today. I made the bird nest and put it under a cloche and just love it. So spring-like

  28. Judy Magers says:

    These are wonderful and concise tips!

  29. It’s these seasonal changes that keep me from getting bored with my decor. Love to switch things up!

  30. Diane Ruebel says:

    Seasonal additives create such fun…thanks . Diney on Camano Island

  31. I have done this for years (before it was apparently a trend… Lol), and my friends always seem surprised. Hahaha!! Since I work from home I find it helps break up the monotony to switch things up seasonally.

    I always love seeing what little touches you will do each season!! And I agree-it doesn’t have to scream at you ( well, maybe just Christmas… Lol)- a whisper will do. 🙂

  32. So Lovely to “Welcome”…. each season with Something …Fresh and Pretty and… Blooming! Thanks for all that you do for all of us! Love and hugs, Judy

  33. Wonderful advice as always. I do believe a few seasonal pieces can really make a statement without taking up a lot of room.

  34. Great post, love the tips.

  35. Maggie Nelson says:

    Love the ideas for every season and this time for Spring I will decorate a wreath for the door. I always do it for Christmas and you gave an idea for next season. Thank you

  36. Jewell Halwachs says:

    HELP! Yvonne, what do you decorate your front door with after Christmas? I also display seasonal/holiday items on a small cabinet in my entry. I just can’t think of a thing to do for this in between time. The house looks so empty after I take down all my Christmas decorations.BTW, I live in California in an area where the climate is very mild all year long. Read that NO snow so snow flakes and ice skates just don’t fit in. I think I have all the other seasons covered but winter (after Christmas) just has me totally stumped. Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Jewell: I’m in southern Ontario, Canada and we haven’t had snow since mid December and while Winter items look fine, I get bored with the typical ideas. Go on Pinterest and type in “Yarn Wreath” and see if you like that idea. Some add snowflakes but you can omit those! Knitting is an all-season hobby so it doesn’t scream “Winter” in my opinion. Of course, you could also hang a boxwood wreath or something similar which, again, is an all season look. Greenery is always nice and suits any season.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the ideas and reminders. I now have a small small house and I find the smaller touches fit in much better than the big decorating. I live in Central Texas and we don’t have many seasons that last long so that means I need some small but strong changes that can be easily changed. I also have little storage space for the “extras”, so you have given me some new ideas of how to use what I have as the white dishes in new ways. Again, THanks!

  38. genie steger says:

    Love the vintage box with green herbs and accessories! So springy

  39. I’m really trying to implement less is more and just adding a touch of seasonal decor throughout our home and it blending in with our existing decor all while flowing nicely throughout. As they say I’m a work in progress.

  40. Ruth Harris says:

    I just love your white dishes and how you can use them all year.

  41. Lynn Liggitt says:

    Once again, great tips!

  42. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Thanks, again, Yvonne for all your wonderful ideas! Just love your posts!

  43. Love this post. Thanks for the ideas. After taking down Christmas decorations, my husband and I think the house looks so blah.

  44. Thanks for the good tips on editing knick-knacks. I really have way too many. I have cut way down on my decorations for seasons so I guess I’m doing a little better in that area. HA! I really like your plate/hooks that you hang your aprons on. Did you make those? If so, could you please provide a tutorial? Thank you.

  45. Thanks for the inspiration/tips. Really helps!

  46. Never enough fresh flowers guess that’s why I Love Valentines Day!