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Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner I thought we would talk tablescapes! I don’t know about you, but I get weak in the knees when I see a beautiful tablescape. Whether simple and relaxed or fancy and elegant… well thought out tables with fun surprising touches are a delight to sit down to! So, I’m sharing 10 easy and doable tips that will help you set a memorable table for Thanksgiving.


Today is HOME STYLE SATURDAY!  I hope you visit my HSS friends and get lots of great ideas!


I have some easy to do ideas for a Thanksgiving table… but I bet you do too! At the end of this post please share your best Thanksgiving ideas with our StoneGable family!




Did you know that you have a virtual mega-store in your own home? Yes, you do! How about shopping your home and pulling things from other rooms to add to your Thanksgiving table. Do you collect something that might look great down the center of the table? 

I shopped StoneGable and collect pieces of blue and white… many from my bedroom. You never know what will look great on a table till you give it a try!

SG Tip: Blue, white and orange look FABULOUS together!  You might want to try this gorgeous color combo on your table this year. 






Step outside of the box and use inexpensive grapevine wreaths as chargers this year. They bring such an organic and rustic feel to the table! Like a Thanksgiving walk in the woods… well, sorta! Just remember to give them a good shake and hearty dusting with a rag. If you are worried about any “fallout” spray them with a matte poly. Don’t forget to tuck a couple of leaves in between the wreaths and your plates. 

Grapevine wreaths as chargers-thanksgiving-stonegableblog



Even the most rustic tables can benefit from a little sparkle and glitz! But use the sparkle sparingly! A little goes a long long way! Find fun places to tuck a little glam into your tablescape!

I put some glitzy acorns on the ledge of a candlestick along with some oak leaves. I love that rustic/luxe look! 

adding acorns to candlesticks-stonegableblog



Why not add some whimsy to your Thanksgiving table? How often are you able to use those squirrel salt and pepper shakers that Aunt Billie gave you. Show off your fun side by adding some fun touches to your table!

Even though my table is not “cutsie” it still has room for a little squirrely fun!

fun thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers-stonegableblog



Use your everyday white dishes and set a very pretty, casual table. Don’t fuss! All white looks so clean and so elegant you really don’t need to be fancy! What an easy way to set a table that everyone will remember!

I found these white turkey plates at our local POTTERY BARN OUTLET last year on sale. You bet I grabbed up a bunch!

outdoor thanksgiving-simple turkey plates-stonegableblog



One of my very favorite things to do when I set a table is to give every person at the table a little surprise! Something as simple as a cute little pumpkin or a handmade gift or a sentimental memento can bring a smile to your guest and make them feel extra special!

I tucked a little orange pumpkin into a blue and white footed bowl. Guest can take them home and put them on their desks, bedside table or where they need a little bit of fall!

pumpkin in little footed bowl-thanksgiving-stonegableblog



Burlap is white hot right now and it’s the perfect texture for Thanksgiving! Use it as a runner, or make easy no-sew placemats and napkin rings like the ones below.  Burlap looks incredible with leaves and pumpkins and all things Thanksgiving! Use burlap liberally!!!!

I made these very easy no-sew placemats and fun button napkin rings for my table last year. Click HERE to see the tutorial.

Burlap webbing placemats and napkin rings-thanksgiving-stonegableblog



Put a small bowl of mixed nuts in their shells and a nutcracker at every place at the table. Not only does it look beautiful, and gives a nod to the festive season, and tastes delicious…  but it’s also so much fun!!!

It’s been a Tradition in our home, passed down through the generations, to have a bowl of nuts and a nutcracker on the table between Thanksgiving and Christmas! This is a very addictive tradition!

nuts and nutcracker-thanksgiving table-stonegableblog


You don’t need lots of formal flowers on the table this holiday… just lots of natural elements. Pinecones, acorns, pumpkins, feathers, deer shelds and moss look great cascading down the table or all caught up together in a bowl or on a pedestal. Keep it natural and simple and inexpensive!

I used what I had in my fall stash and back yard to make this fall inspired centerpiece. I even used a nest and some faux eggs that worked with the color of the table.

Woodland Centerpiece-stonegableblog


Make an effort to get everyone joining in the table conversation.  Use table talk questions, a Thanksgiving quiz, a game or let everyone tell what they are thankful for!

Every year we put 5 kernels of corn at each person’s place. Each corn represents one thing that they are thankful for. We go around the table and everyone shares. It’s a wonderful, sometimes funny, sometimes serious time of remembering the Source of our blessings!

To see the story of the 5 Kernels and how we celebrate, click HERE

Thanksgiving table with 5 corn kernels-stonegableblog.com


Now it’s your turn! Do you have an idea or inspiration that will help us set an easy and meaningful Thanksgiving table? Please share!!!

You might want to pin this to your THANKSGIVNG pinterest board. You can follow me and see what I’m pinning for Thanksgiving and Christmas HERE.

10 EASY TIPS FOR SETTING THE BEST THANKSGIVING TABLE-easy and doable ways to have a fabulous Thanksgiving table-stonegableblog


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  1. The nuts and nutcrackers will be on my table this year! Maybe not one at each place, but at least 1 between every 4 since I’m trying to “keep it simple”. The 5 kernels of corn is a fabulous idea that I just might use too.

  2. Every idea is beautiful! Thanksgiving is such a warm, family centered time, that setting a pretty table is pure joy. It shouldn’t be difficult, just fun! I am fortunate that I can always “borrow” French antiques from my shop for the centerpiece, but really anything works, it just takes a little amount of time to create a table that gets your guests {and yourself!} excited and focused on being thankful. Thank you for the inspiration, Yvonne.

  3. Love the 5 kernels of corn idea! What a great conversation starter for the Thanksgiving table.

  4. I’ve forgotten how much we used to enjoy cracking almonds. Bringing it back!

  5. Love these ideas. Your ideas always seem to say”welcome, I am glad you are here!”

  6. Wonderful ideas for this holiday. I place treasured construction paper turkeys, made by my two daughters during elementary school years, throughout my tablescape. They are being joined by the ones my grandchildren make at school. It is a trip down memory lane each year. Child-made turkeys will strut among blue and white treasures this year!

  7. one of the best ideas is using “what I have” – being creative and less purchasing items that quite often get stuck away into the already cluttered closets

  8. Your outdoor table setting is beautiful. I also like the Five corn idea and am trying this at Thanksgiving. Shopping your house would be a lot of fun!

  9. My husband and I have discussed the idea of going to antique stores and buying different and unique dinner plates. We would have a different plate for each guest. We think this would make a great convesation around the table. Love your ideas of the five kernels and the small bowls of nuts. I always have nuts at the holidays, but not individual bowls.

  10. Sherry Pelle says:

    I love, love, love the idea of using a grapevine wreath as a charger!!! Thanks for the tip Yvonne!

  11. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  12. Lorraine Hitchcock says:

    All white this year! Love that idea. I have he Vietri turkey salad plates in white and will put them to work on this year’s table.

  13. Love all of your ideas, they were all so pretty.

  14. My best thanksgiving idea that has been copied by friends is to use a disposable roasting pan to cook the turkey in……but wait…..not sturdy you say…..I put it inside of my regular roasting pan. That gives you the sturdiness required but it feels great to toss it away and have one less pan to soak and wash later. Your welcome! Happy thanksgiving all.

  15. Your table ideas are great! I too grew up with the bowl of nuts – time to bring that tradition back. And those squirrel salt and pepper shakers made me smile ?!

  16. One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is gifting each of my kids’ families 24 Christmas books. They are wrapped and numbered with tags from 1-24. Starting with December 1 they get to open one book each night to read as a family and count down to Christmas. I usually put all of the books in a basket or a large tin for each family to kick off the Holiday decorating. The Grandkids love this tradition and I really enjoy getting all of the books ready, wrapped and tagged. I give the kids the basket of books right before they leave to go home Thanksgiving night. It makes for a very nice family event every night and when the basket is empty it is Christmas Eve.

    As always, your Thanksgiving ideas are fabulous. My kitchen reno is staring this week so Thanksgiving may be at a hotel— but I will have my Christmas book project ready to go. Thanks for your inspiration!

  17. Good morning Yvonne…your tablescapes are so inviting….when company comes it’s my favorite part of preparation…it’s akin to the enchantment of playing dollhouse as a child !!! I am hosting my gal pals for our Christmas gathering …usually I have a baked treat favor to send home with my guests…this year I found small antique green and gold exquisite teacups and saucers at a thrift store on Cape Cod…I am using them to make lemongrass/lavender candles for my Christmas favor…topping the candle with gold and green glitter before completely set ! How I wish you lived closer …we sometimes have a surprise guest…it could be YOU !! Thank you sincerely for all your marvelous ideas ….you inspire me daily…..Smiles…..Anne

    1. Oh my! Did you say you live on the Cape? If yes, can I be your “surprise guest”!! Please? Ontario isn’t that far and I haven’t seen the Cape for many years but love the little villages, the quaint houses, the blue hydrangea and of course, the huge sand dunes and water! I even help wash up!

  18. Such lovely table ideas. My family’s favorite meal to gather at is Thanksgiving with all the goodies.

  19. Thanks for so many inspiring ideas Yvonne. I serve Thanksgiving dessert on Christmas plates as a way of saying…Advent of is upon us!

  20. What a unique way to use grapevine wreaths as placemats! I plan on using the 5 kernels of corn story. This will make family members think and consider the blessings that only God can give.

  21. Beautiful tablescapes, Yvonne! I also love your little squirrels and 5 Kernals of corn. Such a wonderful way of remembering to count our blessings. I need to shop for squirrels like yours. My granddaughters would adore them.

  22. Rebecca Cagle says:

    Love, love, love your site! I just found you…now to go shopping around the house…and maybe at the store, too. Thank you for ideas that I can replicate.

  23. I love the idea of the five kernels of corn! I used to have my guests write down three things they were thankful for on printed paper leaves. I would hang them from a tree branch found on the ground and used as the centerpiece of the table. When dinner was over, we would read them aloud. I think this year, I will do the five kernels of corn. Thank you for the idea. All the tablescapes are lovely as always, Yvonne. we will be dining all’ aperto this year.

  24. This year we will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house. We have so many people, we do a buffet style dinner. I’m really nervous about hosting because we usually always go to my mother-in-laws, but due to health reasons, she wasn’t really up to hosting.

    I really love the all white tablescape you showed. I may copy that for my tables!

    Thanks for you tips and inspiration.

  25. I WANT THEM ALL! ?Nice to see that less is more..I’ve pared down decorations, etc., and use small cups, bowls, candlesticks instead..thrift store shopping has gotten me some fantastic deals..love your website!

  26. As Mary above said, I put a construction paper leaf at each plate and the family/guests write one item for which they are thankful on it, then hang it on a bare branch I collected from the yard and placed in a demi-john bottle. They read it aloud before hanging it. It is a very special time. I love your tablescapes regardless of the seasons. You have such a way with vignettes!

  27. The grapevine charger idea is a keeper, Yvonne. So much for which to be thankful, everyday and during these fun and inspirational seasons. Fall has been long awaited during this long, hot summer! Loving every minute of looking at your posts to get my creative juices flowing. Blessings to you and Happy Autumn. Love those adorable squirrels!

  28. Gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder to get out my squirrel nut bowl.

  29. The nuts with a nutcracker brought back memories of my grandparents who during the fall and winter kept a large wooden bowl of nuts with a nutcracker on the table in their living room between their his and her chairs. As a child I watched my Grandpa crack open the nuts and then share them with me. I had forgotten about that until reading your post. I will definitely have a bowl of nuts on our Thanksgiving table this year.

  30. Mary Jane says:

    Yvonne, I can’t believe how much wonderful information you put into this tablescape post. I can’t wait to now go “shop” my house! Thank you!

  31. I love the idea of the corn kernel! I think I will try it this year. Nuts around the holidays is also a staple in our house. Loved breaking them open all season long growing up and have continued the tradition with my kids. Last year I set the table with a brown paper runner going down the center over the tablecloth. I had everyone write what they were thankful for. It worked great! Love all your ideas!

  32. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday meal.I have the
    same nutcrackers that were my moms.They always
    make an appearance with a bowl of nuts.
    Your table settings are lovely as always.

  33. I did the story of the five kernels of corn for my grandchildren last Thanksgiving and they loved it. Thanks for the idea, we all need to be reminded of all the abundance we enjoy each day.

  34. Mother used to keep nuts around as well. I am going to put some out this year.

  35. I love your idea of putting nuts and a nutcracker at each place setting.

  36. Sue Ockels says:

    I set a different Thanksgiving table every year. I use things around the house and outside.
    I love the challenge of doing something different.The last few years have been a real challenge
    as we have been hosting our large family of 20!

  37. Where did you find the very white pumpkins? All I seem to be able to find are more cream colored. Thanks!

  38. Ruth Ann Elias says:

    I love blue and white, but never would have thought to have brought pieces to the Thanksgiving table. You are so right that they mix beautifully with the palette of Fall, oranges, bronzed nuts, rich browns. Thank you. Your blog is filled with stunning ideas. I’ve just signed up!

  39. Sharon Minzey says:


  40. Lots of great ideas!!

    Now to read the others!

  41. My first visit to your blog-thanks for making it a fun one! Growing up, my English teacher grandmother had us all write a poem during the time between the dinner and dessert while the big meal “settled.” The poems were collected and read aloud, usually by my father. We then had to figure out who wrote the poem and the adults were terrific at “not” guessing which poems were written by the youngest members of the family. As the family grew the tradition terrified boy/girlfriends/fiancees/and new spouses alike. My brother always wrote sonnets or epic Odyssey-like poems and my dad always wrote limericks. My husband’s family had no such tradition and 29 years later, I still miss it.

    1. Traditions are like glue for a family! We love our family traditions!

  42. Marie in VA says:

    Beautiful ideas! So much inspiration! Love the 5 kernels of corn idea 🙂

  43. Wonderful! Love your ideas!

  44. I have blue dishes also; will be glad to use them during thanksgiving and christmas

  45. Kathy Kapinos says:

    Love the blue & white dishes for Thanksgiving. It looks beautiful with rustic orange decorations. Many wonderful ideas.