Woodland Tablescape

 What do you collect when you walk in the woods? Acorns, moss, feathers, pine cones. How about fallen nests or a pair of naturally shedded antlers?

 Today’s tablescape is inspired by a walk in the woods on a late fall day. The wanted to evoke a natural, rustic, organic feel.. nothing fussy or overly embellished. And that is hard for me, I LOVE to embellish everything! 

 Pulling an old worn utility table out of the garage and setting a table in the side yard adds to the natural, no fuss feel. This table was my grandmother’s. It’s the real thing, chippy and worn with years and years of use.

Each place is set with woodland inspired earthenware. I got these gorgeous pieces from The Elegant Setting in South Hampton. They were on sale for $5.00 a piece!

 One scene features this handsome buck exquisitely drawn… 

 And the other plate features a beautifully fat and furry rabbit.

Made in France, Gien china has been produced for almost 200 years. “Sologne” is named for a region in France where wildlife is abundant.

 The dinner plates have a rim of leaves, grasses and feathers


Keeping the color scheme very subtle I did want to bring in the aqua so delicately painted on the plates. Soft aqua dishes (HomeGoods) were layered between the Gien. The edges gently curve and have soft brown rubbed markings. 

 A grapevine wreath becomes a charger and is reminiscent of the thickets and brambles in the woods.
 Brown marbleized flatware (are you tired of them yet?) and a brown ribbed glass continue the earthy theme.
I made these no-sew napkin for today’s table. (For tutorial, click HERE) This beautiful, and NOT so organic print pulls the browns and aquas from the dishes. Although soft, they are far from subdued! But I only used one napkin today, not doubled napkins… restraint! 

A feather wreath acts as a napkin ring. Can you see the quiet aqua in some of the feathers? 

 Neutral earthenware bowls  flecked with a soft brown and sporting lovely ruffled edges will hold a crunchy Apple Cinnamon Crumble with Vanilla ice cream. These were a gift in a  fabulous giveaway basket from Decor To Adore
The centerpiece sits on my brown turned pedestal. I wanted it to look as if I had gathered things from a walk in the woods and displayed them like a still life study.
 Shed antlers, a nest, little pieces of moss, acorns, leaves, pine cones and an assortment of tiny eggs… all combined to appear like treasures  plucked from the floor of a wooded area. No grand arrangement, just a couple of handfuls of nature spilled onto a pedestal!
A simple little table… a natural theme… and an al fresco meal for two!
The Menu
Chopped Apple Salad with Pomegranates Arils
Pomegranate Glazed Cornish Game Hens
(look for recipe and how-to’s on Foodie Friday)
Mashed Garlic Potatoes
Braised Brussels Sprouts
Cinnamon Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream
Hot Chocolate and Coffee


  1. says

    Yvonne~ The table looks amazing and the menu sounds delish! I am planning a dinner for Friday night on sort of a fall theme too so this is giving me some inspiration. I love the deer sheds, and especially the plates. I know they are French because they show the “chevreuil” or European deer with their short antlers and the rabbit is what in Burgundy we call the “grey rabbit” though it’s sort of brown. Love all the photos and hope you and Mr. SG have a fantastic dinner~

  2. says

    Yvonne, this might be my favorite table-scape yet. The way you incorporated all of the things that remind me of fall is stunning. I will be mentioning this in a post very soon.


  3. says

    We had a deer walk through our yard earlier today…those dishes are wonderful! When I walk in the woods? I will look for heart shaped stones, pinecones and really anything that catches my eye. Your table setting is lovely.

  4. says

    Such talent you have! A walk in the woods inspired this lovely tablescape? I really like that the theme is reflected in most everything on the table and the napkins do bring out the subtle aqua colour and give the ‘scape a pop. Those plates are so very “woodsy” and perfect for your idea. I would love to cuddle up with a warm throw, a glass of hot cider and dig into that fabulous meal you have planned at that terrific tablescape!


  5. says

    Love the touch of aqua with all the lovely fall brown! The fat rabbit looks just like the rabbits hopping through my yard!

    This is a beautiful tablescape! You are something else!

    Heading up your way for a long weekend. I will be going to the Olde Mill Shoppe and ?? I have forgotten the name of the antique place we going. Anyway, I’ll be in your beautiful part of the world!

    From Virginia

  6. says

    Beautiful, Yvonne. The aqua looks so nice with all the organic things on the table. The wildlife plates are gorgeous…my husband would love them.

  7. says

    Yvonne, I absolutely adore this one.

    Hmmm, it seems to me I say that about ALL of your tablescapes… lol! But I really do love your style.

    This one, particularly because I choose to live in the wooded forest, and I think you’ve captured the feeling of the forest so beautifully, not too heavy and dark. As Goldilock’s said, it’s just…

    Your Gien plates are fabulous ~ what a find!! And I would love to know more about the fabric you used for your napkins.

    It’s all perfection. I imagine your Grandma would be VERY proud of how you’ve used her utility table! Very nicely done. xo~m.

  8. says

    Hello Yvonne,

    Your tablescape is fabulous! I absolutely love the colors and those plates are awesome. The colors would be perfect for my home! I love incorporating nature into my decorating and that extends to my dining table. With the exception of the Cornish Game Hens (I’m a veggie), your menu sounds fabulous!

    ~ Tracy

  9. says

    OMG Yvonne! I don’t even know where to begin. This rustic woodland table rocks! This is everything I absolutely adore right now, and always have. Your centerpiece is so organic with the found material. And those plates! I’m saving these photos in my inspiration file for Thanksgiving! You are beyond talented! Have I said that before? yes!

  10. says


    Amazing table setting ! Love the nature inspired theme.. I like collecting feathers and nests and have a bowl of acorns that I have picked up here and there.

    I have antlers hanging on the wall in my lodge look living room , plus a big deer head with antlers !

    Love your dishes ! The brown and aqua color complement each other so well.


  11. says

    This is AMAZING….just absolutely stunning! Love,love,love those plates and the napkins are sooooo pretty! I love it all….every bit of it!

  12. says

    What a pretty vignette/table setting. You really did good! 😀 Love the plates! I also have the barley twist pedestal. It is so versatile – I have a cloche sitting on mine right now.
    Enjoy your evening.

  13. says

    Yvonne, you have created another magazine worthy setting. I love those plates with the wonderful wildlife on them. I am going to have to copy the pedestal with the antlers and acorns and all things natural. I love that. I love gazing at your photos and studying them to take it all in.

  14. says

    i love this so much… this is how i live my life, outdoors with the deer everyday. you captured my days, aqua skies, acorns and deer. heavy sigh, i could not be happier… well… unless i OWNED YOUR DISHES!

  15. says

    You have the gift. You make it sound so simple and you always put just the right things together. I love the rustic juxtaposed with the elegant. The napkins pull it all together nicely.

  16. says

    You have the gift. You make it sound so simple and you always put just the right things together. I love the rustic juxtaposed with the elegant. The napkins pull it all together nicely.

  17. says

    Yvonne – This is beeeeeyond fab. I always love your style, but this takes the cake. I think I have a nose for a bargain, but those plates at that price is ridiculous! I’ve drooled over those Gein plates myself. Your theme is so charming. I loved, loved, loved the collection of found articles in place of flowers. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. says

    Beautiful table. I love that dinnerware. Scenes from nature just seem to speak to me. I also really like those antlers. I have a friend who lives on acreage and whose dog finds them and brings them to her. I keep telling the dog to bring some to me too, but so far, nothing!

  19. says

    What a perfect setting for your rustic wildlife table. I love all the earthy elements that you worked into the table. Never a disappointing tablescape from Stone Gable, thanks so much for sharing Yvonne.

  20. says

    This is one of my favorites of those you have done. I love the look, the aqua and brown tones…the old table, the falling leaves… well done!

  21. says

    Wow! I adore it! I feel like I am on the back patio of a regal hunting lodge! Love the centerpiece briming with Fall goodness and antlers… PERFECT!
    And thanks for the THanksgiving ticker!

  22. says

    Oh Yvonne, could you please just pack this all up and bring it down here to me???:):) This would be so perfect in my wooded setting in our back yard! Every element is so thoughtfully executed. It is just stunning. I love how you explain how you do each table, the thought that goes into it. YOu are so inspirational. I LOOOVE the plates and the napkin fabric is beautiful, just perfect for this setting. And, no, I will never be tired of the marbelized flatware!!! XO, Pinky

  23. says

    Yvonne, this is one I need to show my 16 year old son — it is just stunning! Love the napkin! The plates are just lovely. My son doesn’t hunt but he is crazy about shed antlers. Once again it is a beautiful table. Joni

  24. says

    Truly inspirational for me as we are hosting Christmas with this woodland theme using my husbands pheasant statues. We, also, have deer antler sheds which I had planned to use on the coffee table, but now I’m seeing them in a truly different place. Never tire of your gorgeous brown flatware! The rabbit on your dinnerware is so like our Maurice! Being born under a rabbit hutch on a farm, Maurice has many rabbit chacteristics in her personality.
    Many thanks for showing me how to ’embrace’ this woodland setting for my Christmas decor!

  25. says

    This is so absolutely stunning! I love the wildlife dishes; they are simply wonderful. The chippy table makes a perfect backdrop to this setting and I really like how you brought out the subtle aqua colors by using the beautiful napkins.

  26. says

    beautifully done- esp liked the still life of natural elements picked up on your walk.

    believe it was about this time last year I discovered your blog and you had a similar if not the same little table as in today’s post- love it!!!

  27. says

    Love this one….the prettiest one yet…love all the dishes, glassware and yes, the flatware and no…I’m not sick of it. Beautiful fall table and love the colors.

  28. Karen says

    Oh dear . . . I could sit at this table and just enjoy the settings-it’s all too pretty to eat on:) I’m going to search right now and try and find these plates to purchase. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  29. says

    Woodland Gien for $5.00 per plate….Get of the Week!…and the Barley Twist compote would look great on one of my tables….Superb details in a gorgeous tablescape. I love that you have your mom’s old chippy table. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  30. says

    Such a pretty walk in the woods. I loved how it was all pulled together with the wonderful napkins. They are so fun to make. I have the aqua plates too and just love the texture on them.
    Thanks Yvonne for taking me on your treasure hunt walk.

  31. says

    I could be wrong but, I think this is one of your more beautiful tablescapes EVER! Of course, all the wonderful things nature provided for your centerpiece don’t hurt. I would LOVE to have antlers like the ones you found and those pheasant feather napkin rings are incredible. Quite exquisite! Jackie

  32. says

    Hi Yvonne…

    Ohh my goodness…yet another fabulous table, my friend! I’m not sure what I could add to the long list of accolades from all the comments above…except that your Woodlands tablescape is just one of the prettiest that I’ve ever seen! I just don’t think it could be any more perfect! A fabulous countryside view…a chippy old farm table…and a bit of autumn’s bounty…all come together so wonderfully! It all just makes me sigh…Ahhh!!! Of course, I just adore your Woodlands Gien dinnerware!!! I have never seen this pattern before and it IS FABULOUS!!! Each piece is a work of art all in itself. Sooo very beautiful! Ohhh…and you have to love that hint of soft aqua mixed in with the woody browns…making them quite elegant! I love it all, Yvonne!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your fabulous table with us…as well as your creative talents and giftings!!! This was truly a treat!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  33. says

    I just had to come by and view your beautiful tablescape. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. The rich browns with the soft turquoise mixed with the textures of feathers and nuts with the acorns and not to mention the stunning china. I love the table too. You did a fantastic job, and I love all your hearty recipes. tami from the high street cottage

  34. says

    Hi Yvonne,
    Today I have no tablescape, because my first blog party “International Christmas Cookies” kept me busy. Wouldn’t you like to participate with an special cookie recipe? The link is open until Nov. 6.
    Your table is outstanding. I have no word which hit exactly what I mean. All your tables are outstanding. But this is in its simplicity so perfect in colors and combination of natural design – I just love it. The soft turqouise napkins with paisleys are to die for and I had never got the idea how perfect the look on this table. Thank you for sharing all your talents every day.
    Greetings, Johanna

  35. says

    Absolutely stunning! Best tablescape of the day! Can hardly find words to say how much I love what you have done. Gorgeous and very special dishes ~ so appropriate for the season ~ so delicate and fine. Love it all!!!

  36. says

    Hi Yvonne, I’ve been coming back to this post since yesterday and really wanted to make sure that I left a comment. There was so much to see and appreciate! Your dishes are just marvelous – I remember your post about finding those great deals – it’s nice to see them on a table so soon! They are just beautiful! Ciao, bella!

  37. says

    I love your tablescape, Yvonne. It’s something I would love to create. I love your plates, my favorite are the bunnies. Everything from the chargers to the centerpiece is just so perfect for a woodland table. Thanks for sharing, Yvonne!…Christine

  38. Kathy F. says

    I want to know when you have a yard sale! I will sleep overnight in your driveway so I can get first choice – haha!


  39. says

    Just love the outdoor setting with the colorful fallen leaves! The plates are amazing! I collect those things – don’t have to go to the woods – well except for the antlers! But, deer do visit so – it could happen.
    Very charming tablescape,

  40. says

    This is about the most beautiful
    post I have ever seen! It was also
    alot of work, I am sure. Just love
    it. Funny I was just in Paris and
    our hotel was across the street from a Gien store, simply amazing

    Thank you for this post!

    Flora Doora

  41. says

    Yvonne, while I peeped in on this before, I saved it for last because I wanted to savor every single photograph of this MAGNIFICENT tablescape. How do I love it? Let me count the ways!

    I adore the plates which I cannot believe you found for that amazing price! Absolutely adore them, and Laura’s bowls work perfectly with them. I adore the napkin rings and the napkins you made. I adore the chippy table that belonged to your grandmother. I adore the centerpiece with its wooden bowl filled with woodland treasures! And the horns, don’t get me started on how much I love those. Yes, I think this is my favorite tablescape you’ve ever done, and that’s saying something because I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite.

    I wish you lived closer because I would love to play dishes with you!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday…


    Sheila :-)

  42. says

    That is just beautiful, Yvonne! I so enjoy the deer on your plate than in my yard easting my shrubs and flowers!
    I was going to go check out The Elegant Table today for some sales, but it is raining and I am still under the weather! Another day!

  43. says

    I was looking for some Thanksgiving tabletop ideas and boy have you delivered. You never cease to astound me. Thank you again for a sweet shout out.

    I am helping out a fellow blogger in need by hosting an online auction tomorrow. I would love for you to come by and take a peek and perhaps join in.

  44. says

    You are an inspiration angel for me ! I have birthday on Saturday and my mam and sis are coming over for dinner. I am going to make woodland tablescape! :) Thank you !

  45. says

    Oh Yvonne! Your blog is seriously my favorite. I spend more time here than on any other blog. Your pics are always so beautiful. You’re truly inspiring and I thank you for that :)

  46. says

    Beautiful setting. The plates are too pretty to eat off of! Love the use of the napkins, they are perfect, and the feather wreaths, so original and creative! I learn so much from your beautiful tables, my family is blessed by you.

    Love your Thanksgiving tip too, especially the insisting on bring a dish part. :)

  47. says

    I am SO evnvious of your Gien pieces! I first saw this pattern on a website a few years ago. If I win the lottery, which I never play, but IF I win this pattern would be something I would splurge on!

  48. says

    Hey Yvonne!

    Thanks for stopping by The Elegant Setting! I’m really glad you found so much at the sale and were able to create such beautiful tablescapes!

    Keep up the great work and the great photos!


  49. says

    There is something about your tables, Yvonne that always appeal to me. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are going very formal and elegant or a more simple, rustic look. I love them all. This is no exception. I love each element that you chose for this. The napkins set everything off perfectly. Thank you again for the all the inspiration you provide!

  50. says

    Where to begin? Your table setting is so lovely. I love the napkins and how they coordinate beautifully with the dishes (which are gorgeous by the way). The pedestal with natural elements is a perfect centerpiece for the setting. The feather napkin rings are so unique. Just a beautiful table!

  51. says

    What a beautiful and elegant rustic table setting! I love the dishes, so different and with rabbits! Amazingly terrific…love it all, the flatware is perfect for itall, you’re so talented and gifted Ivonne. Thank you for sharing, I’m new at this and you inspire me to do what I’ve always loved to do, set beautiful tables and now with you as the best teacher and inspiration, well, how can I miss!
    Happy Thanksgiving. XO

  52. Anonymous says

    I would love to have the dishes!! How beautiful..I am just in AHHH!!LOVE IT!!Am I able to buy the dishes?


  53. says

    Oh my stars…you have captured my heart with this table setting. We live in a wooded area and have deer and wildlife in our yard all the time. Such beautiful animals. God has blessed you with amazing talent and I am so glad that you share it with us. Everything about this setting is breathtaking to me. Thank you and may you be blessed.

  54. says

    OMGosh! Love it!! I love when you set a table outside like this, just makes me want to come on over and sit and visit!!! Can’t wait for Foodie friday, the cornish hens sound wonderful.

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