Every morning (well almost) I meet with God and we study His word together.
Right now I am studying the book of Matthew.
This book is so full of the imagery of the “kingdom of God” and what this everlasting kingdom will be like… no wonder the theme of Matthew is “behold, the KING OF THE JEWS”… for every kingdom needs a king!
The Jews of Jesus day knew that there would be a time when they were no longer under the bondage of another nation and they would have a kingdom that would have no end… and that it would be ruled by a great KING. 
I think it is hard for us as 21st century modern western philosophical thinkers to relate to the words and customs of the 1st century ancient oriental orthodox world that the book of Matthew was written in.  So much of the history, background, and mindset of the time needs to be understood to fully get a grasp the weight of why the Jews… and all of us need a king…

 In the world of Jesus’ time and before all nations were headed by a king or queen or someone who was in complete charge. A king was responsible for the people. The kings word was final. The decisions about war and allegiances and taxes and land rights and slavery and justice and judgement and the minutiae of the day to day was in the king’s hands. Life itself was in the king’s hands!
How well the people of a land fared was directly related to how the king ruled. There were some good kings… but mostly kings gave themselves over to their wanton and selfish ways. When things got so bad in a kingdom the people could not “vote” their king out… usually when things got to the tipping point the king would be assassinated or occasionally booted out of the country.
But a bad king was better, most of the time, than no king at all. Anarchy is a more than horrible thing…worse than having no king. Without a king a country would fall easy prey to another country’s king and their lot was unspeakable!
People were always longing for a just, merciful concerned king. One who would be a champion for the little people of the nation! There was no such thing as “upward mobility” or a “self-made man”. A woman’s lot in life was more grim yet. The masses needed a king who would put them first and elevate their station and situation.
They needed a king who would rule with a fist of iron in justice and pour mercy and love out to all the people of the land! One that would rule a kingdom in which everyone would do well and serve the king out of their grateful hearts. A trustworthy king… a faithful king… a servant king!
God has just the “man” for the job!
He is called the MERSSIAH… and CHRIST!
 He called himself…
He was and is the SON OF GOD… Jesus!
Jesus has the authority, the lineage, the right, the will and the desire to be this great KING.
He is coming… and will rule and reign on planet earth. HE will set things straight, the way God had originally intended! He will be completely just and completely merciful and completely loving… perfection in every way! All the subjects of the kingdom will live in complete peace, having everything they need, not in fear of war or want, serving the king with unending joy!
He is KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS! (Rev 19:16)
A king needs a kingdom.. and a kingdom is filled with people. Are you one?
My very very favorite description of this  KING is from Dr.SM Lockridge. He describes MY KING in a way that pierces my heart. I cannot watch it without being a puddle of grateful tears. It brings me to my knees in love and allegiance…

Please, please I  beg you to take time to watch this video and share it if you are moved to… DO YOU KNOW MY KING? I pray that you do!


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    Yes…Jesus is My King, too!
    I believe that there will be a day of judgement and Jesus will come to redeem His own!
    I only hope that this life I now live will be demmed Worthy in the eyes of the Lamb!!!
    Your timing, dear friend, is perfect as we begin the Season of Lent!
    Thank you for continually being His messenger…and my dear friend!

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    Dearest Yvonne,

    Bless you, sister. You are among those I am certain our King smiles upon, using your ability to cast light upon our souls and remind us of the one thing that truly matters in this world of ours.

    Our eyes, hearts and souls look towards Heaven in the Hope of God’s True Rule….because we so desperately need a just King. We have – time and time again – proved ourselves unable to govern ourselves without God.

    Praise be to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    Love always,


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    This is awesome! Isn’t it wonderful that our King is the King of Kings?!?! And that He is such a gracious and merciful King who TRULY LOVES His people?!! I love that video! I’ve seen it a few times over the years and it ALWAYS touches me! Thanks for sharing this! =D

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    I love that video. Lockridge’s voice and the imagery is so powerful!

    I’ve been doing a Kinsman Redeemer study on Ruth this past month, and I am blown away by the prophetic imagery of God constantly redeeming His people in the OT all in the lineage of Christ. A love story bought by blood and ordained since the beginning of creation!

    Who am I (this sinner), that the Lord’s kindness would shine upon me? It’s too big to wrap my head around, really. Praise God!

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      Jenny, I taught Kinsman Redeemer for years. Last summer I taught it to a group of 20 something women. I don’t know why churches don’t make this study Christianity 101. Once we really lean about our KING as Kinsman Redeemer we are never the same! So happy you are loving this study.

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    Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready.Rev.19:7. Blessed are they which are called unto the Marriage supper of the Lamb.Rev.19:9.
    Alleluia..I’m waiting for that glorious day when a voice comes out of the throne room, as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the LORD God, omnipotent reigneth.Rev.19:6.
    And we meet our King, face to face.
    Thank you for sharing the video today, Yvonne. I’ve seen it before..and it touches my heart each time I see it.
    Sisters In Christ.

  6. Anonymous says

    Dear Yvonne , thank you for sharing such a powerful piece of truth. How I love my Savior so .Would you ever consider sharing a post on the studies and or christian books that have impacted you the most .We all have our favorite authors and I would love to know who some of yours are.You are such a delight blogger and I look forward to checking in each day to see more of your lovely inspiration ,and to share in your enthusiasm for homemaking and nurturing home and family.God bless ,Hannah

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