This week at StoneGable it is work, work, work on some of my upstairs bedrooms! Bobby and the boys laid hardwood floors in 3 bedrooms over the last couple weeks, and now I am working on painting, removing wallpaper and putting the rooms back in order. This 3 room project will take awhile. I am not a fast worker.
And I am not an  “all work and no play kind of gal”… so I am off on a couple of fun adventures! Luckett’s will be my first stop (that GREAT antique vintage store in Leesburg VA) and later in the week Evans Chocolates. 
Evans is an old fashioned chocolatier. They make many of their chocolate bunnies from antique chocolate molds and  use Wilber’s chocolate…FABULOUS! It just would not seem like Easter if I did not make a trip or two to Evans! So I’m getting my Easter basket goodies and maybe something a little extra for me!

Just a quick update about the intruder lurking around my home last week… he was captured and is now in jail. He had a long history of criminal behavior.  Good for our local police!!!
Now here’s what’s on the Menu…


Hamburgers On the Grill With Fixins’
Oven Fries

Prosciutto Wrapped Tilapia With Peach Mango Salsa
Sauteed Rice With Garlic Oil And Parsley

Chicken Piccata
Angel Hair Pasta
Dark Greens With Balsamic Dressing


I had this WONDERFUL, SCRUMPTIOUS meal on a recent visit to my gourmet-cooking sister’s home. Words don’t do it justice. Give this a try, even if you are not a culinary adventurous person…you will love it! Lisa you are my cooking role model!

Vietnamese Style Grilled Beef With Sweet Cucumber Dipping Sauce
Thai-Style Grilled Eggplant Salad

StoneGable Ceasar Salad Topped With A StoneGable Crab Cake

We are looking for a fun, relaxed evening at StoneGable with good friends and a  Margarita or two! I’m sharing a big bowl of homemade bakes tortillas with fresh guacamole and salsa for a starter. This is a night for close friends, great food and Mexican Train Dominoes (another great love of mine)! 

Make Your Own Tacos With All The Fixins’
Guacamole And Salsa With Homemade Baked Tortillas
Mexican Flan
Classic Margaritas

StoneGable Ham and Bean Soup
Buttermilk Sweet Corn Bread
Warm Brownies With Vanilla Ice Cream And Chocolate Sauce


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    StoneGable Ham And Bean Soup

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    1. says

      Oh a trip to Evans & Luckett’s sounds delightful! Sounds like you will have earned a treat or two with your bedroom projects! Thanks for having me this week :)

    2. says

      It sounds like you are busy but enjoying the redecorating, Yvonne. The work will pay off when you get everything finished , stand back and admire your gorgeous new rooms. I hope we can take a peek. Your menu looks great for the week. I love crab cakes so I must try your recipe. Take care.——– Shannon

    3. says

      I was planning a trip to Luckett’s as well. Hope to find some iron urns for the garden. Relieved to hear they caught your unexpected visitor! I was thinking about that ever since you shared the story.

    4. Anonymous says

      The recipe for the eggplant salad is not coming up. I have to tell you I have looked at your easter buffet many times, I just love it. I am so glad your back. Lena

    5. Anonymous says

      Your menu for the week sounds so delicious.

      So glad that they arrested your visitor from last Sunday
      morning. I was hopeing that you would update us.

      Be safe!!!!!!!

      Denise Lamb

    6. says

      Your food always looks so danged good it pops off the monitor and I can practically taste it.

      I think that crab salad for a Lenten Friday is a real winner idea, think we may try a lot of these ideas. You make dinner planning so easy with your amazing inspiration.

      Thanks so much.

    7. says

      Hi Yvonne,
      Glad to hear the intruder is off the street.
      Your menu plan for the week is very inviting. It is so good to have you sharing with us again and thank you so much for hosting this great party! Have an awesome week!
      Miz Helen

    8. says

      Yvonne, I can’t wait to see your floors. I hope you have a great time on your holiday! Your menu is divine! My favorite is the hamburgers will all the fixings–haven’t had that in ages.

    9. says

      To be honest with my week that I know is coming up at work, it will most likely be: Monday, Taco Bell. Tuesday: Leftover Taco Bell. Wed: Campbells Soup….. etc. Oy! I dread this week.. I missed your post about your intruder. How scary. Glad that is over. Blessings, Barb

    10. says

      Thank you, Yvonne, for your Monday weekly menu posts! Every Sunday after church I sit down to plan my weekly menu and your yummy meals help me get out of my sometimes very boring box! Also, I love the scripture that you share and the pictures of Israel! Our son is going to do some missionary work there for a month, so the pictures are exciting to see!
      God bless, kim

    11. says

      So glad you intruder is where he belongs. What a scary story. I know you’ll love your hardwood floors, but I don’t envy living through the experience.

      Thank you for hosting On the Menu Monday. I’ve brought some homemade Hostess Gift ideas.

    12. says

      Oh, I forgot..one more thing…Wilbur Chocolate?!!!..Love their chocolate..When we were vacationing in beautiful Lancaster County, we had reservations at a B&B in the Lititz PA area..when we drove into town, it smelled like chocolate chip cookies..come to find out it was the Wilbur Chocolate factory..we made certain that we went to the tour the next morning…talk about heaven!!…

    13. says

      Thanks so much for this posting. So happy that they nabbed your unwelcome visitor.Where is Evans,it sounds delightful?Would love to visit Lucketts,sounds like the place for me. So glad you are back. How can I get your ham and bean soup recipe?I did not see it on here, but it looks delicious…Dawn E. Brown

    14. says

      I love to play Mexican Train too!!!! Sounds like a fun night! Wish I was coming for dinner, Tuesday, LOVE tilapia and yours sounds wonderful. BUSY here this week too, getting ready to put the house on the market…YIKES!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do! MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Let’s pick a date to get together!!! XO, Pinky

    15. Anonymous says

      My brother lives about 3 miles from Evans Chocolates. I have been there when visiting my brother. Evans is good chocolate.

    16. says

      Hi Yvonne, this bean soup looks out of this world delicious. I know I can always find great menus and recipes from you. If I am looking for a special dish I always come here. I am so enjoying your blog. I love the food and always enjoy the scriptures. I am looking forward to your sharing your new bedrooms. I know it will be beautiful!
      Hope you have a great week.


    17. says

      Your menu for the week sounds wonderful. The Vietnamese dish really caught my eye. I can’t believe how you get oall the painting, etc. etc. done and your blog. It’s sure good your going out to take a little time to yourself. I was tired just reading about all you had to do. The vintage antiques store sounds like someplace I’d like to visit and Evans Chocolate sounds so decadent and delicious. What a fun outing to unwind.

      Thanks for hosting this fun linky party. I am delighted to join up.


    18. says

      Sure sounds like you have a lot going on. I knew you weren’t an all work kinda gal! How I’d love to go to Luckets (wonder if I could sneak that into a college road trip??? LOL!).

      – The Tablescaper

    19. says

      Wow, your menu looks FABULOUS! And I am SO excited that you are back to hosting this wonderful link-up. I took a break from Nov-Jan when my computer was on the fritz and when I came back yours wasn’t up and I really missed it. So glad you’re back!

    20. says

      Hi Yvonne,

      I am so late to link up but I only just found the time to post my recipe today! Never mind-better late than never!

      Best wishes and thanks for having me!
      Natasha in Oz

    21. says

      Wow! I don’t have this much time to cook. Your menu looks fantastic! Thanks for visiting and reminding me of this party. Lovely to join you.

    22. says

      Everything looks scrumptious.Your family has another week of great meals to look forward to. Have a grea tday, Yvonne. Blessings…Mary

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