Tonight RaeAnn ( a dear friend) are I are going to see Ina Garten! The BAREFOOT CONTESSA herself!

I am not one of those crazy women who screams and waves and wears “the t-shirt” and pushes and shoves and blathers on and on. Well, not usually!

I AM buying a new Barefoot Contessa cookbook and hoping she will sign it… AND I’ll try to get my picture taken with her to share… I’m one of those women!

I really admire Ina and her great cooking skills and scrumptious recipes. But what I really love about her is her sense of fun and common sense. Gotta love her!
So enjoy the features and I’ll check in later tonight when I get home…

Sarah from ALDERBERRY HILL created this very cute CHALKBOARD DESIGNED INVITATION using PicMonkey! Adorable! I think I’ll try my ideas on picmonkey before drawing them on my real chalkboard! Great inspiration!
Colbys Invitation 2013 thumb How to create a chalkboard invitation in Pic Monkey
Oh my! Isn’t this just divine!!!! A SHEET MUSIC RUFFLED WREATH… how beautiful!!!! Run over to ELIZABETH AND CO for a pretty tutorial!
What a creative idea… a SUBWAY DRESSER! Suzan from SIMPLY VINTAGEOUS was inspired by her hometown Montreal. What a great idea! What would you put on your hometown dresser?
Gotta see what Laura’s paintbrush does… it takes her BUILT IN SHELVES to a new level. Paintbrushes are like magic wands in the hands of the right people!
GROWING MICROGREENS is such a cool idea!!!! What an easy and healthy and extra fun thing to do!!! Thanks Mary from BACK TO BASICS!
When I first saw this UPCYCLED BENCH AND FEATHER BED turned gorgeous bench   from CITY FARMHOUSE I was swooning! It is stunning and so soft!
I love bird and PLANT AND BIRD BOTANICAL PRINTS.  BOXY COLONIAL shares her source for some great images…for free! My kind of art!
My offering this week is a POCKET FOLD NAPKIN DYI. So easy and keeps flatware in place too!
If you love your slow cooker raise your hand! So many hands out here… me too! Look at this scrumptious CROCKPOT BACON CHEESEBURGER SOUP from WHAT’S COOKING,  LOVE? Need I say more…
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  1. says

    Hi Yvonne. Enjoy meeting and seeing Ina. I am a real fan of hers. I just love she and Jeffrey together. She is very soothing to listen to and watch whether you use her recipes (which I do) or not..How exciting..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. says

    I figured it was either a broom or a paint brush. I choose the later. I just linked up my breakfast room and I just noticed that our kitchen rugs are similar. Laura @Top This Top That

  3. says

    I watch Ina quite a bit and she is such a great teacher. Hope you have lots of fun. Thanks for hosting. I hope I did this right, still learning. I really need to make that wreath, so precious!

  4. says

    Oh Yvonne, thanks so much for the kind words and the sweet feature! I am honored to be here! … Have fun with Ina. I’m a big fan too. I love her recipes, her house and her warm and genuine personality. Can’t wait to hear all about it! … Thanks again for hosting an awesome party!

  5. says

    I love Ina Garten’s show on Food Network! She always makes everything look and sound sooo delicious with attractive presentations, as well. Hope you get the book signed. Thanks for hosting and have a great day!


  6. says

    Lovely featured guests, dear friend!!!
    Sorry I’m late to the party…computer problems all restored!!!
    Thank you for hosting each week!!!
    I come away with creative inspirations that are filling my design files for future reference!!!

  7. says

    If/when you get Ina Garten’s newest cookbook, I highly recommend the Carrot and Marscapone/Ginger Cake! I made it the first week I had the book and it is absolutely fabulous!! Candied ginger in the icing and then sprinkled on t op: to die for!

  8. Anonymous says

    Sadly, I choose to no longer watch or follow Ina after she was “too busy” to meet or cook with a terminally ill child to fulfill his wish with the Make A Wish Foundation. I do love this site with your beautiful pictures and posts though! God Bless!

    • says

      TO ANONYMOUS: Sadly, if you had checked your facts, Ina’s publicists had thoroughly checked out the credibility of little Enzo’s mother and found that she was using the MAW foundation to ‘scam’ Ina. Little Enzo was NOT dying. His mother was star-struck by Ina and saw this as a great way to get publicity (and a possible settlement) out of the deal. She had tried this before with other celebrities, but of course, the media (which hates anyone who has money or who has worked hard for what they have) only reported one side of the story. Ina is a BIG donor to charities of all kinds and for you to just throw her under the bus based on a flimsy rumor that was later proven to be totally false just shows you in a bad light, not Ina!

  9. Anonymous says

    I hope that Ina was kind to you Yvonne. When I took my then 5 year old disabled daughter (she has Down syndrome) to a book meet and greet, she was incredibly rude when my little girl gave her some flowers as she had been watching her since she was 10 weeks old She still continues to watch her as she loves her and thankfully she was unaware of Ina’s actions. I no longer buy her books but still use the ones I had originally.
    I always enjoy your website and get so many great tips.
    God Bless

    • says

      Oh COME ON . . . Anonymous, this did NOT happen . . . you are clearly just trying to recover from finding out the ‘Enzo’ Make a Wish story was a total fabrication. Still eager in your mission to find a reason to hate and discredit Ina, you concocted this unbelievably stupid and transparent ‘tale’ about Ina ‘dissing’ your 5 year old disable child. You bitter old hag, why don’t you take your hate and your lies and find another blog to spread your misery on!

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