Many of you are probably like me…. you cannot pass up a good antique barn… flea market… repurpose and reStore… auctions… tag sales…yard sale… or even great trash left out on the sidewalk!

It’s a little… okay… a lot addictive!
Saturday I traveled a couple of hours to go to a few antique barns filled with great goodies. It was sooooo worth it!
I found a new and fabulous shopping opportunity called LA ROUGE VINTAGE on my travels! Many of the pics are from this unique barn! Check out their facebook page HERE. Thanks Shawn, Mara, Molly and Emily! The girls at La Rouge are rock stars!
To get the most out of these hunting adventures, you need to be prepared. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your antiquing/junking/hunting  excursions…

1. Wear comfortable clothes! Especially shoes… you generally spend a lot of time on your feet. Function takes a front seat to fashion.  I also like to wear layers. Many places are not air conditioned or heated. 
I don’t take my usual purse with me. I usually take a “travel-type” purse that is small and has several compartments. It also has a very comfortable across the body shoulder strap.
If I am comfortable I can look and shop longer!
La Rouge Vintage
2. Do a little prep work before you head out. 
 Know what you are looking for and write it down. Measure spaces in your home that you need to fill and write it down. It is so frustrating to get a piece home and have it be the wrong size! I carry a little notebook with all kinds of helpful notes.

Take pictures of the spaces in your home you need to fill. I use my phone’s camera. Then I have an image with me.

Also measure the inside of your car! I recently bought a piece that we just barely squeezed into the car. If it had been one inch longer it would not have fit! I now know the car’s measurements too!
La Rouge Vintage
3. Take a measuring tape. I carry a small pink one in my purse at all times. 
4. Take fabric swatches and paint chips with you. 

5. Take a snack and a bottle of water… or two! I like to have a little protein on hand…  a few cheese sticks or some peanut butter crackers work for me. And I usually pack an apple or a couple of clementines for a little jolt of energy.
Stay hydrated. It will give you more energy.
La Rouge Vintage
6. Don’t forget a small camera or your phone with a camera. Take lots of pictures of things that inspire you.
7. Take any medication. I always have a couple of Aleve on hand to ward off “shoppers headache”!

8. Negotiate… but be sweet. There is nothing that is worth being snarky about!

La Rouge Vintage

9.  Make it an event! Include family and friends that appreciate the hunt too! Take a break and go to lunch… celebrate great finds together. Take pictures of everyone with their treasures!
10. Be a wise shopper!  Know what you can spend and know when the piece is one you cannot live without! 
Set limits and only get what you LOVE!
For more great treasure hunting tips head over to my STONEGABLE FACEBOOK PAGE. Many StoneGable friends left fabulous tips!  You can add yours there too!

Just a reminder…



tonight at 8:00! See you then!

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  1. says

    GREAT tutorial on how to shop till we drop – especially hydration – which many don’t realize is usually the CAUSE of a headache.

    And I usually just wear a purse backpack when I am power shopping – or many times leave my purse in the trunk. That way I for SURE know I want what I pick out – to go back and fetch the purse, haha.

    I LOVE their wares, WOWZA – gotta go check them out!

    Thanks, Yvonne,


  2. says

    OK, I want to know what you GOT:):) Hoping that will be a future post. Good tips, especially the small purse that goes over the shoulder. I used to wear one of those “fanny packs” but in front when I shopped craft fairs etc.

  3. says

    WoW!!! What amazing pieces and tablescape!!! So~o~o dear friend, WHAT did you bring HOME??? I agree on all of your tips! One thing I haven’t done is measure the inside of my car…first thing tomorrow morning!!!

  4. says

    Thanks for the tips Yvonne, you have such a knack to make your finds look like treasure! You have such a great vision for things, I always look forward to seeing what you come up with! I am buying a mini tape measure today! Thanks, Jenna

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