This is one of those rare projects that I could do over and over and over again! It’s easy and artistic and fun, fun, FUN! Even if you are not “crafty” this would be one for you to try.
I bet I could even wallpaper a wall with torn napkins! Just kidding… I’m done with wallpaper for a decade or so. I have wasted months of my life scraping wallpaper OFF walls!
Do you have a napkin addiction like I do? I cannot go past pretty paper napkins without getting them. I got this problem from my mother!  So instead of napkins in my drawer they are hanging on my wall!
Now, let’s get going with this easy peasy diy…

 Here’s what you will need…
 a canvas or two… or 10  ( mine was 12 x 12″ to fit in the chippy frames)
Mod Podge
decorative cocktail napkins
 I made both Art Tiles for less than $6.00! 
1. Separate the ply of the napkin. You only want to use the top layer that has the design on it.
2. Tear the napkin. I tore some of  the blue area and some flowers. I used several napkins to make each tile. You don’t have to use all of the napkin, only the parts you want.
3. Using a foam brush, apply a very thin layer of Mod Podge. Don’t go overboard! Very very thin!
Lay down the napkin and press gently on to the cavas. Brush another very thin layer of Mod Podge over the napkin layer. If it tears a little don’t worry just try to stick it back together.
4. Continue tearing and pasting.
5. I used the flowers in the napkins to make a pattern of a profusion of blooms.
6. Don’t forget to wrap the pattern around the edges of the art tile.
Once the Art Tile is dry it is ready to hang!
So easy!!!!
 I can think of so many ways to use these Art tiles… how about you?
Let’s share ideas!
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TORN NAPKIN WALL ART DIY- Make beautiful one-of-a-kind art with ordinary


  1. says

    Thank you so much for this DIY! I have two large pictures in my kitchen and I’ve been wanting to change them out for each season, but didn’t know what to do with them. Now I can easily afford to change them as often as I want. I just need to go on a napkin hunt and that should be lots of fun. Thank you again!!!!!

  2. says

    Now is that not the cutest idea ever!! I love them and will certainly try my hand at this clever project!! Yes, I’m addicted to pretty napkins and not just paper ones!

  3. says

    I subscribe to your blog thru Bloglovin, however, I think this is the first time I have commented. I love to decoupage and especially with napkins. This idea of “painting” a picture with napkins is genius and I can’t wait to give it a try. Did you put a coat of poly on to seal your project? Vikki in VA

  4. says

    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hello, my name is Suzanne, and I have a napkin addiction (too). :0)
    What a great idea, Yvonne!! I have a small cupboard FULL of beautiful paper napkins for every season and occasion :0) You’ve inspired me. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. says

    I think they turned out lovely. Thank you for sharing. I am beginning a revamp of my formal dining room and have been looking for something on the walls. All I need to find are those great chippy frames. :-)

  6. says

    Wow! I would never have guessed you used paper napkins for this beautiful project. Such a fabulous idea and your finished project is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Anonymous says

    You can also decoupage napkins onto tile coasters and put cork or felt on the bottoms. They are small enough so you don’t have to tear them. Were your napkins too small for the canvas? Or you just liked the effect?

  8. Anonymous says

    Yvonne, Love the pictures. I decoupage napkins on eggs for Easter. I use real eggs,blow them out, let them dry, take a napkin, and decoupage the egg, several times, then I use a clear glitter to make it look like glass. I have been doing this for years and everyone loves the eggs. This It is just another way to help with your napkin addiction, hehe……I truly enjoy your blog…….Second time I have ever posted…..but I look at your blog daily, and I try lots of your recipes. Spring and Summer should be exciting……Can’t wait to see what is happening next.

  9. Anonymous says

    Pleeese, please consider putting a pin button on each of your pictures. It would make pinning so much easier!

  10. Leslie B says

    I look forward to all your crafty ideas and recipes., I have a large canvas print similar to these napkins., may I ask where you purchased the napkins? I absolutely love light blue with creams and greys and of course spring., you always amuse me at your talents!. Your truly blessed with a wonderful talent.

  11. says

    These are just too awesome! I love the vintage look thy have and yet so simple and modern. I have never used mod podge … criminal I know…. but I do believe I may be feeling inspired! Thanks for the crafty idea.

  12. Anonymous says

    LOVE this! Where can you get pretty napkins like this??? Home Goods (TJ Max here), I’m thinking Pier 1??? Any suggestions? Definitely going to try. I have a preschool in my home and this could even be a great mother’s day gift!

  13. says

    These look awesome, Yvonne! So smart to use napkins. I could be your mother’s child–I have such a weakness for pretty cocktail napkins! I even have a drawer in my kitchen devoted to them. :)

  14. says

    Yvonne, I have to make myself not buy every napkin I see. Love love them. This is a great idea for inexpensive pictures. I used the napkins on Easter eggs this year with one of my granddaughters. They weren’t real eggs, but craft eggs. It was a fun project that I found on a blog. You ladies are amazing! Happy Spring!!

  15. says

    Oh boy I’m not only one. I’ve gotten some really pretty paper napkins, used them for craft projects. love how you did yours, they look so great, want them, lol. The chippy frames around them are so perfect for the project. I’ve got to do this. Have some longer rectangular frames and might do two canvases in each frame instead of two frames. Would look pretty in any room. Will have to scout out all my paper napkins when I get off here.
    Also have several vintage fabric napkins picked up when we lived in MT and KY. Might see what I can do with those if I don’t have to cut them up.
    Absolutely incredible project, love it and you’ve certainly inspired me. Inspired by your white pillows with gold starfish on them. Gives me an idea so thanks for that.
    We just painted l/r light gray with aqua in different shades and coral as art and whatever else I could think of with some of my vintage tablecloths. Was going for shabby chic/beachy/cottage. I’m loving it after waiting almost 8 yrs. to get l/r painted. Bought new slightly darker gray curtains with white designs on them. Made such a difference. Your home is so beautiful, you have lovely things. Happy weekend

  16. Susan Ward says

    I use tissue paper like this. I found a black & white toile that was really pretty and covered unfinished picture frames, maybe add a little flower or spell out a name with little letters. Makes great gifts.

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