To the untrained eye (wink, wink) this mantle may appear to be a Christmas mantle… but…
IT IS NOT… oh, no…no…no!
This is my THANKSGIVING mantle.  Both Thanksgiving and Christmas have shared custody of pinecones!
This mantle… this THANKSGIVING mantle… with just a few tweaks and tiny changes of green,  will easily transform into my Christmas mantle this weekend…
But for now… it is all about Thanksgiving

The pumpkins that nested on my mantle all fall were beginning to get a little soft around the edges… so they got tossed and replaced with mercury glass, silver and pinecones… THANKSGIVING mercury glass, silver and pinecones!
Some of the pinecones are really candles from Pottery Barn… but they won’t be lit until Christmas Eve… when the mantle will be decked in Christmas pinecones!
Pinecones and silver are a pair made for eachother… rustic and luxe!
Votives in mercury glass candle holders and white lanterns make puddles of soft golden light on the mantle.
Next week I’ll show you my Christmas mantle!
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    I love all the pinecones and you are right, it will make an easy transition into Winter. I like how it is simple and not overdone and tacky!

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    so pretty. I’ve used pinecones more this year, but for my Christmas decorating, since our Canadian Thanksgiving was back in early Oct. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I saw your menu plan for it and it looks divine….perhaps I should whip up a Thanksgiving dinner in honour of my friends south of the border? =)

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    Pinecones are such pretty natural elements to use in Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating. You have done a nice job combining them with glass to give sparkle to the mantle. I like it very much! We are busy as bees here getting ready for Thanksgiving and I guess it is that way in many homes. Let’s remember to say a prayer for those devastated recently by tragedies. I feel so thankful for my family and friends and blogging friends like yourself. I am not blogging but wanted to stop by to wish you and your family a very Happy
    Thanksgiving. Fondly, Shannon

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    I agree … the rustic mixed with mercury is beautiful! Your mantel looks gorgeous (as always) and I can’t wait to see your Christmas decor! And, thanks so much for your sweet note about my splashes of Christmas I’m spreading to other homes. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    How yummy, Yvonne! And how super smart you are to do a mantle that can easily go right into Christmas. I love the look of rustic and luxe. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Great mantle decorating! I typically decorate for fall and don’t really do separate Halloween or Thanksgiving. My sister collects snowmen and she decorates with them for Christmas and then sometimes leaves them up thru January….Perfectly acceptable to me. :) Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll from Houston, TX

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    I can almost hear the OOOO’s and AHHH’s fro your family on Thanksgiving. I love the silver with the pinecones! Wishing you and your ENTIRE family a happy and BLESSED Thanksgiving. XOXO

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    Well, of COURSE it is a THANKSGIVING mantle. WHY would we think anything else (cough, cough). Whatever it is- it is wonderful. You always do such a beautiful job, Yvonne. xo Diana

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    Oh you made me LOL Yvonne! Of course I knew that is a Thanksgiving mantle! Why, because it’s Thanksgiving. It’s a beautifully decorated mantle too. I’m like you, I use pine cones especially for autumn and Thanksgiving, and mercury glass candlesticks year round. Wishing you and your family a Blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving. I always anticipate your beautiful home decorated for Christmas!

    The French Hutch

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    Yvonne…just love the juxtaposition of the shiny silver candlesticks and the natural elements of the pine cones….makes for such an exquisite look!…I can see how you can easily go from Thanksgiving to Christmas….can’t wait for the gorgeous Christmas mantel that you will be creating!!…Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family….I can just imagine the joy at your table!!

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    Very pretty and I love the concept of adding greenery and turning it over to Christmas this weekend. Very versatile and perfect for the season!

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!

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    Oh Yvonne I love this! I agree about pine cones and silver too. A match made in heaven. I think I’m going to drag out every piece of silver I have, fill them with boxwood and pine cones and call it decorated. :o) Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving day. Blessings to you and yours. ~Ann

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    Your Thanksgiving mantle looks so pretty! And this post was so funny to me, because my Thanksgiving table could double for a Christmas tablescape with pinecones and greens. Trying to make it less Christmas-y with some colorful napkins that will hopefully find me at Homegoods tomorrow!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Haha!! Now I know I am in good company. I too have Thanksgiving pine cones on the mantel. Along with some drying magnolia branches and an oil lamp .
    Luv the way you said Thanksgiving and Christmas have shared custody of pine cones.. gave me and the Mr a good giggle.
    Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving mantel :-)Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Yvonne.
    Cheers, Gee

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    “Shared custody pinecone”…too funny!!! Made me chuckle aloud, dear friend!
    Your mantle is NO laughing matter!!! Exquisite…with the silver and the mercury glass combinations! Agree totally, rustic luxe! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

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    Beautiful! I recognized it as a THANKSGIVING mantle right away, because I too don’t do Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I’m looking for some beautiful pinecones, but can’t find anything unscented. Are yours unscented? — and if so, where’d you find them? (Please and thank you!) Happy Thanksgiving. ~Sally (found you via Wow Us Wednesday)

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