I’m not a hunter/gatherer! You know, those tenacious folks that pick and plough through piles of “stuff” to find that one special “thing”… who get up at 4 am. in zero degree weather and wait for a good garage sale to open… the resolute rank-and-file who drive hundreds of miles looking for AND finding loot to stuff in the back of their cars, van or trucks.

 Those are the people who love the hunt! Bless their determined little hearts… those are not my people!

I’m more of a “saunter through” kinda gal! I usually shop locally and can find all kinds of goodies, but…

they most often stay on their shelves or in their piles and don’t come home with me.  I am a… “why, I have a few extra minutes so I think I’ll pop in” person… or a “that place looks interesting and the big welcome sign is beckoning me in” girl.  I usually look and touch but do not buy.

Once in awhile, I’ll come across what I call… THE FIND!

Recently on a trip to restock Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, I came across a FIND!  I spied it peeking out from a room of furniture and furbelows that had just recently come into the shop.

Not yet priced, I inquired about it and told the shopkeeper to hold it for me.  I knew it’s home was at StoneGable!

This chippy, worn tiered tray is quite large and heavy! I’m thinking I’ll use it on my dining room buffet or big living room coffee table.. when we get those rooms done!

It’s ample tray space will be well used, I’m sure! I can just see it on a buffet filled with desserts or sandwiches or used as a coffee/tea bar!

Or piled with magazines or pumpkins!

The handle at the top is doubled so that a piece of thick paper could be stuck between the handle, sorta like a place card. This will come in handy as I’ll use it to serve something at the country wedding reception we are hosting here at StoneGable for my son and his by-then-bride.

It’s a handmade piece… I’m pretty sure I’ll not find another one like it. Good construction.
I was thinking of trying to replicate it. This would be a joint effort… Bobby and I will maybe give it a go!

Bringing home THE FIND is always a thrill! My favorite pieces are those that tell me they belong at StoneGable… that easily work their way into my heart and into my daily life! 
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    It is a beaut! I am also not a hunter, but I still love that feeling when you find something that feels like a member of the family!!! I can’t wait to see pics of it on the blog in the future!!!

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    Great find Yvonne. I’m not a hunting/gathering/digging kind of girl either so I understand your excitement. You can’t go wrong with tiered trays and baskets. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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    Yes dear Ivonne, you should did make a FIND! FABULOUS..I love this three tier wooden, rustic, awesome looking piece! You can do so much with it as you mentioned and I can’t wait to see! Have a nice week.

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    It’s a great piece, Yvonne! I can just picture the different ways you will use this piece. Your ideas sound wonderful already. I don’t get up early to hit sales either. I like to walk through a place and if something just grabs my attention and won’t let go, I ask myself if there is some place I can actually put it. Down-sizing has made me show a bit more restraint!

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    Nice find, indeed.

    Love it when that happens.

    I too don’t do garage sales, drive many miles or fuss TOO much when shopping – or spend too much time. Those are the Mighty Brave if one asks me!

    The country wedding of your son sounds marvelous, boy am I looking forward to seeing and reading all about THAT, wow. No wonder you are doing so much for the house so fast, makes sense to me now, haha.

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    Now this is one of those classic pieces that will prove to be really useful and a statement piece. I bet you’ll never tire of it since it can be used so many different ways.
    Farmhouse hugs,

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    Yvonne, this piece looks like it belongs at Stone Gable. A good friend in Dallas has one of these that I’ve long admired. They are perfect for a variety of uses. Great find!

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    What a wonderful find! I can understand… I am not a ‘ hunter gatherer’… I do not ‘ drive out of my way for a sale’. If I stumble upon one I am happy… I too shop locally and am pretty happy with my finds :-)
    But this one… this is unique. All the fun ways to use it.
    Hugs, Gee

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    A really great find! You made me laugh when you said you were a “sauntering kind of gal” that’s me too, I used to get up early and go but as I’ve gotten older and have enough here to keep me busy I wait for the FIND anymore!
    Such a neat piece!

  10. Anonymous says

    Yvonne…Kudos on your handsome find! It has so many “use” possibilities!! I found a ‘look-alike’ that is pretty close to yours on It comes in two sizes. Just an FYI for those that might be yearning for one like yours. StoneGable is my go-to blog every day! Everything you do, you do to perfection! Many thanks for all your inspiration you give!

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    Wow! That IS a great find and has so many possibilities for use.I’m like you…a “saunter through” kinda gal. :) Don’t you just love it when something “calls your name”? Can’t wait to see how you use your new find.

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    As soon as I saw it, I was already thinking pumpkins for fall and greenery for Christmas too! Not to mention birthday cupcakes. It will be outstanding at a wedding reception. I have no doubt that whatever you do with it, the piece will look outstanding. Can’t wait to see the many ways you use it. Great find. Lori Lucas

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    What a FIND Yvonne! Surely you will find multiple uses for this unique piece. I love the color and the little bit of patina. Don’t you love it when you across something like this?! Have fun with it and we will look forward to seeing how you use it.


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    Okay, I totally missed that before. I thought you were having a bridal shower at your house. I am sure you said wedding reception, but somehow it didn’t register with me. Wow, the wedding reception? That’s big!! And I know it will be fantastic!! Everyone will want to come for a whole host of reasons including the food. Wow.

  15. June says

    Yvonne….I have that exact 3 tiered piece! I’ve used mine many times for cheese and crackers, all the goodies for a chocolate fountain, desserts at a luncheon and fruits in season on my large dining room table. I love it but I don’t think its old just made to look that way. I bought mine about 6 years ago from a small gift shop. Enjoy the ideas for it are endless! Still a great FIND!


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    This piece was meant for you. And I’m so curious how you use it. You’re the display queen Yvonne, you’ve got such a talent for vignettes!
    Thanks again for your kind words on my post. I really appreciate your friendship.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

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    I’m no hunter/gather type either. Like you, just stumble across something, sometimes when I’m out doing an errand. I can pass by a garage sale without stopping without ANY problem. This piece you found will be so useful in so many ways. Great find indeed!

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    Oh!!!! I’m doing the happy dance right along with you!!! This is the best! It pays to saunter as I know sometimes I get so excited about the thrill of the hunt that I overlook a lot. Glad you got that home with you!!

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