Taking A Break…

Taking a little break to…
*work on some home projects
*focus on a new ministry
*recharge my batteries…
and about a hundred other things!
I have sooooooo many fun ideas for upcoming posts.
Be back soon!
Lots of hugs to keep you warm until I get back!


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    You have such a beautiful blog that is not only eye candy but also enriching and a great resource. You work hard at it. So enjoy a break, knowing we appreciate you!

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    Well deserved..I don’t know how you do it all..Yvonne..I have a post prepared re your scones..since you are taking a break you may not see it..I just want you to know they are delicious and are my husbands’ favorites now..Warm from the oven..it melted in my mouth..

    Thank you..Looking forward to all your future posts..

    Stay well..Have a great break.Thanks for everything.

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    You know I will be calling you once a week to make sure you are doing ok. I think everyone needs a break at some point in time. If it turns into work you need to take a break. Get rested and recharged. I am sure that everyone will be awaiting your return. Much love and hugs!

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    I sure will miss you, but totally understand the need for a break.

    Thanks for your recent help in some wedding questions!

    You are the best.
    From Virginia

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    I left you a comment of FB tonight!
    glad to know you’re well . .. just busy!
    Now you know we’ll be expecting greatness when you return. You never cease to amaze us in blogland! Enjoy a well deserved break!

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    Dear Yvonne,
    Even our dear Lord needed a break now and then. I hope nothing but rest and ideas spinning for you. Your blog is awesome and always enjoyed. We think we are part of your family, so take good care of you and I’ll prepare things from past weekly menues, awaiting your return.

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    I don’t always get to leave you a comment, but I do enjoy your blog. Your recipes that you have given us. Enjoy a break and we will all be here when you get back. Have a great day. A Missouri Friend.

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    Hi Yvonne,
    Just want you to know that you and your lovely blog will be missed, but I can totally understand the need to step away and recharge.

  9. Anonymous says

    I sooo love your blog! We will miss you, but I can’t wait to see what you have for us when you come back! I wish you would host a baby shower…I need some inspiration in that area!! :) I will be watching for your return.

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    Have a wonderful break, and come back soon.
    Also I wanted to thank you for sour cream scones recipe. I made them a few days ago, and they were so good.

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    Hi Yvonne, I don’t know how you kept up with things as it was – you have dedicated yourself in total to this blog! I’m glad that you will be giving yourself a breather and look forward to seeing you back in blogland. Ciao, bella!

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    I always wondered how you did it all anyway so this is a WELL DESERVED break! Your blog is my favorite so I will be anxiosly awaiting your return and know that you will be back with even better (if that is possible) posts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your ideas and inspirations are never ending it seems. BLESSINGS to you for the new ministry!!!!! Love and hugs, Pinky

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    There is not a day when I don’t think of you & all of us could keep very busy just reviewing what you’ve posted previously. All so inspirational, just like YOU !!

  14. Anonymous says

    Dear Yvonne, As Maria said “you give so much to so many”. I am happy you have decided to find time to recharge and relax just a bit more. These winter days can be just the time to do many things that you have wanted to get done, with a peaceful heart. I know Blogging is your passion, but see how everyone understands and will be there with open arms when you get back to it. We can cook weeks of wonderful meals with what you have posted. Thanks for the lovely winter scene from your yard. I miss it very much, and miss you so much more. Love, Mother

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    When I read that you were taking a break to recharge your batteries, of course my heart sunk as I look forward to all my visits, but then I pictured in my mind the size of batteries Yvonne would have and it was sort of 2 large car batteries! You have so much talent that your batteries have to be monster sized. Have a wonderful respite. I will look forward to your return.

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    Yvonne — hugs back to you at Stone Gable to keep you warm during your break from blogging. Your kindness and support to your fellow bloggers is well known. A trip to Stone Gable is always a memorable trip — one feels special here. You will be missed! Joni

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    Stopped by because I haven’t seen you lately, and I’ve been on a semi-break myself with all there is to do. Missing seeing your posts and can’t wait to see what you will have in store for us, Yvonne! all best….

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    I miss you! I hope your projects are taking shape! We are getting ready to ‘move out’ so to speak and have our floors refinished…ugh. The projects…they are never ending! Much love! Stay warm! This photo is JUST LOVELY! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

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    Hi Yvonne! Just stopping by to say hello!
    It’s 0 degrees here in upstate, NY.
    {The house is making funny crackle sounds!}

    Wishing you a warm and cozy weekend ~
    Blessings always * Maria

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    Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog! I look forward to it. May God bless you with a wonderful time of rest and renewal! Looking forward to your return. Mary

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