Everyone has a story… what is yours?
Maybe the better question is… what do you want your story to BE?
My son, Christopher, is a youth pastor at Otterbein Church in Waynesboro Pa.
He has quite a story for a young 25 year old pastor. 
Last week Christopher preached before the whole congregation… being part of a series call “STORIES”. To see his message… click HERE… find the sermon AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY… A LOOK AT THE LIFE OF PETER, and click WATCH.

The service starts with a brief story by a brave young woman who shares HER  story.

I pray that your story be a real page turner!


  1. Anonymous says

    what a beautiful story the young woman had.
    God always knows where your life should lead you to do.

    Loved your sons speech.


  2. says

    Thank you for sharing,your son Chris is a great speaker,Jesus is really using him and this young lady for his service.I appreciate this Sunday Morning worship with yall!

    Prayers without ceasing,in JESUS name.Amen

  3. says

    Hi Yvonne! I came here through one of the blogs that linked up on What’s on the Menu Monday. There were so many great ideas and I can’t wait to try so many of them. I’d love to link up too–how can I join?

    • says

      Here is how…. don’t let all the steps scare you. This is the HOLD-YOU-HAND through it version… Thanks for wanting to link up!!!!
      1. Go to the bottom of my OTMM post… it goes live at 8:00 pm.
      2. Find the ‘add your link” button… it is right after the last little picture of a recipe on the left side
      3. Click on the button
      4. A drop down menu will appear. This is your LINK BOX
      5. the first line says URL . This is where you go back to your post and RIGHT click on your URL or https://www…….. at the top of your page. A drop down menu will appear and LEFT click on “copy”.
      6. Now go back to OTMM and to the LINK BOX and RIGHT click inside the URL box. And another drop down menu will appear and LEFT click “paste” NOw the URL (the address of your post) should be in the box.
      7. The next thing that the OTMM LINK BOX says is “name”. This is where you write what your recipe is called. You can see what other people called their recipes.
      8. The last thing in the LINK BOX is to add your e-mail. After you do that click “next step”
      9. When you click “next step” it will take you to a whole new page. YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!
      10. You will see pictures of the recipe you are sharing. Pick your favorite and at the bottom of the picture, click ‘crop”
      11. A window will appear with your picture inside a little broken line box… you can put your curser inside the box and move the box around by right clicking and holding your finger down on the mouse. Move the box around until you get the picture in the box to look the way you want. Then take you finger off of the mouse and Left click “crop the selected area”.
      12 You are done! When the screen pops up just click. Skip this step.
      13. When you go back to OTMM you sould see your link. It might take about 3 minutes or so so don’t worry if your picture does not show right away.

      This proceedure works for all linkies!!!!

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