This past week, I heard a story of a flock of ducks that had been rescued from a hoarder. These poor ducks were kept in a small pen with little shelter.  They were poorly feed and had never been in water in their whole little duck lives!
Finally, they were rescued from the hoarder! They were kept together and rehabilitated.  After they received a clean bill of health they were introduced to the water for the very first time…

It was not easy getting the ducks to go into the water, even though ducks are made for water! After several failed attempts to” heard” the ducks towards the water, the volunteers picked up the ducks and one by one threw them into the pond.
Several ducks frantically made their way back to dry land… however, one duck began to float on top of the water seemingly unafraid!  After only several seconds that little duck dunked himself under the water and happily shook his tail feathers. He must have so enjoyed this that he began dipping and dunking and shaking his tail feathers over and over… his ducky instincts kicking in! This duck was finally doing what he had been made to do!  I like to think his dear little heart was bursting with joy!
Soon, other ducks were thrown into the water and began dunking and dipping and shaking their tail feathers!
Finally, the whole rescued paddle was a frenzy of dunking and dipping and shaking their tail feathers! What an amazing sight!
These ducks were fulfilling their destinies… acting in union with the way their Creator made them… and in doing so the were joining the whole world in praising God!
“Praise the LORD from the earth…
Beast and all cattle,
Creeping things and winged fowl”  Ps. 148: 1, 10
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD, praise the LORD. Ps 150: 6
They were showing God’s greatness… his GLORY… by just being ducks! 
(Glory~ all that He is… it is the ancient idea of something being put on a scale and being sooooooo heavy with value… all God’s worth is so much, so valuable, so heavy. Glory is the manifestation or showing forth of that value)
We too were made to give God glory and praise! 
For we are HIS workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that  we should walk in them. Eph 2:10
This is a magnificent verse! The word “workmanship” in Greek is the word poie’ma (poy-e-mah). This word means “masterpiece” ! Each of are a masterpiece individually made by God Himself! 
Can you hear the word poem in poie’ma?
We are God’s great masterpiece to show the world  His glory… and when we are living and doing what God has made us to do and be we are a great poem of praise to Him! 
God has created, before we were even born, works… good works… for us to do. Works that show the rest of the world just who He is!
Let’s all be like those little ducks…let’s jump into the pond of life and be all God has created each of us to be! His masterpiece… His poem… and let your life be a great praise to His glory!
You can see the video of the ducks being introduced to the water for the first time HERE
It is adorable!!!!


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    Yvonne, so cool! Love the ability to SEE it on youtube! A magnificent day for all those who helped to make that miracle happen and saved the life of God’s creatures. It reminds me of a post I wrote just last week. You can see it here, There is also a “PS” post from today “continuing the journey” of those little doves if you care to read them. God is truly good and shows us daily especially when we keep our eyes and ears open. THanks for sharing.

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    AMEN, dear friend!!!
    Just the message I needed to hear this morning!!!
    Thank you for your continued posting of Scripture Sunday and your continued blessing in my life!!! Have a blessed week, dear friend!

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    Oh my goodness, tha is the most adorable ting I have ever seen!!!!! Their little ducky instincts DID take over!!! The music was perfect too, I was dancing in my chair:) Thanks for sharing this! XO

  4. Anonymous says

    Misssed all your posts this week.
    So glad to be back to normal with
    heat and lights from SANDY.

    Now off to check out all your posts.


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    I am headed to visit that video. I missed that story-what a wonderful thing that they were rescued. It’s amazing how God gives us that natural in-born instinct that can be squelched by mishandling…and sometimes it takes the storms of life to throw us back where we were meant to be….like the ducks…xo Diana

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    What a lovely message Yvonne. Thank you for sharing that today. I watched the video and it is just amazing to see those ducks take to the water after some prodding and an example made by the first duck. It was really fun to see. Blessings to you in the week ahead. Pamela

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    Somehow what is good and right always prevails. That is such an inspiring story. I’m going to watch the video..must get the hanky fist LOL.

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