Synagogue ruins, Capernaum Israel
I’m asking God for one thing,
only one thing.
To live with Him in his house
my whole life long. 
I’ll contemplate His beauty;
I’ll study at His feet.
Psalm 27:4, The Message


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    I always remember this verse whenever I have a different experience – that can vary from a lone walk through the beach to enter a Museum. His Power and the Gifts He Bestowed upon us are too big not to acknowledge His Presence and put ourselves in His hands.

    Wishing you a Lovely and Blessful Sunday.

    (this is my first comment here and I absolutely adore your blog. I can feel him in the beauty of your pics and sharings. Blessed be.)

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    Thank you for Sunday inspiration as I get ready for worship. I love your blog. A a new blogger such as I can only dream of reaching the great heights you have reached with your creative gifts.

    Blessings on your day!


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    Beautiful scriptural quote. Made me feel a burst of love in my heart. Blessings. Can’t wait for your finished kitchen makeover posts. When is that going to happen?

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    What wonder we will have to be in HIS glory! Psalms speaks to the mind and opens the heart to understand we have such a bigger purpose! God Bless you today and always!

    We hope your weekend was restful and peaceful!

    Renee and Angela

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