The number TWO answer was…


Here are a few of the responses…

 Come from a place of gratitude, no matter what happens

 express my gratitude more often

 give thanks for one thing daily

 not complain, and be more thankful

 quit complaining 

See God’s hand in all things and be thankful

Being THANKFUL would be on my list too!

Thankfulness comes out of an awareness, an inner radar set to pick up blessings… big and small… a choice to notice what is so often overlooked! 

Being more grateful is also about positioning ourselves in a place where we can receive those blessings!  People don’t fish in the Dead Sea because there are no fish! We fish in streams and ponds and lakes and oceans where fish survive and thrive!

Same with blessings…they abound in the stream of God’s Living Water! In His presence and in His ways! 

 So,  jump in…jump into the blessing stream that is teaming with life! Live in a manner that is bound to SEE God’s blessings! I love the idea of splashing around in this LIVING WATER and splashing it on a dry and thirsty world!

And set that inner blessings radar and start thanking God for all the blessings… big and small… that come your way!

God gave Israel a multiple choice test once…

He said…

Deut 30:19

Here is the test… 

a. life and blessings
b. death and cursings
c. choose “a”


Thanks God… for giving us the answer to the test! Now, which will you choose! 

Remember that FACEBOOK survey? Next week let’s talk about the number ONE answer!

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  1. says

    Amen, Sister!!! Our attitude of gratitude may help someone along their journey to make the “right” choice…Answer A! Powerful message this Sunday! Thank you for your continued posting of Sunday Scripture!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Dear Yvonne, I found an article in my local paper yesterday about a blog called
    dearlillieblog. I decided to visit it for the first time today. I am so glad that I did. I discovered stone gable as one of her go-to-blogs and when I clicked on it discovered you were back. I missed you and am so glad to see you again.

  3. says

    I am vacation and not in my home church today….so thank you for sharing the Word…I choose A and I want to see His hand in all circumstances because His blessings sometimes comes in tears.

  4. says

    I am not so active going to church every Sunday, lately, however, through your blog, I feel that I am reaching HIM more.

    TY for sharing God scriptures that lighten my heart.

    Happy Sunday.
    /CC from STockholm, Sweden.

  5. says

    I remember traveling with my family and my sister’s family through Nevada late one night. We were too tired to keep driving, so we decided to stay the night in Las Vegas with all of our kids. Unfortunately, we were at the end of our vacation budgets and had to stay at an economy hotel on the edge of town. It had a smoke-filled casino in the lobby with drunk patrons, waitresses in lingerie uniforms, and blaring music. I thought, “Great. I’ve brought my children to stay at Satan’s Smut Shack.” I couldn’t have been more miserable or less thankful. We left the hotel the following morning as soon as we could pack the suitcases. When we got into our cars, I heard my nephew say, “I’m so glad we stayed there last night. I feel so refreshed.” I was too busy judging my surroundings and feeling sorry for myself to realize that, I, too, was refreshed, but I had neglected to thank the Lord for a good night’s sleep. Perhaps this is why Christ wants us to become more like little children—so that we can more readily see the blessings in our less-than-perfect circumstances.

  6. says

    Yes! this is what I needed to read this morning. I have been waking up in the morning not wanting to get out of bed. I KNOW what I have been missing – it is GRATITUDE. I am ready for a new outlook on life.
    Thank you so much. Bless you.

  7. Anonymous says

    In all things i can not. i can not give thanks when the death of a child no matter what age the child is occurs. People do not know what they are saying or how bad it hurts when they hear someone say that in all things give thanks. would they give thanks when they learn their child is not ever coming home. they have not been where i am, do not know the unrelenting pain of loss. the anger at a wonderful life taken by a drunk who walks away. never hearing or seeing that beautiful smile and laugh. I give thanks that he is/was a christain and i know that i will see him again someday. But in All things NO, Parents should not bury their children. give thanks in the killings at the movies, no give thanks for the murder of kidnapped children no. give thanks at bodies torn apart by war. no and i could go on but i feel by now you can understand . i am happy for you that you live in such a wonderful world or that is what you are projecting in the blog and i pray you never know the pain of such loss. and believe me i have heard all the words of wisdom i can stand from family,friends and pastors. i sometimes visit for the recipes, never commented before and did not expect to today but no not in all things

    • Anonymous says

      I am so sorry for you loss. I am sure you have heard that a millon times and it makes you sick to hear it again, I know. Yes, I really know. I lost a son 15 and 1/2 years ago. For you I wish you peace. I spent many years looking for it. That was my internal quest. I can’t say I have found it all the time but there are thing of beaty that I can give thanks to. I was recently in a car crash that even the state police were amazed I lived through and it has reopened a lot of old feelings of pain and guilt. So, for you when I read your post, I understand your anger and I wish you peace along your journy to healing.

    • says

      Dear Anonymous~ I wish you would have left your name…
      I am deeply sorry for your loss. This post was not meant to hurt you or to make you feel bad. If it did I am heartly sorry for that!
      I just know what God’s word says and I believe it… no matter what. You assume I have not suffered just because I do not wish to share that here. Believe me, most of us who live as long as I have have suffered and many greatly. I know this.
      I really think that there is no greater loss than that of a child… I have nothing to say but… I am so sad and deeply grieved for your loss and for your pain. With love, Yvonne

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