Welcoming guest to our homes begins before we open our door! A beautiful wreath on our front door says, “We have been expecting you… WELCOME”!  It also makes a very good first impression! And first impressions are often lasting ones!
I don’t scrimp on a door wreath. Nothing small or demure… I want curb appeal! I want a BIG wreath that offers a big welcome! I want a focal point that will draw peoples eye to it’s summer beauty! It must make people want to come inside. I want a design shop wreath without the design shop price!!!!
I can get all that by making a wreath myself. One lush, with summery blooms… and you can too! Here’s how…

StoneGable Summer Wreath Tutorial
twiggy wreath
grape vine wreath
florist wire
4 very large picks
assorted small flowers
assorted frilly flowers
hot glue gun
Just a couple of tips before we begin:

I used an old wreath that had fall decorations on it. I was not too tired or worn so I pulled it apart and saved  all the elements in clear plastic boxes.
I dusterd off the wreath and pulled off all of the old glue.  This is a very thick willow wreath. My favorite design trick is to wire two wreaths together This will give your wreath a very impressive look.
Today’s wreath did not need an additional wreath.
I was lucky enough to find this great hydrangea pick at a floral design outlet. I have white hydrangeas blooming just off the porch all summer that turn a citron green so this pick was a good choice! Notice the filler that came along with it. Great colors!

Decide on the overall design. I love to use a half moon design with wispy pieces curling around the rest of the wreath. Here is the finished wreath so you can see the overall design. I started at 6:00 on the wreath and  the design stops about 1:00. I continued some soft long stemmed flowers around to about 4:00. The picture will help explain!
To begin, I hot glued the whole pick to the wreath at 6:00. I usually cut apart picks, but I glued the first pick  whole, right to the wreath. Then I cut apart the rest!
I started building the base flowers going from 6:00 around to 1:00. I used citron green pom-pom hydrangeas that came clustered on stems. I just cut each individual stem off the main one to use on the wreath.

I also cut clusters of white frilly flowers from the main stem and glued them to the wreath too.

When the base florals were in place, I filled in with filler flowers and fixed wispy stems to the outside of the wreath.

Finally, I added wispy floral picks, JUST A VERY FEW AND VERY WISPY, to the right side of the wreath to finish the design!
I keet looking for places on the wreath to add or edit flowers until I was pleased with the every aspect of the wreath.
The last step was to give it a good shake and hot glue any loose flowers.
The wreath went right on to StoneGable’s front door to welcome all!

I hope you will make a pretty summer wreath for your front door… 

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  1. says

    My Goodness,Yvonne! That is just over-the-top gorgeous! I love it! It makes me want to completely redo my own front door hat/floral~ xo Diana

  2. says

    Yvonne, this is just lovely. I feel so much better with a decoration on my front door to welcome all. My current spring hanging is a lovely Flora Doora by Jane, “Bleu Provenance” filled with red silk tulips. It’s quite striking.

  3. says

    It’s very pretty, Yvonne! I love the florals you chose for it. I so agree about more florals than you think you need. I always use to fall short when I was make arrangements for a tabletop. I’d rather have a few left over than have to go back to the store.

  4. says

    This is so lush and beautiful and certainly makes a statement on your door. Can I ask you how much you spent? This would be very expensive to buy with the size and fullness. Thanks for the step by step directions. I usually am really bad at wreaths though!

    Robin Flies South

    • says

      Hi Robin, Wreaths are an investment. I spent about $60.00. I will take the wreath apart when it is done and same all the elements for future wreaths and interior decor. So I can recycle everything I used.

  5. says

    Isn’t using the easel great!? Glad you like it. They also make tabletop ones and I may have a couple if you are interested….since you are so tall! Your wreath came out beautifully. GREAT job. Love the pineapple welcome plate too. What is in your pots, flamking the door??? XOXO, Pinky

  6. says

    I love using picks in wreaths and garlands…they always seem to have a great assortment of texture….yes, Pinky is very talented! The wreath turned out magnificent…I would want to walk up to your door any day!!…So very inviting!…The lime green really is a great color for your door….Love the porch!!!…

  7. says

    Beautiful. How is your diet going? It is really hot here in California so easier to eat fruit and veggies. Prayers going out to you and your quest.

  8. says

    I always love your wreaths so much because they are big, full and down right awesome. I love this pretty thang!! :))

  9. says

    This summertime wreath is gorgeous. Makes me want to make all new ones! I must say, I visit your blog often because I think it one of most beautiful. You photos are perfect!

  10. says

    Gorgeous wreathe. Thanks for the great tutorial. I just may put up a
    new wreathe on my door. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that lovely compliment.

  11. says

    Yvonne – Simply incredible wreath – it is one of the prettiest wreaths I have ever seen! Your tutorial is so on point also–great job. Hugs, Dorinda P.S. I’m your friendly proofreader. You need to fix the herbal in your herbal infused water pic. :)

  12. Ann says

    Just lovely. And, thank you for all of the step-by-step photos. You’ve inspired me to try to create a wreath for our front door.

    • says

      The real answer… I’m not sure. We thought it was going to be a graphite grey, but when we got the paint can home it was a slate blue. A great mistake!

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