Spring Table

Pansies And The Girls Breakfast:

What’s not to love about pansies! They are pretty, happy flowers that welcome spring. And at StoneGable, pansies are the center of attention these days.  They are the first of this season’s flowers to be planted… outdoors and in! I had the idea for this tablescape rolling around in my head for awhile and wanted to invite a few of my wonderful girlfriends over to have breakfast with the pansies.
 Little violas (small pansies) planted in egg shells was the inspiration for this table. 

 I saw a faux rendition at a gift shop and thought it would be so pretty to try and make real ones.  And actually it was so much fun! I will post a very easy tutorial on Saturday.

Simple white egg cups hold the violas in their egg pots.  A hand twisted birch wreath encircles the base of the egg cups.
The egg cups sit on a collection of mismatched white plates. The top plate is one I recently bought from a local antique shop with this table in mind…  A fanticiful purple floral transferware with a beautiful ruffled scallop edge. It is an engraving from an original 1830’s drawing. Reproduced by Royal Staffordshire, this pattern is called Charlotte.
The edges of the plates give a feeling of ruffled petticoats!
To accent this mostly white and purple table I chose to use just a whisper of yellow. Vintage yellow cotton placemats with white floral detailing lay crisply on a vintage white damask tablecloth.
 A Napoleon Bee fork (Horchow)  rests on a matching napkins and brings another touch of this soft yellow to the table.

Purple and yellow pansies are planted in a white pedestal ironstone bowl. It’s fluted shape and scallopped edges are reminiscent of the plates on the table. Green moss covers the dirt to give it a prettier finished look.
The centerpiece is given height with willow twigs. And to carry the egg theme to the centerpiece, little eggs are tucked in between the pansies.  Check back for a simple tutorial about planting the pansies on Saturday.

Little delicate porcelain cups have a leafy textured pattern. These were a recent find a a local antique shop.
White bubble goblets for water and grape colored ribbed flutes for a sherbert orange drink are waiting for my guests.
A white domed butter dish is edged in gold. (Vileroy and Bosch- Black Pearl)

Lavender pillar candles on tall ornate white candlesticks add height to the center of the table.

A frequent workhorse of my table are my Mikasa Italian Countryside salt and pepper shakers and cream and sugar bowl.

Breakfast is almost ready… Now all I need are my friends!
The Menu:
Pinapple Orange Juice with Rainbow Sherbert
Assorted Coffee & Teas
*Orange Cranberry Muffin with Stuffed Orange Marmalade Cream
*Fluffy Herbed Quiche Lorraine
Hash Browns
Fresh Fruit and Royal Ann Cherries in Cherry Sauce
I will be posting recipes and pictures for the Orange Muffins and the Quiche tomorrow evening.  Also remember to look for a tutorial on planting pansies in eggs  on Saturday! 
I am participating in Tablescape Thursdays, hosted by the one and only Susan at Between Naps On The Porch. Go see all the creative tables, and you are sure to be inspired!


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    This is soo pretty! I love the twigs with the eggcups and the real eggs, so clever. Just a beautiful table, as always.:) That tablecloth is perfect too.
    Win Rachael Ray bake ware at my blog.

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    This is beautiful Yvonne. I love purple transferware and the Charlotte pattern is one of my most popular. I have a few pieces in brown, polychrome brown and some purple in my own collection. Love the centerpiece!

  3. says

    Your table is just stunning, I adore the flowers in the egg shells, just goes to show you a little creativity is a wonderful inexpensive thing, I adore it all, I of course have always loved the bee flatware and am excited to say, mine is on it’s way, thanks for this beautiful table…Love it

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    Yvonne, Your setting is exquisite! I love everything! The pansies in the eggs, so original and beautiful! Loved the bee on your flatware too and oh the menu sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing. Smiles, Marla

  5. says

    This table is AMAZING. It is truly OUTSTANDING!!! I LOVE The egg cups with the little pansies in them. The touches of lavender are perfect. The lavender transferware cake plates were a wonderful find and the grape flutes are beautiful.

    I am truly inspired by this fabulous table.

    – The Tablescaper

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    Gorgeous comes to mind! Spectacular too! I LOVE the idea of the pansies in the egg cups! I may just have to have a breakfast for some friends too! AND I may borrow your menu too, it sounds marvelous!!! I’d LOVE to be your guest!!!!! XO, Pinky

  7. says

    This such a classic fresh look. You have done a wonderful job of adding just the right touches of color to an otherwise white on white table and it just shines.

    I’ve been keeping my eye out for some purple transferware for quite some time to display with my old amethyst glassware and you found the perfect dishes. I’m, jealous :)

  8. says

    Yvonne, just stunning. You’ve done it again, my love. So happy you’re participating in Tablescape Thursday with Susan & gang…now even more ladies can enjoy your creativity. I believe you could even publish a book successfully. xx’s Marsha

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    I LOVE this, Yvonne. It’s so fresh and elegant, so perfect for this time of year. The twigs, the pansies, the lucious layers of china…I’m like a little girl again, enjoying the textures and gentle whisper of color on the transferware. I loved your ideas about my red room, too. I painted a tiny cabinet (just the front) black to see how it would work, and it was No Can Do. You’re so right, there’s just not enough black in the rug to pull it off unless I add more black, which I have around here somewhere…

    I do love blogging–and blogs like yours are the reason.

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    I love your photos! This table is so gorgeous, I don’t know where to begin!
    The layering, the amethyst plate, the bird’s nest. I love the pansy in the egg idea! Stunning comes to mind!

  11. says

    I always use yellow with deep purple, in arrangements or even when I plant a flower bed outside. I think the two colors together are just perfection. Everything is just beautiful, I’m sure your friends were so impressed. I am!

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    Breathtaking! Love your pansies in egg cups idea! And the centerpiece is gorgeous! Such a beautiful tablescape for breakfast – I’d love to sit right down especially when I read the menu! The Bee flatware is on my wishlist – looks perfect on your table!


  13. says

    Oh my, this is just gorgeous! I LOVE your plate layering…each one is so unique! The purple and yellow are perfect together…and the eggs! The use of real pansies and grapvine nests make your table so very inviting! I’m sure you and your friends had a lovely breakfast! Thank you so much for sharing, this is very inspirational!

  14. says

    I enjoy seeing your tablescapes each week. They are to die for. Your table this week says…spring! I just adore pansies myself, but never thought to bring them inside. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. says

    How pretty! Such happy little faces they have & always make me smile. I look forward to reading about how to make those darling egg cup containers.
    Your linens are simply gorgeous, Yvonne! I wanna be your friend so I can be invited to sit at such a lovely table. :-)


  16. says

    BEAUTIFUL! Your table is so stunning. I love the white table with just a hint of the purples and yellows from the pansies. White tables are so pretty to me because they can be dressed up in so many ways. Your new transferware is gorgeous, too! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful table with us.

  17. says

    Hi Yvonne,
    Your table is absolute perfection. Your egg cups holding the pansies are just gorgeous, as is your centerpiece. Wow …linens, dishes everything…just perfection. Definitely a table to try and duplicate…. over and over. Love it!!!

  18. says

    Yvonne, everything is just gorgeous. I LOVE the gorgeous little egg cups with the beautiful pansies. What a gorgeous and creative idea. The tiny wreaths are such a wonderful touch. All of your dishes are beautiful. I love the detail on each one. The menu sounds fabulous. It makes me so hungry. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

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    I love everything about this tablescape. Pansies remind me of my mom – her favorite flower. the china, the bees on the silverware, the nest, the violas in the egg, the menu. It is simply exquisite.
    504 Main

  20. says

    Your table is gorgeous. My very favorite spring-time flower is the pansy. They just make me feel good all over. I think your blog is delightful and I will be back to see some of your posts and recipes. Have a wonderful day, Yvonne. Deb

  21. says

    Dear Yvonne, Your table is beautiful, especially the Charlotte dishes! I collect Charlotte dishes of any sort because my baby girl (now a junior in college) is named Charlotte! After seeing yours I searched them out online and just ordered 6 bread and butters! Can’t wait to see them. I love your posts and always look forward to visiting.

  22. says

    OH MY….so perfect in every way! I LOVED it and the egg/pansie cups…..so very fun! Wish I could come to breakfast at your house!

  23. says

    OMG…I’m hyperventilating…I don’t know where to start first! The violas in the eggs, the layered plates, the purple transferware plates. I’ve been drooling over this for 10 minutes now…


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    Yvonne, I absolutely love this table..It is simple but elegant I love the mixture of textures and the surprise element of the twigs.Truly you did an amazing job. I love the purple pansies. I have pansies in the Fairy Garden I made for a special little girl on my post today. Great Job, Kathysue

  25. says

    Yvonne, your table scape is absolutely stunning. I am going to try my hand at the centerpiece for my own table. This is the first time I’ve visited Stone Gable but, my new friend, it will not be the last!! :0) Happy Spring!!

  26. says

    This is beautiful. Pansies are my favorite flower and I love how the color just “pops” with your tablescape arrangement. Great job!

  27. says

    I have a new favorite spring tablescape! Thanks so much for sharing. You’ve done a great job with both the design and the presentation on your site :-)
    Lee Anne

  28. Tami says

    Your tablescapes are SO BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING! I have one question though, if you could only pick ten items, or even five, that you use over and over again, what would they be? I’m on a limited budget and need to choose carefully. Would love to hear your thoughts. Beautiful job! Thanks.

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