When the windows at StoneGable are thrown open to welcome warm Spring air, the songs of our feather friends comes wafting along with the breeze!  Hearing a bird symphony is one of my favorite simple pleasures.
Their sweet chirping is literally music to my ears!
Spring is also nesting time for the birds. They nest EVERYWHERE! In our trees, under our porch, in our hanging planters and even in the wreaths on our doors. After all, we do live out in the middle of Lancaster County farmland, no wonder the birds love nesting here!  
Today’s table was inspired by the nesting birds.
A simple table filled with organic elements and natural colors is set on the side porch. The farm fields surrounding StoneGable are sprouting back to life. The vista is a welcomed sight after a hard winter and a very damp and cool spring.

A simple swath of burlap acts as a runner on my Nani’s old table (my favorite to use for tablescapes), chippy and worn with age.

Chargers coiled together from young grape vine (Pottery Barn) act as a nest for white plates. No big stacks of dishes today, just white, simple and understated. 

Darling mossy nests top each place setting. A tri of willow balls replace traditional eggs. 

The organic element of twigs keeps repeating in this table.

Napolean Bee flatware (Horchow), another element taken from nature, sit on the old table.
Those little bees… bee-utiful!

Crisp white cotton napkins are are covered with a small square of burlap just for fun and effect.
They are brought together in a white painted bird napkin ring (Luckett’s).

The burlap is a nice, understated fiber. It makes a very pretty contract to the white iron painted bird.

Brown ribbed goblets add weight to the table. Brown and creamy white is a soothing and rustic color combination. It is also very popular right now.

A box planter made from old wood is filled with Sweet Alyssum. If you would like to learn how to make this rustic planter~  please look for an upcoming Tutorial.

  A rush nesting basket is nestled among the floweres.  Twigs of curly willow are placed here and there to continue the theme.
Downy white bird salt and pepper shakers grace this springtime table.
Asparagus Gruyere Tart
(look for upcoming post)
Baby Greens and Chrisp Panchetta with Green Goddess Dressing
(look for upcoming post)
Rhubarb Cobbler with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
(look for upcoming post)

I am participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch


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    Hasn’t our weather been FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I have gotten so much planted and I am so happy to have so much accomplished. However I don’t have a TABLE done!:):) I love the wonderful, organic feel of this lovely table. I bet you can eat right outside on that side porch and enjoy the spring breezes tonight! Hope to see you soon!!!! XO, Pinky

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    The weather has been amazing starting with Easter Day! Your table is so pretty Yvonne, lovin’ the bee flatware and the brown are my favorite goblets! I literally just picked some rhubarb from the garden, looking forward to your cobbler recipe:@)

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    This is fabulous! I love ‘eating out’ on the deck and your porch looks so inviting with that pretty table setting. Love the grapevine chargers too. Blessings, Pamela

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    Yvonne, I love Lancaster County! Lucky you. Your table is perfect. I love the repetitive elements that bring it all together so beautifully. cream or white and burlap is my favorite color combo right now! Cute twig nests! Can’t wait on the recipes. Thanks for sharing so much beauty with us.

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    Oh how I love viewing your tablescapes. You always amaze me. Always simple yet sooooo elegant. I am so attracted to natural elements and this table just make it all look that much more beautiful. Thanks for sharing. You are truly blessed with a talent my friend.

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    I love your table scape. My favorite is the burlap napkins, but everything is awesome. :-) I can’t wait for our weather to get nice enough so we can go outside so play and eat. I will live vicariously through your post.

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    Love this table scape-everything about it. The nest are wonderful. Are they from Pottery Barn, too? So glad you have had good weather. We are so wet here in Arkansas. Haven’t planted much yet because the plants would be floating!

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    Beautiful table, Yvonne. It’s so perfect for a spring lunch. I love the burlap and the napkin rings are so sweet!
    Happy Spring day to you!

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    Yvonne, visiting your blog is like a trip to the spa! So refreshing to see all your lovely photos! This table is stunning –all the natural elements are so appealing to the senses.

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    Yvonne, your table is just beautiful. Fabulous photos!! I love to use burlap on my table too! I am looking forward to the tutorial on the barn board planter. Thank you!

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    Mmmmm…. we should of come and hung out at your house! Love the table, as usual. Happy Anniversary to you too! That is too funny that we share the same anniversary date! That just makes me one step closer to being just like you!

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    LOVE the burlap elements on your table! I, too, think brown and creamy white is a wonderful combination and you did it perfectly! I am loving the mossy bird’s nests and sure do wish I could find some like them.
    Thank you for always sharing such beautiful photos along with your wonderful posts. I look forward to each and every one and reread them quite often.

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    Yvonne, this is one of my favorite tables of yours. Do I say that every week? I love the contrast of the rustic vines and the soft alyssum, and of the silver and burlap. Your grandmother’s table must have seen many wonderful gatherings! Linda

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    This is such a serene tablescape. I love the organic elements mingling with the more refined. The brown goblets (which are gorgeous) bring a nice rich color to the mix. I also like your use of burlap in the runner and the napkins. This whole ‘scape is eye candy for me!

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    Yvonne, I love the organic look. Nani’s table has been so wonderful to use for tablescaping. The browns and greens with the pure whites are just enchanting. All of the menu sounds fabulous too. I need some rhubarb (we don’t grow any) to make my mom’s Rhubarb Crunch. Unfortunately no one else likes it so I have to eat the whole pan!

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    I love seeing you transfor your chippy table. I loved the pink cherry blossoms but it’s perfect with your natural elements! LOVE, Love, Love the photo with your Sweet Alyssum that has spilled out of your box planter onto your burlap runner!

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    Hi Yvonne, thank you for your nice comment on my birdhouse tablescape! Not much compaired to this…it’s just beautiful! Love how natural and elegant it is…I love the bee silverware too. It’s so unique! I really need to invest in some decent silverware someday. Mine is all beat up from the disposal! lol…I really love this tablescape! It’s just beautiful…Kristen

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    Gorgeous! How on earth you find the time to do all this, with your house all torn apart is beyond me, Yvonne!
    Lovely combinations of textures, organic materials & soft colors make this an especially natural looking tablescape. Very pretty!


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    I love every single element of this pastoral masterpiece. I would be sitting on your porch well into the evening…you’d have to figure out a way to make me go home. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

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    Congrats to Pinky!!!
    Yvonne, this has to be one of my favorite table scapes. I love all the pretty natural elements, especially the Birds and Bees. Love the Bee Skep, it’s beautiful. I just purchased a pretty amber glass item, a gift for someone special, so seeing your glasses is so inspiring. I’ve always loved this type of glass, brings back fond memories. xxx tami

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    Hi Yvonne!
    What a calm and serene table!
    It is really a beautiful nature-scape as well ~
    I hope you are having a wonderful week!
    I’m sure you’re busy with your kitchen project too.
    Wishing you the best always,

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    You have hit all of my soft spots. Natural, birds nests, amber glass, gruyer cheese, and homemade ice cream. Beautiful. Hugs, Lisa

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    You are one of my favorite bloggers and this exquisite tablescape is a perfect example of why:

    Your tables always embody the perfect convergence of rusticity and luxury for the Rustic Lux look that makes my heart go pitter patter!!!

    Every element here works beautifully together, contrasting, combining….

    Just GAW-JUS!!!

    A late Happy Easter to you/blessings,
    Lana In Italy

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    Congrats to Pinky!

    Lovely table setting. I love all things related to birds. The twig charger and the floral arrangement really tie your look together well.

    Oh, can you send some of that sunny weather down here in the south? Thankfully we are safe with very little damage to our home, but yesterday we had tornado warning all day. We could use a bit of that sunshine today!

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    This is my favorite of ALL the tablescapes on ALL the blogs, ever! This is so pretty, I don’t think I would want to take it down. You are such a master at making creative tables. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, you should put out a book!!! (Really waiting for the Green Goddess dressing recipe.)

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    Wow, amazingly BEAUTIFUL! I love all the earthy textures. The moss, the grapevine, the Alyssum and the little box. You did a wonderful job putting this all together. You have such great TALENT! Your eye for the details is astonishing.

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    Gorgeous, Yvonne. This one is full of inspiration. I’m very fond of all the twig texture going on and the sweet little white alyssum. Your menu sounds perfect! ~ Sarah

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    Beautiful table Yvonne. The chargers are so great looking beneth your stack of dishes. I specially love the brown stems, not a color I see often. Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

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    Your site is BEAUTIFUL Yvonne! I just love it! I am happy to be a new follower and will frequent your site! I am tablescape obsessed and love all your beautiful posts.

    Thank you for stopping by HomeSavvyAtoZ and I am glad you like the Pinterest post.

    Looking forward to blogging with you!

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