Bridal showers are such a special event in a young woman’s life! This past weekend Abigail, my soon to be daughter-in-law love was the guest of honor at a SPRING BRIDAL SHOWER…

The theme of the shower was…


The weather outside was more like a winter wonderland! It was snowing and blowing and dark and bitter cold.  But we brought spring inside for Abby’s shower!

I was able to snap a few pictures before all the guests arrived!

A little vignette started the food line…

We used glass luncheon plates. I love having a sturdy plate! Plastic utensils were corralled in garden pots in a wire holder. Moss was placed under each pot for a little extra organic feel.

A porcelain basket filled with paper straw held napkins…

A little sign welcomes everyone to the table…

Two large glass jugs filled with spring blooms anchored the centerpiece on the table…you can see that  we also hung “puffs” from the ceiling for added fun! I wanted them to represent a spring sky!
A cloche filled with eggs adorned the center of the table to continue the whole spring nest theme.
The length of the table was filled in with lanterns and chippy candlesticks and nests…
So everyone would know what they were eating, eggs had the names of each dish written on them. They were nestled in little garden pots and placed next to the corresponding food.
When the guests arrived, just before we were ready to eat I was able to snap a few pictures with the spread on the table.
Here is Abigail, the love of my son’s life… a sweet little southern belle… with a splash of sass!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the beverage station and the dessert bar… and the little spring inspired take-home gifts for our guests!

The happy couple with their framed wedding invitation!

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  1. says

    Such an elegant bridal shower for your daughter~in~law to be, dear freind!!!
    I adore all the “feathering” ideas throughout the decor!!!
    Your nest creation on the buffet is perfection!!!
    Oh…there’s more??? Of course, I’ll be back!!!

  2. says

    That is all just so gorgeous! I’d say that Abigail was one lucky girl. Did she check you out before saying ‘Yes.’ ? lol They certainly are a cute couple. Best wishes to them. Congrats to you on a job well done!

  3. says

    So beautiful and creative. Such an exciting time that I know you are cherishing. Sorry you didn’t have lovely weather to match your decor but I know it was an escape into spring upon entering your home. Very lovely. Best Wishes to the happy couple and all your family.

    Look forward to seeing the rest of the party.

  4. says

    Double WOW! I love everything. You are so creative, and thoughtful.

    I’m planning my niece’s bridal shower in May.I may have to take some of your ideas =)

    Cannot wait for the rest of the story!

    Mary From Virginia

  5. says

    Perfect! I could look at these photos all day; every detail is lovely! Thank you for sharing this special occasion with your blog friends.

  6. Anonymous says

    Gorgeous! I’m hosting Easter dinner, and I am going to ‘borrow’ some of your lovely table ideas. Did you design your little table sign?

  7. Anonymous says

    Beautiful Yvonne, everything looks just perfect….how blessed Abigail is to be in your family….you will love her to pieces! Congratulations and the very best to the bride and groom! You know we southern girls have a way of stealing hearts….—Marti

  8. says

    Another amazing setup Yvonne. This is simply gorgeous….does your pretty southern belle know how lucky she is? And your son is adorable..sweet couple!! You did such a beautiful job…..the asparagus are so perfect looking, your magical touches are so inspirational! Makes me want to throw a party!!

  9. Anonymous says

    What a beautiful table you have set for the shower.
    Everything looks so fantastic. What a lucky
    young lady Abigail is to be marrying your

    The things that you do are just awesome.
    Wish I had a a quarter of your talent.


  10. says

    What a cute couple. That is the most beautiful shower I have seen in a long time. What an awesome theme. You did an absolutely beautiful job.

  11. says

    Oh Yyvonne!

    First – the couple is adorable – they are so cute together, oh won’t they make beautiful grandbabies for you???? : -)

    Your bridal shower party is just over the top amazing – one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. I love your taste you did a fabulous job with this and I can’t wait to see more. WOW!!!!!

    Well done, my friend!


  12. says

    Now THAT’S what I call a nice Southern style shower! Elegant, feminine and totally lovely! Just how we do it here in Virginia!
    She’s just a beauty…I see great looking grandchildren in your future!!

  13. says

    Your creativity consistently blesses me. I love all that you did! I especially liked labeling the food items with the eggs. I hope you will post the recipe for the herb chicken salad in puffed pastry. How blessed your son and Abby must be to have you in their lives. Praying they have a wonderful life together. Thanks so much for letting us attend, virtually!

  14. says

    How lucky was I to be one of your guests at the shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was ALL wonderful, as always. The table was spectacular and everything was delicious! I have looked online for the bottles but can’t find them, can you e-mail me with a source??? Thanks so much. Abby and Chris are a BEAUTIFUL couple. Their love shines from their eyes. XO, Pinky

  15. says

    You did a beautiful job, Yvonne. I have settings for 100 in those clear glass plates and they have paid for themselves many times over for showers and engagement parties, etc. I am not fond of paper plates, etc. , so much nicer with the real thing, and so much better for the environment.
    What a wonderful couple! May God bless them!
    The food looks wonderful too!

  16. says

    Lucky lucky girl! Wishing them all the best for a lifetime of happiness. Your decorations are simply gorgeous. Love the menu, it screams spring, ladies luncheon, so elegant and I am sure scrumptious. xo

  17. says

    What a beautiful shower and a lovely bride to be! She’s already blessed to have found a wonderful man to love her and a fabulously talented lady to be her mother in law! Congratulations on a really spectacular shower and the upcoming wedding! Hugs.

  18. says

    What a lovely table and lovely food! Abigail seems like a wonderful girl and they make such a nice looking couple. They seem to absolutely adore one another. Oh, to be young again! Also, what a brilliant theme you have chosen “Feather Her Nest”. The decorations are amazing. I so much look forward to part two of this lovely bridal shower. Thank you so much for sharing all this.

  19. says

    Your shower pictures are absolutely stunning! Am sure everyone was impressed with everything you created and arranged. You are going to be a great mother-in-love and I’m sure your handsome son is very, very proud of you!

  20. says

    Yvonne that is the most beautiful bridal shower I’ve ever seen. Wow! you are amazing, and that is a beautiful couple. Best wishes to them!

  21. says

    The Bridal Shower is so beautiful and elegant! Your son and future daughter make a very beautiful couple. I like the puffs hanging from the ceiling. The whole setting is perfection with your amazing talents.

  22. says

    Yvonne, wow, I am blown away! That spread & table is so stunning. Every detail is perfect. You are a mother after my own heart. What a beautiful couple, wishing them all the best! What a happy & exciting time for all:).

  23. says

    Beautiful! Very springy! Love the creamy backdrop of your “new” dining room. It made the tablesetting even more perfect. Love that you use glass plates. That is why I have stacks tucked away for more than a few seasons. I know this was a blessing to Chris and Abby.

  24. says

    Oh my goodness Yvonne!!! That was seriously AMAZING!!! Every single detail was so impeccable and you never cease to amaze me with your talent and creativity! What a beautiful couple and how thrilled everyone must have been to attend such a lovely and loving event in their honor! :-)

  25. says

    Every detail thoughtful and perfect. I was excited to see we share the same luncheon plates lol. I bought 50 of those years ago when my girls were married as we hosted quite a few showers in those days and I do hate to eat on a paper plate.
    Silly question, but I wondered how you attached your puffs? We just had some here and it was hard to do w/o holes everywhere.
    Your son and soon to be dil make a very sweet couple. Best wishes to them for a long and blessed life together.

  26. says

    Yvonne.. what a wonderful moment in time. You did an amazing job and I’m sure your daughter in law -to-be enjoyed every second. The table is stunning and the food looks scrumptious. They look like a wonderful couple:) Congratulations to your family.


  27. says

    How fun for you, Yvonne! I couldn’t wait to see your lovely *new* dining room, all set up for the party. It all looks magnificent! Beautifully staged & yummy looking food.
    Best Wishes to the happy couple!


  28. says

    The table is so magnificent…you managed to incorporate the theme of Feather Your Nest along with the essence of Spring…so many wonderful ideas on that table…love how you used the eggs for the “food cards”…and your dining room is so beautiful Yvonne….congrats to the happy couple!…and I am sure that Abigail knows that she is truly blessed with a great Mother-in-Law!

  29. says

    I don’t even know where to start. The table is break-taking! It’s all perfect, and then the labels for the food are so cleverly written on those eggs; what a great idea. My favorite photo is of the happy couple. They just look so darling together. He REALLY looks like he loves her. So happy for him and for you.

  30. says

    I have been anxiously awaiting your wedding-related posts, and of course was thrilled when I found this in my in box today! Fabulous & brilliant, it is bridal and spring and shouts happiness, hope and a grand new beginning. The “menu” eggs are simply adorable and the hanging tissue balls create such a fun filled space! Beautiful…

  31. says

    What a beautiful couple! And what a beautiful set-up to celebrate! This looks like a Pottery Barn ad and a Williams-Sonoma ad had a baby! :-) It’s gorgeous!!! All the little details are wonderful! I love big, big decorative items, so those clear glass vases with the branches in them are speaking loudly to me!!! Looking at the ceiling there also gave me a great idea since ours in our dining room is going to have to be repainted after a recent leak. I never considered putting the color just in the recessed area so I could keep my four walls creamy white. Ding, ding, ding…I think we have a winner! And this shower decor is no doubt a winner!!! Congratulations to the couple and to both families!

  32. says

    Yvonne, I’m a late visitor to your gorgeous bridal shower for your future daughter-in-love. She is a beauty and so is this absolutely lovely table. You are so creative! I want to soak in ever detail of this table. Love the idea of using the eggs as food markers. The food presentation is amazing. What a gorgeous party!

  33. says

    Absolutely stunning, Yvonne! You didn’t leave one detail untouched! I love every single thing about it, and I know your family and guests did, as well! (What a beautiful couple, too!)

  34. says

    Perfection all the way around… from the bride and groom, to the table creating a spring theme that would rival any event planner, to the menu! You just must be beaming ear to ear…. just fabulous!

  35. says

    Yvonne, I had to see part 1 after part 2! Your menu sounds delicious and your daughter-in-love must have been thrilled with the decorations and to be showered with so much attention to detail! Love the labeled eggs!

  36. says

    This was a beautiful shower …lucky Abigail!! I am taking pointers (wreath under cake stand..wonderful) using that for my families Easter gathering and I pinned a photo.

  37. says

    Oh Yvonne! What a beautiful gesture for your soon to be daughter-in-law! The table setting is so creative and well, simply fabulous! I love the theme and how you interpreted it as well as those puff balls representing the sky above the table! She is indeed a lucky girl to have a mother-in-law to be like you! But I’m sure she knows that already! 😀 Thank you so much for inviting us into your home and to share this special event! I can’t wait to see the dessert and gift table!
    Beth P

  38. says

    wow!! gorgeous!! very well done and I’m sure she appreciates all the time and effort you put into this…it is no easy task to put something that beautiful together I’m sure

  39. Anonymous says

    Hi, Love the transformation of your dining room.. Am a recent visitor from Enchanted home and was wondering if the paint shown in the beautiful spring shower dining room photos above is either sonnet or natural wicker? Thanks so much for such wonderful inspiration!

  40. says

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  41. says

    I can remember how much fun and excitement it was to be involved in my own wedding, and then to assist others in theirs. Looking at your beautiful post, just gave me the excitement all over again. Creating and decorating is such a thrill, and I can see how much you love it too…Breathtaking ! A beautiful couple to whom I give all of my best warm wishes! Thank you for sharing your site, I am thrilled to see all that you share with us! Simple Pleasures :)

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